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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Francis: Stay “Anchored” In Vatican II and Sink...

Francis: Stay “Anchored” In Vatican II and Sink...
By:  Eric Gajewski
Francis believes Vatican II teaches the Gospel in a “new way”; he speaks the “novelty” of the Gospel and says we must always refer back to Vatican II.   
You don’t want to miss the truly magical viral video at the end of this article.

Francis is back in the news and again it is not for good reasons.  The Antipope recently addressed the members of the Associazione Teologica Italiana, the “Italian Theology Association,” the main professional society for Catholic theologians in Italy founded after Vatican II.  It was yet another “used car salesman” pitch into getting the masses to believe Vatican II is an acceptable “council” for Catholics. In this article I hope to address and refute some of the points made by the heretical impostor and supposed head of the Church.  Some of these areas are:  Vatican II being the same gospel as Christ’s, we must always refer to Vatican II?, “creative fidelity” doublespeak, the “novelty” of the Gospel?, Paul VI’s “unity” for the Church (cult of man), creative theological thought and Agenda 21 trap.

First the article itself: (see here)

ROME - Affirming the critically important role of a “free and responsible” form of Catholic theology in the life of the church, Pope Francis called on theologians to “remain faithful and anchored” to the vision of Vatican II, as well as “immersed” in the instincts and concerns of ordinary people who’ve never taken “academic courses in theology.”
The Second Vatican Council (1962-65), Francis said, called the Church “to announce the Gospel in a new way, more consonant with a profoundly different culture and world,” and he added, “The Church must always refer itself to that event.”
“That effort requires from the whole Church, and theologians in particular, to be implemented in a spirit of ‘creative fidelity’,” the pope said.
“For that reason, I ask you to continue to remain faithful and anchored, in your theological work, to the council and the capacity the Church demonstrated there to allow itself to be rejuvenated by the perennial novelty of the Gospel of Christ,” Francis said.
The pontiff’s remarks came during a noontime audience with roughly 100 members of the Associazione Teologica Italiana, the “Italian Theology Association,” the main professional society for Catholic theologians in Italy founded after Vatican II and this year celebrating its 50th anniversary.
Unlike his predecessor Pope emeritus Benedict XVI, who’s an accomplished theologian and took a keen personal interest in doctrinal matters, Francis positions himself more as a pastor, usually referring to theologians as “they” - for instance, speaking to a visiting group of Evangelical pastors in 2016, he said, “Theology is a very complicated subject, and we should let the theologians argue it out. In the meantime, we should love each other and learn to value people who are different than ourselves.”
Famously, during a visit to the Anglican Church of All Saints this past February, Francis quoted a quip from Patriarch Athenagoras of Constantinople to Pope Paul VI after their historic 1964 meeting: “We’ll bring about unity between us, and we’ll put all the theologians on an island so they can think about it!” (Francis even added he’d confirmed with Athenagoras’s successor, Patriarch Bartholomew I, that the line wasn’t just an urban legend.)
Given that background, Francis’s remarks to theological groups typically are seen as a fairly rare opportunity to better understand his doctrinal vision.
To begin with, Francis on Friday urged theologians to see their work not as an individual quest for insight, but as being rooted in a broader community.
“What theologians do can’t help but be a personal quest,” he said, “but one immersed in the widest theological community possible,” insisting that it’s not just an “accessory” to the ministry of theologians.
In particular, Francis asked theologians to pay careful attention to the insights of ordinary believers, what experts sometimes call “popular religiosity.”
“It’s in this living faith of the holy People of God that every theologian should feel immersed, and by which he or she should also feel sustained, transported and embraced,” the pope said.
The pope also called theologians to what he termed a “duty of the essential,” meaning finding ways to transmit the heart of the Christian faith in a culture today in which “distorted visions of the heart itself of the Gospel may insinuate themselves.”
Moving to specific challenges, Francis mentioned several areas in which he believe there’s need today for creative theological thought:
  • The “ecological crisis”
  • “Developments in neurosciences or techniques that can modify the human person”
  • “Ever-greater social inequalities”
  • “Migrations of entire peoples”
  • “Theoretical relativism, but also its practical version”
Francis applauded the Italian association for being made up of experts who don’t just “talk among themselves,” but who see themselves “at the service of the different churches and the Church.”
Pope Francis was greeted by the current president of the Associazione Teologica Italiana, Father Roberto Repole, who took the reins in 2011 from legendary Italian theologian Monsignor Piero Coda, who’s also a stalwart of the Focolare movement.
Headquartered at the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore in Rome, the Associazione Teologica Italiana brings together some 300 professors and writers in Catholic theology from every region in Italy.
In one sign of the times in Catholic theology, the current vice president of the association is Serena Noceti of the Theological Faculty of Central Italy in Florence, who also does training for the Archdiocese of Florence. It’s the first time a woman has held a position of leadership in Italy’s main theological guild.
The pope’s next public activity during the holiday season will come on Sunday, when he delivers his last Angelus address of the year at noon and then, in the evening, presides over the traditional vespers service in thanksgiving for the year coming to a close. On New Year’s Day, Francis will celebrate a Mass honoring Mary as the Mother of God, followed by another Angelus.
Traditionally, the Vatican’s holiday season is said to wrap up on Jan. 6 with the feast of the Epiphany, when Francis will once again lead a Mass in the morning followed by an Angelus. Informally, however, it’s usually considered to extend through the pope’s annual speech to the diplomatic corps accredited to the Vatican, in which the pontiff lays out his foreign policy priorities for the year to come.
This year, that speech to diplomats will be held on Monday, Jan. 8.


