"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, July 31, 2014

TradCatKnight July Letter: “Hiding in the Heart of the Ark”

TradCatKnight July Letter

“Hiding in the Heart of the Ark”

Psalms 131:8
Arise, O Lord, into thy resting place: thou and the ark, which thou hast sanctified.

Brothers and Sisters I write to you in the Selfless Love and peace of the Union and Marriage of Jesus Christ and of His Sacred Heart and all the blessings that flow forth from it. Nay, beloved brethren, let us reflect this day upon all good things God is and all those bountiful blessings and graces we overlook on a daily basis. Let us call to mind that in this hour of crisis and trouble we still have our Lady and Her Immaculate Heart. We still have her rosary; we still have her scapular and we still have her in our hearts of which the enemy cannot take away from us. For the enemies of God and His Holy Church may take away our money, our lands, our families, our Churches and sacraments but how can they strip us of the Ark, our Blessed Virgin Mary? How can they do battle and win against the One Woman Army whose heel has already announced the victory over the serpent? "Men do not fear a powerful hostile army as the powers of hell fear the name and protection of Mary." St. Bonaventure  Yea, indeed, her Immaculate Heart is our Fortress; it is our resting place by which we shall traverse this great storm. 

Verily, who do you call upon in the hour of spiritual battle? Who do you run to looking for the grace to escape temptation? Still further, who will ye run to when the enemies of God seek to wipe us out forevermore? Is it not Our Lady who leads us into battle! Is is not Our Lady who at Fatima said “My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end!” The victory is ours whether will live or die and so reflect today that you too have a share in this victory/work; in this Holy new Crusade. Reflect today, and let the fire within bellow up and prompt faith into action. Therefore, when I say hide I do not mean we are to fear but rather it means “we enter therein”. We enter into the life of Christ by first entering into the Immaculate Heart of the Queen of heaven. Even as it wast not us who chose Him but rather He who chose us, so too, is it now, in this last hour, that She hast chosen us! "The Immaculate alone has from God the promise of victory over Satan. She seeks souls that will consecrate themselves entirely to her, that will become in her hands forceful instruments for the defeat of Satan and the spread of God's kingdom." St. Maximilian Kolbe  Reflect O’ Soldier and Daughter of heaven for we do not fight for a mere earthly Army but rather the Divine Army of the King and Queen. 

Moreover, didst not Noah prepare/buildup the Ark in preparation for the great storm? Did he not say this Ark would work in accordance with the Divine Plan? Then, so too, does our Lady share in the redemptive plan of man not as equal but as a subjective “sharer” in the Sacred Heart of Christ, our Source and End. 'Mary having co-operated in our redemption with so much glory to God and so much love for us, Our Lord ordained that no one shall obtain salvation except through her intercession.' St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori  Thus, we must, continue to warn wilst at the same time spreading the devotion to the Immaculate Heart. It is not my wish it is but rather heavens command. Only eight were saved by faith, these few, who were chosen to restart the world over again and so too shall there be “few” to restart the Church after the Day of Wrath hast passed. By faith Noe, having received an answer concerning those things which as yet were not seen, moved with fear, framed the ark for the saving of his house, by the which he condemned the world; and was instituted heir of the justice which is by faith.” Hebrews 11:7 

Yea, we demonstrate our  faith in Christ, by having faith in His Mother and her promise of victory! For she is without blemish and chosen before all times to work in perfect accordance with  God’s Redemptive Plan of man.
Nay, if men cannot see with the carnal eye the devastation coming to the world, howst can the same soul see “inwardly” the devastation coming to his own soul in rejection of the Mother of God, the Ark? How can the heretic see clearly? It is because he cannot. For a storm which has heavy winds and rains blinds a man but the man of faith knows that this Ark hast been made for his own salvation. He knows that it is not him alone that carries him thru the storm but rather Our Blessed Queen who picks us up out of harms way. For as it was in “those days” so too is it now in ‘our days”, that is, that only a few, shall escape the great chastisements. For as in the days before the flood, they were eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage, even till that day in which Noe entered into the ark.” Matthew 24:38

