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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Eight Reasons I Thank God Im Not "Following" Antipope Francis

Eight Reasons I Thank God Im Not Following Antipope Francis
By: Eric Gajewski
In yet another modernist attempt to paint Francis as Catholic Fr. Souza demonstrates he too has lost the Faith

It is really rough out there in ModernistLand where the doctrines are "sugary" and everyone is nice.  So many of them clinging to Francis in their Pope Worshipping ways.  In attempt to speak some sense into this highly modernist world (Fr. Souza being one of them) I have come up with 8 reasons why I thank God I am not following Francis and his illicit teachings.  This is, of course, in response to Father Souza's article which recently appeared on the National "Catholic" Register.  When you are willing to accept anything a Pope says or does you have already ceased to be a Catholic and sadly I know too many of these types to begin with. 

One.  I seek to convert.  The hilarious suggestion by Fr. Souza is that Francis is a missionary?  Are you serious?  What is he trying to convert people to?  Assuredly it is not Catholicism.  This priest ought know that it is Vatican II new doctrine NOT to convert anyone therefor Vatican II nor francis hold any missionary value.  He is seemingly on a mission to destroy all that remains of Catholicism that I will concede.  Francis doesnt even believe in a Catholic God let alone actually teach Catholicism.  Father should perhaps read the texts of what is said instead of getting lost in Francis's "dreamy eyes".

Two.  True Charity teaches truth.  Francis does not therefore Fr. Souza loses again on this point.  When truth is no longer given than charity is no longer given for truth and charity go hand in hand.  The reality is Vatican II as awhole does not reprsent truth therefore it is not charity.  As I have mentioned if there is a benefit to Francis it is that he is so off the wall that even some "conservatives" are beginnign to see what true traditionalists have been saying all along.  Francis does not in the least bit offer any charity (objectively speaking) because he does not teach the truth.  His Vatican II impotent humanitarianist ways have long been condemned by the Church. 

Three. Francis teaches works without Faith.  This implication comes out over and over in the New Religion of Vatican II.  Afterall these Masons want science and reason to win out in the end therefore these supposed good works are only for show.  Such is the FreeMasonic sect hiding behind its philanthropy and "good works".  Francis would have you to believe just like a Protestant would that dogma and doctrine is simply to rigid and restricting. We just have to witness.  Bulldonkey.  This is more proof that Francis has lost the faith as the good Archbishop said of Modernist Rome back in the lates 80's.  Without doctrine we cannot possibly find those Walls of the Fortress wherein His grace abides.  I would add this is also a setup for the soon False Prophet whose name will be Yeshau Ben Joseph (in my opinion).  Who needs the old crusty doctrines now amidst all of mans sufferings. 

Four.  Mercy.  Point four is the same as Fr. Souza yet he has fallen for the pseudo mercy of the Vatican II NewChurch.  It is a new concept of mercy.  When you change the philosophy behind your doctrine then ultimately you will change your perception of the words traditionally used.  FrancisMercy has now been used to further loosen church discipline and continue to destroy the Faith but let us not be folloish he is not the first.  Mercy is being used to normalize sodpmy, it may be used to usher in "women deacons and priests" too!  His idea of mercy flows from the chambers of hell from which there is no further mercy.

Five.  Francis the measure of the Catholic Faith?  I am completely convinced that Francis could virtually say anything (heretical) and the Novus Ordites will simply gooble it up as "Catholic" doctrine.  Right now we have global warming and environmentalism being put forth as one the greatest problems mankind has.  No, the greatest problem the world faces is that loss of the sense of Catholicity.  We now have the New Religion being branded as Catholic and priests like Fr. Souza only continue to add to the Churchs problems. 

Six.  Francis showing his fellow Masons who he truly follows.  Over and over again we see world leaders such as Antipope francis and Donald Trump giving handsigns that show who their true alleginace is too.  Therefore, not only is Francisdoctrine rotten but his various nefarious handsigns only show as visible proof to the side he has chosen.  As Fr. Malachi Martin and Fr. Hesse has pointed out "the plan" is diabolical.  Vatican II was diabolical which has been branded a gift from God as Sister Jeanne (17th century prophetess) warned.  When good becomes seemingly evil and evil seemingly becomes good is the ultimate proof that we are living in the endtimes.  Such it was with Vatican II when those simply clinging to Tradition (who didnt want to heretically "evolve" with the masses) would now be labeled as "outsiders".  We have the Faith and care not for the buildings.  The voice of St. Athanasius is heard in the howling winds this winter still reaffirming we are on that narrow path.  Folks, it is not a good sign when Jews and FreeMasons praise Vatican II and people like Francis.

Seventh.  I want to save my soul.  I will not save my soul objectively speaking following the New Religion of Vatican II.  These modernists act as if the Church started with that heretical/schsiamtic Council.  People are more interested these days in all of the latest distractions and simply dont put in the time to see the difference between the two religions.  Francis, like Vatican II, is the ultimate "trojan horse" wherein once it is rolled within all stand back in awe until nightfall.  The sad reality is the majority slumber as zombies through this crisis unable to distinquish principles which are good and which are intrinsically evil.  The new man centered gospel of Vatican II has its new puppet "pretender" called Francis and God is not amused.  Just wait till 2017 when the majority begin to see quite clearly that Francis is not at all the Pope.  Wait till the world sees Rome being crushed under the Hand of a Just God.  What will the Fr. Souza's of the world say then?  When will they put down the act?  I am sure they will have some excuse and be sure I will be behind them to mop up their vomit.

Eight.  Popularity. Can you believe this modernist priest actually uses this as an argument positively for Francis?  Since when in the world is popularity a measure for orthodoxy?  If I taught Vatican II Francisdoctrine I too could be popular with the enemies of the Church such as Jews and Masons.  I would aslo be welcomed by the sodomites and alduterers but since I want to please Jesus and not heretics I do not do so.  If the world is naturally against Christ and therefore against the Catholic Religion logic would tell you that we ought be truly unpopular with the world?  We know who runs the mainstream media and who is behind the Vatican II apostasy and they need to paint their puppets as the new builders of humanity and little "saviours" of the world UNTIL the False Prophet and Antichrist show up on the scene.  Yes, much like a good theatre production the masses sit down nightly and do not realize the soap opera they are watching.  Bravo!  Bravo! Antipope Francis you will will the Jew's thou art humble of the year award for 2016 for sure.  This modernist priest thinks Francis's remarks on "who I am to judge" is a positive message to be received by Christians when the reality is it only sets up the world for further destruction to the Faith.  You are a sodomite?  No problem!  You are living with your girlfriend?  No problem!  You dont believe in God?  No problem just obey your conscience!  You have nightly orgies with your college friends?  No problem  Gods mercy is greater...  for who am I to judge ...this is God's business.  This papal pretender sounds more like a Protestant everytime I hear him.  I hear similar answers coming from the hookers and escorts of the world.  Oh! How stupid people are these days who not only read what Francis and Fr. Souza write but also "follow" them.  Folks, it is high time to get up out of your church teaching Vatican II and say enough is enough.  God will not be mocked much more by these heretics.  do you want to be considered an accompliance in this destruction of the Faith?  Then it is time for you to draw a line in the sand and start calling out these priests like Francis and Fr. Souza who have long lost the Faith.