"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 30, 2013

“Perseverance in Christ”

Brothers and Sisters I write to you in the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and of His Heart with all the blessings that flow forth from it. “For as the sufferings of Christ abound in us: so also by Christ doth our comfort abound. Now whether we be in tribulation, it is for your exhortation and salvation: or whether we be comforted, it is for your consolation: or whether we be exhorted, it is for your exhortation and salvation, which worketh the enduring of the same sufferings which we also suffer.” 2 Corinithians 1:5-6 Yea, what sayest this hour of our sufferings? Art we not like Christ in so that we, who remaineth in Truth, nowst carrieth out His sufferings in our own body. And what sayest of our sufferings. Do we not suffer like Christ who giveth testimony unto Truth but thee Truth art not received. To the modernists, those blind pharisees of our time, who like in His time held public authority? Do they not holdeth thy positions of power and art we received not who beareth testimony unto thy Truth as passed down since the beginning in our Catholic Faith. Yea, this is great suffering! Therefore, to His Glory, we recieveth it with great joy for it is not ye who suffereth but Christ in thee. Is this suffering not for thy holy cause of thy own salvation and for thy sake of those ye seekest to convert unto thy Truth out of thy New Religion in the Conciliar Church? Thence carrieth not a long face but be long in thy endurance. For Selfless Love is steadfast. For thy longer thy Cross ye beareth thy more power given unto thee in thy witness. Nay more, art God not accomplishing in thou what wast accomplished in Christ of Whom we sayest not by lip but in whom we followeth by heart? Endure thence and be of good cheer for in what He hast done He must accomplish in us.

For we who live are always delivered unto death for Jesus' sake; that the life also of Jesus may be made manifest in our mortal flesh.” 2 Corinthians 4:11 Whenceforth, thy spiritual life art a constant art a constant process of dying to self and if it be not thy joy to suffereth for Christ who thence do thee suffereth for? In all things His Heart as end to includeth our suffering! For by way of His Heart He gave and by way of our faith we recieveth. By way of thy action of heart do thou answereth thy call to Selfless Love and accepteth to not be accepted. For it is by great opportunity do thee encountereth those who art blind and who haveth scales over thy eyes so as not to see. For in what they seest not thou seest. In what they wilst not carrieth thou wilst carrieth gladly. Truth, the modernists, wanteth not, thence we ought liveth by thy Truth of our faith in so that they seest their own life of lies as but a reflection in thee. Yea, whence thou runneth from thy own Cross thou runneth from thy own salvation and thy work that must be accomplished in thee. Why thence do thou runneth from the enemy who art thy opportunity to grow at thy very roots in thy own heart? For wast it not our Lady who didst not run who stood next to thy executioners of Her own Son? Reflect not on that thou wishest not to be like them but rather thou wishest for them to seest clearly and recognizeth that difference in thy own movements of thy own heart in thy every action either towardeth self or His Heart. May thee Immaculate Heart of Our Lady guide, protect and guard your heart everyday in this exile. - Amen

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Selfless Love's witness”

I look around whence all art silent but thy groans of Love so loud. In thy apex of dark uponst this mount Thy Love so clear. In Thine eyes wherest all could be no lower yet they chooseth to look downst upon me. In Thy pupils speakest to thee calm amidst this restlessness. Here therest art no words but everything audible; wherest Thy Sacred Heart speakest razor sharp unto thy hearts of men. Beneath Thy Sacrifice, beneath Thy Cross wherest I kneel but until now I knowest not why. For it is in thy utter darkness wherest His Sacred Heart art most clearly seen wherest hearts drawest unto Thine as One. Amidst this macabre scene art thy sights of sacrilege and art thy smoldering smells of sin and self uponst Thee. Yet, in thy same, cometh thy sweet Odor of sanctification, thy sweet fragrance of submission from our Lady that floweth from thy feet who to I kneelest besides. In all thy wounds uponst Thy Sacred Flesh I seest all thy gaping wounds of thy hearts of men, torn open, and bleeding seeking Thoust relief. And thy Heart who wouldst refuseth none who come into thy One fold didst healeth thy stripes of self that men so didst inflict uponst thy own self and thence uponst Thee. For Thine Heart seekest to remedy thy disordered, thy discord, thy dysfunctional heart. Yea, amidst thy dark pale colors of Selfless Love's Sacrifice I seest Thy vibrant colors of Thy Life of Your Heart. Uponst thy dirt beneath thee wherest men do dwelleth thy Living Waters from Thy Side didst drip and falleth to quencheth. Throughst thy violent winds art heard thy shrieks and howls of hell that crieth out all aroundst Thee, yet, it is only thy silent steady sound of Selfless Love from Thy Sacred Heart that I hearest. O' who am I, to sitteth beneath Thee, in this Sanctuary of Thine Tears whichst now must becometh mine, in this Day of all days to recieveth Thy Heart, Thy Body and Blood. Yea, I am consoled and called to sitteth uponst thy Lap of Our Lady for it twas Her Lap, His Throne, that He resteth wherest in Whom both seemingly looketh both dead and lifeless unto thy world but in Truth art nevermore alive at Heart in Selfless Love's witness.”