Additionally, it is our Lady who “housed” God Himself. Therefore, we can say, very boldly that She houses the “breath of life”.  Went in to Noe into the ark, two and two of all flesh, wherein was the breath of life. Genesis 7:15  Yea, we breathe the Divine Air in grace thru our Blessed Queen. Therefore, live in her, call upon her and do not fail to neglect as a Soldier your commitment to this interior way and prayer by which ye shall draw closer and closer the Sacred Heart of Christ by entering the Blessed Vessel of the Queen. Our Lady laughs at the threats of her enemies who are the Church’s enemies and it is the very trials and tribulations that shall only exalt her name even higher in these last days. For as tribulation increases the greater the opportunities shall arise that shall provide you the ability to “hide within her”. “…and the waters increased, and lifted up the ark on high from the earth.” Genesis 7:17 Hence, we can say that I am sanctified by Christ because I hold dearly to the Heart of his Mother. I seek to be amongst the few who shall enter in. May thee Immaculate Heart of Our Lady guide, protect and guard your heart everyday in this exile, Ave Maria – Amen.

"In dangers, in doubts, in difficulties, think of Mary, call upon Mary. Let not her name depart from your lips, never suffer it to leave your heart. And that you may obtain the assistance of her prayer, neglect not to walk in her footsteps. With her for guide, you shall never go astray; while invoking her, you shall never lose heart; so long as she is in your mind, you are safe from deception; while she holds your hand, you cannot fall; under her protection you have nothing to fear; if she walks before you, you shall not grow weary; if she shows you favor, you shall reach the goal."
~Saint Bernard of Clairvaux, Father and Doctor of the Church


“Hiding in the heart of thee Ark”

Hiding in thy Heart,  O’ Ark

Like David dancing within

My heart hast no other need

And shall traverse upon all storms of this life

For Selfless Love cannot be swallowed by the raging sea

As men will still search for the cheap surface thrill

I, in you, will only seek to do His Will

In so that, in the end, as an eagle, I mayst flieth free

In thee, is every grace, Saint Joseph’s earthly wife

Yet, even more, as “spiritual fortress”

Ye contained our Seed; our “Breath of Life”

And all the armies of the world together could not conquer

For by mere sight even the demons tremble and flee

A “chosen Ship”; A Vessel untainted from thy very start

Yea, it is thee, O’ Mary the only Vessel of the Sea

That I can see who makes it to the eternal shores

Our Blessed Queen whose Immaculate Heart
I hide in this Great Tree and feast uponst the fruit of Her leaves

I hide in as “prayer closet” to pray the rosary

It is thee, I seek, to arise with, in the coming great storm

Wherein I alone find He; wherein His Sacred Heart remain

Therefore, my heart longs to be and hopes to never to part

Yea, O’ devil, O’ enemies, thou cannot find me because I am…..

Hiding in the Heart of thee Ark

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The Woman Clothed with  the Son

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Neo-SSPX & Identity Theft?

Neo-SSPX & Identity Theft?
 I translated the article mentioned using google translate.


Managers of the Priestly Society of St. Pius X are accused of identity theft. They tried to fool the fundamentalist dissident priests.
The faithful of the Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X (SSPX), which is part of the seminar Ecône-Valais winemaker Dominique Giroud, made headlines this summer for trying to hack into the computers of journalists who investigated him.
Today it appears that the highest levels of the traditionalist Fraternity resorted to similar methods in another matter entirely. As Le Tems learned, those responsible for the SSPX has usurped the identity of one of his priests on the Internet, and hacked the email account of one of his brothers, in the context of open ecclesiastical proceedings against him in 2013 for "acts sedition "by decree of the superior General of the SSPX, Bernard Fellay, a native of Valais. The record will already be in the hands of the French courts, having filed the complaint two priests, both French.
This affair has been the subject of an order book published in 2014 by Father François Pivert defender tried one of the priests. A work that meets the trial transcript father tried to P. (Father Pinaud blog-note), and the advertising did not exceed the circle of initiates.
The dispute stems from the crisis in the SSPX for several years. Founded in 1970 by Bishop Marcel Lefebvre, it is no longer recognized by Rome since 1976, when the founder is suspended for his opposition to the reforms of Vatican II council. In 1988, Marcel Lefebvre and the four bishops he consecrated warning against the Holy See, among whom is Bernard Fellay and Williamson-denier Richard were excommunicated.

