"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, July 31, 2015

Great Moments in "Interreligious Dialogue": St. Fernando III

Great Moments in "Interreligious Dialogue": St. Fernando III



July 25th is the feast of Santiago Matamoros, "St. James the Moor-Slayer", the patron saint of Spain. In honor of St. James - and calling to mind a former day and time when men of God had not yet started down the desolate path of "dialogue" with Islam - we bring you this marvelous little passage from the life of St. Fernando III.

University of New Hampshire: Using the Word “American” is Offensive

University of New Hampshire: Using the Word “American” is Offensive

by Paul Joseph Watson

Using the words “American,” “obese,” “normal,” “mothering,” “fathering,” “homosexual,” “illegal alien,” and “senior citizens,” is offensive and should be discouraged, according to a “Bias-Free Language Guide” posted on the University of New Hampshire website.
The guide, first uncovered by Campus Reform, “is meant to invite inclusive excellence in [the] campus community.”
The word “American” is “problematic” according to the guide because it “assumes the U.S. is the only country inside [the continents of North and South America].”

The Economic And Financial Problems In Europe Are Only Just Beginning…

The Economic And Financial Problems In Europe Are Only Just Beginning…

By: Michael Snyder 


Right now, the financial world is focused on the breathtaking stock market crash in China, but don’t forget to keep an eye on what is happening in Europe.  Collectively, the European Union has a larger population than the United States, a larger economy than either the U.S. or China, and the banking system in Europe is the biggest on the planet by far.  So what happens in Europe really matters, and at this point the European economy is absolutely primed for a meltdown.  European debt levels have never been higher, European banks are absolutely loaded with non-performing loans and high-risk derivatives, and the unemployment rate in the eurozone is currently more than double the unemployment rate in the United States.  In all the euphoria surrounding the “deal” that temporarily kept Greece in the eurozone, I think that people have forgotten that the economic and financial fundamentals in Europe have continued to deteriorate.  Whether Greece ultimately leaves the eurozone or not, a great financial crisis is inevitably coming to Europe.  It is just a matter of time.


Archbishop Lefebvre- Letter to Eight Cardinals (1986)

Archbishop Lefebvre- Letter to Eight Cardinals 1986
The Resistance 

Econe, August 27, 1986
Your Eminence,
Confronted with the events taking place in the Church that are coming from John-Paul II, and confronted with what he proposes to do in Taize and Assisi in October, I cannot help addressing myself to you, in order to beg you in the name of numbers of priests and faithful, to save the honor of the Church being humiliated as she has never before been humiliated in all her history.

Saint Ignatius of loyola

 Saint Ignatius of loyola

“Go forth and set the world on fire.”  

Conversion (1491-1521)

At an early age he was made a cleric. We do not know when, or why he was released from clerical obligations. He was brought up in the household of Juan Velásquez de Cuellar, contador mayor to Ferdinand and Isabella, and in his suite probably attended the court from time to time, though not in the royal service. This was perhaps the time of his greatest dissipation and laxity. He was affected and extravagant about his hair and dress, consumed with the desire of winning glory, and would seem to have been sometimes involved in those darker intrigues, for which handsome young courtiers too often think themselves licensed. How far he went on the downward course is still unproved. The balance of evidence tends to show that his own subsequent humble confessions of having been a great sinner should not be treated as pious exaggerations. But we have no details, not even definite charges. In 1517 a change for the better seems to have taken place; Velásquez died and Ignatius took service in the army. The turning-point of his life came in 1521. While the French were besieging the citadel of Pampeluna, a cannon ball, passing between Ignatius' legs, tore open the left calf and broke the right shin (Whit-Tuesday, 20 May, 1521). With his fall the garrison lost heart and surrendered, but he was well treated by the French and carried on a litter to Loyola, where his leg had to be rebroken and reset, and afterwards a protruding end of the bone was sawn off, and the limb, having been shortened by clumsy setting, was stretched out by weights. All these pains were undergone voluntarily, without uttering a cry or submitting to be bound. But the pain and weakness which followed were so great that the patient began to fail and sink. On the eve of Sts. Peter and Paul, however, a turn for the better took place, and he threw off his fever.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

(VIDEO) Chastisements, Planet X bringeth the New 10 Plagues"

Chastisements, Planet X bringeth the New 10 Plagues"
I spoke about this on last weeks radio show. We are witnessing the ten plagues all over again. Many scientists suggest the Old Testament plagues were attributed to Planet X passing thru...

