"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, August 31, 2015

TradCatKnight Who?... Some Stats

TradCatKnight: The most viewed & followed TRUE traditionalist apostolate worldwide
Quantitative Summary
It has been reported back to me that those over at the Pseudo-Traditionalist site "The Remnant" are being condescending and acting like they dont know who we are. Let me remind Mr. Matt and the rest who fail miserably at math.

TradCatKnight Radio: "Catholicism vs. New Age"

              TradCatKnight Radio: "Catholicism vs. New Age"
                      Religion of Sacred Heart vs. Religion of Self
                          Talk given 8/30/2015, The Resistance

Happy Feast Day of St. Rose of Lima!
Topics covered in this talk: how the second vatican council is leading men into the formal New Age Religion, 666: the sign of man, satanism written into the second vatican council, "ecumenism of blood" heresy, fulfilling your state of duty, civil unrest/ economies collapsing all over the world, new TradCatKnight TSHIRTS/BUMPER STICKERS available, new section up on orderoftheeagle, pseudo- traditionalists are not counterrevolutionaries, latest impotent video of Michael Matt and the pseudo traditionalist Remnant, the deceitful tactics of Michael Matt and rest of Remnant, NEO-SSPX/FSSP/Remnant new doctrine of "CLARIFICATIONISM??", on not having everything go our way, importance of prayer/sacrifice for the pseudo trads/novus ordites, Fr, Kramer's latest interview, prayer for priests given by Our Lady to Blessed Tiagi and much more!

Chivalry and Love Of The Fight

Chivalry and Love Of The Fight

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


What is this spirit of chivalry? It is to admire and love the fight. It is to have a fearless spirit so that when we find ourselves in the apex of effort and complication, we feel fulfilled. 



 Sermon from  the Saints- St. John Vianey



Tell me, my dear brethren, what are the penances that are given to you? Alas! A few rosaries, some litanies, some almsgivings, a few little mortifications. Do all of these things, I ask you, bear any proportion to our sins which deserve eternal punishment? There are some who carry out their penance walking along or sitting down; that is not doing it at all. Unless the priest tells you that you may do it while walking along or sitting down, you should do your penance on your knees. If you do perform your penance while walking along or sitting down, you should confess it and never do it again. 

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Refutation to Mr. Matt's "FSSP vs SSPX" Video

Refutation to Mr. Matt's "FSSP vs SSPX" Video
Expose on Pseudo-Traditionalism and the new "Clarificationism" doctrine
Refuting Pseudo-Traditionalist Michael Matt of the Remnant

We continue on in our war against Pseudo- Traditionalism highlighting the impotent arguments of Pseudo Traditionalist Michael Matt of the Remnant. This was the latest "public service announcement" of the pseudo- traditionalist camp to try and sway in more ignorant people into their camp and thus their errors. TRUE UNITY will not come at the cost of compromise. The more I hear Mr. Matt talk (like Francis idiotically talks) the less I take him seriously. Let us examine and refute...

VIDEO- Latest Fr. Kramer Interview (Caravan To Midnight)

Latest Fr. Kramer Interview
(Caravan To Midnight)
The "Pope" from Hell

VIDEO- In this talk on Caravan to Midnight some eye opening information is revealed. Topics covered include: Second Vatican Council, the Vatican II apostasy, Judeo-Masonry, "Pope" Francis, his dealings/connections with the Vatican, "ufos/aliens" agenda, "ISIS" & Islam, geopolitics, Putin, Russia, Masonry as a Religion, Kabal/Talmud, Father Malachi Martin, Father Gregor Hesse, why he became a priest, United States, Illuminati/New World Order, message of Fatima, some insights into the October synod and in the general future and much more! As a reminder Fr. Kramer will be on TradCatKnight Radio in September.

Fr. Campbell- A Herd of Wild Horses

A Herd of Wild Horses

Father Campbell

“The fruit of the Spirit is: charity, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, long-suffering, mildness, faith, modesty, continency, chastity. Against these things there is no law. And they who belong to Christ have crucified their flesh with its passions and desires” (Gal.5:22-24).

