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Monday, December 12, 2016

Those Who Do Not Know Christian Doctrine….

Those Who Do Not Know Christian Doctrine….
Those Who Do Not Know Christian Doctrine Cannot Know the “Caress” of Our Lord?
By: Eric Gajewski
Someone has been doing alot of "caressing" in the public forum bringing scandal with it...

Francis has recently said that those who do not know the Lord’s “Caress” do not know Christian Doctrine.  This got me to thinking about the subjectivist nature of these modernists who truly hide behind “feelings first”.  It is not at all about doctrine anymore.  Heck, Francis doesn’t even care if the SSPX accepts Vatican II or not anymore and yet is this a good thing?  Of course not for he is a universalist.  Furthermore, he is a subjectivist who would tell you to obey your conscience even if your “conscience” would indicate that there is no God.  “I will meet you there” Francis has said to the atheist!  Truly Francis could care less about doctrine and yet you cannot truly be in a state of grace and experience God’s joy without first handing over your mind and heart to Catholic Truth.  Vatican II is not truth but a man-made script for the New World Order.  So according to the “new apostle” so long as we experience God’s joy we have Christian doctrine?  This is utterly false and absurd.

Benny Hinn the heretic "smacking the Presence of God" into people I presume

Protestants and charismatics say “I feel God”.  Yet does this constitute being in a state of grace or imply one will be saved?  The answer is no because our Lord said he would turn away those even prophesying in His name.  Those who do not do God's Will suffer the flames of hell.  Therefore those who turn away form Catholic doctrine suffer the flames of hell.  A whole lot of people at their judgement will claim subjective “experience” and yet they refused Catholic (objective) truth.  This is how the sheep will be separated from the goats as to whether or not one kept the Faith.  Our salvation is not based upon our “dancing bedside” angels experiences.  Furthermore you are not going to have joy if at first you do not have Catholic doctrine.  A smile on the surface would not indicate true joy.  Do you know how many times I have been told by escorts actively engaging in sexual sin that they experience God’s joy on a nightly basis?  The free love gospel used by harlots is being applied by the Vatican more frequently and going unnoticed by the many.  It is a figment of their imagination for God doesn’t dwell in the impure soul  that is reality.  It is truly tough in this hour when you have the Bogus Ordo preaching their flavor of Catholicism and so many lax "Catholics" “gobble it up” as it is Church teaching but is this case?

Street Fighter Church Edition 

Vatican:  We have the authority therefore the “interpretation” argument.  We keep demonstrating to the authorities pre Vatican II papal teaching on the errors they profess and they keep responding we have the interpretation.  Yes, they have the interpretation but that does not guarantee they are infallible.  Scripture and Tradition are infallible and the Pope in some cases and that is all.  Vatican II was not infallible nor are these Popes when they teach against what the Solemn Magesterium has already cemented down as truth.  This notion that as churchmen we can say or do whatever we want was long prophesied against by preVatican II mystics.  Pope St. Pius X warned that they (Conciliarists) would use terms such as freedom and liberty and love and have a completely different interpretation from what was traditionally taught.  You have to be able to critically think in these times and since most cannot this sets up for a perfect storm aka the Vatican II modernist crisis. 

Lost sheep.  What is ironic is that from one of Francis’ latest messages he is speaking on the lost sheep.  Objectively speaking Francis is the epitome of a lost sheep.  He has a false faith and gospel and literally leads people out of the fold not into the fold.  When a potential convert is trying to come to Catholicism I don’t dare send them into any Conciliar Church nor have them read any of what Francis is teaching lest they should remain in error.  Thus, we come back to the title of this article.  Those who do not know Christian doctrine and this includes all those clinging to the new man centered gospel of Vatican II.  In rereading Pope Gregory the XVI tonight in Mirari Vos I found this warning once again by St. Cyprian of a “human church” being constructed.  Since the Second Vatican Council the foundation is being laid down for this Apostate Church which Blessed Anna Emmerick recorded in her revelations.  They were building a new church according new formulae and it was seen a church built by human hands with NO ANGEL accompanying it.  Send that to the next false traditionalist or modernist you meet.  Not one saint nor angel going along with the Vatican II program!  Those who do not know proper Catholic doctrine can’t possibly receive God’s joy (in rebellion) and therefore remain a lost sheep.

Francis says “God does not condemn but saves”.  He is another implication of Francis being a universalist as John Paul II was.  They believe based upon Christ dying for us that all will be saved in the end.  Hence, the ecumenical movement and the new search for “truth”.  Hence why there is now teaching of conversion to the Catholic Faith in the Vatican II New Religion.  People have to be able to put all of these areas together to truly understand what these wayward churchmen actually think and teach.  Because the laity do not know their Faith they actually follow.  Christ does indeed condemn in the sense that He will judge us and send those away who didn’t hold the true Faith.  Thus, again, coming back to an earlier point, we see, how God will condemn those who even shout out “Lord, Lord…did I not…”  There are going to be many who fall into the pits of hell clinging to Francis newdoctrine and his revolution of tenderness nonsense that he is preaching.  Have I not warned they would hide behind “mercy” so as to implode the Faith further and say the Lord is all inviting!  The reality is Christ has FEW true followers and in our times it is even fewer as most now follow the new man gospel of Vatican II.  We can look to Scriptures to see how God condemns and then apply them in our own lives so that we don’t become hell’s newest statistic.  Ever wonder why the Vatican keeps trying to persuade the masses that God is not chastising on the basis of the sodomite agenda?  They don’t believe the true Catholic God that we do.  Francis has even admitted so himself with his whole “God Spray” thesis which has been long condemned by the Church.  The apostasy is right in front of us and yet so many like the fantasyland they have created wherein they no longer have to critically think on any doctrinal matter and simply follow the other fish who are headed right into the sharks mouth.  

So the next time that you go to lay down on the couch for the weekend Brady Bunch marathon remind yourself my salvation is first based upon what I know.  If you don’t know the Faith than you cannot save your soul.  For without Faith it is impossible to please God (both objectively and subjectively) Then, if you don’t remain in a state of grace (due to mortal sin/heresy) after entering into this Fortress of Faith then you likewise will join the legions of the damned.  People do not take their salvation seriously anymore and Our Lord even indicated this in the gospel.  He said that FEW would hold the Faith at the time of His second coming.  Who can doubt, given the lunatic gospel, of modernist Rome, these days, that, we are more approaching that time?

I may not know much but I know one thing....
 I dont want any of Antipope Francis' "caresses of joy".....

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