Swarms of Locusts Trigger State of Emergency in Southern Russia

Thousands of locusts swarming the Russian village Achikulak in Stavropol krai are destroying crops, according to local reports . The Ministry of Agriculture of Stravropol Territory reported that swarms of migratory locusts in the south of Russia began on July 20 and have since spread to cover an area of about 90,000 hectares, leading officials to declare a state of emergency in three regions.  


Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

Earth Will Only Have 12 Hours To Prepare For Massive Solar Storm

Trains will be disrupted, power will go out, satellite signals will go wonky - that’s what we have to look forward to when the sun next has a melt down, and we’re unlikely to get more than 12 hours warning. 
In a new government document, the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills has laid out its Space Weather Preparedness Strategy, outlining the risks of unsettled space weather as well as what it plans to do about them.

Latest Resistance Sermons (Last Week July 2015)

Latest Resistance Sermons (Last Week July 2015)

Here are the latest SSPX Resistance sermons for the last week of July in no particular order. If you have a new sermon that needs to get out please email it to me at apostleofmary@hotmail.com 

Johann Friede Prophecy on the 3 Days of Darkness

Johann Friede Prophecy on the 3 Days of Darkness
Another Prophecy concerning these endtimes...

According to a vision received by Johann Friede (1204-1257), an Austrian monk of the Order of St. John, several extraordinary phenomena will give warning that the present order of civilization is about to end:

Novus Ordo, "When Jesus Meets Elvis" (Pictures)

Novus Ordo, "When Jesus Meets Elvis" 
Brazilian priest imitates Elvis Presley to attract an audience

Here we witness one more example of Brazilian rock singer-priests who make a syncretism between the Catholic Mass and a rock show in order to attract a public that is increasingly adverse to the Novus Ordo Masses. 

St. Francis De Sales, THE SPIRIT OF PRAYER

Sermon of the Saints: St. Francis De Sales
Sermon given on March 29, 1615, concerning
who can pray, and the three conditions for praying well. 

 We have now to speak of the efficient cause of prayer. It is necessary for
us to know, then, who can and who ought to pray. The question would soon be
decided were we to say that all can pray and that all ought to do so. But
in order the better to satisfy the mind, we shall treat this subject at
greater length. 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Poem: “In Me Ye Shall Find Rest’

“In Me Ye Shall Find Rest’
Poem by Eric Gajewski
From the work, "Fortress of the Soul" 
"The divine heart is an ocean full of all good things, wherein poor souls can cast all their needs… an ocean of love in which to submerge our poverty.” St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

Please enjoy and share the latest poem from "Fortress of the Soul" 

(Video) Planet X Incoming...

Planet X Incoming...

Alaska was hit 25 (3.5+) earthquakes 7-27-17
 (most severe was 6.9). About 3/4 in one locale! 

Here are the latest meteorite sightings (videos) within the last week or so. Planet X is kicking in debris which eventually will get worse. The Sodomites will be buried by 70 pound firey meteorites which will fall from the sky like hail

Antichrist Watch: Architectural Plans For Third Temple Have Begun!

Antichrist Watch: Architectural Plans For Third Temple Have Begun!
Catholic Tradition teaches the Antichrist will be a Jew who rebuilds the 3rd temple. The New Jerusalem project spearheaded by Maitreya is doing so...
While most Jews mourn and pray, one organization has been busily preparing plans to rebuild.

"Christ arose from among the Hebrews, and he (Antichrist) will spring from among the Jews. Christ showed His flesh as a Temple, and raised it up on the third day; and he, too, will raise up again the Temple of stone in Jerusalem." (St. Hippolytus)

On the Fast of Av, Jews throughout the world mourn the destruction of the two Holy Temples of Jerusalem and pray for the rebuilding of the Third Temple.
But one organization has been doing a lot more than just praying.