The rupture between Rome and the SSPX was complete until 2009, when the excommunication of the bishops rose. A period of discussion for a reconciliation with Rome, during which Bernard Fellay puts some water in their wine fundamentalist church. In substance, he believes that the Vatican might be acceptable, if the reforms were considered in the light of Tradition. The approach failed, but it was too much for the ultras: they question the authority of the superior general, who accuse the Brotherhood will put at risk by agreeing with the "modernists" of the Holy See.
Under the cover of anonymity, some members of the SSPX priests then multiplied the calls for the resignation of Bernard Fellay through anonymous letters or through sites of "resistant" internet. The February 28, 2013, the "Cartaabierta of the 37 priests of the SSPX Bishop Fellay" has spread in these channels. Anonymous Bernard Fellay signatories accused of "harming the common good of our society", accusing him of saying "everything and its opposite." For them, "evangelical righteousness is lost."
This letter opened the way to the ecclesiastical process. On March 7, 2013, through a circular, Father T. (Thouvenot, blog post), secretary general of the SSPX, he informed his flock that "subversion company has just been brought to light in the within the Fraternity. "The T. Father wrote that "in close collaboration with Bishop Williamson, Father R. (Olivier Rioult) is the brain of this company of insubordination, in concert with Father P. (Nicolas Pinaud) and Father S. (Matthieu Salenave) ". Father T. announced that three priests had been "relieved of all ministry" and that they "must go to different priories. An ecclesiastical process will be instituted against him. "
On March 7, a "criminal act" signed by Bernard Fellay ordered Father P. (Pinaud) from "address in 72 hours (...) at the Priory Jaidhof (Austria) and remain there until the completion of the ecclesiastical penal ". Father R. (Rioult) is summoned to go to the priory of Wil, Switzerland, and the Father S. (Salenave) must leave for Albano (Italy). The March 18, 2013, Bernard Fellay erected a church court. Superior district of Switzerland, Father W. (Henry Wuilloud) is appointed judge and Father Q. (Vincent Quilton), professor of moral Ecône, is appointed advisor.

Father R. (Rioult) ever be tried, preferring to leave the fraternity. The S. (Salenave) and P. (Pinaud) Parents will be judged guilty of seditious acts, relieved of his ministry and assigned residence constrained to 4 months in the Priory for Father S. Albano (Salenave) (had already served two then) and 8 months for the father Jaidhof P. (Pinaud) (a shame as purged in awaiting sentencing).
Acts of piracy and identity theft by the animators of these canonical processes appear in the indictment of Father P. (Pinaud). He was drafted by Father Q. (Quilton), the first part of the record of prosecution called "narrative of events", nothing is saved: Father W (Wailliez) (upper district of Belgium) created a fictitious address on behalf of Pinaud father to use it, 3 to 5 times to catch the brothers and lay people involved in the rebellion. Father R. (Rioult) was the first goal ... and the first to take the bait and the first to be discovered. Williamson also caught. "To catch the dissidents, the authors of the trap did not hesitate to sign some of the messages sent on behalf of Father P. (Pinaud).
Below, Father Q. (Quilton) explains how the Father W. (Wailliez) was introduced in the mail from Father R. (Rioult) without him knowing: And going to the Yahoo page, Father W. (Wailliez) followed the procedure in case of forgotten password. There two security questions were formulated: 1 Dad Father's name R. (Rioult) of, which scored with a simple search in the white pages. 2nd name of your favorite teacher. After some hesitation, and with the help of Father T. (Thouvenot) (Secretary General), the word Faurisson allowed easy access to the mailbox, this was a bit like finding a chest keys, poorly disguised. "