Bishop Williamson- Relentless Romans

Relentless Romans

Readers, wait for it, take in advance a hint –
When the agreement comes, read the fine print!

Rumours coming from the Society of St Pius X seem to confirm the speculation of these “Comments” last week (see EC 423 of Aug. 22) that Rome wants an agreement with the SSPX.The rumours tell of a secret meeting held at the beginning of this month where SSPX leaders discussed finances and a “doctrinal preamble.” Was it the same preamble mentioned by Cardinal Müller on August 3? Drawn up by Rome for the SSPX to sign? The Cardinal said that that would be necessary for any agreement, while Bishop Schneider saw no doctrinal problem because Vatican II was merely “pastoral.” With or without rumours, let us review unchanging basics.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Catholicism Vs. New Age (Sacred Heart vs the Self)

The Religion of Christ versus the False Religion of "Self"
By: Eric Gajewski
With the advent of the pastoral implementation of the new religion of man (Vatican II) the world is being carefully shifted into a dogma-less "Church" rooted in FreeMasonic/Marxist principles.

666 is the number of man. Vatican II is the religion of man which teaches the condemned philosophy of humanism, with, as a focal point, "human dignity".  Thus, there are two religions at battle, Catholicism, whose focal point is the Sacred Heart of Christ and the New Age religion whose focal point is man which will be led by a false prophet and "messiah".  Vatican II was merely the pastoral vehicle to get men into the "New Age".  Unless there is first a rerouting of the heart back unto Truth there will be no rewriting of the heart. Thus, why so many who obstinately reject Tradition stay blind in the Conciliar Church following these new (condemned) principles leading them into the formal New Religion of Self.

Vatican thanks lesbian author for thoughtful gesture and spread of genuine human and Christian values

Vatican thanks lesbian author for thoughtful gesture and spread of genuine human and Christian values 

...then later tries to retract

I hate to be the bearer of bad news but we have been under Masonic/Marxist occupation for quite some time starting at the top! 

By: CallMeJorge

Francesca Pardi is the author of “Piccolo Uovo” (or “Little Egg”), a cute 2011 book about an egg that’s found by a variety of diverse animal families, including gay penguins, lesbian rabbits, and a mixed-race dog couple. It’s one of the books deemed offensive by Brugnaro.

September: Month dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows

September: Month dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows


It has long been a custom in the Church to say this prayer of petition on 30 consecutive days. It is also recommended as a Lenten devotion as well as for all Fridays of the year.

JIHADWATCH: France Prepares For Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities

JIHADWATCH: France Prepares For Mass Unrest, Radicalized Immigrants Taking Over Cities
Army makes contingency plans for violent domestic disorder
Multiculturalism at its best...But the Vatican II modernists want to converge and coexist with such peoples
by Paul Joseph Watson

French security forces are preparing for mass civil unrest and radicalized immigrants taking over entire neighborhoods, according to intelligence sources.
The Army is making contingency plans for the “reappropriation of national territory,” winning back areas of cities, in the event of immigrant populations obtaining weapons and becoming openly hostile to authorities.

Synod Latest: Seminar speakers advocate change on Communion for the divorced-and-remarried

Seminar speakers advocate change on Communion for the divorced-and-remarried

By Andrea Gagliarducci

Archbishop Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family, which sponsored seminars where scholars suggested admitting the divorced-and-remarried to Communion. Credit: Bohumil Petrik/CNA 

.- Earlier this year the Pontifical Council for the Family organized three seminars which gathered scholars to discuss marriage and family life in the run-up to the Synod on the Family being held in October.
The lectures at these seminars were published June 2 by Libreria Editrice Vaticana in Italian as Famiglia e Chiesa, un legame indissolubile (Family and Church, an indissoluble bond), and feature a preface written by Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, president of the Pontifical Council for the Family.
On the whole, the book suggests a “penitential path” that would allow the divorced-and-remarried to receive sacramental Communion while still engaging in sexual relations.

