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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 5, 2016

Real Saints Resisting

Real Saints Resisting
By: Eric Gajewski

In this hour of apostasy there are many unclear as to what is even Catholic anymore.  To keep things simple since the Second Vatican Council we have been pitched an entirely new religion (Novus Ordo) under the guise of being labeled “Catholic”.  This new religion is very seductive for it capitalizes on the so called problems of our modern times.  Ironically, it is these same evil men who control the Vatican and world governments which are behind “the problems” themselves.  So many are deceived because they turn on the mainstream media and get sucked into this fantasy world.  They see how “great” John Paul II was and how “great” Francis supposedly is.  We have these very poor promoters, the “Don King’s, of our time (if you will) running around in used car salesmen fashion trying to make evil look good.  No thanks, I want to be and live as a Catholic as always understood until Vatican II.  I want to die as a catholic and therefore I will not turn my back on Christ by accepting the Council and this Revolution.  Those being called “great” these days are not at all.  Unless you preach the new religion and or are a Socialist/Marxist.  Ultimately, it depends which lenses you are looking through.  If you want to be a modernist then yes continue on building up man’s new utopia and see where it gets you in the next life.  The reality is the real saints of our times are heroically resisting this modernist madness not going along with the current pull of the tide out to sea.

St. Athanasius the “outsider”.  There is a lame argument which suggests I am against the Church because I refuse to follow heresy.  The reality is I am pro Church by not going along with this universal apostasy.  Such was the teachings of the greatest minds of the Church that when any priest, prelate or Pope turn his back on Tradition then we must turn our backs and leave where the contagion is taught.  Those who stay “within” do the Church no good.  Perhaps if some of these false traditionalists left earlier than it would be more clear to others who are currently confused and trying to arrive at a conclusion.  The reality is since Vatican II a “Conciliar Church” has been created which is heretical and schismatic (materially).  Therefore, we are not outside the “Church” we are essentially what is left of it (objectively speaking).  It is not those who refuse the Revolution (admittingly so by the Conciliarists) who are Protestants it is rather the other way around.  My position has always been that the post Vatican II Popes would be formally anathematized/excommunicated in the future for they ALL played an active role in the destruction of the Church!  Does this fit the mainstream narrative?  Of Course not, because the same nefarious faction who controls the Vatican also controls the mainstream media.  Quit doubting your decision to leave those churches teaching Vatican II.  You are fine.  God will soon raise up in His anger and show the world what He thinks of Vatican II and the soon Apostate Church in Rome.

Todays “saints” are social justice warriors.  This is playing out EXACTLY as Pope St. Pius X warned.  He warned of this impotent humanitarianism which would deceive so many.  Anyone who reads the writings of Pope St. Pius X and then continues on going to Vatican II Churches is completely clueless.  You cannot reconcile Vatican II with Tradition.  Maitreya needs his agents to continue pressing the social justice madness of our hour.  We now have leaders in our Church who see climate change as the same as abortion.  We have others in the Church who see feeding the homeless as the same as they would see Vatican I.  They do not even realize the web they are caught in.  Vatican II has so cleverly paved the way for the arrival of the False Prophet and Antichrist that perhaps 95+ percent of so called “Catholics” follow the New Religion (many of them ignorantly).  Everybody is searching for some kind of equality and acknowledgement and yet there is no “equality” for real catholics these days.  Those following Vatican II need to be admonished and publicly there is no more excuses not to.

Vatican II priests going on protestant shows but not mine.  I invite all kinds of people onto my radio show as many of you know.  You may not know just how difficult it is to actually get people who identify as “Catholic” onto the show.  For example, I have had two novus ordo priests both known exorcists here in the west decline coming on to my show and yet they continually appear on Protestant shows all across the world.  That is no fib.  I caught these two priests on other non-Catholic outlets after rejecting coming on to my show.  The reality is these priests are not Catholic and are to be avoided.  They don’t want truth therefore they run to where they can fit in.  They are truly sad and need our prayers.  I assure you I gave them a little message to remind them of this.  These priests don’t resist and  they are full fledge members of the Revolution playing pretend. 

TradCatKnight: Fr. Hesse, "Modernism & Pope St. Pius X"  

Fence sitting is not resisting.  Those still accepting the Council are not resisting at all they are tap-dancers.  They sit on the fence.  They are not apart of the true Counter Revolution.  They have one foot in the world and the other trying to test the heavenly waters.  They are afraid of being called crazy or being labeled a fundamentalist.  They are still full of themselves and need to turn wholly to the Truth and cling.  We know what God says of the lax and lukewarm and this also applies to the fence sitters and tap-dancers.  The pseudo traditionalists.  One day you will have to formally choose the New Age or not so start practicing now (proper resistance).  Those who tap dance in the future will be beheaded for the ‘pause in their answer”.  The enemy will not be nice to the compromisers therefore why would you expect God to be merciful to you?  It wont happen.  The next time you are out in social media circles be brave and heroic.  Stand up for the Faith and do not care what others say about you.  I have more enemies then friends these days and for good reason.  This is because there are more enemies of God than friends.  There are few true friends of God left in the world.  

Angels rebelled.  Certain angels rebelled against God and they fell from grace like lightning from the sky.  The fall from grace is harsh for a revolutionary.  Catholics are not revolutionaries and yet Vatican II is.  Where do you stand?  Who are you with?  Lucifer comes with his false light to deceive and the Vatican II new gospel represents the doctrines of the devils.  Man Centered.  Man seeking a higher seat without Truth and proper doctrine.  When trust is broken does this not indicate that two hearts have broken already.  A man dating a woman will break up (or ought) if he loses all trust in the female he is dating.  It is the same with God for rebelling against Truth or conspiring with those destroying Truth IS MORTAL SIN.  Choose wisely.  Choose who you commune with very carefully.

The canonization process is not infallible.  There has been debate over this issue for a long time.  There is no such infallible teaching which binds a Catholic to believe canonizations are infallible.  A future Pope is going to have his hands full trying to clean up the Vatican II mess but with God’s grace it will be done.  Just because it has not yet been done does not mean that it is “out of the jurisdiction” of a future Pope to do so.  The House is about to be shaken are you ready to witness the outright anger of the Holy One?  In the end there are two highways.  Those going southbound on Vatican II about to enter the formal New Age Religion and those going northbound “resisting”.  Southbound is congested and clogged and Northbound finds only few vehicles.  Buckle up.  Deus Vult!

 Real Saints are taking a stand.  
On Vatican II we draw a line in the sand....