MADNESS: Planned Parenthood & Child Extremists?

by Steve Watson | InfoWars
As expected, footage shows harvesting of fetal organs and body parts...
A time is coming when men will go mad, and when they see someone who is not mad, they will attack him, saying, "You are mad; you are not like us. ~St. Anthony the Great

St. Francis De Sales, THE GOAL OF PRAYER

St. Francis De Sales
THE GOAL OF PRAYER 22 March 1615 

 Sermon: Concerning the usefulness and necessity of prayer, the operations of the
understanding, meditation, petitions, contemplation, and the goal of

Fr. Lombardi opens up about Francis

Fr. Lombardi opens up about Francis


Fr. Lombardi implies that:  Francis is a dictator who rules without counsel, keeps those under him in a constant state of confusion (à la Vladimir Putin, see Adam Curtis video on Vladislov Surkov), and is a revolutionary bent on revolutionizing the office of the papacy and the Vatican structures.
The following quotes are excerpted from the August 2015, National Geographic article, Will the Pope Change the Vatican? Or Will the Vatican Change the Pope?  (Underlines are ours for emphasis.)

Saint Martha

St. Martha -- the Lord's worker and servant, the sister of Saints Mary Magdalen and Lazarus (all three of whom "Jesus loved" as we see in John 11:5) -- is only mentioned in three chapters of the Bible, but her character comes through clearly.

We first meet her in Luke 10:38-42, toiling in the kitchen while her sister sat at the Lord's feet:
Now it came to pass as they went, that He entered into a certain town: and a certain woman named Martha, received Him into her house. And she had a sister called Mary, who sitting also at the Lord's feet, heard His word. But Martha was busy about much serving. Who stood and said: Lord, hast Thou no care that my sister hath left me alone to serve? speak to her therefore, that she help me. And the Lord answering, said to her: Martha, Martha, thou art careful, and art troubled about many things: But one thing is necessary. Mary hath chosen the best part, which shall not be taken away from her.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

TradCatKnight Radio: "Get Out Of The Van While You Can"

  TradCatKnight Radio: "Get Out Of The Van While You Can"
                     The Resistance, talk given July 26th 2015

Happy Feast Day of St. Anne!
For questions, article, blog or news submissions please send them to apostleofmary@hotmail.com

This talk covers: Recent good news from my ministries, encounter with Pseudo-Trad/heretic priest on facebook, VII & spiritual pornography, issue of invincible ignorance, being thankful daily, worldly popularity of VII Popes, "pushing" thru the dirt of self, choosing the path of "most resistance" not least resistance, training of your heart in discipline, continued ignoring of the signs surrounding us, latest Resistance, Neo-SSPX, Conciliar Church and Birth pang news. some interesting news from Fr. Kramer, Planet X & 10 plaques of Egypt, the necessity of adversity, satanic monument in Detroit, quotes from tradition supporting resistance, the main talk covering an expose on pseudo traditionalism and much more!


Warnings from Our Lady and Lord to esteemed Catholic mystic Marie Julie Jahenny (approved)

On November 27, 1902 and May 10, 1904, Our Lord and Our Lady announced the conspiracy to invent the "New Mass": "I give you a WARNING. The disciples who are not of My Gospel are now working hard to remake according to their ideas and under the influence of the enemy of souls a MASS that contains words that are ODIOUS in My sight. When the fatal hour arrives when the faith of my priests is put to the test, it will be (these texts) that will be celebrated in this SECOND period ... The FIRST period is (the one) of my priesthood which exists since Me. The SECOND is (the one) of the persecution when the ENEMIES of the Faith and of Holy Religion (will impose their formulas) in the book of the second celebration ... These infamous spirits are those who crucified Me and are awaiting the kingdom of THE NEW MESSIAH (Maitreya?)."

Archbishop Lefebvre Rejects New Code of Canon Law

Archbishop Lefebvre Rejects New Code of Canon Law
Bishop Fellay & Neo-SSPX accept it...
Conference given in Turin, Italy March 24, 1984 

I want to speak to you of a very serious novelty: the New Code of Canon Law. I had not seen any necessity for a change. But if the law changes, the law changes, and we must make use of it, for the Church can ask nothing evil from her faithful.

