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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, November 3, 2016

POEM: “Awakening”

POEM: “Awakening”
By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul"
Please enjoy and share my latest poem from the work "Fortress of the Soul".  An eagle is detached from all things and not weighed down by anything temporal and thus he can use his wings of Faith and Hope to fly.  It matters not whether he dies so long as he remains free in the skies...
Press play and enjoy the song as you read the poem

They say nothing good ever comes
From that which is first “rushed”
Thus my feet had to divinely slow
Crushed daily by thy cross, to stop my ill heart’s lust
I would eventually settle beneath Thy Great Tree, O’ Mary!
Hiding, it is here I first heard Thee speak
Amidst these green trees of spring
Wherest I first clothed myself in thy scapular and prayed the rosary
I wondered and was counted as but nothing, a silly man of dust
Shedding the rust, I arose as a rose, with damaged petals
Moving to and fro, in thy Field
In His grace always growing, this to me, was more than enough
Yet, it wasn’t always like this
For upon this new narrow path, I acquired the wings of Faith and Trust
To accompany me in all those “dark and lonely” nights
It was only because back then I simply refused to see
Now, in my hearts awakening, all seems so vivid and clear
For then, in agony, I could never look back
It twas’ the self which always “stepped in” to interfere
Steer my heart, O’ holy Wind!
Amidst these new found open seas
Which I was once told of in books but never truly believed
Here is composed… a lovely melody
By Love’s sorrowful Song of Redemption’s tears
Passionately beating uponst the sinners pavement
Contemplating, it is here, I further write, a place, where there is no time
No clock, no watch nor calendar to record what year
I am lost in Thy Love
Write upon me, O Holy One!
A whole new story that I might burn the old
For in this inward purifying land
I rest always uponst thy gentle Hand, I am safe for You are always near
O’ Holy Trinity, Who holds this night…
And taught an eagle the creed of Faith over fear
It is not always smiles which reflect uponst thy Waters
Some days it seemed only the clouds would collect
But they would produce Repentance’s daughter
And amidst this rain, I shall walk
And for Thee, I will each day, try harder
No friend for conversation
Nor neighbor near to talk
It is I, all alone, standing in front of thy eternal Mirror
Which outlines and specifically details that I am a sinner
For so long it twas’ this self I served and did exalt
It is here that sorrow is recorded and befriended
On the Path to Oneness wherest I hope to never part
It is here in silence and solitude I pause again to ask
“If hell is so full then why do I feel so empty?”
For in this “loosening”, nothing in the end, must remain
A Wise Voice in returned exclaimed
Yea, but the soul shall say
“All I seemingly acquire is hardship and all I feel is pain”
But as I have said, nothing good ever comes rushed
And thus this land for awhile is where we all must stay
O’ this Wilderness has an End and Promise
A heavenly City just beyond the reach of Purgatory
Flowing with endless milk and honey
A Place wherest we may all forever praise thy holy Name
For Love is bigger than you and I
As every dark night I would set out for Thee, no fantasy
Climbing life’s dunes until I reached thy beach
I sat here to gaze…
And see the stars glimmer above in agreement
This is where my heart longs to be
As nothing else no longer mattered, so it seems
This is no dream for as Love would have it
His breeze would make me mystically forget all things
As He came for me and showed heaven’s reality
Nay, I walked uponst this Endless Blue
No longer lonely but with great clarity
Arriving back, to acknowledge that I will never be the same
For Charity hast come for my heart, to unlock
Wilst sin would keep me here to rot
Free, I fly now as an eagle in true liberty
Detached from all things,
I am now ready, armed with fiery words
To go out into the whole world and feed
This is my story, my testimony
For an eagle, always cries out, with the Storm, in perfect harmony
And speaks to the trodden down, the beaten, bruised and suffering
Of a once lost heart’s new awakening….

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