"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, October 31, 2015

St. Nilus of Sinai on Prayer

St. Nilus of Sinai on Prayer
'But prayer interrupted by thoughts (the lowest form), and linked with bodily cares, is far from the structure of mind fitting for prayer. In such prayer man does not hear himself, but darts hither and thither in thought, not remembering what words he utters. But if the man who prays is such, will God's ear pay heed to what, in his inattention, he does not himself hear? With those who said, "Attend to my petition; give ear to my prayer" and "O Lord, hearken to my voice; let thine ears be attentive to the voice of my supplication", the mind was wholly and carefully collected and not scattered and spread about over such things as is usual with the negligent, whose thoughts are uncontrolled.'
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Vatican II Modernist NewSpeak....

Cardinal Wuerl: The Catholic Church is moving from legalism to mercy 

David Gibson

More NewSpeak to destroy Tradition...

Cardinal Wuerl of Washington talked with Guinean Cardinal, president of the Pontifical Council Cor Unum, before the final session of the Synod of Bishops on the family at the Vatican Oct. 24

ROME — “The frame of reference is now going to be: ‘What does the Gospel really say here?’ That’s our first task.”
That’s Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl summing up the new course for Catholicism set by the momentous Vatican meeting of 270 bishops from around the world that concluded last weekend, a three-week marathon in which he played a key role.

Video of the Day- Endtimes & Our Lady Of Heede

Our Lady Of Heede, Germany
Very similar message to Fatima
Approved by the Catholic Church 1937
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‘Chastity, faith & patriotism’: Russian Church offers govt fresh anti-AIDS program

‘Chastity, faith & patriotism’: Russian Church offers govt fresh anti-AIDS program 


A Russian Orthodox bishop has told the government commission on health that it’s wrong to fight AIDS through sex education and the distribution of condoms, suggesting instead to promote chastity, faith and patriotism among citizens.
Bishop Panteleimon of Orekhovo-Zuyevo noted that the church officials were happy that Russia was not adopting the so called “harm reduction” programs like free handover of condoms or replacement therapy.
We know that we need different methods and programs. I hold that AIDS can be defeated not only by explaining the dangers of this disease, but also through propaganda of healthy moral values,” he said.

Trick Or Treat....

Satanic Sacrificial Days
While children are out gathering candy the Satanists are out gathering children to be slaughtered.
Oct. 31st is the highest day of human sacrifice of the Illuminati Calendar. Also, be on the lookout for another possible false flag.
 by Richard Evans
WARNING: Adult content

Statistics on missing persons in the Unites States are difficult to find, but are appalling.  The following missing persons estimates are from the Kyle Fleischman Foundation: 2,300 American people are reported missing on a DAILY basis. 
"Human trafficking" is a very real and huge activity world wide. Among other uses trafficked people are a pool of victims for selection for occult human sacrifices. Mary Ann estimated tens of thousands of sacrifices routinely occur world wide on the dates on the calendar.  Best advice to the public is know where your pets and children are at all times.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Your Home: Refuge of God's People During The Chastisements

Your Home: Refuge of God's People During The Chastisements
Commentary by Eric Gajewski

As I have been warning for the last few years or so it is not prudent any longer to be living on any coastline nor living in any major city in the times ahead. We look to Marie Julie who was given warnings from both Jesus and Mary about the Novus Ordo Religion and New Mass but also about the chastisements coming. She is an approved catholic visionary who is a saint in my eyes. Our Lord came to her to warn her of all these impending disasters attributed to mankind's falling away from Truth.  Many people fail to understand just how horrible the world will be (as if it isn't already) with the onset of the complete collapse of the social, economic and political order.  This is all by design so that the enemy can usher in their "new messiah". Out of chaos cometh "order" they say and it is not a Catholic order...

Nay, one of the specific things Jesus told Marie Julie was that "the home would be a refuge for My peoples..." With all of the chaos going on in every city following the economic collapse, the planned depopulation program via man made epidemics/plagues, police state checkpoints all over, government hunting down Catholics and other "extremists/terrorists" and Planet X's "passing by"  who can doubt this revelation?  I think many people are still delusional over the current state of the Church and others are still simply trying to sweep it all "under the rug."  Fortunately, God will be tearing down the modern world in order that we might be able to start anew. This is REAL MERCY unlike Modernist's Francis phony flavor which will be tasted even more so in the upcoming year.  Take heed to an eagle's warning and begin to prepare your homes for the days ahead! I will cover this more in detail on tonight's LIVE STREAM on YOUTUBE. I will begin broadcasting at 9pm eastern time and should last to about 11pm.