However, when one reads this new code of Canon Law one discovers an entirely new conception of the Church. It is easy to be aware of, since John Paul II himself describes it in the apostolic constitution which introduces the new Code. ". . . It follows that which constitutes the fundamental novelty of Vatican Council II, in full continuity with the legislative tradition of the Church (this is to deceive), especially in that which concerns ecclesiology, constitutes also the novelty of the new Code." Hence the novelty of the conception of the Church according to the Council is equally the novelty of the conception of the new Code of Canon Law.

Woman to marry her pet DOG after husband of 16 years - her CAT - dies

Woman to marry her pet DOG after husband of 16 years - her CAT - dies

Signs of the Times... 

Marriage: Dominque Lesbirel was married to her cat and will marry her dog when time is right
Dominique Lesbirel was devastated after the death of her husband from kidney failure.They had been together for 16 years and did everything together.
Happily she has now found love again – but still believes it is too soon to marry, remaining loyal to her first love Doerack.
It is a predicament many people can relate to – except for a couple of small details.
Dominique's first husband Doerack was her CAT – and her new love is her DOG Travis.

Pope St. Innocent I

Prof. Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Biographical selection:
St. Innocent I, a native of Albano, Italy, reigned from 401 to 417. This energetic Pope is known for his zealous welfare for the entire Church. His decrees became law in Spain, Gaul and Italy. He demanded that the Eastern Bishops re-install St. John Chrysostom, Bishop of Constantinople, who had been unjustly deposed. He censured the Bishop of Jerusalem for his negligence. He ratified the condemnation of the Pelagian Bishops of Africa who denied the need of grace for salvation.

In 410, during his pontificate, Rome was ravaged by the barbarians of Alaric. He took the responsibility of rebuilding the city and showed great charity in helping the victims. 

Fr Kramer Answers, "Pius XII & "New Rites?"

Fr. Kramer (Resistance) Answers:
Pius XII & "New Rites?"
Refutation of the Novus Ordites

Father Kramer's refutation made by some in Vatican II NewChurch that concern Pius XII supporting "new rites" as to be understood as the "Novus Ordo" rite. The Novus Ordo Rite of Mass is not an organically developed "Latin Church Rite". It is the new modernists order of mass of the Conciliar or NewChurch which has new masonic/modernist doctrines as admitted by Pope John Paul II in Ecclesia Dei (points of NEW DOCTRINE). There is no Extraordinary Form/ Ordinary Form. There is the TLM Mass (Catholic Church) and then the illicit/schismatic New Order of Mass (Vatican II NewChurch).

Monday, July 27, 2015

Video- Novus Ordo & New Age, "Mother Gaia Worship?"

Novus Ordo & New Age, "Mother Gaia Worship?"

Novus Ordite heretics have been calling real catholics resisting Vatican II "heretics" and now all that we have been saying is continuing to take place! ‪#‎Resistance‬ Here is latest disaster coming from another faithless Novus Ordo parish. Fast forward ahead to the 27:30 mark. A song to Mother earth (GAIA)!!! Antipope Francis is the setup for the False Prophet Master Jesus, the new age religion, in part, will be pagan, hence the push for a "green theology".

Francis Advisor is an atheist, Gaia beleiver & Wants One World Gov't?

Video- Top Scientific Advisor to Pope is Atheist, Gaia Believer, Wants One World Government 

Pares cum paribus facillime congregantur.

All a setup for the false prophet, Master Jesus 


Here is a recent video which details some startling information. One of the top scientific advisors to AntiPope Francis, Hans Schellnhuber, is an atheist and a Gaia believer says Dr. William Briggs, a Catholic climate scientist who was interviewed this week on The Joe Miller Show. And his Gaia beliefs aren't superficial: he openly contends that the Earth is "self-aware" and "cognizant."



21/11/2010: ‘All paths lead to God, the creator of mankind.’ Jesus actually said ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one can come to the Father except through me.’
‘All paths’, by definition include the false religions and superstitions of the pagans, of Islam, Talmudism, Protestantism, Cabala, etc. -- which deny truths revealed by God that are necessary for salvation; HENCE: They do not lead to God.

16/1/2011: ‘It is vital that My children understand the way in which they can prepare their souls in order to redeem themselves in the eyes of My Father.’
We cannot redeem ourselves: Jesus Christ is the sole Redemmer of men.

Identical Twin Studies Prove Homosexuality Is Not Genetic

Identical Twin Studies Prove
Homosexuality Is Not Genetic

Mark Ellis, M.D.


