"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Greatest “Conspiracy”

The Greatest “Conspiracy”
By:  Eric Gajewski
“The Novus ordo lemmings are leaping off of the cliffs of Tradition ever so lovingly...
There is a conspiracy against Christ and the Church leading us into worship of man and Antichrist.
I speak further on self-love and break down the characteristics of the lemmings in the Conciliar Church."

The insane dreamers of the new world order are teaching us to continually search for that brighter future of tomorrow while deceiving us today.  This type of language of “searching for truth” is found explicitly in the Conciliar Church itself, as if, Catholics already don’t possess Truth.  These false teachers have been leading men out of the Catholic Religion into another False Religion.  I began to ponder upon the topic of false obedience the other day and decided to do a write up on it today. 


Scripture tells us not to trust man and yet why do so many people “trust” the authority figures of our day?  Regardless if it is the Church or State.  World leadership is dragging us into the pit of the Abyss of the Antichrist (objectively speaking) yet why do so many follow?  

I must remind everyone that one of the principles of being an eagle is to “test before trusting”.  

As humans we are quick to rush to judgements and what is worse, is that, we do not dig deeper into the issues.  Having said that, I have quite a few friends, who fall into the neo-Catholic category, who refuse, to believe anything, unless, it comes from some mainstream source.  This is dangerous considering who runs the mainstream media.  But this is exactly the problem of our times.  What the Church once condemned (Zionism) so long ago is now accepted as the “norm” these days.  What the Church “has once said” is no longer seen as the norm but as outdated.  Yes, the greatest “conspiracy”, my friends, is, to believe, there is no conspiracy, against the Church and State and to view our world leaders, of today, as being representative of, Christ and the true Gospel.  Why so?

We are too afraid to find out the truth.  I have said this often, that, finding out, there is an apostasy, in the Church, is, like finding out, your spouse, of ten years, has been habitually cheating on you.  At first, you do not want to believe because you are in shock.  Human nature dictates that we try to avoid that which causes us suffering.  Yet by doing so we rush to all excuses in trying to defend the heretics within the Conciliar Church.   

We want to think that we are acting in "prudence" but this is only a facade. 

It is only a smokescreen for our own self-love.  The truth is the Church has many enemies (as defined by the Church Herself) but now EVERYONE seemingly is deemed as okay with the Conciliar Church except for those who won’t embrace these false new teachings.  In truth, we are afraid to be labeled a “nut” and yet this is what they called Christ, the Apostles and many Catholic Saints.  Therefore, heroic courage, is necessary today, if you are to be deemed, a close friend of Christ.  The few must rise up against the majority and not be afraid of the "ad hominem" backlash which will ensue.   

They attack us with words now but will come from our bodies later.   
Thus, the reason, why, we are so deep, in this crisis, of the Church, is because, so many, self-identifying, Catholics are rooted in self-love.  Quit caring about being labeled a “nutter” or “conspiracy theorist” or false prophet or “fake news author”.  They have been saying this about me for years and I am still here.  It is those pointing the finger at you (who refuse to believe they are being cheated upon) live in a delusional fantasyland called the Novus ordo.

Characteristics of a lemming.  Those in the Conciliar Church, pushing ignorance aside (for the moment), have characteristics indicative of the false positions they take on religion.  First off, a lemming lives in a “cool” environment.  Due to laxity and lukewarmness God has handed over the Church to its enemies to see who will truly love Him.  Who are those few who will stand along side of Truth and fight?  A vast coldness is spreading over the lands yet who will keep the Fire of Christ alive? These lemmings, enjoy the cold and they falsely teach due to self-love.   

After all the New Religion (Novus ordo) is the Religion of Self as the Antichrist has said bluntly.

They are worldly and care too much about what others think about them.  When the Fire of Truth is fanned out then coolness can invade and since truth doesn’t reside in the Novus ordo all that is left is the cold.  Lemmings like this.  

Next, they are mechanical like following along in the “footsteps of false obedience”.  My bishop says its true therefore it must be!  Really?  The enemy has taken away the critical thinking skills of the majority in this dumbing down of the masses.  No longer ought I think for myself and find out what the Church truly taught before on any particular issue.  

Have you ever tried to debate a modernist in the Conciliar Church and all they can muster up is apologetics from Vatican II onward?   

Now, they argue, I must just listen to the Bishop.  And what if your bishop is a heretic?  During the Arian crisis nearly nine out of every ten supposed “Catholic” bishops were heretics.  How does your premise stand in the light of Church history?

In addition, lemmings turn colors.  They turn colors in the winter to avoid conflict with its enemies/predators.  The Novus ordites will flee from any conflict with the Jews and Masons lest they be “eaten alive” by those who will now label them as anti-semitic” or hateful.  They must blend in like the others and self-preserve which is the result of self-love.   