Retreat to Hell, or Advance to Heaven

The Knights Templar: Retreat to Hell, or Advance to Heaven

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


Imagine the Knights Templar. The Templars asked Saint Bernard to write their Rule and he did. One of the principles he laid down was: never retreat in battle, under pain of mortal sin. Never retreat, in other words, not even a strategic retreat, nothing of the sort. No retreat and that’s the end of it. And since a Templar does not retreat, he is placed in this situation: If he retreats, he commits a mortal sin, but the battle continues and death comes after him anyway. And if he fails to make an act of perfect contrition, he goes to hell. Now, none of us can be sure he made an act of perfect contrition, as it is very difficult to make; so the knight either retreats and goes to hell or advances and gains heaven.


Apostasy Watch: Francis, "Prayer is Treasure for all Faiths"

Apostasy Watch: Francis, "Prayer is Treasure for all Faiths"
All Faiths are good in the Novus Ordo Church thus there is no need for conversion..... so says the modernists
My comments noted in red...

 Francis greets an interfaith group in St. Peter's Square for his general audience on Oct. 28, the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council declaration Nostra Aetate, which changed the relationship with people of other faiths.

The Oct. 28 papal general audience focused on interreligious dialogue.

Francis marked Wednesday's anniversary of the Second Vatican Council's declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions by saying the world looks to religious believers(??) for their ability to pray.

“Prayer is our treasure, to which we draw in accordance with our respective traditions, to ask for the gifts for which humanity yearns,” he said at his Oct. 28 general audience in St. Peter's Square.

The world looks to believers for answers in many areas, the Pope said, such as peace, hope, environmental crisis, violence committed in the name of religion and crises in the family and the economy.

Choose Life!

Mom Thought She Failed Husband Having Baby With Down Syndrome, Now She Knows Immense Joy

Micaiah Bilger  

Sarah Roberts worried what her husband would think when doctors announced that their son had Down syndrome.

Roberts told the Daily Mail that she felt her world was over when doctors gave her the news about their newborn, Oscar. Tests revealed that Oscar had two holes in his heart, and doctors immediately put him on oxygen. Later tests confirmed that Oscar did have Down syndrome, according to the report.
Roberts said she worried that her husband, Chris, and the rest of their family would treat Oscar differently because of his disability.

Sister Marianne Gaultier Prophecy on FEMA Camps

Sister Marianne Gaultier Prophecy on FEMA Camps
Endtime Prophecy Series...

Sister Marianne Gaultier’s prophecy dates back to the 17th century.
“As long as public prayers are said, nothing shall happen. But a time will come when public prayers shall cease. People will say: ‘Things will remain as they are.’
“All men will be taken away gradually in small groups. Only old men will remain. Before the great battle the wicked shall be masters (in France). They will do as much harm as they can, but not as much as they would like, because they shall not have enough time. The good Catholics shall be on the point of being annihilated but, O Power of God, as stroke from Heaven will save them. All the wicked shall perish, but also many good Catholics.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Planet X Incoming. VIDEO- Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera

Planet X Incoming. 
VIDEO- Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera
This giant crack in the earth appeared in the last two weeks on a ranch we hunt in the Bighorn Mountains. Everyone here is calling it “the gash”. It’s a really incredible sight. Huntwyo.com



There are some who derive satisfaction from the virtues they practice because their tendencies are all that way. For example, a mother will pride herself on the fact that she gives some alms, that she frequents the Sacraments, that she even reads some spiritual books -- yet she sees without dismay that her children are keeping away from the Sacraments. Her children do not make their Easter duty, yet this mother, from time to time, gives them permission to go to amusements, to dances, to weddings, and sometimes to the winter gatherings. She loves to see her daughters appearing in public; she thinks that if they do not frequent these places of debauchery, no one will know them and they will not be able to find themselves husbands and homes. Yes, undoubtedly they would be unknown -- but only to the libertines. Yes, my dear brethren, they will not find themselves husbands from among those who would treat them like the most wretched slaves. This mother loves to see them well turned out; this mother loves to see them in the company of some young men who are wealthier than they are. After certain prayers and some good works, which certainly she will do, she thinks herself to be on the road to Heaven. 

Video of the Day- “Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated

“Conspiracy Theorists” Are Vindicated: U.S. Senate Reports Chemtrails Are Real and Are Killing Us!

You are viewed as one pathetic “Conspiracy Theorist” if you think the U.S. Government is and has been involved in spraying harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.
 Chemtrails is what you call them…a term that is often followed by eye-rolls and quiet chuckles.
 Well, now you have an OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT DOCUMENT to prove your assertions to the naysayers.
 Not that anyone will take your message any more serious…but at least you can vindicate your belief to those who are closest to you with the documented proof and admission from the Government itself.