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

”Either thou art for Me or against Me”

Brothers and Sisters I write to you in the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and His Heart and all thy blessings that flow forth from it. “But He emptied himself taking to form of a servant, being made into the likeness of men, and in habit found as man.” Phillipians 2:7.  Brethren, in this dark hour of heresy and novelty that pervades the Church it is with great reflection that we can find that humbleness of our Lord who came to witness, yea, but to leadeth by serving. The man who wilst not serveth only serveth himself for Selfless Love worketh. The King, whose Heart is thy Center and Source and End of all true service shouldst be our only attainable goal in all of our actions. Do we serveth self? Or do we serveth thee King? In the same fashion as He emptied Himself and came forth from Heaven unto this world as man; so to must we empty ourself as men that we might be elevated in grace throughst the Union with His Heart. Nigh, Selfless Love is humble and he who art among you that wouldst not serveth only art led by self. For in all our actions art either self or His Heart.

Yea, we art slaves unto His Heart. We art not our own and but have been ransomed by the King therefore we must holdeth onto that whichst hast been passed down since the beginning fearing no man nor illicit judgement. And in how shalst we returneth thy culture back unto our early fathers? It shalst be in thy every little movement of thy heart that thou must discipline and order unto His. Therefore, a man who knoweth not thy Faith, unequipped for battle howst will he standeth against the New Religion of man being implemented in the Conciliar Church? Howst can one fight whence he knoweth not what the fight art? Nay, the New Crusades of Thee Immaculate Heart hast begun and who wilst surrender their own life for the sake of Selfless Love and the greater cause of thee King. Who wilst day in day out remaineth in grace, grow in Wisdom and hold steadfast to sound doctrine? When thy eye of the soul art plucked and the vision within art taken away men thence art seized upon by erroneous philosophy and doctrines of man and not seized by the Heart our Lord. Nigh, souls art asleep and it is our Lady who cometh into thy dark room at dawn to turneth on thy Light and to awaken Her children from thy slumber.

Whenceforth, thy Faith divideth us all and yet it is our Faith that bindeth us all. To His sheep art promised thy rest in the forever green field but to thy goats, who art fallen away in this spirit of thy hour, He promises endless wandering uponst thy rocky cliffs who shalst seeketh but findeth not forever. Be ye not concerned with what manner of a man's tonque lasheth out against thee nor be concerned who art in thy camp and carry onward as a Soldier in thee Royal Army of thee Holy Queen. For if thy King art thy Lord of your Heart, the Army of One, trump the armies of none who art in thy world. It is clear thy enemies of thy Church art hidden in plain sight before all who art deceived. Yea, we must clothe our self in Tradition and Truth and remaineth clothed in thy Mantle of our Lady who wilst hideth us in Her Heart awayst from all thine enemies. We must have thy eyes of Paul and not Saul for that which once was is sought to be exterminated forever and that which art now thy doctrines from thy abyss beneath. To those who preserve a Crown for fidelity; to those who fall away by “fitting in” a deep unrelenting sadness for having turned away from those who hath presented Truth. May Our Lady guide, protect and guard your heart everyday in this exile.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Destruction of America for planned foreign Communist Invasion