Get Under the Mantle of Protection of Our Lady!

Statue of the Virgin Mary is Left Miraculously Intact After Fire

A violent fire at a military base near Madrid spared nothing except a small statue and surrounding vegetation


The events took place at the El Goloso military base, located near the Spanish capital, seat of the nation's armored infantry brigade "Guadarrama." According to several Spanish news sites, including Infovaticana and Religión en Libertad, a fire broke out that was impossible to control, burning most of the surrounding vegetation.

"Ecumenism of Blood?" No! Baptism of Blood....

"Ecumenism of Blood?" No! Baptism of Blood....
The latest novelty of words by the Conciliar Church 

According to the Conciliar Church and Francis any person who dies for Christ bearing the name "Christian" would die under the heretical new concept of "ecumenism of blood". The Catholic Church HAS ALWAYS taught (until this heresy) that those sects are not in the Body of Christ and Church and therefore do not die in Christ nor the Church. Again this pertains to the whole new concept of what the Church is according to these modernists. Let us look at a recent example and demonstrate further.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Catholic Prophecy: On the Coming False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph

Catholic Prophecy: Rudolfo Gilthier, On the Coming False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph
Prophecy with my analysis
Pope Benedict XVI: The Long Awaited Pope of Fatima to flee Rome with "some" cardinals... 

This is another little known prophecy about how the soon False Prophet will take over and be "head of the Christian Churches" yet not call himself a Pope.

Jade Helm FEMA Camp Preparations Are Entering the Final Phase According to Insider

Jade Helm FEMA Camp Preparations Are Entering the Final Phase According to Insider

By: Dave Hodges

*This is not an endorsement nor do I agree with everything he says...


The above picture is eerie and it has been mostly associated with the transport of civilian detainees presumably to a FEMA camp. Many have questioned the authenticity of the photo and have subsequently made allegations of photo shopping this picture in order to make it look like a FEMA transport trait. I have known that this was authentic for sometime and have had on eyewitness guests appear on my talk show which have authenticated the existence of these “FEMA trains”.


German Bishops’ Conference website promotes homosexual unions as sacrament

German Bishops’ Conference website promotes homosexual unions as sacrament

Maike Hickson 

August 27, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- On August 25, Katholisch.de, the official website of the German Bishops' Conference, published an interview with the German moral theologian Stephan Goertz concerning his new book, Who Am I to Judge? Homosexuality and the Catholic Church.
In the interview, Goertz makes the claim that homosexuality should no longer be condemned because the times have changed. In biblical times, says the theologian, "procreation was the first God-given purpose of sexuality." At that time, "sexuality had as its first purpose to secure the survival of the people"; however, "that is obviously not any more our situation, and that is since the [Second Vatican] Council also not any more our moral teaching on sexuality."

Archbishop: ‘True Intention Behind’ Push for Same-Sex Marriage is ‘Imposition of Totalitarian System’

Archbishop: ‘True Intention Behind’ Push for Same-Sex Marriage is ‘Imposition of Totalitarian System’

“The next step will be to implement this theory in the educational system of Guam,” said the archbishop
by CNS News | Mark Judge  

(CNSNews.com) - Archbishop Anthony Sablan Apuron of Agana, Guam has posted a message on his archdiocesean website stating that the "true intention" behind the push for same-sex marriage "has always been about the destruction of the family and the imposition of a totalitarian system."
The archbishop also predicted the next step in the process would be to use the education system so "that our children, your children, will be forced to assimilate to this pattern of non-gender."
“It is important to understand that the political pressure to push the agenda for same sex 'marriage' has never been about gay rights; the true intention behind this agenda has always been about the destruction of the family, and the imposition of a totalitarian system,” Archbishop Apuron said. (Bold in the original.)

Thursday, August 27, 2015

VIDEO- Hints of NYC Destruction in Media; NY FED moving to Chicago?

Hints of NYC Destruction in Media; NY FED moving to Chicago?

