"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

War on Cash – It Is Coming Here to America – Be Ready (VIDEO)

War on Cash – It Is Coming Here to America – Be Ready

Dr. William Mount

There is a Banking war against cash and it is coming here very soon.
The International Bankers are loosing control so they feel if we have a cash free society they will regain total control over YOU.
Please keep in mind the Georgia Guide Stones – a world population of 500 Million total – that is their goal. They will achieve it any way they can – using whatever tactic they can: War, starvation, monetary controls, taxation, vaccinations, plagues – whatever it takes. The end justifies the means.
With the loss of the Hillary Vote these Elites (Nwo, Fascists, NAZIs, Satanists, or whatever you wish to call them) are now setting out to try and destroy anything they can put their hands on.
This is who they are, they follow Lucifer, Satan – the Devil.

So here is what they are currently destroying:
1) India. Here the Prime Minister has ordered the equivalent of the $10 and $5 bill out of circulation, leaving only the 100 Rupie ($1 Bill) and smaller for the people to use.
The war on cash is so bad that about half of the Economy has simply stopped. Rural area – which have little access to credit cards and banks – have now stopped selling. Within 3 months we will see huge rural populations begin to loose their way of life and the starvation will begin.
2) Look at the Socialist nation Venezuela – like all Socialist Nations when they run out of other people’s money they collapse – a nation rich in Oil, Diamonds and Gold and yet not only is food hard to get but their dollar — the Bolivar – is collapsing.
Further – they have just limited cash withdraws to $5 a day per person.
So – how do you live on $5 a day with a family of 4?
3) Ukraine. When I was there in 2007 we got 4 or 5 Ukrainian Dollars for every US Dollar depending on the bbank. Now their Dollar  there has dropped to 25 Hrvny per dollar and the average worker still only brings in around 1,000 Hrvny per month. What once was $250 a month now sites around $40 a month. Inflation there is not good.
Rent is free – so how do you feed and clothe 4 people on $40 a month?
4) Greece: Recent rules now tax people when they withdraw cash form their own bank accounts in an attempt to limit cash withdraws.
5) Citibank of Australia just proposed the elimination of $100 and $50 bills there and is no longer accepting cash at certain banks.
6) Uruguay, and now Spain, have just announced measures to reduce the use of cash in the nation.
7) Egypt. Since the Muslim Brotherhood was kicked out of Parliament the US Cash Supply to Egypt has dried up – causing their Pound to fall by over 50% internationally and huge inflation in this country.
8) It is coming here to America. They will stop at nothing to regain complete control over the planet after loosing the US Elections.
These Elite Bankers will either have to be killed or have a change of consciousness.
Since Obama has been in office he has done everything possible to destroy the Cash supply in America.
…a) The White House Handlers  have continually threatened to kick Russia out of the SWIFT Monetary Transfer system – causing China and Russia to form the Asian Infrastructure Bank to settle international Monetary Transfers bypassing the SWIFT system.
…b) This new Asian Infrastructure  Bank will now begin to displace all western financial systems.
…c) The US Monetary Supply (Cash, M1) went form $250 Billion in 1970 to around $1,300 Billion in 2007 when Obama took Office. Since then it has shot up to around $3,500 Billion in cash – in other words – the printing presses have been running full speed.
….d)  The M2 Monetary Supply has seen similar results as it has doubled during the Obama Regime from $6 Trillion to over $14 Trillion.
…e) Further – “US Inc.” now owns, and directly controls, almost 50% of the New York and American Stock Exchange with a true value around $600 Trillion Dollars – and these same funds have been buying out many foreign stock exchanges as well through “Holding Companies” and “US Inc.” Owned Hedge Funds.
What the White House has allowed in the last 8 years is beyond Criminal – it is suicidal.
It’s all digital money – it is just made up on a Computer Screen.
What this means to you and me is that inflation – Hyper Inflation – is about here and is a planned destruction of the US Economy by those in the White House.
The Plan: The rejection of the Dollar world Wide, a Domestic Dollar, and then Hyper Inflation.
Their original solution back in 2006 has been a Full Scale Surface Nuclear War – but that has yet to happen. To this end there was, and still is, an attempt to elect Hillary (There a 5 doubles) to the White House to start this war.
This Nuclear War would mean Planet Earth goes Bye Bye.