Many years ago when we began to show of Fema Camps and HAARP with its capability to cause such storms and earthquakes, many made fun of individuals for soing so, now many are waking up to this realization. The enemy no longer cares that you and I know there general plan they will have there new world order in their pervervet minds no matter what. The Plan for America is to section her off, eradicate coast lines perpetuate martial law and chaos. For out of chaos cometh order they say! In a 1995 card game hwerein these elites would show various parts to there program you can see how weather and natural disasters play apart including a future comet disaster ALLmuch in line with Catholic prophecy. Please visit my section on the New World Order, the Three days of darkness(under the click more blogs link)on the main page, for further information. With all of these natural disasters of course has a toll on our economy lok for higher gas prices, food shortages, and decrease in jobs. This also tis in with the middle east crisis, it is boiling to a severe situation wherein a Saviour would be needed for mankind and who is this pseudo Saviour they will put forward, the long awaited Antichrist?




 Recently, I have also demonstrated how in the entertainment industry they are putting there plans right in front of you with shows like Revolution, all off the "zombie" apocalypse agenda, the Communist invasion of America video game Homefront, the new movie coming out called, RedDawn, the remake of the 1980's original which involves a Communist invasion of America. Is it any wonder why you have had presidents leading us into the New World Order both REPS and DEMS, its because they work as puppets for the same elite! America is being integrated into the New Socialist World Order.

Still further, the world governments and the Vatican are watching the skies extensively and have already been planning underground cities for a long time, major underground cities all over the globe America is no exclusion.

Project Wormwood? Name sound familiar?



"The third angel sounded his trumpet,
and a great star, blazing like a torch,
fell from the sky on a third of the rivers
and on the springs of water
- the name of the star is Wormwood."
Revelation 8:10-11

 Some keywords to google/youtube to help mold your mind properly into this New World Order deception which you can also find throughout our site here(facebook.com/tradcatknights): Project bluebeam/Nasa, HAARP, Russia Scalar weapons, FEMA CAMPS. Without doubt as I do give my witness on behalf of our Lord and Lady, the last straw to man's revolution against Christ/Church was the Vatican 2 revolution and He will be making it very clear for a future Pontiff to remove, make null and void virtually the last half century of Concilair Church teaching, the Masons are on high and in control!

 Divine Chastisement:

St Hildegard:
"Before the Comet comes, many nations, the good excepted, will be scoured with want and famine. The great nation in the ocean that is inhabited by people of different tribes and descent by an earthquake, storm and tidal waves will be devastated.  It will be divided, and in great part submerged. That nation will also have many misfortunes at sea, and lose its colonies in the east through a Tiger and a Lion.
 The Comet by its tremendous pressure, will force much out of the ocean and flood many countries, causing much want and many plagues. [After the] great Comet, the great nation will be devastated by earthquakes, storms, and great waves of water, causing much want and plagues. The ocean will also flood many other countries, so that all coastal cities will live in fear, with many destroyed. All sea coast cities will be fearful and many of them will be destroyed by tidal waves, and most living creatures will be killed and even those who escape will die from a horrible disease.
For in none of these cities does a person live according to the laws of God. "Peace will return to Europe when the white flower again takes possession of the throne of France."

How America is planned to look, notice they are planning to flood the coastlines to section off America for easier handle during the economic collapse. The handling of Americans into Fema Camps during revolution/civil war/martial law

Only FAITH will survive the times ahead only our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart will protect Her children, all those aboard the Ark, our Lady were savd during the Flood it is no different then in our times for what is coming is WORSE than even the Flood, let us pray and ask our Lady to intercede. Let us pray for the coming soon Catholic Knight our Great Monarch to restore order and put down Communism/Islam! An Eagle will soon take to flight!

