"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, July 31, 2016

SSPX Accepts Personal Prelature From Modernist Rome

SSPX Accepts Personal Prelature From Modernist Rome
Accepting the Council and making agreements with the Modernists is COMPROMISE! 
Text taken from Vatican Insider
My comments in red

In an interview for the German language publication “Christ und Welt” (on newsstands as of July 28) Archbishop Guido Pozzo, Secretary of the Pontifical “Ecclesia Dei” Commission entrusted by Pope Francis to conduct conciliatory talks with the breakaway Catholic traditionalists of the priestly fraternity, “the Society of Saint Pius X” (commonly referred to as “SSPX”) this high Curia official clarifies some key issues regarding the negotiations. No longer excommunicated, but not yet canonically re-integrated, the fraternity has made basic concessions but continues to reject important Vatican II documents. According to the interviewer, Archbishop Pozzo’s report is likely to raise further questions.

Bishop Williamson- Authentic Thomism

Authentic Thomism

Truth which is true excludes all contradiction.
“Truth” which admits of error, is truth-fiction.

The way in which modernism can combine apparent sincerity and good faith with dissolution of the truth is so dangerous for the real faith of Catholics that it can hardly be described or analysed too often. The recent question of a Traditional layman provides another opportunity to do so. He asks whether a priest of the Society of St Pius X is wise who reads regularly a Conciliar Thomist review, on the grounds that the SSPX has not provided as of yet any such regular reading matter on the thought and doctrine of the Church’s great philosopher and theologian, St Thomas Aquinas. The answer is that this priest had better, at the least, be very careful, because Conciliar Thomism is a contradiction in real terms which can, in modernist terms, easily be made to seem – and here is the problem – non-contradictory.

Fr. Voigt, Two ears and one mouth

Fr. Voigt, Two ears and one mouth
Sunday Reflection

He was like every other man possessing two ears and one mouth but since he was deaf he could not speak with precision.  He was brought to the Master Who created him.  Now the human nature of our Lord interacts with the divine nature which in theological lingo is called a Theandric action.  This is an action in which the two natures cooperate in a cure.  The human nature uses spittle, the touch and the word.
"Be opened" was the divine command and the human nature was perfected.  The man spoke plainly and could hear perfectly.  End of story or so you think.

Fr. Campbell- “I, the Lord, am your God” (Ex.20:2)

“I, the Lord, am your God” (Ex.20:2)

“He has done all things well” (Mk.7:37). What things? “He has made both the deaf to hear and the dumb to speak,” answers St. Mark (Mk.7:37). But what more has He done for us?

We must first remember Who Jesus Christ is. He is the Man, Jesus of Nazareth, born of the Blessed Virgin Mary, legally the Son of Joseph, with relatives, friends and neighbors, a carpenter by trade, but a teacher and a miracle worker by calling, perfect in His human nature, not suffering the effects of Original Sin, since in Him there is no sin.

Earth Facing CME “Possible Killshot” Double Coronal Mass Ejection

Earth Facing CME “Possible Killshot” Double Coronal Mass Ejection

(Jul 30 1015UTC) NOAA confirms impact expected as well. NASA/NOAA say Monday impact but I think we could see it as early as tomorrow night.

Camp Calls Catholic Boys to Practice Chivalry, Defend the Unborn

Camp Calls Catholic Boys to Practice Chivalry, Defend the Unborn 

John Ritchie

 The following are highlights of the 10-day adventure at the Call to Chivalry Camp in rural Pennsylvania, which took place at the St. Louis de Montfort Academy from June 8-18, 2016.  The theme of the event focused on the heroes and saints of Catholic Spain.

Socialism Attacks Natural & Just Inequalities

Socialism Attacks Natural & Just Inequalities


We continue to expose the errors of Socialism based on the Catholic Popes before Vatican II.

Leo XIII clearly sets out here the total opposition between Catholic doctrine and Socialism regarding inequalities and private property.

Video of the Day- Outbreak? Russian Bio Warfare Troops Rushed to Arctic

Outbreak? Russian Bio Warfare Troops Rushed to Arctic 


Saturday, July 30, 2016

Francis to Youth: God Prefers Us to be Sinful and Weak

Francis to Youth: God Prefers Us to be Sinful and Weak?

Mahound's Paradise

Yes, Bergoglio said this to young people, many of whom are wrestling with all sorts of temptations right now.

TradCatKnight Radio, Latest False Prophet Message For July/Aug.

TradCatKnight Radio, Latest False Prophet Message For July/Aug
Talk given 7-29-16    (aprx 1 hr.)

