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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jesus to Padre Pio: I Shall Suffer In Agony Until the End of the World

Jesus to Padre Pio:  I Shall Suffer In Agony Until the End of the World
By:  Eric Gajewski
I have recently be rereading Padre Pio’s Letters.  It is a 3 volume set in which he is talking with his spiritual directors and also providing direction for his spiritual daughters.  It is quite revealing to say the least.  It talks about Padre Pio’s own war within his soul.  It goes into detail the ongoing war with the devils which almost seem to be nightly for him.  Over time, as he spiritually advanced, he dialogued with his Guardian Angel, the Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus.  He was reprimanded at times by our Queen and King which is quite interesting considering how precious his soul was to Jesus and Mary.  We, ourselves, must continue to be at work within and keep our salvation as the priority.  Nevertheless, I recently talked about Our Lord’s anger at the priests of Padre Pio’s time because a good number were becoming FreeMasons!  This was 4 years even before Fatima in 1913.  Christ called those priests “butcher’s!”.  Can you imagine the language He would use to describe these Vatican II priests who have joined in the Revolution.  Let us say, in more general terms, it will not go well for these priests (unless acquitted through invincible ignorance perhaps).  

Christ was repeatedly showing His anger back in 1913 during the course of these letters and causes me to wonder just how many victim souls would be necessary to stave off the Tribulation a little longer?  Perhaps one million victim souls?  The Chalice of Justice is overflowing and we have to do our best to make reparation and continually make Jesus happy because Jesus ain’t happy with Vatican II.  Then Fatima came.  Then Christ spoke through various other mystics such as Blessed Aiello.  Let us not forget about perhaps the greatest mystic ever Marie Julie Jahenny but that was a few decades before the time-frame being discussed now with Padre Pio.  Why do “Catholic’s” go around today thinking all is well with the Church and the world?  A false sense of security.  They live in a certain delusion which has been sold to them by the infiltrated Vatican.  There is something inherently wrong with the majority still in the Novus Ordo even those who are ignorant that they are following the principles of a new man centered religion.  How do these people not see how protestant they are in their disposition and theology?  Pride begets blindness and thus we warned this was the ailment for the Modernism we are swimming in.

Jesus mentioned that His Passion is not over.  He, of course, needs Victim souls to alleviate His own sufferings.  I can’t imagine the horror of seeing so many souls going to hell these days on a daily basis.  Horror is perhaps a light word to describe what Our Lord and Lady are going through but don’t tell that to the Charismatics!  In the first book Jesus mentions (in 1913) to Padre Pio that we shouldn’t think His Passion is over.  This is profound because all that which He suffered already.  It should cause us all to think how much we love God and what we are willing to do for love of Him.  God help us all!  Christ mentioned that He shall suffer in agony until the end of the world because of all the sin in the world.  Meanwhile, people are overly concerned with who is going to win the NBA finals. 

Back to reality.  We are not supposed to enjoy this world if we are to reign in the next with Christ.  This is a TOUGH pill to swallow these days considering modern man is always looking for the next distraction and pleasure but it is a reality.  A friend of this world is the enemy of God.  Meanwhile the Modernists in control of the Vatican continue to make this world a utopian place!  Not for Christ mind you.  For truly n the end they are paving the way for the False Prophet and Antichrist.  This is their world but guess what?  Jesus and Mary will still reign in the end when all is said and done.  The earth will open and swallow up the worldly along with the Antichrist and his minions.  In the end, are we trying to please Jesus in all we do?  Are we trying to fit in with the world or prepare for the next? One eye on the world is mortal sin before Our Lord so let us close our eyes and stay within where His Kingdom is found in the silence and solitude, Amen