How many do you know will listen to what you have to say and nod in agreement on Monday and then call you crazy before another on Tuesday.  

It is because they are lemmings.  They change colors which is typical modernist behavior as Pope St. Pius X identified.

Lastly, lemmings have typically “tubby bodies”.  They like to eat.  They are gluttonous off of the food they eat.  And what are these lemmings of today eating?   

They are eating poisonous foods called false doctrines which are making them fat and dumbing them down.   

You cannot eat truth and not be convicted by It.  Yet, they are not, therefore they are ever searching for more food. They want more and more and are not satisfied. Furthermore, they have itchy ears and are not satisfied with the latest novelties.  Researchers say lemmings can spend up to six hours a day searching for food. Sadly, in this quest, of further conforming with the world they end up getting cancer for the false doctrines which they “eat up” slowly kill them and no longer can operate healthily (on the doctrinal level). 

We must follow the authorities!  Who do these world leaders largely work for? Is it Christ or Antichrist.  By now the TradCatKnight followers should be well aware of these “puppets” who show their 666 gang hand signs off to the world but too many still enjoy their chocolate covered willy Wonka land of “everything is all good”.   

The lemmings shout “follow and obedience” as the New World Order “pipers” of our times lead them straight to hell with a smile.    

Yet, the Church teaches us not to follow the authorities when they are in error.  It doesn’t matter if they are a President or a Pope. We say no thank you when illicit commands, teachings or directives are given.  Again, we are far too “trusting” or perhaps naïve. Let us not forget, how important, the media (including social media) is, to the enemy, who, plays upon the emotions, of these lemmings, to get them to further follow.  We have reached such a level of idiocy that many are now willfully embracing the idea of being chipped for the good of society!  In addition, many have taken the bait of “equality, justice and human rights” and are running (not walking) straight into the arms of the coming Antichrist.

 Catholics are the modern day black sheep

Proper Catholic Resistance demands we reject Vatican II and it also demands we stay out of these buildings which are displeasing to Jesus.  Sadly, the “Catholic Road” these days is even more narrow than before due to all of the false doctrine readily available in the mainstream.   

The Novus ordo “highway to hell” is wide and its entrance is called “mercy”.   

Yes, the heretics of our times are ever so clever and use “words of light” to promote their false interpretations thereof.  Perversion.  The New Religion of Vatican II needed many new things that we talk about as real Catholics.  Such as what, Eric?  They needed a new theology, ecclesiology, mass, bible, catechism, doctrines but what about followers?  Have we overlooked this?  The New Religion needed a new type of follower who would “chew up” all of this “newness” from the apparent “god of surprises” (Bergoglioism).  Nay, the lemming is the perfect creature to correlate this notion of false following into our present danger.  We can summarize it all by saying this.  Where there are lemmings there is danger.  Stay safe and keep being that “conspiratorial nutter” that God wants you to be in these times of UNIVERSAL DECEPTION.

In the end, the greatest “conspiracy”, is, as mentioned, that there is no conspiracy at all.  Or to put it another way.  The greatest conspiracy is that the lemmings don’t see themselves as lemmings and they don’t see the cliff’s edge coming.  Or perhaps worse yet that the cliff’s edge is the safest route to “freedom”.  Quickly, to speak on the topic of ignorance.  Ignorance is not knowing but many of these lemmings do not care enough to investigate further even after being told the path they are on.   

Therefore, it doesn’t matter how one falls off of the cliff (whether it is due to ignorance or pride) because the end result is still the same “spiritual death”.   

Yes, the Jews and Masons love Christ, the Church and Tradition they shout!  Or is it they are simply using the Catholic name and the buildings to build a NewChurch and get the lemmings to follow and “fall off of the cliffs” into the arms of the formalized One World Religion with a sea to swallow them up forever.  Nah, that is just too conspiratorial….

Bishop Williamson: From Christ to Anti-Christ 


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  1. Conspiracy theory was a good movie

    1. Loved that movie. Could have been Liberal Patrick Stewart's best role ever! Including star trek, of course

    2. I enjoyed Bishop Williomson and his idea of the Conspiracy Novus Ordo people who don't have right Dogma studies of the Church are going to do and what God asks us to become ...good Traditional Latin Mass Catholics that follow His way

  2. Have you seen the new Taco Bell commercial? It is an attack on conspiracy theorists.

    1. Yeah, I saw that too. Water off a ducks back. Anyone blind enough to believe there's no such thing as conspiracy theories is not gonna be affected too much by that propaganda. Preaching to the choir.