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This talk covers the latest message from the False Prophet Yeshua Ben Joseph.  This covers the latest New Age Magazine that was put out by share international.  It is quite frightening to see them talk about areas the Vatican II sect covers and they even reference Francis in their apologetics!

Alas, Cartel, The Walls Are Closing In

Alas, Cartel, The Walls Are Closing In

The economic collapse is close are you prepared?

On this COMEX options expiration day – and last day of this week’s “COT Report cycle,” whose result will be published Friday afternoon – my guess is the “commercials” were yet again unsuccessful in covering their shorts.  Which likely, will push them a giant step further toward their inevitable, spectacular demise.  To wit, yesterday’s sharp key reversal, from the prototypical, blatantly orchestrated “Sunday Night Sentiment”; “2:15 AM”; and 8:20 AM COMEX open smashes, resulting in silver prices being higher as I write, than they were Friday afternoon.

TradCatKnight Mail....

TradCatKnight Mail....

Here is some of the latest coming through my inbox.  Spread word of TradCatKnight to your friends, family and church members...

What Happened to Role Models?

What Happened to Role Models? 

James Donlon

 The idea of a Catholic “role model” today has been reduced to a nice person, a charity worker, a 4.0 college student, or a sports star that makes the sign of the cross. These people could very well be role models, but the idea today is very stunted.


One World Religion Watch: DNC's Interfaith Service

One World Religion Watch: DNC's Interfaith Service
Note: Not an Endorsement

[The Democratic Party Convention at prayer in the Philadelphia Catholic cathedral at an “Interfaith Service of Prayer for the Nation” at the Dems’ request – near the Convention center and hotels!]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation and being booed down at a breakfast of her state’s delegation was not an official event at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week, although given the coverage of the latest Hillary-related e-mail scandal, you could be forgiven for thinking it was.

New Spine-Snapping ISIS Torture Device Uncovered: 'The Flying Carpet'

New Spine-Snapping ISIS Torture Device Uncovered: 'The Flying Carpet'

Anugrah Kumar

Islamic State militants stand in a line in the Syrian desert while the lead executioner speaks before the men behead five accused spies in a publicized execution video that was posted to pro-IS media outlets on June 28, 2016.

In its jails in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State terror group uses a new method of torture to extract confession from prisoners. "The Flying Carpet" is a hinged board, to which inmates are strapped and then bent in half, breaking their backbones, a dissident group has revealed.


 Cases of sexual abuse by priests continue to surface almost everywhere. As a rule, a boy who is abused remains silent. Only later, when he becomes a man, does he have the courage and means to denounce the crime committed against him. So, to help this type of victim bring the criminal to justice, it is essential that the latter should not be protected by a short-term statute of limitations.

The Gift of Miracles

The Gift of Miracles
by Fr. Michael Muller, 1885
 (Pictures Top Row: Fire from heaven consumes the sacrifice of Elias, Jesus walks on the sea, St. Raymund of Penafort crosses the sea on his cloak, St. Dominic's writing is preserved from fire; Bottom Row: Jesus raises Lazarus from the grave, St. Francis Xavier raises the dead to life.)

When our dear Saviour commissioned his apostles to preach the Gospel to all nations, he added: "And these signs shall follow them that believe: In my name they shall cast out devils; they shall speak with new tongues; they shall take up serpents; and if they shall drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay their hands upon the sick, and they shall recover." (Mark, xvi., 17, 18.) 

Video of the Day- With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations

Video of the Day- With Open Gates: The forced collective Suicide of European Nations
Warning: Sensitive Content 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Latest False Prophet Message (July/Aug. 2016)

Latest False Prophet Message (July/Aug. 2016)
Covers latest message, Francis, aliens, environmentalism and more...
Know thy enemy!
Excerpts from the recent New Age Magazine 
Yeshua Ben Joseph, the False Prophet...
Sidekick to New Age Antichirst Maitreya

From the latest share international magazine (Editorial note)

For several months, the United Kingdom heard its own and foreign politicians, experts and economists all putting forward their opinions as to whether Britain should remain within or leave the European Union. On 24 June, Britain and the rest of Europe woke up to learn that British citizens had voted to leave the EU.

Monsanto's Dirty Dozen

Monsanto's Dirty Dozen

Ethan Huff 

Most of the backlash today against Monsanto comes from the public's growing awareness about the dangers of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs), Roundup (glyphosate), and the systemic poisoning of our food supply with these unlabeled chemical additives. But did you know that the world's most evil corporation actually got its start in the artificial sweetener business?

Signs of the Times (July 29, 2016)

Signs of the Times  (July 29, 2016)
The latest madness form the modern world.  I wish I were making up this news.  
WARNING: Sensitive Content!!