"An Eagle cries"

Behold, an Eagle set forth in thy skies blue under thy sun so bright
To guideth those belowst unto ahead what lies by echo of word in might
Whose voice leadeth unto thy true new dawn out of thy darkest night
That bandeth together hearts in thy Royal Army of thy Queen, O' Soldiers of Christ
Woe, unto thy enemy thy time now cries by thy handmaids and knights
For thy day hast arrived of those who would seekest thy Bride's demise
Gather around thence our Lady to unite, One Banner under we fight
With majestic wings spread he flies to carrieth thy Woman by flight
The elect nowst He tries, to purify by thy Son's Light
Yea, we handeth our garments unto Thee O' Mary so pure and white
That throughst thy Immaculate Heart we arise
On one wing of faith thee other of hope; with Charity ablaze in the Eagles eyes
Alas! thy trumpet blasts and Heaven's thunder peeleth back thy earth asunder
And man runneth to thy caves in sheer fright
Behold! Above thy battlefield he guideth and harken by command to all those in sight

Apocalypse (Revelation) 4:7
And the first living creature was like a lion: and the second living creature like a calf: and the third living creature, having the face, as it were, of a man: and the fourth living creature was like an eagle flying.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13
And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven, saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth: by reason of the rest of the voices of the three angels, who are yet to sound the trumpet.

Apocalypse (Revelation) 12:14
And there were given to the woman two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the desert unto her place, where she is nourished for a time and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent

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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Matthew 24 Birth Pangs


As we progress in this darkness never lose sight that we are still the Light and no dark can over take the Light unwillingly. Let us recognize the signs He gives us as we proceed ever more closer to re-birth of the Catholic Church in the world as the Woman who brought forth the Son first in the world shall again mystically speaking bring forth the true Faith back into the world and the soon formalized Apostate Church of Darkness to be snuffed out by the Immaculate presence of Her Heart in the world that we shall carry. I want to wish all a very Blessed Christmas but keep focus over your heart in every movement it makes and feed your soul Catholic Truth. Do not be led out of the interior life by way of false imaginings via this world which is at odds with Christ and this Truth.

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 An Eagle

                                                          November 2013 Birth Pangs

“Winter Love Ballad”
Uponst us is the kiss of the harsh winter, we know
Sayest the laboring clouds that give birth
To the innocent and soft falling snow
To Thy Hand unseen that touch my soul
For in Thy Wind my hair doeth it flow
On this lone cold night's walk
With Thee, kept warm alow
By Thy Fire within that slowly grow
To Thy Face I see in the fawn being fed by her doe
To Thy Voice that directs me within and to make it known
Of which words to write and in which way to go
Alas! To this cruel blistery winter of which we must sow
In this Advent of prayer to prepare for Thy Birth
O' Christ, The King, Lo and behold!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Francis and the “new” Civilization of “love”

Over the past month or so I took the liberty to dispel the pseudo-trads notion that somehow the Church was returning unto Tradition by reading all of what Pope Francis has spoken or written since the dawn of his pontificate. Needless to say outside of his very unorthodox behavior hidden under the guise of a false humility I emailed my findings to various traditionalist prelates who agreed with my assessment. Brethren, we are dealing with another glorified Pope John Paul II who is in need of much prayer for his conversion. The continued Masonic ecumenism is intensifying as the world gets worse! And therein lies the problem. As St Anthony stated the Church would follow suit with the world and thence at Vatican II the Church adopted modern man’s error’s primarily starting first in philosophy which has thence brought about an upheaval in the theology. As the mind goeth so doeth the heart. 

It is quite alarming to me how anyone can possibly think that we are headed back in the “right” direction. In fact, I would argue not only do we continue progressing Pope Francis is moving the progressivist Conciliar Church in a rapid fashion to the point of no return, that is, the soon arrival of the Apostate Church of darkness wherein the Dogma of Faith is all but lost. Case in point is yet more reiteration from the Vatican II, cult of man, from Pope Francis for this esteemed respect for Islam? Where is that in Tradition? Hidden away of course… but still seen under the ever so “clear eyes” of the unhinged minds of the modernists in a hermeneutics of continuity. This new hippie Woodstock world in which the insane dreamers such as Pope Francis and his conciliar predecessors have been building does not reflect the Catholic Church in the least bit and yet why do men follow when they can clearly see how the Church has condemned infallibly such matters? The question is more of a demand now than ever, that is, now is the time to be evermore vocal unto those lemmings that are dropping off the Vatican II cliff in rapid pace. 