The Illuminati love to put their agenda out ahead "of the storm" so to speak. Their agenda is often hidden in plain sight like 9-11 was. I have been warning for quite sometime on the economic collapse but then also of the false flag attacks still to come to throw the USA into WW3. Even more, Planet X is incoming  and the average "truth seeker" ought ask why has the government been building underground cities for the past 50+ years? Why are they, even as I have, now, warning people to get off coastlines? Here is a latest video which covers some of the symbology put right in front of us without most ever noticing. The Vatican and world governments know Planet X is incoming and we even see them preparing for it. Note: I dont agree with everything said (implication these events will happen in September) in the videos nor is it an endorsement

Plaza in central Rome to be named in honor of Martin Luther

Plaza in central Rome to be named in honor of Martin Luther

"The Vatican did not oppose the project."


For those "awake" this should not surprise anyone. In 2017 the Vatican is slated to formally commemorate "Lutheranism". This is all a setup for the soon formal "unification of all religions". Will the Novus Ordites wake up? 


"Faithful Catholics" witness at Ottawa Pride HOMO marches

"Faithful Catholics" witness at Ottawa Pride while Catholic parish marches 

"Faithful" to what? These people are not Catholic. They are apart of the Novus Ordo Religion which seeks to normalize the sodomites... 

By: Lianne Laurence 

OTTAWA, August 25, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) – While parishioners praying on a public sidewalk in front of St. Patrick’s Basilica during Sunday’s Capital Pride Parade were told to go inside the church to avoid confrontation, St. Joseph’s Catholic parish had a delegation marching in the parade.
One Catholic activist believes it shows a “schizophrenia” in the Catholic response to the traditionally lewd, loud, and raucous event that underscores a “greater question.” John Pacheco, founder of the Catholic men’s group the Legionnaires of St Maurice and organizer of Sunday’s public prayer witness, said this is: “What is the appropriate response of Catholics to a great evil, an evil that can destroy a society?”

Chagall's blasphemous White Crucifixion is going to Italy

Chagall's blasphemous White Crucifixion is going to Italy... 

...where Francis will view it.

Call Me Jorge...

Pictures inside- The inscription above the head in Chagall's blasphemous painting is Jesus' name misspelled in Hebrew which doubles as the rabbinic acronym "May his name and his memory be wiped out".

VIDEO- New Evangelization of Vatican II "NewChurch"

New Evangelization of Vatican II "NewChurch"
Do these silly religious not realize we are on the verge of WW3 and natural calamities of which FEW will survive? NAH...Nothing like a little song and dance. What message does this send? These people are not Catholic.

Here is yet another sad video to show forth the disposition of the Novus Ordites (during religious instruction nonetheless). Is this Romper Room? I really feel sorry for kids these days being brought up in the Vatican II Novus Ordo Religion

In the Name of Masonic Ecumenism!

Catholic canon’s funeral Mass to be celebrated in Anglican church

Canon O'Sullivan's funeral will be held in the church in honour of his ecumenical work...
Canon Brian O’Sullivan, who died on Friday August 21st, will have his funeral Mass at his nearby Anglican church to recognise the work he did to bring the Christian community together(??).
The funeral Mass will be held at the parish of St Andrew and St Cuthman, in Steyning, while a Vigil Mass will be held at the Catholic Church of Christ the King.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Reflection, "Thy Faith Has Made Thee Whole"

Reflection, "Thy Faith Has Made Thee Whole"
By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul"
Luke 17:19: And he said to him: Arise, go thy way; for thy faith hath made thee whole.

Brothers and Sisters I write to you in the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and of His Heart and all the blessings that flow forth from it.  My friends do you have Faith in Christ to do all things or do you have Faith in things that you "make out" to be a false christ?  Modern man has been slumbering along and has been accumulating more "esteem" in himself  that man no longer believes that he truly needs God.  A "city" built in false securities with mammon and technologies but God will soon bring this false city down. With the advent of Vatican II, the new religion of man the world has been tricked into putting its faith into man and the world itself. Thus, the heresy of religious liberty, a key principle of FreeMasonry, gives a false illusion that man can have peace if we all just "agree to disagree" on what the true religion is and by way of a pseudo equality places Christ and Catholicism on the same level as Luther, Buddha and all the false sects and religions.  The Vatican II NewChurch in its lying folly does not even teach conversion to the true Faith but teaches man "to have peace by way of the world,".  Coexistence and convergence is not the Catholic way it is man's way. Psalms 39:5 Blessed is the man whose trust is in the name of the Lord; and who hath not had regard to vanities, and lying follies.