Free and responsible theology?  There are always new key "signal words" in the Conciliar Church.  There has been for quite some time it is nothing new.  The sad thing is most dont see them and perhaps care not to.  However, with Francis the novelty of words trying express his false ideology and doctrines is accelerating at a rapid pace.  There is nothing responsible about Vatican II theology whatsoever.   

This new theology came from men previously condemned by the Church and now the Conciliar Church is trying to paint these same heterodox men as “orthodox”.   

They are not Catholic said the Church.  It doesn’t matter that Francis thinks otherwise when he has already placed himself outside the Church with his own false doctrines.  Vatican II does not create freedom it created tyranny and clear-thinking Catholics can see through this Sulphur of falsehood.  If he can express heterodoxy and heresy in a new way with new verbiage perhaps he can get some to jump on board and buy further into the cult of man’s practices.  This is apparently what is taking place.  This IS what is clear from this article written by the Novus ordo (non-Catholic) website Crux (specifically heretic John Allen).

Remain “faithful and anchored to Vatican II?  First of all, one cannot be faithful to Christ and the Church by being faithful to the new gospel and admitted new doctrines (JPII) of Vatican II.  Faith to Freemasonry, yes; faithful to Catholicism, no.  Furthermore, what happens to a ship once it is anchored?  Can it ever arrive Home to the port which is the Ship’s end?  No, it cannot.  It stays stuck and cannot move freely.  He contradicts himself by suggesting we can have a “free and creative” theology yet at the same time be anchored by it “going nowhere”.     

Vatican II was a modernist “millstone” that tied itself around the necks of churchmen and has spiritually strangled souls for decades.   

The vision of Vatican II would create a new everything across the board which Catholics can have no part in to “remain in the Church”.

Vatican II announced the Gospel in a new way?  New indeed! But the same Gospel of Christ absolutely not.  The Gospel of Christ is not Socialist nor is it revolutionary as the Conciliar leaders have openly admitted.   

Heretics passing off their new version of the Gospel is exactly what we are dealing with.   

At least he admitted (implied) the language to teach the masses is now different.  This is heretical per Vatican I infallible doctrine which stated the language/interpretation of doctrines must remain the same.  Again, JPII, when he invalidly/illicitly “excommunicated” Lefebvre and the four SSPX bishops, stated, there were new doctrines not yet understood by the faithful.  They weren't understood yet because they were condemned beforehand by the Church!

The Church must always refer to Vatican II?  False, it was not infallible and taught heresy.  It ought never refer to this robber council leading souls into a formalized one world religion.  

The Church must always refer to Tradition.   

A Tradition which is now explained as a “living tradition” by these modernists who think doctrine can evolve with time.

Rejuvenated by the novelty of the Gospel?  Say what?  Christ’s true Gospel is not novelty but FrancisGospel is.  It is a Sillonist dream as Pope St. Pius X warned.  Recall, earlier this year Francis made mention of the "novelty of love".  When will Francis just shut up already?  