The man who cannot think deserves the type of leadership the Church has had since Council, a brain-dead, distracted, would be flock more interested in the nightly entertainment  shows and sports programming then rather read what the Council of Trent states. I was actually accused once by a Novus Ordite for studying too much! After all they can pop on line real quick and get the latest brilliance from the pseudo trad/modernist apologists who could sell you a hamburger under the guise of being a pork chop. A lack of critical thinking skills on top of the already decaying morals is a recipe for blind lemmings to follow a Pope who esteems the diabolical religion of Islam. I shall leave you all with an article(VaticanInsider) attached with what our current heretical Pontiff teaches and what the Catholic Church truly teaches. Time now more than ever to offer up our own selves in union with His Sacred Heart  as victims! How many souls being led off the cliff by the blind themselves. We are spiraling out of control towards the soon pseudo new world peace treaty in the Middle East that will have an antipope make an invalid/illicit excathedra uniting all religions as equal

Pope Francis and the "hidden hand" (Masonic/Marxist) 

“According to Al-Azhar, in his message the Pope stressed the Vatican’s respect for Islam and said he hoped every effort would be made towards achieving “mutual understanding between the world’s Christians and Muslims in order to build peace and justice.” Al Tayyeb apparently replied that the message Al-Azhar wished to get out is one of “respect for people of every religion and the safeguarding of human dignity and the highest values described in the Quran and the Sunnah.” He also said that Muslims are willing “to collaborate to help justice and progress grow among the people of the Earth.”

The Catholic Church condemns Francis and his teachings:
Whence it sometimes happens through error that Christians mingle with the women of Jews and Mohammedans and, on the other hand, Jews and Mohammedans mingle with those of Christians. Therefore, in order that such ruinous commingling of this kind through error may not serve as a refuge for further excuse for excess, We decree that such people of both sexes, that is, Jews and Mohammedans, be distinguished in public by a difference in dress in every province of Christendom and at all times, since this was also enjoined on such people by Moses. IV Lateran Council

We decree that those who give credence to the teachings of the heretics, as well as those who receive, defend or patronize them, are excommunicated. [...] If anyone refuses to avoid such accomplices after they have been ostracized by the Church, let them also be excommunicated. IV Lateran Council

Pope Pius X: "Here it is well to note at once that, given this doctrine of experience united with that of symbolism, every religion, even that of paganism, must be held to be true. What is to prevent such experiences from being found in any religion? In fact, that they are so is maintained by not a few. On what grounds can Modernists deny the truth of an experience affirmed by a follower of Islam?

St. Peter Canisius puts it this way: "Who is to be called a Christian? He who confesses the doctrine of Christ and His Church. Hence, he is truly a Christian thoroughly condemns and detests, the Jewish, Mohammedan, and the heretical cults and sects."

Blessed Nicholas Talvilich (died 1391): "You Mohammedans are in a state of everlasting damnation.  Your Koran is not God's law nor is it revealed by Him.  Far from being a good thing, your law is utterly evil.  It is founded neither in the Old Testament nor in the New.  In it are lies, foolish things, buffooneries, contradictions, and much that leads not to virtue and goodness but to evil and to all manner of vice."

Saint Peter Mavimenus (died A.D. 743): "Whoever does not embrace the Catholic Christian religion will be damned, as was your false prophet Mohammed." (Roman Martyrology, February 21st) [Upon this profession of the faith, the infidel murdered him.]

Saint Prosper of Aquitaine, A.D. 463: “From every nation and every condition thousands of aged people, thousands of youths, thousands of children daily receive the grace of adoption. [...]  For all who at any time will be called and will enter into the kingdom of God, have been marked out in the adoption which preceded all times.  And just as none of the infidels is counted among the elect, so none of the god-fearing is excluded from the blessed.” (The Call of All Nations)

Pope Eugene IVCouncil of Basel, 1434: “… there is hope that very many from the abominable sect of Mahomet will be converted to the Catholic faith.”

Pope Callixtus III: “I vow to… exalt the true Faith, and to extirpate the diabolical sect of the reprobate and faithless Mahomet [Islam] in the East.”