According to our information, the Father R. (Rioult) and Father P. (Pinaud) have flocked to French justice. The first for assault on privacy and the second by identity theft. According to The Sapinière site, the IP addresses of the "hackers" were located in Belgium, in the canton of Zug.
Entered in dissent, Father R. (Rioult) and Father P. (Pinaud) could not be reached for Le Temps, neither will your Father Pivert. Impossible to know what has happened to their criminal complaints. Contacted, the SSPX recalls that cases against ecclesiastical justice depend. "We do not erect us above the civil law, which seek to respect," wrote Father T. (Thouvenot) answering our questions. He states that "as the Father P. (Pinaud), the elements used in the proceedings against him, not derived from a process [...] which would have usurped his identity."
Reading the minutes of the process, it seems in fact that the information obtained through false e-mail address was not exploited by the prosecution. However, the exploitation of the contents of the email address of Father R. (Rioult) - "all documents received and sent" - is "left to the General House" [the headquarters of the SSPX in Menzingen (ZG)]
For Geneva lawyer, Capt. Nicolas specialist crime of new technologies, the French justice would matter. Although piracy appear to have been committed in Belgium and Switzerland, the French criminal law applies if "the victim of a crime punishable by imprisonment is of French nationality," he said.
In this case, the criminal code punishes identity theft with a maximum penalty of one year in prison, realizing when the acts were committed on the Internet. "This refers, in my opinion, to written emails to third parties for the" fake "father P. (Pinaud) and the attempts to get the password of the Father R. (Rioult), said the lawyer.


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Vatican II: Reform or Revolution?

Vatican II: Reform or Revolution?
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2 Thessalonians 2:3
Let no man deceive you by any means, for unless there come a revolt first...

The points below are just a few (3) proofs that the Vatican II NewChurch is not, objectively speaking, the Catholic Church. Nay, it is always prudent to return to the basics of demonstrating the differences between the Catholic Church and the Vatican II NewChurch. It ceases to amaze me how so many conciliarists deny there are new teachings/doctrines yet the Conciliar Pontiffs themselves say there are! But also they openly admit they are trying to reconcile Catholicism with Masonry(the Revolution). Yea, like a husband walking in on his wife cheating on him, the many, still find themselves in such a state of shock, from these quotes, they refuse to believe this reality (the crisis we are in). It is only grace which can open their “eyes” to the devastating times we currently find ourselves in. Therefore, I ask Reform or Revolution? Let us first look at what Pope Benedict has said as a Cardinal concerning the basis for the doctrines of Vatican II NewChurch.

(1)Open Reconciliation of Catholicism with FreeMasonry?
Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI) wrote this: “If it is desirable to offer a diagnosis of the text [Gaudium et Spes] as a whole, we might say that (in conjunction with the texts on religious liberty and world religions) it is a revision of the Syllabus of Pius IX, a kind of countersyllabus. [...] Let us be content to say that the text serves as a countersyllabus and, as such, represents, on the part of the Church, an attempt at an official reconciliation with the new era inaugurated in 1789.” (Principles of Catholic Theology, 1987, pp. 381-2, Ignatius Press 1987)

Now using our Catholic to modernist translator this reads:
" I no longer believe in the infallible teachings (as such) and I will rewrite and progress our doctrine to suit modern man and the world's needs(because modern man does not want the "old order"). I will undo Catholic Truth even though I dont have the authority to do so (because a Pope is not higher than the Faith Itself). I want to reconcile the Conciliar Church with the teaching of the French Revolution (Freemasonry). I am protestantizing the Church".  

