"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

“Only God Can Judge Me?”

“Only God Can Judge Me?”
By: Eric Gajewski

As many of you know I have a rather extensive “adult ministry”.  I have recently started back up doing this work trying to reach out to escorts and prostitutes.  I must admit beyond the initial message of asking the question of whether or not they are satisfied with that life, there is not a whole lot of intelligent talk (on their end).  I am finding this response of  “…only God can judge me” to be quite prevalent amongst these escorts and prostitutes yet does it hold any weight?  Can a Christian reach out to others who have apparently lost their way and remind them that this is not God’s path for them?  Should these messages be considered harassment or rather an invite to perhaps an alternative path?  All of these are questions which are asked as it relates to my work  will now be tackled head on.

Judgement: Objective vs. Subjective.  Objectively speaking we have not only a right to point out a fault (this a very dangerous sin) we have duty to relay this to those who maybe ignorant.  If there is anything I have learned over the many years of doing this particular work it is that to expect all kinds of responses.  Most of them not pleasant.  Many of these poor girls do not even realize that they are grievously offending God and some of them actually respond back saying this is Gods path for them.  I kid you not.  Subjectively we are taught that we cannot judge the interior and we leave that to God.  This is true but this is where escorts and prostitutes try to keep the argument at.  They do not like to be told what they are doing is objectively wrong and this is due to their pride.  The escorts are FAR worse than your everyday streetwalking prostitute because they actually believe men should pay them hundreds of dollars to simply be in their presence.  I have often told these girls in reality they ought be paying their clients to have them in their presence.  It is truly a shallow life to live.  This, of course, is after the clients see their lewd profiles and suggestive poses.  I can tell you how blind souls have told me they are just selling “time” and not sex.  They are selling sex and they know it yet they try to pass it off as if they are “doing good” for society by offering men their time.  Can we make objective judgement for the sake of correction?  Absolutely and thus this teaching can extend over and beyond the main focus of this article.  For example how many modernists cry out “Quit judging the Pope”… “who are you to judge the Pope!”.  You see this line of argument on not only modernist sites but also the false traditionalist websites.

Who am I to Judge? Fr. Hesse on Objective vs Subjective Judgments 

Only God Can Judge Me is a “cop out” answer.  Sadly, some will argue that there is no such teaching in the bible which restricts them from escorting.  I will even get …“Jesus’ wife” was a prostitute or Mary Magdalene was a prostitute therefore I can be one.  You really get a lot of loony tunes answers but also spin-doctoring from these girls.  I don’t even believe that they believe the vomit they text back to me.  The last few days has been tough in terms of getting individuals to even sit, listen and reflect upon what they are really doing and how they are negatively affecting society.  Most of them brag about how they make 5K plus in one day then I have to warn them about the economic collapse.  These girls’ world will be turned upside down once the collapse happens and the big market for “company” will plummet as the majority will scramble for the basics in life.  That business undoubtly will even see more violent crimes including rape and murder.  People don’t really care now and do you think it will actually get better after the collapse?  Rationalizing their behavior seems to be a scripted response.  What I mean is I can tell others have messaged them as well who have pointed out their illicit behavior.  It is kind of like a kneejerk reaction for them and thus the same responses are given for any Christian texting and trying to reach out to them.  I can’t imagine what hell will be like for these souls who will die absent of grace (which is not possible objectively speaking in that lifestyle).  The haunts of my texts and others I’m sure will go wherever they roam below. 

Love warns.  I realize that very few in the end will even hear me out and thus I know going into this work it is more of a warning than anything else.  The escorts and prostitutes hate this!  I can tell you honestly that about half of the girls who respond (in my opinion) are literally possessed some of the language they use goes beyond the imagination.  They have parasitical unclean spirits in them controlling them and they do not realize it (or maybe they do and don’t care).  Part of my work is to go out ahead of the storm and warn.  Time is short before more serious events start happening and thus there is little time for these girls to get in a state of grace and get their act together.  This is true Charity.  Those who pass by these girls and try to “sugar coat” what they are doing do not truly love these girls as sisters nor women.  But, hey somebody has to be the “bad guy”.