  3. Good piece Eric. It is almost unbearable to see so many following the Novus ordo thinking we are in the wrong resisting it

  4. "diabolical disorientation"....

  5. The official stories,taught and drilled into us:such as 9/11,evolution,the holohoax,etc,in a truly sane and Godly world would be the objects of derision,rather than the truth.

  6. Have you seen this?

  7. Good analogy TCK. There is hardly any argument we can present at this point that convinces them the Church is in apostasy. I admit my faith is somewhat shakened by this. I mean why would God allow such an apostasy? It is a great mystery I suppose

  8. I believe this was all foretold in the Fatima secrets. I believe this is part of the chastisement and it's only going to get worse. All we can do is pray the rosary , wear our scapular , stay in a state of grace and stand up for truth whenever we have an opportunity.

  9. Like! Modernists are double minded forked tongued talkers. They say one thing one day and then next day something else. We cannot conspire against Christ by working with the conspirator's

  10. Some will object, "But the pope is infallible." Be careful! First of all, infallibility has not been promised in order to add "novelties" to the "deposit of the faith," but solely to preserve, explain and defend the truths already revealed:

    The Holy Spirit has been promised to the successors of Peter not that they may make known, under His revelation, a new doctrine, but in order that, with His assistance, they may piously preserve and faithfully set forth the revelation transmitted by the Apostles, that is to say the deposit of the faith. (Vatican I, Constitution De Ecclesia Christi, D.1836).



  11. They will soon demand your guns and I'm sure there will be a good number of people who willfully hand them over thinking they are doing society good. :(

  12. Replies
    1. Well, thank you. Really enjoying your articles during my short Christmas vacation, I have plenty of time on vacay to catch up on the ones I wanted to read in depth more.

  13. That is so true those in the Novus ordo think the path to the cliffs edge is safe! Well said Eric

  14. I am surprised at how many still think Francis is Pope. How much more must he demonstrate that indicates he does not hold the Catholic Faith.
    Question, "If Pope Benedict XVI dies soon then we are in a period of sedevacante?"


  15. I am sorry but I hate conspiracy theory.
    Marie G

    1. Marie,
      Of course you hate conspiracy theory. So do I... I wish none of the "theories" were true. But many are... False ones get sprinkled in to add to the propaganda that Conspiracy Theory believers are nuts.

      If the majority of us were not so diabolically affected, none of the conspiracies would be allowed to occur... would simply disappear.

      I encourage you to dig in on some of the conspiracy theories you hate... do so with an open mind, trust in your common sense, and pray incessantly.

  16. Lauren:
    “The Church is destroying herself by the path of obedience… The masterstroke of Satan is thus to spread the principles of revolution from within the Church, and under the authority of the Church itself… he has succeeded in getting those whose duty it is to defend and propagate the Church, to condemn those who are defending the Catholic Faith…” (Archbishop Lefebvre, “The Problem of Obedience”)

  17. Is there a radio show tomorrow?

  18. Attack the Church these days and you will be praised BUT attack the Jews/Israel and you will be lynched.
    We know who is behind this grand conspiracy


  19. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed your last show and cant wait for the new season in January

  20. We must remain faithful to the true Gospel of Christ and not the new gospel of Vatican II.

    "By the proof of this ministry, glorifying God for the obedience of your confession unto the gospel of Christ, and for the simplicity of your communicating unto them, and unto all."
    [2 Corinthians 9:13]


  21. Thanks Eric!
    How slick, snake-like, this false obedience they demand.

    "Jacob (Leibowitz) Frank" was the anti-christ/messiah of the 929 BC Solomon Snake System of the 1700s (every generation has a designated one) when he CONSPIRED with

    Rothschild and
    Weisshaupt to use the

    Jesuit system of dicipline

    to derive a merciless construct, the
    Bavarian Illuminati

    Frank's "rejection of the Talmud" meant this: that Christianity now would be
    in-filth-trated from the INside by phony "conversions," in massive numbers into communities and yes, the priesthood.

    The TALMUD reads much like the ISIS playbook, the "KORAN" their war on Christ-ians from the outside, vis a vis a warring phony religion.

    Jacob Frank's Kabbalistic "ZOHAR" has been working (for 200 years) from the INside, their FAKE "Jesuit," now the "Pope."

