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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

New Age Religion: Dominated by Self; Fleeing Suffering

New Age Religion: Dominated by Self; Fleeing Suffering
By: Eric Gajewski

In a world saturated in self it is not hard to see what is coming on the horizon.  Man trying to play God without the true God Himself can only last so long.  Man is told to have esteem; to realize his full capabilities all without the aid of grace.   Since Vatican II there has been a new humanistic philosophy being taught which reroutes the hearts of men back unto himself rather than God and the Church.  It is truly diabolical and comes from the Masonic sect and the Masonic sect ultimately is Luciferian. The devil wants to further tempt man into thinking he is spiritually self-sufficient without the proper norm of Faith. Thus, very soon, the formal New Age doctrine, will be right in front of us coming from Rome (via the False Prophet, Yeshua Ben Joseph).  Men no longer want the true Catholic Faith and therefore God will hand the world over to these impostors who will preach “self”.

TradCatKnight Radio, Fatima 2017: Your Time Is Up!

TradCatKnight Radio, Fatima 2017: Your Time Is Up!
Talk given 5-30-16   (aprx 1hr 10 mins)

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Darwin's Fairytales Have Led Us to Savage Waters

Darwin's Fairytales Have Led Us to Savage Waters

Dr. Judith Reisman

 "Do you realize, reader, that you are an error of heredity, a biological error? ... And not only an error, but an error on an enormous scale. At least, Darwinians say you are. And who knows more about biology and heredity, pray, than they do?"


C.I.A. Links Top Clinton Donor, George Soros, to Terrorist Bombing (Videos)

C.I.A. Links Top Clinton Donor, George Soros, to Terrorist Bombing (Videos)

Wayne Madsen 

When it comes to George Soros, it’s probably safe to assume well informed people around the globe fall into one of two camps. There are those who come from a socialist, or a communist background, and they see see Soros as one of the world’s wealthiest men, who often acts as a financier to fight capitalism and freedom wherever the opportunity presents itself. 

Archbishop Lefebvre: Confronting Godlessness

Archbishop Lefebvre: Confronting Godlessness
The Archbishop Speaks
Pastoral Letter of Archbishop Lefebvre Confronting Godlessness

Faced with the horrible events taking place in Hungary, Rumania, Siberia and China, and with the impiety and the hatred of God's Holy Name, which are their root cause, how can we, as Christians, fail to be deeply dismayed? Never a day goes by without news of massacres and deportations of all those good people who by word or action have shown their dedication to God and their fellow man.

Monarch Mind Control: Pink’s “Just Like Fire”: Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control

Monarch Mind Control: Pink’s “Just Like Fire”: Another Blatant Video About Monarch Mind Control 
Warning: Sensitive Material
Pink’s video Just Like Fire is one of the more obvious MKULTRA-themed video ever released. Associated with the movie Alice Through the Looking Glass, the video confirms Disney’s fondness for Monarch Mind Control.
If one knows a tiny bit about Monarch Mind Control, Pink’s Just Like Fire is a blatant display of its symbolism. It follows the same narrative and uses the same imagery as countless other videos analyzed on this site, once again proving that there is a sustained effort to expose young people to this sick world.

A knight trusts another courageous knight

Courage is a form of loyalty; a knight trusts another courageous knight

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Edward, the Black Prince, accepts the surrender of John II of France at the Battle of Poitiers.

If a knight imprisons an adversary who is also a knight, whom he saw fight with great bravery and proved to be a tough nut to crack, as soon as the knight imprisoned him, the knight jumps off the horse, congratulates him for his bravery and takes him prisoner, saying, ‘Do you accept to be arrested with your word of honor that you will not flee?’ If you do, I will not keep you under watch. You can walk about our camp wherever you want and no guards will follow you. This is my way of showing appreciation for your great mettle and character.”

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
by Fr. Francis Xavier Weninger, 1877

 The Archangel Gabriel, while announcing to the Blessed Virgin Mary the mystery of the Incarnation, informed her also of the fact that her cousin Elizabeth, who, advanced in years, had long been barren, was about to be blessed with a son. Mary rejoiced greatly at this news, and having given thanks to the Almighty for the priceless grace of the Incarnation of the Eternal Word, she hastened to visit her cousin. This, however, was not done, as some heretics maintain, because she doubted the words of the Angel; for, Elizabeth herself, when already filled with the Holy Ghost, proved the contrary by the words with which she received the Virgin: "Blessed art thou that hast believed."

