"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Signs of the Times: Francis Popular With Adult American “Catholics”

Signs of the Times:  Francis Popular With Adult American “Catholics”
By: Eric Gajewski
Does not say too much about Masonic America

As many of you know I have been more than critical of our country and for good reason.  America was never a Catholic country.  It had elements of Catholic in it wilst holding onto the grave error of “Religious liberty” but it truly has never been Catholic and this is a big problem.  Do not get me wrong I love this country, our Fatherland, however, I do not like the evil principles by which this country has been founded upon (through FreeMasonry).  As I have said the answer for this country is not a return to 1776 as the Tea Party, conservative, Protestant types say because God will still never stand with those principles.  Deep down Americans are looking for true change and sadly they are not going to find it in Trump but rather in the Right Arm of Justice coming from God.  Through God’s Justice will men’s eyes begin to open and Americans will say we truly had this wrong all along.  We need to be Catholic for America right now is one of the prototype countries of the New World Order.  If you don’t believe that take a look at the back of a one dollar bill or just look to Washington D.C for all of the occult/masonic symbology.  As the Church goes so will the world and the Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Jews/Masons who are building this new city of man or civilization of love as these heretics say.  So this calls to mind why is Francis the FreeMason so popular in America?  I think you already know where I am going with this but let us examine further.

Novus Ordo Websites Crux and CNS reporting Francis is “popular”.  Awesome heretics loving heretics isn’t this ideal?  Shall we give Francis the gold star for the day for not saying anything novel or heretical today?  Oh, wait the day is not over …let us not hold our breath for too long.  Crux and CNs are not reliable websites to begin because they are following Vatican II but putting that aside why would it matter if Francis is “popular” or not.  Are Catholics trying to win their way into heaven now through democratic principles?  Are we trying to get to heaven on the basis of human respect or through God Himself?  Assuredly, we cant be popular with God if we are teaching against the Faith/Tradition.  This is exactly what America has been doing since the beginning, this is what Vatican II does and this is what Francis follows and teaches.  Popular with hell is more like it (objectively speaking).  Keeping their subjective intentions out of it we find Francis being more and more popular with liberals, Marxists and Masons and this is something to cheer about?  This goes to show you who is behind the mainstream press and novus ordo websites (I’ll give you a hint, they aint Catholic).  

The Ancient Origins and Mysticism of America and the True Founding Fathers

Recipe for disaster.  America was and still is Protestant/Masonic therefore not Christian.  On top of this the majority of those “Catholic” Americans are following the new Masonic Religion of Vatican II.  What a perfect storm for complete blindness.  America is a ticking time bomb just waiting to go off.  The fuse is lit and once the economic collapse arrives this country will explode from coast to coast.  Then, this country will fall apart at the seam.  However, man will then be looking for answers as they see this bloodshed from coast to coast.  They will see the looting pillaging and raping and look for true order.  This is where we eagles will step in.  As I have said there truly will be only two options;  The New Age under the False Prophet and Antichrist or a return to Christendom and the Catholic Faith via Tradition (not Vatican II).

To be fair.  The article in question does indicate how Francis' overall popularity has dropped BUT it has risen slightly from last year with “adult Catholics”.  This is still frightening.  This tells me Americans are still more interested in Monday Night Football and Dancing with the stars.  It tells me we maybe past the point of no return… or is it?  Francis just might be the most insane pretender we have ever had in Church history and yet nearly 88% of adult Catholics approve of this enemy of the Faith?  I was thinking maybe here in America we would start to read between the lines. How many more heresies does he have to spit out until it drops?  Maybe his rating will jump over 90% once he declares the aliens are amongst us!  America is doomed folks and Trump (another FreeMason) ain’t going to turn the ship around.  With those telling approval numbers I would almost ask if 90% percent of Americans can even read.

Our Lady is America’s LAST hope.  This is it folks.  America or Babylon II will not be spared the Rod of Correction and ultimately people will either submit to our Lady and her Queenship or they simply won’t be here.  Yes, that is right.  Those who continue on being enemies of the Catholic Church will be wiped off the face of the map so the church can start anew.  This is what we know from the consensus of Catholic prophecy.  That is a tough pill to swallow for most Americans because Catholicism isn’t truly wanted here (largely) and yet its exactly the same reason God will reconfigure the West in Justice.  Those who call upon the New Ark will be safely hidden therein.  Those obstinate heretics and those clinging to false religions simply don’t have a lot of time left to live.  That is the reality.  Our Lady asked that we wear the Scapular and pray the Rosary so that we can “right the ship” and make countries around the world Catholic following the principles of the Social Kingship of Christ.  Should the world be expecting the Eagle at this point?  No, not yet it is far too early for man to cry out and finally see properly.  Man will hold out unto the end in Revolution and try to go out about this from a non-Catholic perspective and it is exactly the same reason why they will fail.  The day this country pours out their hearts to Mary asking for her intercession (as the nukes are incoming) will be the day that we start to get things right.  Until then, the countdown has begun on what little time is left for most Americans.  To summarize nearly 90% of American adult "Catholics" polled favor Francis and over 50% (of a recent election exit poll) actually voted for Clinton... and you want to make fun of me for saying we are in the end of days?

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