These modernist’s so twist their words I think they sit back and laugh at what they say afterwards seeing who will take the bait on this garbage.   

One of the novelties from Vatican II and Francis is this new notion that no one has to convert the to true Faith.  They say proselytism is nonsense or outdated ecclesiology (JPII).  Does that even sound Scriptural?  Go ye out into the world and convert no one! Just dialogue around a 12 pack of Krispy Kreme’s.  This is Vatican II though for you.

Forget about the spirit of Vatican II.  Now it is on to the spirit of “creative fidelity”.  What ever that is.   

These modernists talk and I believe confuse themselves over what they actually are talking about like some drunk frat boy at a party.   

You can always catch their doublespeak and use it against them.  Nevertheless, now we have to be creative in our theology pastorally speaking (cough, cough)!  No, thank you.  Catholics can not be on board the Vatican II ship which has been anchored and has been sinking for quite some time.  This (spirit of creative fidelity) is another new modernist buzz word for ..."help us build the New World Order please".

Paul 6th and coming “unity” with Anglicans.  It is implied in the Vatican II texts themselves the whole human family equates to the “Church”.  This of course is heretical and is Masonism in action.   
It is implied (in Vatican II) that other “churches” (heretical/schismatic) are already within the true Church which they are not.  

It will only be formally declared soon by the False Prophet that all the “churches” are okay and that we have finally found true “unity”.  A falsely united humanity, a new tower of babel.  This is the New Religion of the New World Order.  Will you take the Beast’s mark?  This is the devil’s false unity.

Probably the most laughable aspect of this talk by Antipope Francis is the mentioning of the need for further “creative theological thought”.  This is another modernist buzzword for help me get across the Socialist Agenda 21 principles so we can build this cult of man up.   

This means teach heresy (under the guise of liberty, freedom) and do not let anyone impede your conscience in the process!   

You have a share in this NewChurch they say.  Look at what he lists in the article.  Ecology, social inequalities, migration.  Where did Jesus teach such a Gospel?  He didn’t.  This is the new social justice cult of man gospel.  He has even said we need an "ecological conversion" but says we ought not try to covert anyone to Catholicism.  How do people still stay in these Conciliar Churches is beyond me.  We cannot commune with the objective destroyers of the Faith as Archbishop Lefebvre said. This is the latest vomit coming Antipope Francis.  Don’t take the bait my friends get out of any church teaching Vatican II and stay faithful!

In the end, it is nothing new from this modernist who continually implodes the Faith with his own novelty of speech.  One could argue that Francis isn’t concerned with doctrine because he doesn’t know it or worse yet, as, the New Age, affirms, dogmatism, must/will come to an end.  Why?  So their false babel of “unity” can be solidified in the world under the False Prophet and Antichrist.

Francis has inspired many! Listening to Francis is like listening to this guy.  Doctrinally sound, no...Entertaining yes.

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  8. I cannot sufficiently be astonished that such is the insanity of some men, such the impiety of their blinded understanding, such, finally, their lust after error, that they will not be content with the rule of faith delivered once and for all from antiquity, but must daily seek after something new, and even newer still, and are always longing to add something to religion, or to change it, or to subtract from it!
    St. Vincent of Lerins

    Heretical teachers pervert Scripture and try to get into Heaven with a false key, for they have formed their human assemblies later than the Catholic Church. From this previously-existing and most true Church, it is very clear that these later heresies, and others which have come into being since then, are counterfeit and novel inventions.
    Pope St. Clement I

    Let nothing novel be introduced!
    Pope Pius XII

    "Avoid the profane novelty of words," St. Paul says (I Timothy 6:20) ... For if novelty is to be avoided, antiquity is to be held tight to; and if novelty is profane, antiquity is sacred.
    St. Vincent of Lerins

    The ancient doctrines must be confirmed, but novel and absurd inventions must be condemned and cast aside.
    St. Cyril of Alexandria

    Why cast yourself over a cliff, deciding in your writings about things of which you are ignorant? Why do you not keep to what you have received from the Fathers and Doctors of the Church? You introduce novelties!
    St. Eusebius of Caesaria

    The devil is always discovering something novel against the truth.
    Pope St. Leo the Great

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