Saint Quote of the Day- False Security

'Another very treacherous temptation of Satan is that of a false sense of security. It consists in a certain confident conviction that we could never return to our former faults, or to worldly pleasures. We seem convinced of the nothingness of this world, and of its fleeting character, and we imagine that our sole delight is the service of God. This temptation is particularly dangerous when it appears at the beginning of the spiritual life, because the soul, blinded by this sense of security, takes no precautions against the occasions of sin, and so succumbs to them. God grant that this second fall be not worse than the first!'
St. Teresa of Jesus
Top 15 Places NOT To Be
Top 15 Places NOT To Be In for the upcoming times/chastisements (one could argue some others):

1) Tri-State NY/Philly
2) Washington DC
3) Los Angeles/San Fran
4) Yellowstone, New Madrid fault line and (Alaska) Ring of Fire Areas
5) Las Vegas
6) Chicago
7) St. Louis
8) Seattle/Portland
9) Miami
10) Gulf Coast/ Louisiana/Southern Texas
11) Denver
12) Phoenix
13) Boston
14) Atlanta
15) any coast line or major city for that matter
Pray the Rosary only Faith is surviving this great storm #theeagle




Monday, May 30, 2016

June 7: FEMA Will Conduct a Drill

June 7: FEMA Will Conduct a Drill to Prepare for a 9.0 Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake and Tsunami

Starting on June 7th, FEMA will be conducting a large scale drill that has been named “Cascadia Rising” that will simulate the effects of a magnitude 9.0 earthquake along the Cascadia Subduction Zone and an accompanying west coast tsunami dozens of feet tall. According to the official flyer for the event, more than “50 counties, plus major cities, tribal nations, state and federal agencies, private sector businesses, and non-governmental organizations across three states – Washington, Oregon, and Idaho – will be participating”.  In addition to “Cascadia Rising”, U.S. Northern Command will be holding five other exercises simultaneously.


St. Louis de Monfort 

St. Louis de Montfort writes of a pious but self-willed lady who lived in Rome. She was so devout that she put many a religious to shame:

One day, hearing of the holiness of St. Dominic, great apostle of the Rosary, she decided to make her confession to him. For penance the saint told her to say a Rosary and advised her to make it’s recitation her daily practice.

What it takes to be President of the American police state

What it takes to be President of the American police state

John W. Whitehead
A Government of Wolves
"The qualifications for president seem to be that one is willing to commit mass murder one minute and hand presidential medals of freedom to other war criminals in the next. One need only apply if one has very loose, flexible, or non-existent morality."—Author and activist Cindy Sheehan

"Pope" Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry

"Pope" Francis: Pawn of Big Jewry and Promoter of White Genocide?

“They are gathered together for war. . . . Let the wicked fall into their own nets.”

When I logged on to my computer this morning, the first email I noticed in my inbox contained a link to a shocking video which I could only watch with utter disbelief and revulsion. It came from my Roman Catholic correspondent Beverly. This surprised me because I’d always thought Beverly was an exemplary Catholic who would be willing to die for her Pope. 

Pictures: Romanov Dynasty May 30, 2016

Pictures: Romanov Dynasty May 30, 2016
The Eagles Are Coming...

Pray for the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary! Here is a wonderful collection of pictures for you all to enjoy...

Saint Ferdinand III of Castile - Most Valiant King

Saint Ferdinand III of Castile - Most Valiant King
Saint Ferdinand III of Castile. Painted by Spanish School.

King of Leon and Castile, member of the Third Order of St. Francis, born in 1198 near Salamanca; died at Seville, 30 May, 1252. He was the son of Alfonso IX, King of Leon, and of Berengeria, the daughter of Alfonso III, King of Castile, and sister of Blanche, the mother of St. Louis IX.

Fr. Kramer: Cardinal Ottaviani's Paraphrase of the 3rd Secret of Fatima

 Fr. Kramer: Cardinal Ottaviani's Paraphrase of the 3rd Secret of Fatima

Here is Cardinal Ottaviani's paraphrase of the Secret, which he read when John XXIII read it:
"No longer does order reign anywhere and Satan will reign over the highest places directing the course of events. He (Satan) really will succeed in infiltrating to the top of the Church.

TradCatKnight Mail...

TradCatKnight Mail...

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Video of the Day- Antichrist - The Storm Is Coming ~ HD

Video of the Day- Antichrist - The Storm Is Coming ~ HD 
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