They’re making lingerie for dudes now

When it comes to style, guys are starting to have way more fun: donning skirts, braiding their hair and even applying lipstick and highlighter to their faces.
But there is one trend even the most adventurous dudes have yet to fully embrace: lingerie.
One line is trying to change that. Menagerié — we would have gone with “Mangerié” — offers silky boxers, lace pajamas and other fancy unmentionables just for guys. But if you’re imagining flouncy pink Victoria’s Secret rip-offs, you’ve got the wrong idea.

A Problem of Personnel at Catholic Relief Services

A Problem of Personnel at Catholic Relief Services

Green Goo Is Showing Up Everywhere

Green Goo Is Showing Up Everywhere

Links to all the recent cases.... 

This is seemingly becoming more common.  A quick glance into this phenomena.

With one sermon, he launched the Crusades

With one sermon, he launched the Crusades


Pope Urban II & Saint Bruno Painting by Francisco de Zurbaran

(Otho, Otto or Odo of Lagery), 1088-1099, born of a knightly family, at Châtillon-sur-Marne in the province of Champagne, about 1042; died 29 July, 1099. Under St. Bruno (afterwards founder of the Carthusians) Otho studied at Reims, where he later became canon and archdeacon. About 1070 he retired to Cluny and was professed there under the great abbot St. Hugh. After holding the office of prior he was sent by St. Hugh to Rome as one of the monks asked for by Gregory VII, and he was of great assistance to Gregory in the difficult task of reforming the Church. In 1078 he became Cardinal Bishop of Ostia and Gregory’s chief adviser and helper. During the years 1082 to 1085 he was legate in France and Germany. While returning to Rome in 1083 he was made prisoner by the Emperor Henry IV, but was soon liberated.

Latest TCK Briefings (July 29,2016)

Latest TCK Briefings   (July 29,2016)
Special Message: Protect Your Churches!  
Deutsche Bank Profit Plunges 98 Percent  
Joint Military Exercises Between China & Russia  
FreeMasonic Francis: Religions Want Peace...  

Here are the latest TCK Video Briefings for July 29, 2016.  Please spread word of tradcatknight. Check in daily and spend at least 15 minutes a day as there is alot of information going out...

Instruction Concerning the Immodest Dress of Women

Instruction Concerning the Immodest Dress of Women
(Cfr. Canon 1262, §2)

At the exhortation of His Holiness, Pope Pius XI, to counteract the indecent fashions, many bishops have made regulations in their dioceses and forbidden Catholic ladies to wear fashionable but unbecoming dresses at the sacred functions in church, and especially when receiving Holy Communion. Though they had to suffer the insults that a heathenized press hurled against them, they remained firm in their prohibition of the unchristian fashion. The Sacred Congregation praises them for their constancy and publishes the following regulations:

Meditation For the Day- Let Nothing Affect You

'My dear brethren, this is how: listen well and you will understand if you have religion as God wants you to have it in order to lead you to Heaven. If a person has true virtue, nothing whatever can change him; he is like a rock in the midst of a tempestuous sea. If anyone scorns you, or calumniates you, if someone mocks at you or calls you a hypocrite or a sanctimonious fraud, none of this will have the least effect upon your peace of soul. You will love him just as much as you loved him when he was saying good things about you. You will not fail to do him a good turn and to help him, even if he speaks badly of your assistance. You will say your prayers, go to Confession, to Holy Communion, you will go to Mass, all according to your general custom.'
St. Jean Marie Baptiste Vianney, the Cure of Ars

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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Change is Painful....

Change is Painful....
By: Eric Gajewski

Consider the caterpillar who drudges along the ground and cannot yet reach the skies.  He believes there is nothing more to life than this.  Little does he realize that God has planned for so much more of him.  He slowly moves along this side of his transformation preparing for the painful day of having to go inside the cocoon.  He does not want to be alone; he does not want the silence; he does not want this dark and yet for this brief period of time it is necessary by God's holy design.  We, too, drudge along this side of the cocoon fearing in self love this transformation.

Latest Endtime Videos (July 28, 2016)

Latest Endtime Videos   (July 28, 2016)
Here are the latest endtime videos circulating online.  Are you praying the Rosary as Our Lady asked?  Only Faith will survive this great storm ahead.

The Italian Empire, A History to Take Pride In

The Italian Empire, A History to Take Pride In


The Italian colonial empire was a short-lived affair but one that had far more extensive roots than most people realize. As a united country, the Kingdom of Italy is often described as the last to obtain an empire and the first to lose it but Italians had been colonizers for a very long time. One need not go back to the Roman Empire when the whole Mediterranean basin was ruled from Italy but simply going back to the Middle Ages or the Renaissance shows that various Italian states had minor colonial holdings of their own. 