Eight major studies of identical twins in Australia, the U.S., and Scandinavia during the last two decades all arrive at the same conclusion: “gays” were not born that way. 


The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust™ dogma, and the "sacred" 6 million number

The Kabalistic-Occult origins and purpose of the Holocaust dogma, and the "sacred" 6 million number


The following is a scholarly article that one might say is 'advanced studies' for someone interested in Holohoax revisionism. Neophytes and those of 'intermediate' knowledge are well aware of the major arguments and facts that debunk the 'official' account -- such as the human soap and lamp shade lies, the official Auschwitz Museum revising down the number killed at Auschwitz by 2.5 million, the fact that world almanacs show the worldwide Jewish population increased from 1935-1945, the Red Cross records documenting that only ~270,000 internees died in all of the German camps, the impossibility of the alleged 'homicidal gas chambers' and the cremation of 6 million, the many false accounts and hoaxes by supposed 'holocaust survivors', etc.

Bishop Williamson- Trust Pleads

Trust Pleads

His Lordship, Bishop Williamson

Over the Church now madness seems to reign.
The Psalmist’s trust we need, amidst our pain.

When in modern times the world began to turn its back on God, did it really think that he would not notice or that he would not care? Today’s madness is reaching a climax in which more and more souls must be realizing that for him to step in has become an absolute necessity, and that it will be a great act of mercy. However, in order not to lose heart in the meantime, let us see how even in Old Testament times the Psalmist urged God to step in, without doubting for a moment in his power to do so. The Psalms are a divinely inspired school of prayer for all time, and they apply just as much to the New Testament as to the Old. Here is Psalm 73 (74, modern numbering):—

Sunday, July 26, 2015


Fr. Voigt (Sunday Reflection)

As He approached Jerusalem, the soul of the Israelite, He wept.  How often do
we find Our Lord weeping?  Only twice in the Gospels, here in the Gospel of St. Luke we find Jesus weeping over a city and a civilization.  In the Gospel of St. John, our Lord weeps over his dear friend, Lazarus.  In both incidents the weeping indicates deep sorrow.  This sorrow is so pure and holy that we cannot fathom the love of God for a people so stubborn as the elite leaders of the Jews.  

St. Anne, Mother of Mary

Anne (Hebrew, Hannah, grace; also spelled Ann, Anne, Anna) is the traditional name of the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
All our information concerning the names and lives of Sts. Joachim and Anne, the parents of Mary, is derived from apocryphal literature, the Gospel of the Nativity of Mary, the Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew and the Protoevangelium of James. Though the earliest form of the latter, on which directly or indirectly the other two seem to be based, goes back to about A.D. 150, we can hardly accept as beyond doubt its various statements on its sole authority. In the Orient the Protoevangelium had great authority and portions of it were read on the feasts of Mary by the Greeks, Syrians, Copts, and Arabians. In the Occident, however, it was rejected by the Fathers of the Church until its contents were incorporated by Jacobus de Voragine in his "Golden Legend" in the thirteenth century. From that time on the story of St. Anne spread over the West and was amply developed, until St. Anne became one of the most popular saints also of the Latin Church.

Why Holistic Doctors Are Dying!


By: Lee Sayer

Why does it seem being a holistic doctor in 2015 is an occupational hazard? The answer, my friends, is in the following video.  IF true, this is going to be a GLOBAL GAME CHANGER in so many ways… 
Time will tell.  For now, we can only share this to see if anyone comes up with a legitimate explanation; or can prove it’s validity. 

Father Fahey: Conspiracy Vs. God & Man

Father Fahey: Conspiracy Vs. God & Man
By Marie Henrie
(for Henrymakow.com)

Modern society is the product of a Cabalist (satanic) conspiracy against God & man. No one has demonstrated this more clearly than Denis Fahey (1883-1954) in his book, "The Kingship of Christ and the Conversion of the Jewish Nation." In March, contributor Marie Henrie provided an introduction to the man and his work.

Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During ‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony In History’

Group To Unveil Satan Statue In Detroit During ‘Largest Public Satanic Ceremony In History’

CBS Detroit 

DETROIT (WWJ/AP) – A group is planning to unveil an 8-foot-tall bronze statue featuring a goat-headed Satan in Detroit during a gathering that’s being billed as the “largest public satanic ceremony in history.”
The Satanic Temple has said Saturday’s private event will be open only to people with tickets, $25 each. Invitations to “The Unveiling” summoned guests to prepare for “a night of chaos, noise, and debauchery… Come dance with the Devil and experience history in the making.” The event location is not being announced publicly and is known only to those with tickets.

Council of Ancyra Condemns Sodomy & Bestiality

Council of Ancyra Condemns
Sodomy & Bestiality


From the tradition of the ecclesiastical Magisterium, we find that from her early history, the Church took a strong stand against the sin of sodomy and advised long penances for those who committed the sin against nature.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Another Resistance Testimony

Another Resistance Testimony
Bishop Fellay and "devil's horns?"
This is published with full consent of the writer. 
Thank you very much for this testimony

Dear Mr Gajewski,

Firstly, to introduce myself, my name is Mrs Marianne Youngman, Co-ordinator of the Catholic Resistance in Melbourne, Australia; wife and mother/step-mother to eight. I was born in Trinidad, West Indies in 1971, migrated to Australia in 1974.  My ancestors were originally from France, and some of them (Nivet’s) left France at the time of the French Revolution, escaping to Martinique, and then some later settling in Trinidad, WI. In my research into our Nivet family history, I came across some information regarding my patron Saint Joan of Arc, whereby a Father Jean Nivet was the priest who baptised the future Saint. 

Marie Julie Jahenny, "The Future Glory of La Fraudais"

Marie-Julie foretold on numerous occasions that after her death, her home at La Fraudais would become a great place of pilgrimage after the chastisements and the arrival of the Great Monarch, for her cottage was destined to become the site of a great and holy sanctuary dedicated to the Holy Cross and Immaculate Mary, a triumphant acknowledgement of the work of the Cross that first commenced with her mission as a victim soul and her prophecies preparing the world for the great renewal.  Our Lord declared to her on July 29, 1875:

St. James the Greater

St. James the Greater

The son of Zebedee and Salome (Cf. Matthew 27:56; Mark 15:40; 16:1). Zahn asserts that Salome was the daughter of a priest. James is styled "the Greater" to distinguish him from the Apostle James "the Less", who was probably shorter of stature. We know nothing of St. James's early life. He was the brother of John, the beloved disciple, and probably the elder of the two.
His parents seem to have been people of means as appears from the following facts.

Chastisement Preparation, "How to Turn Your Lawn into a Food Forest"

How to Turn Your Lawn into a Food Forest

By Joshua Burman Thayer

You can't eat gold or silver! 

Organic Gardening

Get dirty, have fun and grow more food with great gardening tips from real-life gardeners.

How to Turn Your Lawn into a Food Forest 

Demanding Lawns

There she is, needy, lush and green. Each weekend demanding that you pay attention to her, lest she grow wild. For those of you in drier areas, perhaps the city has limited water and she just lies there now dry, brittle and useless. Either way our lawns control us. Saturdays that could be spent harvesting berries and fresh greens are instead consumed in the toil of pushing a machine. Unless you are an avid yogi, baseball player or picnicker, lawns are a bit passé. And yet, we as a nation spend over $26 billion per year on lawns. How might we redesign our spaces to create edible abundance?
Not only are our lawns expensive and time consuming, they also are insatiably thirsty. According to the Los Angeles Municipal Water District, the average lawn requires the equivalent of 84 inches of rain per year. For much of the nation, that exceeds what nature brings. In drier areas such as California, where I reside, that disparity is striking. Dry brown hills surround green oases of lawns in the urban areas. The average Californian uses up to 130 gallons of water per day, of which half goes to the garden outside. If you are ready to transform your lawn and your outdoor living space, read on.

US-sponsored human experimentation and mind control increasingly in mainstream media

US-sponsored human experimentation and mind control increasingly in mainstream media

Andrés Perezalonso, Ph.D

French TV channel France 3 recently aired a documentary that covered an interesting episode in the long history of CIA abuse of innocent civilians. Although the incident and its context are highly disturbing, it is a testament to the persistence of a select few researchers that their findings are reaching a wider audience.