"Catholic" Church converted to Mosque

"Catholic" Church converted to Mosque

 The "springtime" of Vatican II comes to Syracuse, New York

By Ralph Sidway


Dioceses wont sell to real Catholics but those following the new religion of Vatican II have no problem with the conversions of churches to mosques ...


The murder of John Paul I at the hand of FreeMasonry

The murder of John Paul I at the hand of FreeMasonry 

"September 28, 1978: John Paul I presents Cardinal Villot with a list of people who are to be transferred, asked for their resignations, or reassigned. All the people on the list are suspected to be members of the Freemason's group "P2." The reshuffle of power will have major implications for the existing Vatican power structure and its financial dealings.

September 29, 1978: John Paul I found dead in his bed. Villot issues false statements to the press about the circumstances surrounding the death, removes key evidence from John Paul's room, and orders the body to be embalmed immediately without an autopsy."

St. John Vianney, "The Crosses"

 St. John Vianney, "The Crosses"


Here is a daily reminder of these wonderful gifts we are given to draw our hearts more near the Sacred Heart of Christ.  


Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Stock up on canned food for stock market crash, warns former Gordon Brown adviser
Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations
by Jon Stone | Independent 
Stock market dip could lead to civil disorder

Damian McBride said a coming economic crisis would be worse than the 2008 recession.

A former adviser to Gordon Brown has urged people to stock up on canned goods and bottled water as stock markets around the world slide.
Damian McBride appeared to suggest that the stock market dip could lead to civil disorder or other situations where it would be unreasonable for someone to leave the house.

The Founding Fathers and the heresy of religious liberty

The Founding Fathers and religious liberty

Bishop Williamson Archives, February 4, 1993

Catholic= Social Kingship Of Christ

Masonic= Religious Liberty

The enclosed Verbum is hardly controversial, but its predecessor, headlined "Discovering America's Roots," presented a picture of the Founding Fathers of the United States which did not gain everyone's approval. In particular, a long-standing friend of the Society here in the USA — who has rendered the Society great service — made a series of reasonable objections which deserve a reply. Let me attempt the "Catechism of a Patriot"...

Madonna Preaches "Morality", Drops Russia Over Gay Rights

Madonna Preaches "Morality", Drops Russia Over Gay Rights

Madonna is just another godless celebrity tool of the Talmudic Jews 

I am sure Russia is glad!

I met Madonna once. When I say “met,” I mean “said hello to Madonna once.” It was at Berlin’s Kaffee Burger, on the famous TorStrasse, during the 2008 Berlinale Film Festival. Oddly, Kaffee Burger is famous for its ‘RussenDisko’ (Russian Disco). The Berlin institution, which exclusively plays music by Russian bands, is hosted by Vladimir Kaminer, a celebrated Moscow-born writer.
Now, it seems that Russian Madonna fans won’t be graced by her presence. The eighties’ pop icon has announced that she will never tour the country again. “I won’t appear in Moscow or St. Petersburg anymore, because I don’t want to perform in places where being homosexual is tantamount to a crime,” she told Entertainment Weekly.

Saint Louis IX, – King, Crusader

Saint Louis IX, – King, Crusader

King of France, son of Louis VIII and Blanche of Castile, born at Poissy, 25 April, 1215; died near Tunis, 25 August, 1270. 