Here’s the link to the actual document: 

Masonry & Miraculous Medals?

Check your miraculous medals! 

By: traditionalcatholicaltarboy

If you haven’t heard, the Freemasons have been making blasphemous versions of the miraculous medals by replacing the 12th star from Our Lady’s crown with a Masonic compass. This may or may not be news to the viewers, but regardless: this must be put in the public. 

Global bishops call for 'complete decarbonisation' by 2050

Global bishops call for 'complete decarbonisation' by 2050

By: AFP 

Bishops launched a global appeal Monday for a break-through at upcoming Paris climate talks, including a "complete decarbonisation" of the world's economy and more help for poor countries battling the effects of climate change.
The bishops said any agreement "should limit global temperature increases to avoid catastrophic climatic impacts, especially on the most vulnerable communities".
From across five continents they called "not only for 'drastic reduction in the emission of carbon dioxide and other toxic gasses', but also for ending the fossil fuel era".
The goal should be "complete decarbonisation by mid-century, in order to protect frontline communities suffering from the impacts of climate change, such as those in the Pacific Islands and in coastal regions".

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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By: Christus Rex

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This exposé of the 2015 October Synod takes the best clips from all major traditional Catholic media and personalities to give you a powerful, deep, comprehensive, and to the point exposition of what happened and will happen, without mincing words. It covers the Communist and Freemasonic reality behind the whole event and then covers the most notable Catholic prophecies connected with it and which foretell what is coming soon. This exposé and outline of Catholic prophecy is imbued with a deep spiritual vision of what is going on and contains encouraging and strong advice on what all Catholics should do now to hasten the moment of the long-awaited and long overdue consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

I do not believe that there is a more comprehensive collection of entertaining video clips showcasing the most notable and relevant Catholic prophecies and how they tie in with the 2015 October Synod and especially the Third Secret of Fatima. I took the best of the news clips and prophecies to provide the most notable and meaningful meat of what’s out there so that viewers can absorb it all in and see the connections between all of these facts and prophecies in one sitting, which is often not possible when viewing bits and pieces in piecemeal fashion over the course of time.

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Global Police State & Mark Of The Beast Technology

Global Police State & Mark Of The Beast Technology

Things are getting scary: Global police, precrime and the war on domestic 'extremists'

This is not an endorsement for any author...

John W. Whitehead
The Rutherford Institute 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you may be an anti-government extremist (a.k.a. domestic terrorist) in the eyes of the police.

As such, you are now viewed as a greater threat to America than ISIS or al Qaeda.

Men and Modesty

One Can Sin against Modesty
by Negligence in Dress

Fr. Royo Marin

Given the modern tendency toward dressing casually for work, get-togethers and especially for Mass, it is opportune to remind our readers that this is an offense against the virtue of modesty. In the past, no man – regardless of his social status – used to appear in a Catholic Church for Mass without a suit or jacket, a tie and hard shoes. 

Archbishop Lefebvre on the True Mass

 Archbishop Lefebvre on the True Mass 

“The poor priests are driven out for saying the Old Mass by which all our saints were sanctified: St. Joan of Arc, the holy Cure d’Ars, the little Theresa of the Child Jesus were sanctified by this Mass; and now priests are driven out brutally, cruelly, from their parishes because they say the mass which has sanctified saints for centuries. It is crazy. I would almost say it is a story of madmen. I ask myself if I am dreaming. How can this Mass have become some kind of horror for our bishops and for those who should preserve our faith? But we will keep the Mass of St. Pius V because the mass of St. Pius V is the mass of twenty centuries. It is the Mass of all time, not just the mass of St. Pius V; and it represents our faith, it is a bulwark of our faith, and we want that bulwark.” – Excerpts from the sermon of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre at Lille, August 29, 1976

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fatima: Miracle and Chastisement of the Sun

Fatima: Miracle and Chastisement of the Sun
By: Eric Gajewski
1917- The Day the Sun Danced
2017- The Day the Sun Purified (?)

In 1917 the Blessed Virgin Mary came to warn the world on multiple levels. First, to warn mankind of its' wayward path from God (namely thru the errors of Russia).  Secondly, to show how the multitude are still ending in hell (mostly due to sins of the flesh).  She also warned of the ongoing apostasy in the Church through Vatican II which soon ends in a formal schism (birth of New Age Religion). Lastly, She warned the world of the impending disasters which would be the result of Planet X’s “passing by” of the earth.  One of these chastisements will involve the sun.