Volcano “super eruption” would come with little warning, scientists say

Volcano “super eruption” would come with little warning, scientists say


July 2016SUPERVOLCANO A new study has determined that super-eruptions -volcanic events so large they spew out hundreds of cubic kilometers of magma and ash -typically give only one year’s warning before they erupt, a prospect which would leave humanity little time to prepare for the worldwide devastation produced by such an eruption.The 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland disrupted air traffic and coated much of Northern Europe with volcanic ash, while the eruption of Mount St. Helens in Washington State in May of 1980, which was the deadliest and most economically costly volcano blast in U.S. history, covering 11 states with ash and killing approximately 57 people.

Chemtrails: Italians Blow the Lid Off of the Chemtrail Secret War (Video)

Chemtrails: Italians Blow the Lid Off of the Chemtrail Secret War (Video)

Jeff Pritchett 

(Pakalert Press) A new Italian film, Chemtrails: The secret war has been released showing a disturbing covert military agenda behind the sinister phenomenon, one that according to evidence presented includes far more than weather manipulation for “climate change.”

At World Youth Day, Vatican releases teen sex-ed program that leaves out parents and mortal sin

At World Youth Day, Vatican releases teen sex-ed program that leaves out parents and mortal sin 

Pete Baklinski

Note: Not an endorsement

A slide show of problematic content in the Vatican sex ed program is available here. (Caution: Sexually explicit images.)


"More souls go to hell because of sins of the flesh than for any other reason," Our Lady of Fatima warned the three young seers in 1917. But this message, unfortunately, is entirely absent from the Vatican’s newly released sex-ed program for teens. Instead, sexual sins are not mentioned at all. The 6th and 9th commandments are ignored while sexually explicit images and immoral videos are used as springboards for discussion.

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Saves the Philippines from the Invading Dutch Fleet

Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Saves the Philippines from the Invading Dutch Fleet


Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary Saves the Philippines from the Invading Dutch Fleet
Inside the Dominican church of Santo Domingo in Quezon City sits in celestial splendor and glory one of the most venerated and beloved image of the Most Holy Virgin in the Philippines.

Chivalry, a “psy-war” for the time

Chivalry, a “psy-war” for the time

Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira

Video included...

It would be a very interesting complement to the study of revolutionary psychological warfare to analyze that which was the Church’s counter-revolutionary psychological warfare of that time. Because chivalry was a set of truths that the Church mobilized for the use of the combatants and exposed not only in the form of ideas but through symbols, rites, habits, saints, extraordinary examples, etc. in order to complete the notion of chivalry. And it was exactly with this ideal of chivalry that the Church managed to do the Crusades and defeat the adversary.

Saint Quote of the Day- Actions Speak Louder Than Words....

'Actions speak louder than words; let your words teach and your actions speak. We are full of words but empty of actions, and therefore are cursed by the Lord, since he himself cursed the fig tree when he found no fruit but only leaves. It is useless for a man to flaunt his knowledge of the law if he undermines its teaching by his actions. But the apostles "spoke as the Spirit gave them the gift of speech." Happy the man whose words issue from the Holy Spirit and not from himself! We should speak, then, as the Holy Spirit gives us the gift of speech. Our humble and sincere request to the Spirit for ourselves should be that we may bring the day of Pentecost to fulfillment, insofar as he infuses us with his grace, by using our bodily senses in a perfect manner by keeping the commandments. Likewise we shall request that we may be filled with a keen sense of sorrow and with fiery tongues for confessing the faith so our deserved reward may be to stand in the blazing splendor of the saints and to look upon the triune God.'
St. Anthony of Padua

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Video of the Day- Masonic Private Security Force Open Carrying at DNC Protest In Philly

Video of the Day- Masonic Private Security Force Open Carrying at DNC Protest In Philly 

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

A run-down of Francis’ WYD agenda in Krakow

A run-down of Francis’ WYD agenda in Krakow

Inés San Martín  

Aside from further promoting the Vatican II New Religion and his false mercy routine here is what Francis is up to in Poland

Note: Not an endorsement taken from the Novus Ordo Website, Crux

Pope Francis arrives in Krakow, Poland, on Wednesday, to preside over the 13th edition of World Youth Day, the biggest and most raucous celebration of the Catholic faith on the planet, for a trip that's destined to be a mix of the political and the pastoral.