Catholic Morality: “KEEP THYSELF CHASTE"

Catholic Morality: “KEEP THYSELF CHASTE"
— St. Paul to Timothy, I, chapter 5, verse 22 —
“For this is the will of God, your sanctification;that you should abstain from fornication; That every one of you should know how to possess his vessel in sanctification and honour: Not in the passion of lust, like to Gentiles that know not God. (. . . )  For God hath not called us unto uncleanness, but unto sanctification.  Therefore, he that despiseth these things, despiseth not man, but God, who also hath given his holy Spirit in us.”— Thess. 4. 3-5, 7, 8. —

Monday, August 24, 2015

TradCatKnight Radio: "A Time Is Coming When Men Go Mad"

                        TradCatKnight Radio: 
        "A Time Is Coming When Men Go Mad"
                   The Resistance, talk given August 23rd 2015

TradCatKnight recently hit 200 MILLION views on Google+. This is more than Infowars, EWTN and all the Pseudo Traditionalist channels combined. Thank you for all the prayers and support Crusaders...we still have alot of work to do

This talk covers: the world of lukewarmness, laxity and liberalism, abortion, immodesty, Vatican II new religion of man, days of lot, truth being extreme in this hour, buffoonery of Francis, true vs false obedience, Vatican II and joinjing in with modern world, the state as "god", "hermeneutics of continuity", world full of self love, science and reason transcending Faith??, self esteem vs the Cross, culture of death, Michael Voris= the heretic, Alex Jones vs David Duke debate, "liberty" as a calling card, Bellarmine & Hell, the few lovers of the Cross, refutation of pseudo traditionalist Father Carota, Fatima Watch, Cardinal Burke coming to Steubenville, questions answered, the "false right" crowd of the Revolution, Archbishop Lefebvre "waivering", Jews and Vatican II, website warning: latin mass society, satanic elements of the New Mass, prophecy on the soon formal schism, those rejecting vatican II in schism??, my latest poem and much more!

St. John Vianney, "PURITY IS NOT KNOWN"

 St. John Vianney Sermon


Alas, my dear brethren, how little purity is known in the world; how little we value it; what little care we take to preserve it; what little zeal we have in asking God for it, since we cannot have it of ourselves.
No, my dear brethren, it is not known to those notorious and seasoned libertines who wallow in and trail through the slime of their depravities, whose hearts are .... roasted and burned by an impure fire .... [sentence incomplete - Trans.] Alas, very far from seeking to extinguish it, they do not cease to inflame it and to stir it up by their glances, their desires, and their actions. What state will such a soul be in when it appears before its God! Purity! 

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Website Warning: Latin Mass Society is Evil

Website Warning: Latin Mass Society is Evil
More Expose on Pseudo-Traditionalism

This strange website is trying to make the "latin mass" seem cool by integrating modernity and even highly occultic/masonic symbology onto its page. Where is the Faith and true Mass not attacked these days! The enemy cloaked on a supposed "traditionalist" site. Catholicism and ancient paganism do not mix. This site is affiliated with other pseudo trad sites like Father Z & Rorate. Have I not been warning you all to avoid these poisonous pseudo traditionalists in "full communion" with modernist Rome. Let us have a look

23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening

23 Nations Around The World Where Stock Market Crashes Are Already Happening

The economic collapse has not happened yet here in the West which will plunge the whole world into despair and yet these nations are already "crashing". 

You can stop waiting for a global financial crisis to happen.  The truth is that one is happening right now.  All over the world, stock markets are already crashing.  Most of these stock market crashes are occurring in nations that are known as “emerging markets”.  In recent years, developing countries in Asia, South America and Africa loaded up on lots of cheap loans that were denominated in U.S. dollars.  But now that the U.S. dollar has been surging, those borrowers are finding that it takes much more of their own local currencies to service those loans.  At the same time, prices are crashing for many of the commodities that those countries export.  The exact same kind of double whammy caused the Latin American debt crisis of the 1980s and the Asian financial crisis of the 1990s.