Question: Does the Pope have the authority to change (“progress”) the Church’s infallible teachings on the Masonic sect to therein now accept these teachings and pass them off as Catholic? Answer: In the negative! Please remember these revolutionary principles are condemned infallibly by the Ordinary Magesterium and have been maintained by the whole of the Church at all times, therefore, they are not just mere errors as some pseudo-traditionalists claim. We are dealing with a whole new modernist mindset not just a  few errors here or there.

Proof # 1 Vatican II=Revolt

(2)“New/Integral” Humanism and the “cult of man”?
The Catholic Church as a foundation uses Thomism and is the cult of God. Yet the Vatican II NewChurch uses a condemned “new” humanism and proclaims itself to be the cult of man (both coming from Freemasonry). Further, Modernists due to their subjectivism and phenomenology have a hard time understanding “logic” and what we consider “common sense”More proof Ye asketh?
Benedict XVI, recalling his experience as a seminarian: ". . . I had difficulties in penetrating the thought of Thomas Aquinas, whose crystal-clear logic seemed to be too closed in on itself, too impersonal and ready-made." Benedict XVI, “Milestones: Memoirs 1927-1977,” 1997

But what of this cult of man?
But we call upon those who term themselves modern humanists, and who have renounced the transcendent value of the highest realities, to give the council credit at least for one quality and to recognize our own new type of humanism: we, too, in fact, we more than any others, honour mankind; We have the cult of man. - Address of Paul VI, Council’s Last General Meeting, December 7, 1965, Italian Translation.

 Question: I thought we could not teach anything “new” as Catholics? Answer: exactly and these modernists are not ashamed of their “newness”. To say there is "continuity" and then say we have new doctrines from a new humanism is as double-minded as it gets so who could accept this laughable notion of "hermeneutics of continuity"? Verily, these “points of doctrine” (Ecclesia Dei- Pope John Paul II) are not elaborations of already understood doctrines of the Church; they are new doctrines altogether.  This is also where I will call to mind Our Lady’s warnings at both LaSalette and Fatima wherein she warns Rome will lose the Faith(Dogma of Faith) and imply it will be maintained elsewhere. So we are seeing this erosion of Catholic doctrine(under the guise of reform/progression) thru “new  humanism” that will end in “secular humanism”, that is, a Church “free of Dogma”(the soon Apostate Church). This ties in with the New Age’s movement toward abolishment of dogmatism. We must remember these Vatican II modernists are forerunner’s to thee Antichrist Himself (Maitreya?) So Let us take a look at a sample Freemasonic page wherein I copied their principles to show how they are largely the same as Vatican II (before they closed down their page). Keep in mind Masonry preaches the gospel of man, that is, that man's rights precede and supersede God and His Catholic Church's rights to rightfully rule the nations.

 Praxis Lodge(Masonic Lodge) promotes the following principles, values, and subject matter for purposes of discussion, research, and education. Notice these same principles in the Conciliar Church:
  • Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity
  • Absolute freedom of conscience
  • Laicite
  • Separation of Church and State
  • Freedom of thought, expression, and choice
  • Freedom of press
  • Emancipation of lifestyles
  • Pursuit of happiness
  • Intellectual, spiritual, and social advancement of humanity
  • Philanthropy
  • Natural philosophy
  • Mutual tolerance and respect for others and oneself(False Ecumenism)
  • Rational approach toward advancing human understanding
  • enlightenment thinking
  • Progressive thought
  • Ethics and human rights
  • Refusal of racialism and dogma
  • Global environment and ecological sustainability
  • The Age of Enlightenment / Age of Reason
  • Scientific enquiry and progress 
  • Coexistence

For even MORE details please see my section on defeatmodernism:

