"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, December 26, 2016

Catholics Are Hostage To The Modernist’s”

Catholics Are Hostage To The Modernist’s”
By: Eric Gajewski

I hope you all had a very blessed Christmas.  Antipope Francis 
(during his midnight mass message) indicated that Christians were now hostage to materialism.  Although, to some degree, this is true, we know we are dealing with an even greater problem.  What is this problem?  It is people like Francis and their modernism, that is, their false flavor of “Catholicism” they are pitching like used car salesmen.  Sure, his constant reiteration of how we need to embrace “refugees” helps with the multiculturalist aspect of the New World Order.  Sure, by him constantly suggesting that the poor are marginalized he can help get across the socialist  NWO utopian ideas but in no way are you going to have the blind call out themselves.  The modernist is not going to tell you he is preaching a new gospel or that he has gone off the track as it relates to the mission of a Christian.  No, that is not going to happen.  Their view is distorted yet they do not see it that way.  They see what they are saying and indicate it corresponds to Tradition and it does not (clearly). In short I suggest to you the greater problem is not the greed of men who want  more and more materials but rather it is the pride of men and this attempt  to construct their own new social gospel and try to label it orthodox.

Vatican II “Ripoff Religion”.  Many kids this Christmas asked for some new Nike shoes only to wake up and discover that they were given the latest rip-off Nikes called “ike’s.  Yes, you know what I am talking about the good old knock off’s that you can find to any brand name across the board.  Vatican II is a really bad rip-off.  No swoosh sign necessary on the side of the Vatican when you can have lovely animals being projected in holographic fashion up unto the side of it.  However, people will believe anything these days and in the end they simply aren’t honest with themselves.  How does the poor kid getting these rip-off brands know that it is not the real deal and those giving the “gifts” not see it?  Well, there usually is some excuse or agenda behind it.  Whether the parents were trying to save on money or they simply arrived "too late" in getting the brand name, etc.  Those who are simple and humble like children can see through the sham of the Vatican II New Religion.  Kids are brutally honest and adults tend more to human respect.  I gladly consider myself a kid and I’m willing to tell you things as they are rather than tell you what you would like to hear.

Hostage to deception.  I have been asked repeatedly on many radio shows and other websites as to why the Vatican has not relayed the real third secret of Fatima and the answer should be obvious at this point.  Why would the enemy want the public to know that they have assumed control of the Vatican?  Why would they tell the public of Vatican II, the changes thereof including the new liturgy?  We are currently hostage to deception but it doesn’t have to be that way.  Look, we don’t even have to know there is a hiding of the actual words of Our Lady.  If you truly knew the Catholic Faith as taught before Vatican II then you would clearly see the difference in the New Religion being taught since the “Council”.  It truly is a matter of time and educating yourself.  If your start point is Vatican II with all of your attempted refutation’s, then we need go no further in discussing.  I had one poor soul, who was trying to defend his modernist position, constantly, quoting post Vatican II Popes and/or theologians.  Did he not understand that he was proving my point?  If what he is following is not Catholic why would he constantly be quoting modernist sources (on the given topics).  Folks, the Church did not start with Vatican II (as the modernists make it seem).  He will continue to be a hostage to deception because he refuses to see.  Can you help the man who has vision yet refuses to open his eyes willfully?  This is why I don’t waste my time with such types but will only pray for such.

Biggest problem.  As much as Antipope Francis and a good portion of the Vatican would have you to believe they are the biggest problem.  It is not environmentalism, nor the poor nor even the “refugees” which are the biggest problems we face.  The biggest problem we face are those hiding behind these agendas who are at the continual service (objectively speaking) of the Beast who is soon to appear.  For they serve the world’s agendas and not Christ’s.  They are not interested in converting the world to truth they are interested in constructing an entirely new belief structure that may encompass all.  

Do not despair.  Christ came to free.  We shall be delivered from this Revolution.  You cannot control everything my friends.  This is not going to get any better any time soon yet please realize that you can still make an impact.  There are some who are so saddened by what they see quit Catholicism altogether and yet do not see the GREAT OPPORTUNITY to be a true SAINT in our time.  History will remember us not the modernists.  Now is the time to draw a line in the sand and say no.  I will not give into despair, doubt and worry.  Christ can heal all things including this crisis. Remember you are only a hostage if you want to be.  I am free and could care less what Antipope Francis says because I am not trying to control what he says or does.  No Catholic can follow this poor heretic so quit complaining about how bad it is.  We all know that.  Keep fighting and keep detaching your heart.  Do not care what others think about you and if it becomes an obstacle to your salvation then simply cut these people off.  Faith’s eyes stay focused on the rainbow and not the Storm.  We have seen lightning hit the Vatican now twice will the third time be the last straw?  The rainbow is on the horizon, therefore, get a smile on your face and continue on in your pursuit to grow in Selfless Love.  If at any point you do become distraught then simply pray this prayer.  “Lord, I am confused and do feel all alone.  I do not want to die following and teaching heresy.  I want to truly follow You, therefore, make it abundantly apparent as to what path I ought take."  God is not going to condemn those who actively are trying to pursue truth in an hour when it can be difficult in understanding what exactly is truth.  However, you must keep studying and learning and do your part.  Let us break the chains of ignorance and pride in so that we can do our part and help win back the Church.

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