Harmonious Social Inequalities

Harmonious Social Inequalities

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

A factor of hostility against traditional elites is the revolutionary bias that any inequality of birth is opposed to justice. It is habitually admitted that a man can stand out on his personal merit. However, some people refuse to admit that the fact that he comes from an illustrious lineage is for him a special badge of honor and influence. The Holy Father Pius XII gives us a precious teaching in this regard:
“Social inequalities, even those related to birth, are inevitable: Benign nature and God’s blessing to humanity illuminate and protect all cradles, looking on them with love, but do not make them equal.” (1)

Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election

Zionists Use Donald Trump to Fix Another Election

Donald Trump is an Illuminati agent tasked with getting Hillary Clinton elected. 

Donald Trump is back again to serve his Illuminati Jewish masters. This time around, his role is to win the GOP nomination and throw the election to Hillary Clinton, the Illuminati bankers' preferred candidate. 

Saturday, August 22, 2015

DAILY NEWS on Right Hand SIDE of this Page!

DAILY NEWS on Right Hand SIDE of this Page!
Don't forget to check the DAILY NEWS section along the right hand side for all the latest news in the world both from Church and State as we head closer to the great chastisements foretold at Fatima! Please do your part and spread articles, videos and radio shows. Invite your friends to this page and help the Crusade grow, Ave Maria!

Satanic Elements of the New Mass


On November 27, 1902 and May 10, 1904, Our Lord and Our Lady announced the conspiracy to invent the "New Mass" to approved esteemed Catholic mystic Marie Julie Jahenny: "I give you a WARNING. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas and under the influence of the enemy of souls a MASS that contains words that are ODIOUS in My sight. When the fatal hour arrives when the faith of my priests is put to the test, it will be (these texts) that will be celebrated in this SECOND period ... The FIRST period is (the one) of my priesthood which exists since Me. The SECOND is (the one) of the persecution when the ENEMIES of the Faith and of Holy Religion (will impose their formulas) in the book of the second celebration ... These infamous spirits are those who crucified Me and are awaiting the kingdom of THE NEW MESSIAH."

(Therefore, it is the Jews who are responsible for the new Mass; and in fact the formula of the Offertory of the new Mass is inspired on the Jewish Kabbala.

What do the Satanists want to accomplish in the Catholic Church? Exactly what they have sought in government: Decentralization of power that lasts long enough to create confusion and insert their agents, so as to later take over the central power.  This has become clear now with hindsight.
We will never understand the new mass until we become aware of the elements of a Satanic mass, that is, the worship of man as God.  A study of the elements of a Satanic mass is not easy if one is not part of that group, however, a brief glance at what is available on youtube reveals that their altar is a table which they dance around wearing black. The satanic altar is designed for a naked woman or a small child to be laid upon it.  This is why the Catholic altar had to be changed by them; there was no way to dance around the old altar, nor the ability to lay a human being on the old altar.  The satanic mass has lots of physical contact, as does the Novus Ordo Mass. Further satanic influence can be seen with the laity imitating the gestures of the priest, such as open arms when saying the Our Father, and holding the host in the hand. These are all elements found today both in the Novus Ordo and a Satanic mass.

Saturdays and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Saturdays and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

by Kathryn Mulderink

“I promise to assist at the hour of death, with the graces necessary for salvation, all those who, on the first Saturday of five consecutive months shall confess, receive Holy Communion, recite five decades of the Rosary, and keep me company for fifteen minutes while meditating on the mysteries of the Rosary, with the intention of making reparation to me.”

Most of us are familiar with these words of our Blessed Mother, spoken to Lucia, one of the three young visionaries of Fátima, at her convent in Pontevedra, Spain. This message, given in 1925, was a sort of “follow-up” to the words Our Lady had spoken to Lucia in the second apparition of Fátima in June, 1917, when she told Lucia that she was to remain in the world because “Jesus wishes to use you to make me known and loved. He wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart.”
It may come as some surprise that this devotion requested by Heaven was not absolutely new. It fit precisely into the long tradition of Catholic piety that, having devoted Fridays to the remembrance of the Passion of Jesus Christ and to honoring His Sacred Heart, found it very natural to devote Saturdays to His Most Holy Mother.

