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Friday, December 9, 2016

Fr. Kramer, Barnhardt & Verricchio…Who Is Next?

Fr. Kramer, Barnhardt & Verricchio…Who Is Next?
By: Eric Gajewski

We have seen the implications made by certain prelates such as Cardinal Pell that Francis maybe an antipope.  We have seen this suggested at times by Socci and even by some Novus Ordo priests.  Yes, that is actually more common than most will realize.  A few months ago the TradCatKnight Poll indicated that about 75% of those polled thought Benedict XVI was the true Pope.  If I were to do this same poll again I believe this number would even be higher.  As Francis gets “goofier” more “credible” people are coming out to voice their opinion that Francis is not Pope.  Recently, we have added Ann Barnhardt and Louie Verricchio to the list.  The question becomes “who will be next” to stick their necks out?  What, at first, seemed, more conspiratorial only becomes more of a reality to a growing number as the day’s pass.  Francis, the manifest heretic, Benedict XVI being forced out and his “resignation” actually just turning out to be an invalid “renunciation” (of the supposed active portion of the Petrine office) are all solid arguments for Benedict XVI remaining the true Pope. 

What will 2017 hold?  I believe this can be debated at length.  I think continued attack upon the family and marriage seems obvious but I also want people to understand that the New Age Plan is to eradicate the Church’s teaching on Original sin.  Yes, that is no conspiracy!  Maitreya and his false prophet will preach that all were not born into sin and that we simply have to evolve into “gods” without the aid of grace.  We see Francis preaching his works without Faith doctrine and thus we can see the road we are heading down.  For any of you holding out that Francis will turn 360 and start teaching Catholicism you are highly delusional.  2017 is an important year and the enemy knows this.  I can only imagine what will be “cooked up” for the Lutheran get together in October 2017 (so it seems). Could 2017 see Antipope Francis step to the side for the False Prophet’s arrival?  There are signs all around us.  Do not forget about the total solar eclipse in the summer of 2017 and also the Revelation 12 astronomical sign on September 23, 2017.  2017 will mark the 500 year anniversary of the “Reformation” and I cannot imagine what will be on the table for “reforming” in a year so important to traditional Catholics.

Conservative Cardinals suspect Francis is an antipope?  I believe this is the case and they are only waiting for the right moment to make this public.  I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist at this point to see where things are going.  Benedict XVI is the long-awaited Pope to flee Rome and he will be fleeing with some of these conservative cardinals.  Will any of them come out before the formal schism and say so as I have from the beginning?  I would say do not hold your breathe.  I think they ought though considering all the calamities coming.  This would help to alleviate further confusion as prelates are “on the run” in Europe.  Our unity in this Counter-revolution must be our unification against the Vatican II Revolution as a whole (including the New Mass) but we also must be unified on Benedict XVI being the true Pope. 

 Heretic clown Voris

How will the Novus Ordo media handle the continued destruction?  Same as they always have, right?  Pretend Francis didn’t really say what he did.  Or we are just exaggerating with “our interpretation”.  They get paid big bucks to defend heresy my friends.  Just as there is a trend in people leaving pseudo traditionalist sites, who often ride the fence, look for the trend to be people leaving the Novus ordo altogether.  I, not only, mean the laity but also the clergy.  I have had a few more priests contact me the past month indicating they want out of the Novus ordo.  I think consciences will be screaming in 2017 as we get closer to the formalization of the One World Religion.  The media is controlled and the novus ordo media is essentially no different.  They have to hold a certain narrative that Francis ‘means well” but isn’t actually teaching anything against the Faith.  These people seriously need mental and spiritual help.  Grace is obviously not working in their soul.  A product of attending all those “New Masses” I suppose.  Blind leading the blind. 

Who will it be next?  Will it be Michael Matt or Chris Ferrera?  Will it Roberto Mattei? Will it be any of the Resistance priests or even Bishop Williamson?  Will it be Mundabor or “Father Z”?  Time will tell but I will tell you this.  Those who currently hold Francis as the Pope are going to find it awfully difficult keeping to that position as “the dam” completely breaks and the floodwaters breach their conscience.   The Church has been through difficult times and it is only prudent to be pointing out that BXVI is Pope now. Why wait?  What more needs to be said or done by Francis that would indicate he is the Pope?  He even said himself that there has been two reigning “Popes” in church history.  This is a complete Catholic fail for we know there cannot be two Popes. One Pope and one antipope yes.  If you are confused to begin with in this crisis I suggest you stay away from, perhaps, the most confused person on the planet, who, currently is playing “pretend Pope” in the Vatican.  The final nail is about to be hammered home and these globalists are relying upon the fact that the majority will not be so bold.  Wake up Catholic!  Francis is not the true Pope…