    Here's the "Talmud"
    today's "ISIS"


    Part II - Precepts of the Talmud Concerning Christians

    Chapter I. Christians are to be Avoided

    Art. 1. Christians Unworthy to Associate with Jews
    Art. 2. Christians are Unclean
    Art. 3. Christians are Idolaters
    Art. 4. Christians are Evil

    Chapter II. Christians are to be Exterminated

    Art. 1. Christians to be Harmed Indirectly

    1. By not helping them
    2. By interfering in their work
    3. By deceit in legal matters
    4. By harming them in things necessary for life

    Art. 2. Christians to be Harmed Directly

    1. Renegades to be killed
    2. Apostates
    3. Princes especially the Prince of Rome (the Pope) to be exterminated
    4. All Christians to be killed
    5. Killing a Christian is an acceptable sacrifice to God
    6. Heaven promised to those who kill Christians
    7. A Christian may be beheaded on the most solemn festivals
    8. The Messiah expected will be revengeful
    9. Jewish prayers against Christians

  22. The Chair of Peter is not vacant. It has been progressively
    occupied, as has the
    College of Cardinals.

    Over the last 200 years, in MODERN times, since Jacob (Leibowitz) FRANK

    rejected the Talmud (abject war on Christians) in favour of the Zohar, he brought in a NEW system of "initiated" ELITE.

    Certain elect individuals (Head of Solomon BC Snake)

    would be exempt from the moral law.

    The Shabbateans/Chabad believed that in the

    Messianic age, the laws of the Torah were no longer valid, and

    all that had been formerly prohibited was now permitted, or even mandatory. This included all the prohibited sexual unions and incest.

    Therefore, their practices, which included orgiastic, sexually promiscuous rites, led

    the Jewish community to brand them as heretics..."

    What say the CATHOLICS?


  23. What version of the Bible do the Sedevacantist/SSPX use? is it the Deus Rheims, The Catholic Bible 2nd Edition or The New American Bible? I have all and want to know whch one you recommend.

    1. Thamks. The DR is believe still the best.It's the first Bible I bought from a Benedictine monastery over a decade ago.

  24. Unholy Trinity's Vatican Coup

    Frank (Zohar in-FILTH-tration) Weisshaupt (Jesuit veneer), Rothschild (Vatican Bank)

    "Vatican II"
    (The Rubber Stamp)

  25. The Catholic Faith is written into the Tridentine Mass.

    Suggestion: #1 get on Ebay and get the oldest Missal you can find.

    #2 At drbible.org you may order the Douay Rhiems Bible with ORIGiNAL notes and unchanged translation from the Old Enhlish, the original CATHOLIC Bible in English.

    Many of the translators from the Latin into Old english were drawn and quartered (ortured to death as show trials) by Elizabeth I, the "English Martyrs."

  26. Good to BE here. :)
    Good to see YOU. :)

  27. What do the Jews hate the goyim for, anyway? What did we do to them?

  28. In these times when the Church hierarchy preach heresy, it is good to remember the wise words of St. Paul. Gal:1,8 "But though we or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema"

  29. I can't find the passage now (adress below) but the gist of it is, to imagine that the Bible was change-d "evolved" with every edition/translation for nefarious purposes (beginning with Luther). "NEW" words substituted for the original words esp the name of GOD/JESUS CHRIST watered down/eliminated by NEW words, but YET called "THE BIBLE.

    Imagine THAT!
    No need to "imagine," right?

    That describes what has "happened" at every level of Church/State/Institution, including the

    NEW Catholic Church

    NEW militancy to their false obedience!


  30. The article was a really good article Eric ...thank you for the words of JFK we need to do exactly what he said

    1. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was a hero. A true flipping hero. RIP, Jack

  31. I stood up to my daughter in law the other day on baptism of babies and original sin. Since I have found a True Traditional Mass I have been doing more praying and am amazed what I still remember . We have a good library of all the old Catechisms and Saints and Popes who stood up and defended our CATHOLIC Doctrine and tradions.The Traditional Latin Mass really comes right to you and I still have 1952 missals which help me reunderstand what you are writing about thank you

  32. Dec 28, 2017
    Feast of the Holy Innocents,

    “The Triumph of the Innocents,” painted by William Holman Hunt (1827-1910) circa 1883. (Public Domain/WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

    This feast recognizes all the boys of Bethlehem younger than two who were martyred by King Herod after St. Joseph had been warned to flee with his family to Egypt.

    This feast is particularly worth noting as an opportunity to pray for the innocent unborn who are killed through abortion."

    And those trafficked...

    "According to a Catholic News Service article, estimates of the number killed range from 10 or 12, based on the likely population of Bethlehem at the time of Christ’s birth, to 64,000, a fantastic figure cited in the Syrian liturgy.

    This feast has been celebrated in the West since the fifth century.

    'You are not restrained by the love of weeping mothers or fathers mourning the death of their sons, nor by the cries and sobs of the children,' writes St. Quodvultdeus, rhetorically addressing Herod, found in the Office of Readings for that day.

    'Yet your throne is threatened by the source of grace — so small, yet so great — Who is lying in the manger.'

    The Holy Innocents are the patrons of foundlings."