George Bush a Jew? Zionist Double Agent?

George Bush a Jew? Zionist Double Agent?
We all know the Jew World Order runs both sides of the Republicans and Democrats but here is some interesting information from Texe Marrs, notable NWO researcher. This puts into perspective who actually DID 9-11 and it wasn't Islam or Arabs.
George W. Bush, Zionist Double Agent, American Traitor
"A man is considered an anti-Semite if he calls a Jew a Jew."

"Then...when the doors were shut where the disciples were assembled for fear of the Jews, came Jesus and stood in the midst, and saith unto them, Peace be unto you."
—John 20:19
It was in 1990 that I first met the remarkable and brilliant Boris Lunachev. Aged, bent over slightly by repeated attacks of osteoporosis, Lunachev had asked to see me privately. He had, I understood, once been a most distinguished professor of Marxist doctrine at the prestigious Lenin Institute. He was a rising star on the Soviet political and educational scene. But in the late 70s, Lunachev was abruptly and unceremoniously ousted from his post and exiled to the West.

Francis' geopolitics is inspired by the Gospel??

Francis' geopolitics is inspired by the Gospel??

What Gospel is that?

Answer: The Gospel of Man...not the Gospel of Our Lord, the Catholics Gospel

"We know only too well the dark workshops in which are elaborated these mischievous doctrines which ought not to seduce clear-thinking minds. The leaders of the Sillon have not been able to guard against these doctrines. The exaltation of their sentiments, the undiscriminating good-will of their hearts, their philosophical mysticism, mixed with a measure of illuminism, have carried them away towards another Gospel which they thought was the true Gospel of Our Savior. To such an extent that they speak of Our Lord Jesus Christ with a familiarity supremely disrespectful, and that - their ideal being akin to that of the Revolution - they fear not to draw between the Gospel and the Revolution blasphemous comparisons for which the excuse cannot be made that they are due to some confused and over-hasty composition.- Pope St. Pius X on these Silonists/False Ecumenists

Bishop Williamson- Contradictory Romans?

Contradictory Romans?

No doctrine? Then apostasy will win.
Doctrine must be maintained, through thick or thin.

Two Roman churchmen have seemed to contradict one another in remarks made recently about relations between Rome and the Society of St Pius X, but one explanation of the contradiction may be that Rome is playing on the Society a police trick as old as the hills. By the “good cop, bad cop” routine, when the police want to get a confession out of a criminal, firstly a brutal policeman is sent in to beat up the criminal until he is in a very sorry condition, requiring all kinds of sympathy. Then a really nice policeman is sent in, oozing with a sympathy which often makes the criminal open up and confess his crime.

Friday, August 21, 2015

Refutation to Fr. Carota's "Danger of Isolation" article

Humble & Charitable Refutation to Fr. Carota's "Danger of Isolation" article
Exposing Pseudo Traditionalism: "Isolationalism??"

Q: Can a Catholic "commune" with non-Catholics, that is, worship or receive Sacraments (generally) from one who is not holding the true Faith and Gospel?
A: In the Negative!
Thus, let us proceed to analyze the latest impotent attempt to refute our position from Pseudo traditionalist Fr. Carota...

English Contributions to the Crusades

English Contributions to the Crusades

Helena Schrader, PhD

When we look back on the Crusades, we are more likely to think of the French, who dominated the Christian crusader kingdoms in “Outremer,” than the English. Alternatively, we might think of the Germans, who contributed huge contingents of troops to the First, Second, Third, and Children’s Crusades, not to mention that the Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich II was supposed to lead the Firth Crusade and, having failed to show up for that, finally launched his own crusade, the Sixth Crusade. Meanwhile, the Spaniards were perpetually “on crusade” at home on the Iberian Peninsula, pushing back the “Moors.” By comparison, the English appear to have been conspicuously absent from crusading. Yet such an assessment is superficial and misleading. In fact, Plantagenet kings and vassals and English knights and nobles played key roles in the history of the crusades. What follows is a brief summary of the English contribution.