“You are harassing me”.  This is the latest “woe is me” response by some of these girls.  Over the past few nights I have had girls tell me after the initial reaching out message that I have harassed them!  They even me blacklisted due to me reaching out to them.  This is the absolute madness we live in wherein these girls think they can post X rated profiles and expect pigs to text them and then those who actually seek the betterment of their soul are being labeled as “harasser’s’.  Some of these girls have lawyers waiting in the wings.  They are demented and run by the devils. I assure you these lost ones will be harassed for all eternity and the punishment they endure will know no end.  For some souls all they might get is one warning.  I can recall talking to a very young escort about 19 years old and warning her about how that lifestyle is dangerous.  For they might not ever know who they are really dealing with even after background checks and references as some of these girls request beforehand.  Long story short this young lady hung up on me in pride and went on her way.  The day after I warned this young lady about the dangers I received a call from the same phone number.  On the other end was a sobbing young woman who went on to tell me she had just been robbed at knife point and she didn’t even call the cops first but me.  That may have been the best thing to happen to her as now (at an early age) she could really see the dangers involved in that lifestyle.  Only a godless liberal would suggest I am harassing them and yet does not this perfectly describe a good portion of America?   I even had one escort tell me that her local authorities don’t care about these girls escorting and would rather focus on harasser’s like me and this shouldn’t surprise anyone.  Our local authorities become more corrupt as the days go along and they too will answer before the Almighty. 

I am saved by Jesus!  Yes, this is another sad response by those trying to rationalize their behavior.  They will literally argue that they can do whatever they like because all of their sins are covered by the “blood of the Lamb” and yet is this the case? See my further explanation in the paragraph below.  Once again we must go back to the objective vs subjective distinguisher.  Objectively speaking we are saved by Christ.  Subjectively this does not mean that you can do whatever you want.  However, when you are raised in heretical sects you are often taught that “all sins are equal”.  I cannot tell you how many times I have heard this over the years.  Many are going to lose their souls on the basis of not even knowing the true Faith to begin with.  We must remember that ignorance can only potentially save your soul.  We cannot teach it as Dogma as Pope St. Pius X warned.  Some of these girls have a belief structure that teaches that you could literally rape and kill someone in the same day and still be in God’s grace (unrepented) which is absolute madness.  I remind them that Our Lord indicated that many will come to him and say Lord, Lord…”did we not”….and He will send them away.  It is not enough to know what Jesus teaches you actually have to live that life and stay in a state of grace.  So much for the “I am saved by Jesus” argument.  


True Repentance.  We know as Catholics, that is, as the true believers and followers of Christ, that there must be true contrition and intent of amendment of life in order to be forgiven by God.  Sadly, here is where a lot of the heretics who respond back to me go wrong.  They have this notion that they can professionally be escorts Monday through Saturday then Sunday sit in some Church service “be forgiven” and then start the whole process over again.  Do these souls who think like this receive God’s forgiveness?  The answer is no because there is no amendment of one’s life.  There is no attempt to even try to break from sin and God knows this. I point this out to them and they are quickly silenced and run back to argument number one.  Having said all of that there truly are some women who feel this is “the only option” to put food on the table for their family (often broken family).  It is quite sad to hear some of these stories as they are crying on the phone.  Thus, we must be careful in rash judgement even myself.  Our Lord has often showed me this.  This is the message of Fatima.  A message of repentance and conversion.  From leading a self-led life into a constant life of grace.  It is a message of hope of potential new beginnings.  Even sadder is this response which I have received from time to time and it goes something like this.  “This is all I was made for (sex, being attractive and a toy for a man)” Some of these women have been raped as early as 4 or 5.  I have heard these stories.  Many of them by the men in their families and so they go on through life thinking this is all they are good for.  It is truly heart wrenching to have to listen in but it is necessary for I may be the only voice who will hear out what their soul truly wants to say.  

In the end continue to prayer for me and patience in this work for the Lord.  Let us continue to offer up one decade daily for the poor sinners of the world who cannot see clearly (which is truly all of us).  Love seeks to help others become the best they can be.  After all should we not strive for sainthood?  We should be hardest on ourselves of course but there is a time and place to point out how someone is objectively speaking wrong and then provide Church teaching on the matter for support.  Pride does not want to hear it in the end and many times I cannot get beyond the second exchange of texts without having this wall immediately being thrown up in my face.  I sadly envision these souls before Our Lord trying to protest to even Him in His Presence that is how entrenched they are in self-love.  Ave Maria!