"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

19 volcanic eruptions last week & Two Significant Oregon Quakes

19 volcanic eruptions last week – We are within a serious period of volcanic unrest


 Here are some of the latest earth changes.  The Planet X system is incoming as Our Lord forewarned Marie Julie Jahenny

Ulawun, Papua New Guinea: 16-18 November.
Turrialba, Costa Rica: plumes containing minor amounts of ash during 19th November.
Suwanose-jima, Ryukyu Islands: 16-17 and 20-21 November.
Sinabung, Indonesia: 20th November.
Sheveluch, Kamchatka Peninsula: 11-18 November.
Sangay, Ecuador: 16-17 November.
Nevados de Chillan, Chile: 18th November.
Nevado del Ruiz, Colombia: 16th November.
Kliuchevskoi, Kamchatka Peninsula: 17th November.
Kilauea, Hawaii: lava flows during 16-22 November.
Fuego, Guatemala: 16-17 and 19-22 November.
Dukono, Indonesia: 16th and 18-22 November.
Zhupanovsky, Kamchatka Peninsula: 20th November.
Ubinas, Peru: 17th November.
Sabancaya, Peru: 16-21 November.
Unknown source: pumice raft observed floating near Minerva Reef in the South Pacific during 15-16 November. The source of the pumice is unknown but thought to originate from either Monowai or Havre seamounts.
Langila, Papua New Guinea: 16th November.
Kerinci, Indonesia: 16-19 and 21st November.
Copahue, Chile-Argentina Border: 16-18 and 21-22 November.
That’s crazy!


Nov. 27 Yellowstone Volcano Report M1.5? Really? Magma movement 


2 earthquakes recorded off Oregon coast 

Two earthquakes have been recorded off Oregon's central coast.

The U.S. Geological Survey said Monday the pair of earthquakes struck late Sunday and early Monday.
The first quake was a magnitude 4.9 and was recorded at 7:30 p.m. Pacific about 145 miles west of Coos Bay.
The USGS says it occurred at a depth of just over six miles.
The second temblor was a magnitude 4.8 and was recorded just after 3 a.m. Pacific on Monday.
The agency says it struck near the first one -- about 118 miles west of Coos Bay at a depth of less than 15 miles.
-- The Associated Press


Huge Quake Danger! Double Quakes Offshore of the US Coast! Precursor? Plus Large Solar CME’s to Add to it (Video) BP Earthwatch

Stay quake prepared! We have problems in the Cascadia are, quakes off the US West Coast. Precursor? Stay at the ready!


Earliest noctilucent cloud season start in Antarctica on record

We are jumping from anomaly to anomaly. This year, the southern hemisphere noctilucent clouds (NLC) season is the earliest southern hemisphere season on record… tied with 2013. The 2016/17 southern hemisphere noctilucent clouds season started on November 17, 2016. This is, tied with 2013, the earliest southern hemisphere NLC season on record.
Not a surprise at all for scientists: “as the southern hemisphere polar stratospheric winds switched to their summer-like state quite early this year.” And why please? For example, the 2014/15 season was also totally strange. The clouds were much more variable, and there was an enormous decrease in cloud frequency 15 to 25 days after the summer solstice. But that’s when the clouds are usually most abundant… READ MORE

Global average temperatures plummet in steepest fall on record.

Global average temperatures over land have plummeted by more than 1C since the middle of this year – their biggest and steepest fall on record. The news comes amid mounting evidence that the recent run of world record high temperatures is about to end. The fall, revealed by Nasa satellite measurements of the lower atmosphere, has been caused by the end of El Nino –
the warming of surface waters in a vast area of the Pacific west of Central America. Some scientists, including Dr Gavin Schmidt, head of Nasa’s climate division, have claimed that the recent highs were mainly the result of long-term global warming. Others have argued that the records were caused by El Nino, a complex natural phenomenon that takes place every few years, and has nothing to do with greenhouse gas emissions by humans. CONTINUE