Proof # 2: Vatican II= Revolution

(3) The Catholic Church & the New World Order?
Much to the delusional "optimism", of the Vatican II modernists, this new world order which the Conciliar Popes speak of, IS THE SAME new world order, in which the world speaks of. It is the same impotent humanitarianism based upon false ecumenism (Silionism) that Pope St. Pius X warned of. In no way is this world order based upon the Social Kingship of Christ and Catholicism. Further, these modernists use “protection of the environment and the poor” as an excuse to across their Marxist/Masonic agendas.
The Catholic Church teaches about the new world order or the one world republic of tyranny:

“The advent of a Universal Republic, which is longed for by all the worst elements of disorder, and confidently expected by them, is an idea which is ripe for execution. From this Republic, based on the principles of absolute equality of men and community of possessions, would be banished all national distinctions, nor in it would the authority of a father over his children, or of the public power over the citizens, or of God over human society, be any longer acknowledged. If these ideas are put into practice there will inevitably follow a reign of unheard-of terror.”

Pope Benedict XV -Moto Proprio, Bonem Sane, July 25, 1920

Verily, the Social Justice program of Vatican II is the SAME as the NEW Age’s false messiah, Maitreya. It is based upon politics/economics first with the basis of this "order" on all things secondary to Holy Religion.

Even Ghandi, the pagan, unbeliever is seen as the ideal citizen in man’s new world order utopia that Vatican II is preparing the way for.

Proof #3: Vatican II=Revolution

I could go on all night with proofs my good friends but let us stop there so that we might use our time equally as wise and further pray for conversions. Therefore, how delusional does one have to be not to see a difference between the pre-Conciliar Church also known as the Catholic Church and the post-Conciliar Church also known as the gnostic, protestant, masonic, subjectivist, modernist Vatican II NewChurch cult of man. I have provided merely three basic contradictions and there are hundreds!  Vatican II IS theologically illegitimate, schismatic and illicit and those holding to it, following it and teaching it are NOT, objectively speaking, Catholics,  but are “aliens” to our Holy Faith. Modernists are forerunners to the Antichrist Himself in which Vatican II is paving the way for.

Cardinal Piacenza:
"There cannot be, nor could there be, a pre-Conciliar Church and a post-Conciliar Church!" "Renewal is always necessary for the Church, because the conversion of her members, poor sinners, is always necessary! But there cannot be, nor could there be, a pre-Conciliar Church and a post-Conciliar Church! If this could be so, the second one—ours—would be historically and theologically illegitimate!"

TCK reply: Renewal? Hogwash! Rebellion to Tradition/traditions? Yes! Please pray for this Cardinal as he is a modernist and not a catholic. He fails to understand the Church is both divine and human with prelates, popes and even a council which could run contrary to the Faith.  There most certainly is a preConciliar Church and a post Conciliar Church with a new "everything", therefore, Vatican II is illegitimate and a null and void "council" What has been infallibly condemned the modernists teach, it is a whole new religion of man(man-centered, impotent humanitarianism), which comes from Masonry. Reform cannot come under the guise of Revolution.  Modernists seem to think that if I were to hold a twenty dollar bill in front of them and the Pope says to them it is a ten dollar bill that we must remain obedient to that delusion of the Pope?. The Church does not teach blind or false obedience. Therefore, the same Catholic principles apply to these modernists of Vatican II who do not hold the proper understanding and notion of what Catholicism is.

Also, as a sidenote consider these revolutionary changes as well: concelebration, receiving our Lord under both species, altar girls, allowance of receiving our Lord by hand, changes in position towards the Crusades, limbo, on gun control, the death penalty, etc. The "Conciliar cult of man" is very liberal and "loosey goosey". Please enlighten yourself with further apologetics below on the Vatican II Revolution.

An Open Letter to Confused Catholics
His Grace Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
14. "Vatican II is the French Revolution in the Church."

Fr. Hesse (Video) on the Papacy & the Crisis in the Church 

Sister Jeanne of the Nativity (1700's): When the Antichrist draws near a false religion (religion of man) will appear which will deny the unity of God and will oppose the Church.