‘Transgender’ Is a Mental Illness and Should Be Treated as Such

‘Transgender’ Is a Mental Illness and
Should Be Treated as Such


The “transgender” craze currently being promoted by the controlled mass media as “the next civil rights frontier” is in fact a mental illness and its promotion is aiding and abetting mental disorders, the former chief psychiatrist for the Johns Hopkins Hospital has said. 

Like the Fatima visionaries, we should meditate on hell

Like the Fatima visionaries, we should meditate on hell

Reflecting on the horrors of hell can help us to avoid ending up there
What are we to make of the vision of hell which was seen by the Fatima children on July 13, 1917?
The vision was revealed in Sister Lucia’s Third Memoir – which was written in the summer of 1941 – when she stated that she was going to reveal the first two parts of the Fatima secret, and that the first part of this secret was the vision of hell.

The Holy Rosary Meditated at the School of St. Padre Pio

The Holy Rosary meditated at the school of St. Padre Pio 
First mystery. The agony of Jesus in the garden of olives.

Always follow public prosecutor's office and in everything to the will of God, in any event, and fear not. This conformity is the sure path to get to the sky. (Epista. III, 448)

The Real History of the Crusades

The Real History of the Crusades

The crusades are quite possibly the most misunderstood event in European history. Most of what passes for public knowledge about it is either misleading or just plain wrong.

Planet X Incoming: New active volcanoes around the world

New active volcanoes around the world: Sakurajima (Japan), Reventador (Ecuador), Poas and Turrialba (Costa Rica)


Every day, new volcanoes are spewing plumes of ash and gas around the world.

On July 25, 2016,  4 new volcanoes showed increased activity: Sakurajima (Japan), Reventador (Ecuador), Etna (Italy), Turrialba (Costa Rica).


Latest TCK Briefings... (July 27, 2016)

Latest TCK Briefings...  (July 27, 2016)
Kerry: Air Conditioners As Dangerous As ISIS!  
Surprise Surprise...Crime on The Rise!  
Planned Parenthood Makes 23 Million Annually Off Of...  
Cardinal Parolin: Youth Can Build A "New World"  

Here are the latest TradCatKnight Video Briefings for July 27, 2016.  Be sure to subscribe to TradCatKnight on Youtube!

Final Perseverance

Final Perseverance
by St. Bonaventure
I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.--2 Timothy 4: 7

It is not enough to be virtuous. To be firmly rooted in virtue, to possess virtuous habits, does not render us glorious in God's sight. Something else is still wanting. To be an object of glory to the eye of God we must possess the culminating virtue, the crown and consummation of all virtues, perseverance. No mortal being whatever, no matter how perfect He may seem, should be praised whilst he lives. 

Saint Quote of the Day- One Catholic Church

'We believe in the holy Church, that is, the Catholic Church; for heretics and schismatics call their own congregations churches. But heretics violate the faith itself by a false opinion about God; schismatics, however, withdraw from fraternal love by hostile separations, although they believe the same things we do. Consequently, neither heretics nor schismatics belong to the Catholic Church; not heretics, because the Church loves God, and not schismatics, because the Church loves neighbor.'
St. Augustine

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

BREAKING: Muslim Gang Storms Catholic Church In France

BREAKING: Muslim Gang Storms Catholic Church In France During Mass, Takes The Priest And Slits His Throat In Front Of The Entire Church In Ritual Sacrifice To Allah While Screaming “Allahu Akbar.” IF THIS IS NOT AN ACT OF WAR I DO NOT KNOW WHAT IS


First it was threats. Then it was public places. Now they are invading your churches:
Anti-terrorist police shot two knifemen dead today after they murdered a priest by cutting his throat during a siege inside a church in northern France.

Today’s bloodbath unfolded in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, close to the Normandy city of Rouen.

Three Ways to Combat Satanic Black Mass

America Needs Fatima 
Dear Mr. Gajewski,
    I am writing you in urgency to propose three types of action you can take to oppose the black mass and desecration of Mary announced for August 15th, feast of the Assumption, in Oklahoma City. 

CERN Tomorrowland Mass Luciferian/New Age Ritual

CERN Tomorrowland Mass Luciferian/New Age Ritual

Tomorrowland is one of the biggest electronic music festivals held in the world, taking place in Boom, Belgium. It used to be organized as a joint venture by the original founders together with ID&T Belgium.

At the Threshold of Green Equality

At the Threshold of Green Equality 

James R. Bascom

A revolution is underway that is fundamentally transforming mankind’s relationship with the natural world. Although it began in academia this movement has metastasized and spread, first into the culture, and now into law. This revolution is called Ecology, and its latest phase is the granting of legal personhood to animals, plants, parks, and rivers.