The show focuses on the 1951 "mass intoxication" case in the French village of Pont Saint Esprit. For one week in August that year, hundreds of villagers suffered from an apparent attack of psychosis that included hallucinations. As a result, seven people died (two of them by suicide) and some sixty were interned in psychiatric hospitals. Just one month after the events, the British Medical Journal explained it away as a case of poisoned bread by ergot mold (a psychedelic mold). However, investigative journalist Hank P. Albarelli Jr has convincingly argued in recent years that this was in fact an experiment carried out jointly by the CIA and the US Army, involving the deliberate use of LSD or a similar psychotropic substance. 


Friday, July 24, 2015

Bishop Fellay vs. Saint Paul

Bishop Fellay vs. Saint Paul

It is sometimes necessary to just keep our analysis simple on the Neo-SSPX and Pseudo Traditionalist Bishop Fellay

Those Following Vatican II Follow a "New Religion"

Those Following Vatican II Follow a "New Religion"
Vatican II is the pastoral "new playbook" of the modernists which will soon end in the formal unification of all religions via an invalid excathedra from an antipope(s)

Those still following Vatican II blindly are following a new religion blindly (mainly masonry). There will be a formal schism in Rome soon as Our Lady has been warning at LaSalette and Fatima. There will be an invalid excathedra coming from an antipope(s) (Francis and the soon false prophet Master Jesus) that will erroneously unite all religions and humanity as ONE. A One World Religion to fit into the New World Order. It is a "tough pill to swallow" to realize that many of you have been misled and most of what you know is a lie..many of us have been there...

Hepidanus the Monk Foresees Wormwood or Planet X?

 Hepidanus the Monk Foresees Wormwood or Planet X?

I recently came across this prophecy of Hepidanus the Monk which certainly correlates with approved Catholic Prophecy.  Is he referring to Planet X itself or Wormwood, the asteroid/comet, that Planet x will "kick in", which will destroy a decent portion of civilization... 

The Book of Tobias and the Catholic ideal of Marriage

The Book of Tobias and the Catholic ideal of Marriage
by Raymond Taouk  
The Reason the book of Tobias is chosen to set forth the high ideal which the Church has set forth on marriage is not because the Old Testament perfectly presents to us the Christian notion of marriage but because in it we see a perfect blue print of the Christian ideal of Marriage according the mind of God. If we take the relevant principles that the book of Tobias exemplifies and incorporate it into the New Testament teaching of Marriage - we will have a firm theological basis for living the married life and attaining a high degree of sanctity by living according to the maxims of Sacred Scripture. 

Chaste Queen- Saint Kinga of Poland

(also known as Cunegunda, Kunigunda, Kunegunda, Cunegundes, Kioga, Zinga; Polish: Święta Kinga, Hungarian: Szent Kinga)
Poor Clare and patroness of Poland and Lithuania; born in 1224; died 24 July, 1292, at Sandeck, Poland.

FMR. NATO Commander Calls For Concentration Camps

Fmr. NATO Commander Wesley Clark calls for internment camps 'to deal with radicals' in the US and Europe

By: Niall Bradley & Joe Quinn

  First we practice 'FEMA camps' abroad on 'lesser peoples', then we try it out 'back home'Retired US General Wesley Clark recently appeared as a guest on Thomas Roberts' MSNBC show to discuss last week's senseless shootings at military recruitment centers in Tennessee.

Have a listen to what Clark said when asked by Thomas about what to do with 'all these radicals': 


Thursday, July 23, 2015

Poem, ‘Is My Name Alone Not Enough?”

‘Is My Name Alone Not Enough?”
By: Eric Gajewski
From the work, 'Fortress of the Soul

Please enjoy and share my latest poem from "Fortress of the Soul"....#Resistance

Planet X Warnings in Mainstream Media

Planet X Warnings in Mainstream Media
Hidden in Plain Sight 

Here are some warnings given from the mainstream media on Planet X. The Vatican and world governments know it is coming and have been preparing for the last 50 years or so these underground cities "to run to" ... 

Latest Resistance Sermons & Conference

Latest Resistance Sermons & Conference
End of July
The Resistance 

Here are the latest Sermons coming from the Resistance in no particular order. Can Tradition be excommunicated? Answer: In the Negative!