"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

As the Soul Governs the Body So God Governs Man

As the Soul Governs the Body So God Governs Man
By: Eric Gajewski
Who will govern you?  Who will govern the nation?
Christ or antichrist?  The Catholic Religion or the NWO's Religion?

 What would the world look like whose “living” didn’t worship the true Living One?  What would society become when it forgets its own Creator?  These are questions we ought ask ourselves today and not far behind it we have the answers.  Open up your local newspaper or even jump online for a few minutes and witness a world sickened with the disease of me.  Modern man perpetually swims in this sea of self which will soon be looking for its new messiah to be heralded onto the scene.  It is quite exciting to know that we are living in those times the early apostles warned us of and which so many saints wished they had the opportunity of living through.  So why the sad and long faces?  Didn’t we expect a universal apostasy from churchmen?  Did we not expect that nearly the whole world would turn its backs on true Catholic doctrine and ultimately on Christ in the end?  I was recently reading one of the greatest interior books available entitled “The Interior Life” by Father Tissot and there was one line in it that was so profound that it has me coming back to it every day now.  “As the soul governs the body so God must govern man”.  Does society as a whole want to be governed by God anymore? This I suppose is open to debate but we ought ask what “God” are we talking about? 

Take a look around.  The world is neck deep in the gospel of self.  Everybody seemingly wants “rights” no matter how perverse their behavior.  We have turned our backs on God by turning our back on the true Catholic Faith and ultimately, we are going to pay the price.  It is kind of like turning your back on your first romantic love and leaving for that girl who you know is not right for you but she is “right for the moment”.  Such it was with Vatican II.  We know our God is a jealous God and this isn’t going to be pretty when God demonstrates this (His jealousy) to the world.  God, of course, allows men to choose another in their free will but God still must act in His justice in accordance to how men do choose.  Somehow, we have arrived at a world where men (largely due to liberalism) think they can do whatever they want and not be corrected or have any consequences.  God is “seemingly” sitting off to the side merely adding up all that is owed and my goodness what is owed is worse than our 20 trillion-dollar debt number (spiritually speaking).  A Christian society would love to give but we live in self-centered world always wanting to receive.  We are already primed for the antichrist right now however it will get worse.  The Catholic Church before Vatican II warned that the slow “moving away” from Catholicism ultimately ends in antichrist and I don’t think too many would argue his time is not near off.  

Man governing man.  We are our own end?  This is what Satan would have us to believe.  He would trick us into thinking we planted the tree of knowledge and can eat from it too.  He will trick us into thinking we are sufficient without God ON ALL LEVELS.  Yes, this back stabbing of Our Lord extends far deeper than just theology and religion.  It is to kick the true and Living God out of every sphere and sector of life and replace it with a new messiah and his social justice gospel.  These principles and gospel are already laid down (largely) folks now all that has to happen is for the antichrist to simply walk onto the scene (with a certain set of circumstances).  Man must be governed by God, that is, the true God and His principles that He laid down with His only Catholic Church.  God never intended for division, chaos and revolution yet it is only logical that this would occur when disobedient men break from Catholicism.  Vatican II has rerouted the hearts of men onto this new socialist humanitarian gospel which uses the name of Christ and completely perverts who He was and the doctrine He truly taught.  There is only so much “hermeneutics of continuity” talk you can take before finally realizing you cannot live a lie any longer.  Or could you? 

Modern man Promotion of the Body over virtue.  This is pretty consistent here in the West.  Modern man is infatuated with himself and his or her looks.  We are, as I say, “a surface dwelling creature” who cannot penetrate below the natural because we first refuse truth.  We refuse Catholic truth therefore God refuses to make Himself a home in you.  So many have this notion that if everything goes according to my own will than I am happy and yet is this what Christ taught us?  Christ suffered every hour of His earthly existence and yet we expect to live our whole lives according to our will? This is utter madness.  So many equate their value to what they can possess or what they can “tone up” in the gym.  A good number will go the gym daily and spend 2 hours there doing cardio and free weights and yet spend 5 minutes in prayer at night.  And these souls think (who constantly live this way) they actually will die and go straight to heaven!  Folks, you wear your heart on display yet you do not examine what is written on the surface.  We no longer are interested in virtue and the true beauty which lay within but rather we are shallow and superficial modern creatures.

Man has become its own “God”.  We have taken Christ off the throne of our own heart and replaced Him with our self. Yes, this is true do not deny it.  We think with all of the latest inventions we can cut “God”, the middle man” out of the equation and promote a new sufficiency!  Who will be the loyal the sons and daughters of the true God who are willing to stick out like a sore thumb amongst those who hold to false doctrines or who are not in the least concerned about doctrine at all? The closer we stay to Our Lady, the Rosary and the Sacraments the greater chance we have to stand true during the evil day.  We must continually work at detaching our hearts FROM ALL THINGS not “some things”.  Some of you will think it to be sufficient to give Christ only 80 percent of your heart and secretly hold the other 20 percent for  yourself hidden away from the eyes of men.  Some of you think that God will accept this and yet we know from Scripture that a “torn heart” is heart already won the devil.  

 You will not "outpull" God.  It is His Way or it is Hell's way....

The Catholic Religion is ALL or NOTHING and thus this is reflected in the interior life.  Brethren, the WHOLE HOUSE is HIS not just the first floor.  You attempt to keep Christ on the first floor all the while doing your deeds of darkness of the second floor thinking Christ does not see!  I assure you just as you cannot “box with God” you equally cannot win this “tug of war”.  You will either lay down the rope and walk to Christ or you will tug so hard (trying to get God to conform to you) you will end in the mud pit behind you.  There is no in between. Just as the soul must govern the body so too must God govern man.  And what has man done with his body besides tattoo it, destroy it through drugs and alcohol and purposefully allow it to fall apart?  We do not protect our souls and clothe it with truth and therefore it shows on the surface.  So many these days are looking possessed as a reflection of that which already occupies their heart and soul.  Govern your soul FIRST then you can lend some time to the body.  Work on the greatest muscle you have which is the heart!  Turn your heart to Christ and become a true Soldier in the Lord’s Army for our war is waged first with the eyes unseen within.  Let us continue to walk away from the world and not into her web.  Be ye deceived no more and come walk with Christ whose Feet has holes bearing testimony to the Truth in how we ought walk.  This way is called Holy Suffering.  Amen

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