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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

EXODUS II: Escaping the New World Order (Part One)

EXODUS II:  Escaping the New World Order (Part One)
By:  Eric Gajewski

There are many similarities between the present Church crisis and the crisis facing the Israelites in the Old Testament.  No, we are not talking about the puppet state of “Israel” claiming to be the descendants of the “Chosen People” for that is one the biggest shams of our modern times.  Rather, we are talking about the Catholic Church, Christ’s Church, which is now infiltrated from within but also “surrounded” out in the secular world.  Catholics are God’s chosen no matter their nationality and we are faced with a crisis which has no human answer but alone is reserved for God.  The Church is the One Ark of Salvation outside of which no man can be saved.  Ultimately, He will deliver us from the New World Order through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Moses, once cried, “Let my people go” and the same voice can be heard today.  Let us walk through the Book of Exodus and provide some analysis from Scriptures that resonate loudly and are applicable in our times.

Exodus 1:13 THEY hate us.  Amidst much ignorance from those who profess the true Religion is the reality that we are hated by the world.  Thus, those behind the New World Order, the synagogue, jews, socialists, communists, freemasons alike have been planning at the very top to get rid of Christianity for a long time.  Indeed, they have infiltrated us and call themselves Catholics whence in reality they are not.  You even see some false Catholics now trying to suggest that Socialism and Catholicism are compatible whence the Infallible Magisterium has already said otherwise.  Yes, I am talking about churchmen as well.  Right now they are hiding behind “Christianity” until the time is ripe for the False Prophet and Antichrist to show up unto the scene.  They don’t have much left to destroy from a doctrinal standpoint.  We are in an apocalyptic battle for our souls in the Church and the Blessed Virgin Mary is pivotal for those who seek security.  Rest assured, God will not be turning “the other cheek” as He is pouring down His wrath upon the nations and His enemies.  The enemy knows his time is short so they will do a lot of damage on all levels before be eradicated from this world.

Exodus 1:16  Abortion.  The new Egypt aka the New World Order is like the Old.  They wanted to kill children just as much as the godless of our generation want to.  The New World Order is truly not new just rekindled and repackaged differently under the guise of Lucifer’s false light in order to deceive the masses.  The pro choice argument is simply Lucifer’s new marketing campaign to kill the innocent.  Baal desires sacrifice and the aides of the New World Order keep these ungodly laws in place in order to satisfy their “god”.  America is truly an evil country, if not the most evil, standing next to “Israel”.  The globalists want death and destruction hence why a Shiva statue remains outside of CERN.  It is no conspiracy that these evil men want to reduce the earth’s population by 90 percent.  Great!  Who would rather be here than be at least one step closer to the beatific vision?  They speak of solutions on the surface to serve humanity when in reality in the darkness of their hearts they serve Lucifer and darkness.

Exodus 2: 23-24 God will hear our cries for deliverance.  Like the Israelites, we too, cry out to be delivered from this system of death and control.  In the end, after we pass through, our own generation’s “Red Sea”, we shall have it.  God in the meantime is testing and trying His people.  He is weeding out those whose hearts truly were never with His.  At the same time He is making is true servants more of an asset as heavier crosses are given.  Deliverance is for God and not for man.  Surely, Moses led, but he never took any of the glory away from God.  Our deliverance from the Novus Ordo will come from the Hand of God through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  It will not come from man himself, after all, isn’t this what man is trying to do in the first place?  Create a world free of suffering?  The Vatican II cult of man is simply the setup for the man of lawlessness himself who will be the head of this new false city of man.  We must continue to implore God day and night to be saved from the wrath to come.  Unfortunately, protestants will wait and wait for the “rapture” only to find out that their false doctrine holds no substance.  Perhaps they will be raptured in world war 3? Or by the “aliens” when Maitreya shows.  We live in a generation of unprecedented deception.

Exodus 3:2-3 The Flaming Fire and the Bush.  This represents Our Lady who held our Flaming Fire.  Mary bore Jesus in the Womb literally without being consumed by the Fire.  This is quite a deep mystery to meditate upon.  We also have to climb the Mountain of God to arrive at this bush.  It is here we speak to God directly and carry out His orders.  He is away from the face of men and only those brave enough to traverse the Mountain will find Him.  It is nothing new for us.  We ought be following the Commandments of God and keeping His Faith.  Like in Moses time some would be “traditionalists” will apostatize.  Let us pray we remain faithful unto the end.

Exodus 3:18 The 3 days journey in the wilderness.  Three signifying complete or perfection.  First, we hear His voice and then we make the journey.  Who is brave enough in the interior life to make the full journey while still in the flesh?  Very few arrive at union with God, therefore, we must start now to be detached from all things and be resigned unto all things.  Let us face it on the natural level the wilderness is never fun.  Yet this is what is necessary for us to become perfected through grace.  We can become living Tabernacles of God if we remain faithful and if we continue to attempt to please God in all things.  Do not choose the path of least resistance for the Saints never did.  They chose the Path of the Will of God which runs contrary to our own.

Exodus 3:20 God will personally strike Egypt….again.  The New World Order is even preparing for the arrival of Planet X.  I have no doubt the enemies of God know this hence why they have been building underground cities for well over 50 years.  If they know its coming they know there time is short.  They believe they will be able to control us from even underground that is how obstinate and controlling they are.  They are fools who will not live to see the day.  God will mark the skies with a  Red Cross one day via Planet X and this celestial sign (the sign of the son of man) will show His enemies who is really in control.  There will come again further chastisements.  Right now we are already seeing the ten plaques of Egypt happening all over the world again.  Swarms of locusts of frogs, red rivers of death, diseased livestock, intense storms of hail are already happening.  Just wait till the epidemics (boils) start and of course the climatic event the 3 days of darkness still to come.  Again this is nothing new.

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Exodus 3:21 Favor to His people amidst the Egyptians.  We are threatened by worry and doubt that we will not make it but this is not what God tells us.  He is our Food on the basis of the Eucharist alone we shall make it.  Nevertheless, we will be taken cared of materially by our God.  This is reaffirmed in this verse.  In the midst of our enemies who plot to take all things from us shall we be favored.  This really sends the devils into fury.  Remind yourself that the next anxiety attack of a devil ensues.  God says you shall not depart empty.  You have your fill in Christ and we live divinely.  

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