Pope Pius II - "Turn the anger of the Almighty against the godless Turks and Barbarians who despise Christ the Lord.....In the royal city of the east, they have slain the successor of Constantine and his people, desecrated the temples of the Lord, defiled the noble church of Justinian with their Mohometan abominations. Each success, will only be a stepping stone until he has mastered all the Western Monarchs, overthrow the Christian Faith, and imposed the law of his false prophet on the whole world"

Pope Leo X - "... the Turks and other infidels ... They treat the way of true light and salvation with complete contempt and totally unyielding blindness ..." 

Pope Benedict XIV: For all this cannot take place without a pretense of the errors of Mohammed, even if the faith of Christ is adhered to in the heart, and this is at variance with Christian sincerityIt involves a lie in a most serious matter and includes a virtual denial of the Faithmost insulting to God and scandalous to their neighborsIt even gives the Turks themselves a suitable opportunity to rate all Christ's faithful as hypocrites and deceivers, and accordingly to persecute them justly and deservedly.

St. Thomas Aquinas on Islam:
“He (Mohammed) seduced the people by promises of carnal pleasure to which the concupiscence of the flesh urges us. His teaching also contained precepts that were in conformity with his promises, and he gave free rein to carnal pleasure. In all this, as is not unexpected; he was obeyed by carnal men. As for proofs of the truth of his doctrine, he brought forward only such as could be grasped by the natural ability of anyone with a very modest wisdom. Indeed, the truths that he taught he mingled with many fables and with doctrines of the greatest falsity.

St. John of Damascus’s (Doctor of the Church) Critique of Islam:
There is also the superstition of the Ishmaelite’s which to this day prevails and keeps people in error, being a forerunner of the Antichrist.

            The Sacred Congregation for the Propagation of the Faith, under Pope Saint Pius X, in 1907, in answer to a question as to whether Confucius could have been saved, wrote: "It is not allowed to affirm that Confucius was saved.  Christians, when interrogated, must answer that those who die as infidels are damned."
"In the worship of any religion whatever, men can find the way to eternal salvation, and can attain eternal salvation."  "We must have at least good hope concerning the eternal salvation of all those who in no wise are in the true Church of Christ."  (Syllabus of Errors)

Pope Gregory XVI, A.D. 1831-1846 (D.1613): "Now we examine another prolific cause of evils by which, we lament, the Church is at present afflicted, namely indifferentism, or that base opinion which has become prevalent everywhere through the deceit of wicked men, that eternal salvation of the soul can be acquired by any profession of faith whatsoever, if morals are conformed to the standard of the just and the honest.

Pope Pius VIII, A.D. 1829-1830: "Among these heresies belongs that foul contrivance of the sophists of this age who do not admit any difference among the different professions of faith and who think that the portal of eternal salvation opens for all from any religion.

Pope Leo XII, A.D. 1823-1829: "It is impossible for the most true God, who is Truth Itself, the best, the wisest Provider, and rewarder of good men, to approve all sects who profess false teachings which are often inconsistent with one another and contradictory, and to confer eternal rewards on their members.

Saint Robert Bellarmine S.J., Doctor, (died A.D. 1621): "I believe that for the good Christians there is eternal life full of every happiness and free from every sort of evil; as, on the contrary, for the infidels and bad Christians, there is eternal death full of every misery and deprived of every good." (Compendium)

Pope Saint Pius V (A.D. 1566-1572): "Infidels are outside the Church because they never belonged to, and never knew the Church, and were never made partakers of any of her Sacraments.

