"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, November 28, 2016

Quitting the Cult of Man

Quitting the Cult of Man
Practical advice for telling Friends & Family You’re No Longer A Revolutionary by following the Vatican II Revolution
By: Eric Gajewski

So you have been following TradCatKnight awhile, studying in your spare time and have arrived at the reality Vatican II was a Revolution in the Church.  Great!  But what now?  How do you tell your friends and family that you can no longer follow the “cult of man” principles and commune where it is taught?  How does one take this seemingly gigantic leap?  Assuredly there are fears of being labeled a heretic and a schismatic by those ignorant and clueless still following along blindly in the Conciliar Church but this is what we are called to do.  We are called to suffer a bad name even as Christ did in His time when He was not received by the “mainstream” either.  Let us break down how we can respond positively to this crisis and be a good example to others of good will who “suspect” something has been gravely wrong since Vatican II.

You are quitting the Church?  Yes, be prepared to be called a protestant by individuals who are incompetent and are more interested in TV than the Faith. Yes, including bishops and priests.  That is just how bad this crisis is.  Remind them that if to hold to Tradition is a protestant that we will accept that label all day.  True protestants in times past NEVER used papal quotes and Tradition to defend their heretical positions.  Thus, it is a completely different situation.  If I am a protestant, then, so was St. Athanasius and how did that turn out?  At the time of the Arian crisis those faithful few had to find churches where that heresy was not being taught.  They were not protestants and neither are you.  The reality is we are the last bastion before the False Prophet and Antichrist arrive and thus pockets of Resistance will be the ongoing trend as things get worse from those who hold higher up positions in the hierarchy.  Prophecy states 2/3 will fall away in this formal schism coming and you don’t want to be on the wrong team.

Vatican II was infallible?  Not hardly (read here).  Vatican II was admittingly representative of the cult of man by Pope Paul the 6th.  Catholics cannot be a part of this new religion.  Your salvation is on the line to decide correctly.  It is just that serious.  Vatican II was merely a pastoral Council as a whole.  It has many heresies integrated into the Council.  Thus, Catholics cannot accept the Council as a whole.  That is only logical.  Furthermore, you cannot give your heart and mind over to teachings which have previously been condemned by the solemn Magesterium.  Yes, it is just that bad.  This is by far the worst crisis the Church has ever seen.  Due to the new religion (Novus Ordo) flying under the banner of ‘hermeneutics of continuity” by Rome we have what something labeled Catholic when it is truly “Katholic”.  When in doubt we cling to Tradition and those churches where Tradition is TRULY present.  There have been other local Councils to be made null and void by subsequent open the same rules apply to this “universal council”.  A future Pope will make this Revolution go away there will be no reclarification of this evil “get together” as many false traditionalists think or hope.

You know better than the Pope(s)?  The short answer is yes.  As did the 15% or so (priests/laity) who knew better than Liberius and the other heretics holding to Arianism, we too, although a minority, hold to the true Faith.  You have modernists like Patrick Madrid write a mindless book on this topic and he simply wasted his time.  It has no basis.  Churchmen including Popes can fall into error and even heresy that is a fact and church history proves this statement.  I hate to break the news to everyone but it is only going to get worse in 2017 so the time to act is now.  The road is being paved for the False Prophet and Antichrist and those who are openly destroying the Church (objectively speaking) must be resisted now and it must be made public.

Prayer, prepare and peace of mind.  Prayer will help you prepare for the suffering to come as a result of your public proclamation.  Count yourself worthy to suffer for Christ and the Faith.  This is how you must view the situation.  The more you remain in prayer and absorb those graces asked for the more souls you can help to awaken.  When you continue to advance in the interior life you will begin to notice that you simply don’t care what others think (yes even priests).  Ultimately, the time spent in prayer will determine your peace of mind in the situation.  Remember you are not here to please your friends and family on the matter you are here to please Jesus.  Objectively speaking the only way you can please Jesus at this point is to reject Vatican II.  God will judge those who maybe following along blindly due to ignorance yet this is not your concern.  Control what you can control.

Fr. Hesse explains why Vatican II is Not A Council of the Church 

Be Firm.  You do not need to sell what you are saying, however, if people do not see conviction in what you are saying than you are not likely to convince them to believe what you are saying.  In order to be firm, you truly must know the Faith and be accustomed to the most common attempted refutations by the Conciliarists.  Of course, this will only come with time and more experience.  Remember, you must play the role of the admonisher and teacher.  Speak boldly and make it apparent just how important it is to resist right now.  There are some so far “gone” that you will not be able to convince them.  Acknowledge that ahead of time and try not to be too involved (overly pursue) with these people for it may wear on your Faith.  

Be an example.  First, be compassionate.  Remember you were once in their shoes.  No one and I mean absolutely no one will hear you out if you are not living the Faith.  Do you pursue the Sacraments?  Are you reading the breviary?  Are you reading the writings of the Saints and studying the Faith?  Are you performing works of mercy/charity?  Be virtuous and heroic in these times when most cowardly crawl into a ball and remain silent.  This is all important.  We do not do it for them but for our soul but remember people will look to see how you live and then make judgements.  This is human nature.  Remember you will have to educate and defend your position.  As a part of educating others you must realize that you are not going to convert anyone overnight nor over the course of a week.  However, if you continually are firm and live the Faith out you will see others around you begin to come to you more asking questions.  This is a good thing.  Therefore, be compassionate towards those who even persecute you.  Lord knows how many times I have failed Him in this matter for these are times of opportunity for you to grow in grace.  This is how you must view it.  

Rome in Apostasy SSPX founder 

Be available.  It is not good enough to educate, correct and live the Faith out you must also be available.  People need security and they will have a lot of questions as they are beginning to investigate on their end.  Advise them to come to my website and youtube channel as there is a lot of information that they can benefit from.  I cannot tell you how many people at first called me crazy only to later seek me out for answers to their questions.  It is quite sad that they would have to come to a layman but that is the nature of this crisis.  They are finding they cannot rely upon their own bishop and priest for “real” answers these days.  A lot of people are also looking to network with other traditionalists so you must do your part to show you are willing to help.  I believe that the practical advice I have left is a good start to helping you in your post proclamation that you will no longer follow Vatican II.  Reassure your family and friends that in the end that churchmen will eventually get back on course.  An eagle flies by the wings of Faith and Hope.  Hold meetings if the opportunity presents itself because sometimes it is good to have discussions in group settings.

SSPX is NOT in Schism, Fr Paul Kramer