(VIDEO) More "Pop Star" Novus Ordo Nuns....

These Peruvian Nuns of “Pop Praise” Are Winning Hearts With Their New Album

After their first hit, these Peruvian nuns are at it again!
Winning hearts over to what? 

Answer, the New Man Centered Religion of Vatican II

Following in the footsteps of The Priests and Sister Cristina is a new group of women religious-pop musicians singing praise from Peru. “The Servants” won the hearts of Europeans after the release of their first album, called Longing, a year ago.
The group returns this time with a release of their first video, “Confía has Dio” (“My faith in God”), which is meant to remind us that we shouldn’t be afraid or despair, even in times of great darkness.
For this music video, the ten sisters who make up the group have relied on volunteer work of actors and producers who are well known in Peru. For the filming they were even able to use the heliport of a clinic in the Peruvian capital of Lima.

Anonymous 17th Century Prophecy

Anonymous 17th Century Prophecy

Ludwig Emmerich’s book Die Zukunft der Welt (The Future of the World) contained this interesting prophecy from a 17th century German monk.

“The twentieth century will be a period of terror and misery. In that century everything evil and disagreeable that can be imagined will happen. In many countries the princes will rise up against their father, the citizens against authority, the children against their parents, the pagans against God, entire peoples against the established order.

“A civil war will break out in which almost all the world will be turned upside down. Financial disasters and ruin of property will cause many tears to fall. Men will be without mind and without piety. Poisoned clouds and rays which can burn more deeply than the equatorial sun, iron armies marching, flying vessels full of terrible bombs and of arrow, fatal flying stars and sulphuric fire destroying great cities. This century will be the most perverse of all because men will raise themselves up and destroy each other mutually.”

NOTE: The descriptions of “flying vessels full of terrible bombs” is a perfect description of the warplanes used in the past century and this one. “Iron armies marching” describes our many armored forms of military transportation while the term “fatal flying stars” are good descriptions of the rockets and artillery used in modern warfare.

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Love for good and hatred for evil in the soul of a Crusader knight

Love for good and hatred for evil in the soul of a Crusader knight

By Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira


[T]he knight mobilizes his whole soul, perspicacity, reflection so that the adversary will take no step and make no movement [without being countered]… filled with vigilance and sacral discernment to perceive the occasion and strike the blow: behold one of the most beautiful traits of a knight’s soul. 


Crusade Coming: (VIDEO) ISIS Executes Man by Running Him Over With Tank

Crusade Coming: (VIDEO) ISIS Executes Man by Running Him Over With Tank

A new video purportedly released by the Islamic State shows an alleged soldier with the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) being run over by a tank driven by an ISIS militant. The video was released on October 24, 2015, and is titled “And If You Punish [An Enemy, Oh Believers], Punish With An Equivalent Of That With Which You Were Harmed.” It is stated to have been filmed in “Wilayat Homs”, or “State of Homs”, an ISIS-occupied region of Syria.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Fatima Watch: New Russian bill orders arrest for public coming out as gay

New Russian bill orders fines, arrest for public coming out as gay 


Two Communist Party MPs have drafted a bill that bans any public demonstration of “non-traditional” sexual orientation and orders monetary fines or up to 15 days of administrative detention for violation of this rule.
State Duma lawmakers Ivan Nikitchuk and Nikolay Arefyev want to amend the Russian Administrative Code with a new article listing “public expression of non-traditional sexual relations” as a violation.

Synod Ends With "Closed Hearted" Bishops? More "Mercy"...

Synod Ends With "Closed Hearted" Bishops?
Articles Are Not Endorsements Nor reflection Of This Apostolates Position (s)

Video of the Day- "I Am An Eagle"

Video of the Day- "I Am An Eagle"
A New Catholic Military Order Is Coming
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'Spooky' Halloween Asteroid May Actually Be a Comet

'Spooky' Halloween Asteroid May Actually Be a Comet

by Mike Wall, Space.com Senior Writer 

The big asteroid that will zoom past Earth on Halloween may actually be a comet, NASA researchers say.
The roughly 1,300-foot-wide (400 meters) asteroid 2015 TB145, which some astronomers have dubbed "Spooky," will cruise within 300,000 miles (480,000 kilometers) of Earth on Halloween (Oct. 31) — just 1.3 times the average distance between our planet and the moon.
Though 2015 TB145 poses no threat on this pass, the flyby will mark the closest encounter with such a big space rock until August 2027, when the 2,600-foot-wide (800 m) 1999 AN10 comes within 1 Earth-moon distance (about 238,000 miles, or 385,000 km), NASA officials said. [Potentially Dangerous Asteroids (Images)]