Pope St Pius X condemning Pope Francis’s  “new civilization of love”:
"But stranger still, alarming and saddening at the same time, are the audacity and frivolity of men who call themselves Catholics and dream of re-shaping society under such conditions, and of establishing on earth, over and beyond the pale of the Catholic Church, "the reign of love and justice" with workers coming from everywhere, of all religions and of no religion, with or without beliefs, so long as they forego what might divide them - their religious and philosophical convictions, and so long as they share what unites them - a "generous idealism and moral forces drawn from whence they can"…. I say, of all this, it is frightening to behold new apostles eagerly attempting to do better by a common interchange of vague idealism and civic virtues. What are they going to produce? What is to come of this collaboration? A mere verbal and chimerical construction in which we shall see, glowing in a jumble, and in seductive confusion, the words Liberty, Justice, Fraternity, Love, Equality, and human exultation, all resting upon an ill-understood human dignity. It will be a tumultuous agitation, sterile for the end proposed, but which will benefit the less Utopian exploiters of the people. Yes, we can truly say that the Sillon, its eyes fixed on a chimera, brings Socialism in its train.
We fear that worse is to come: the end result of this developing promiscuousness, the beneficiary of this cosmopolitan social action, can only be a Democracy which will be neither Catholic, nor Protestant, nor Jewish. It will be a religion (for Sillonism, so the leaders have said, is a religion) more universal than the Catholic Church, uniting all men become brothers and comrades at last in the "Kingdom of God". - "We do not work for the Church, we work for mankind." (humanism/Freemasonry)

Alas! this organization which formerly afforded such promising expectations, this limpid and impetuous stream, has been harnessed in its course by the modern enemies of the Church, and is now no more than a miserable affluent of the great movement of apostasy being organized in every country for the establishment of a One-World Church which shall have neither dogmas, nor hierarchy, neither discipline for the mind, nor curb for the passions, and which, under the pretext of freedom and human dignity, would bring back to the world (if such a Church could overcome) the reign of legalized cunning and force, and the oppression of the weak, and of all those who toil and suffer. These are teachings that it would be wrong to apply only to one's personal life in order to win eternal salvation; these are eminently social teachings, and they show in Our Lord Jesus Christ something quite different from an inconsistent and impotent humanitarianism.
Indeed, the true friends of the people are neither revolutionaries, nor innovators: they are traditionalists.”

Shall I continue on?………pray much a great storm cometh!
Crusade on! 

Pope Francis stated recently that "authentic" Islam is not a violent religion? Really?

Friday, December 6, 2013

Warning! "Occupy the Vatican" Movement!

Brethren, I have been warning you concerning the buildup of the “Occupy Vatican” movement which eventually will lead to a Bishop dressed in white/Pope Emeritus to flee Rome. Catholic prophecy is all coming together rather quickly. The prophets/Fatima speak to a Pope/Bishop dressed in white to flee Rome in conjunction with a hostile mob invading Rome/Vatican. Here is your answer and we are dangerously close to this ‘Occupy the Vatican” movement coming to fruition. The flock and prelates thence to be scattered and swift justice to cometh Rome for her sins!. Pray much! They are having some meetings this week in Rome.  They have “citizen’s arrests warrants for Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis. Time will tell who the true antipope will be. Please keep your eye on Italy and this revolution which shall accompany  sooner or later a total economic collapse first in Europe then here in America. Bookmark itccs.org and stay up to date or follow us on facebook.com/defeatmodernism.

From the pseudo organization ITCCS behind the jew propaganda for the Occupy Vatican movement. Pray for the revival of Holy Catholic Christendom! Harken an Eagle speaks!

Look for more propaganda in the jew run media especially here in the west. More hatred toward Catholics as Communism is about to militarily make a full sweep of Europe and the world. Pray the Rosary daily for the true consecration of Russia!! 
Recent articles from the itccs.org(the propaganda machine behind the Occupy the Vatican movement):


(Soon to occur) Prophecies concerning the fleeing pope, (antipope arrives after, the one who makes the invalid excathedra)St. Pius X (20th century "I saw one of my successors taking to flight over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in disguise somewhere; and after a short retirement he will die a cruel death. The present wickedness of the world is only the beginning of the sorrows which must take place before the end of the world."

John of the Cleft Rock (14th century)
"Towards the end of the world, tyrants and hostile mobs will rob the Church and the clergy of all their possessions and will afflict and martyr them. Those who heap the most abuse upon them will be held in high esteem. The clergy cannot escape these persecutions, but, because of them, all the servants of the Church will be forced to lead an apostolic life. At that time, the Pope with his cardinals will have to flee Rome in tragic circumstances to a place where they will be unknown. The Pope will die a cruel death in his exile. The sufferings of the Church will be much greater than at any previous time in her history…".

Our Lady of Fatima
"After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendor that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God."
Blessed Anne Emerich (bilocation/vision experience)" As we finally reached the Pope...He was very ill and he could no longer walk. The ecclesiastics in his inner circle looked insincere and lacking in zeal; I did not like them. I told the Pope of the bishops who are to be appointed; I told them they must not flee Rome (Rome being seized at this point). If he did it would be chaos. He thought evil was inevitable and that he should leave in order to save many things beside himself. He was inclined to leave Rome and insistently urged to do so. The Pope is still attached to the things of the earth in many ways."

Hellen Wallraff (19th century)
“Someday a Pope will flee from Rome in the company of only four Cardinals…"

Premol (5th century)
"Everywhere there is war! Peoples and nations are pitted against each other…but mercy, mercy for Rome! But Thou hearest not my entreaties, and Rome also collapses in tumult. And I see the King of Rome with his Cross and his Tiara, shaking the dust off his shoes, and hastening in his flight to other shores. Thy Church, O Lord, is torn apart by her own children. One camp is faithful to the fleeing Pontiff; the other is object to the new government of Rome which has broken the Tiara. But Almighty God will, in His mercy, put an end to this confusion and a new age will begin. Then, said the Spirit, this is the beginning of the End of Time.

Pope Emeritus resides(for the most part) in a castle/palace as Blessed Anne Emmerick stated! 

Blessed Anne Emmerick:
 "I saw a strange Church being built against every rule no angels were accompanying it. In that Church nothing came from above there was only division and chaos. It is probably a church of human creation, following the latest fashion as well as the new heterodox Church of Rome which seems of the same kind.

 "I saw the Holy Father in great anguish. He lives in a palace other than before and he admits only a few number of friends near him. I fear the Holy Father will suffer many more trials before he dies. I see that the false church of darkness (within) is making progress and I see the dreadful influence it has on people. The Holy Father and Church are in such distress men must implore God all day and night in prayer. Last night, I was taken to Rome where the Holy Father was immersed in sorrow and is still hiding to elude dangerous demands. He is very weak and exhausted by sorrows, cares and prayers. He can now only trust very few people. This is mainly why he is hiding. He has a good aged friend who reports to him and it was my duty to inform of the traitors and evil doers who were to be found in the high ranking servants living close to him. They must pray above all else or the Church of Darkness to leave Rome."

I also saw the Jews standing under the porch of the Church. All of these things caused me much distress. The Church is in great danger. We must pray for the Pope not to leave Rome; countless evils would arise if he did. I now see that in this place (Roman Catholic Church) is being so cleverly undermined that there remained only a hundred or so priests who have not been deceived. They all work for destruction even the clergy. A great devastation is now near at hand. When I saw the Church Peter in ruins and the manner in which so many of the clergy were themselves busy at this work of destruction, none of them wishing to do it openly in front of others- I was in such distress that I cried out loud to Jesus with all might my might imploring His mercy.
 "As I was going through Rome with St Francoise and the other saint, we saw a great palace engulfed in flames from top to bottom. We went through a number of magnificent rooms and we finally reached the Pope. He was sitting in the dark and slept in a large arm chair. He was very ill and weak; he could no longer walk. The ecclesiastics in his inner circle looked insincere and lacking in zeal; I did not like them.

  I told him also that he must not leave Rome. If he did so it would be chaos. He thought that evil was inevitable and that he should leave in order to save many things beside himself. He was very much inclined to leave Rome and he was insistently urged to do so. For the Pope is still attached to the things of this earth in many ways. The Church is completely isolated as if completely deserted and it seems as if everyone is running away. Everywhere I see great misery, hatred, treason, rancor, confusion and utter blindness. O city! (Rome), O city! (Rome) What is threatening thee, the storm is coming do be watchful!

  I saw the Holy FATHER and there was nothing left to be desired in his appearance but he was weakened by old age and much suffering. His head was lolling form side to side and it dropped into his chest as if he were falling asleep. He often fainted and seemed to be dying. I then saw everything that pertained to Protestantism was gaining the upper hand and the Catholic religion fell into complete decadence.

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Ave Maria