"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Blind Leading The Blind

Blind Leading The Blind
By: Eric Gajewski

Many Blind Mice… O’ See How They Will Run!

We live in an hour where virtually every “traditionalist” is pointing their finger at the next and presenting arguments against the others.  This is not going to change.  There is this notion that somehow if all traditionalist just lay down their “arms” and join in together at the Latin Mass that somehow the Church is going to get back on the right path.  This is not going to happen as well as the intent may be.  In this hour there are far too many topics and subjects debated upon to keep any two “traditionalists” on the same page therefore I can only relay a “realist’s” opinion on the matter.  Modernism has so overtaken the Church that now the “conservative’s” are seemingly the measure of orthodoxy and all we have to do is point our finger at Francis and a few wayward cardinals and this will solve things.  This is unimaginable silliness.  Those who are currently in the “mainstream conservative traditionalist” movement are equally to blame in this blind leading the blind scenario which has been unfolding for many decades.  How can we get churchmen back on the right track?  How does the Church conquer modernism and ultimately the formalized One World Religion coming?  Brethren, the answer comes from above and is certainly divine and not human.  Sadly, men are not going to be the “catalyst” into righting the Ship.  It will come from the Hand of God who has had about enough of the compromisers and heretics, who, if He left, unchastised, would continue on in their wayward ways.

Few can see.   This is truth.  Although, I am not sedevacantist and never will hold to their thesis on this crisis I will say this.  At least they can see heresy is being taught.  At least they can see how diabolical Vatican II was.  At least they can see you cannot go into buildings which are teaching heresy.  On that level they can see, however, we simply will never agree on the qualification that all the Vatican II Popes are antipopes and that the new rites and mass are invalid.  There are indeed differences which keep us from them and them from us and that will not largely change.  Do the Modernists still clinging to the Council “see”? Absolutely not!  But what about those “traditionalists” who still accept Vatican II and love the Latin Mass? Do they see?  No, they definitely do not see because this fight is first about doctrine and if they clearly knew the Catholic Faith then they would know that Vatican II is incompatible with Tradition.  Perhaps they do not have a full layer of film (cataracts) over their eyes but IT IS enough to keep them “bumping” into the next blind person in front of them.  Again, setting aside, subjective judgement on these souls, which is not my intention, we can see, that objectively speaking they see the conservative Cardinal types as their “Light” for this crisis.  This is scary for these conservative prelates still teach and cling to Vatican II and do not reject the New Mess.  However, with prayer we have hope that all things can be accomplished (conversion).

We can win back the Church from the modernists if we unite!  Here I go again with my Debbie Downer response.  It isn’t going to happen folks.  And those who are pointing the finger in the “conservative N.O. movement” are just to blame.  This is not Francis nor some of his loony toon Cardinal backer’s problems.  This is a result of first not holding firm against the Revolution but allowing it to brew and fester in the Church until we have now hit the point of “Sunday Morning Comic Strip Francis”.  We are supposed to jump on board with Bishop Schneider and Cardinal Burke now?  I can’t because I still refuse to follow those who are still clinging to heresy via the Council (that describes Burke and Schneider).  I have even heard from some “traditionalist’s” that by integrating the SSPX back “into the Church” that Modernism can be overcome in 100-200 years!  I kid you not.  Folks, we may very well see the second coming of Christ in our own lifetime (within our generation) and I say that seriously.  We ain’t got 100-200 years left as all the major signs of His return are here and Antichrist is lurking and about to arrive onto the scene.

Put Francis on trial for heresy!  What about all those conservatives still following the Council?  We will need a lot more seats for that trial than just one folks!  Nearly the whole of churchmen are following and teaching heresy including many of the “conservative traditionalists”.  Francis is not Pope for a variety of reasons, as I have discussed at length here on TradCatKnight but putting that aside for a second, it is for this reason of blindness that God must chastise.  When eyes don’t want to willfully see due to pride God brings His belt home like Daddy.  There are even some false traditionalists like John Salza who suggest we can’t make a public opinion on the matter until a future Pope/Council decides which is beyond preposterous.  As if St. Athanasius waited around for some Pope or Council to agree with him?  As if we ought stay in these heretical buildings which objectively speaking displease God until “just authority” rules?  This is the madness of some of these false traditionalists who essentially are cloaked modernists.  No, we raise our voices now and make them public and that is how it will be.

Akita warned.  Our Lady at Akita warned that there would be war between Cardinals and Bishops and who would argue this isn’t the reality of the current situation?  Just think…. it is only get worse so there will be more and more division.  And people still think we can humanly “save the Church”.  C’mon my blind friends!  Assuredly you can see the Father raising His right hand up above His head about to come down upon the earth with His Justice.  Assuredly you can see Him about to give the nod to His angels who are spread all over the four corners of the earth.  We will be brutally chastised because we have been playing this “tapdancing” game with God and HE KNOWS this isn’t going to be corrected by the current “playing field”.  God knows right now who he can rely upon FEW who in the future will help steer the Ship between the two pillars AFTER He pours out His wrath.  What is the punishment for the young adult who constantly gets admonished for breaking curfew?  After the third, fourth and fifth warnings?  Does he allow his son whom he loves to continue on breaking curfew or does he take away the keys altogether?  What must happen must be so beyond our comprehension that the thought of the Fathers anger must remain with us FOR DECADES!  Do not believe me?  Go and reread the approved message of LaSalette and you will see men (after the chastisements) will remember “those days” for decades to come.  There is only so much warning that Heaven can give before God will even bypass Our Lady’s request to spare us and that is saying something.  When it is the blind leading the blind God must ultimately chastise.

Many blind mice…see how they run.  I mean this in the figurative and literal sense.  The false traditionalists want to run from reality.  I cannot tell you how many blind souls offer me nothing theologically competent in return on my criticisms of Cardinal Burke.  They say he is holy and that’s it.  That is a very blind answer if we are doctrine first Catholics.  It is sadly very similar with the crisis in the SSPX.  Many still have their heads too far up Bishop Fellay’s rear end and the same can be said now of Bishop Williamson who thinks people can go to the New Mass “if it helps them keep the Faith”.  What the heck is going on folks!  Be real with yourselves and quit bowing down to human respect.  Prayer is the solution in all this.  Secondly, see how the blind mice run is also a literal reference to those laity and churchmen who will be on the run as the persecutors of the Church are let loose upon the nations.  We are not quite there yet but that time is drawing closer.  Churches shutting down, priests and laity slaughtered this is all sadly a part of God’s Justice.  God, through the 3 days of darkness, will ultimately put an end to the slaughter.  Again, reaffirming that this “turnaround” will not first happen with men.  Oh… do not get me wrong some conservatives and perhaps others outside the Faith will finally get the message but our numbers will be reduced drastically.  Maybe 1/4 of what we currently see as those identifying as “Catholic” will remain after the chastisements.  The blind mice run and unfortunately will run out of cheese and thus we must look to God and persevere as best we can WITHOUT compromising the Faith beforehand.  In the end, the stubbornness of the modernists (conservatives too) remind me of the Jews.  They are stiff-necked and still have their “outlets” for now to rely upon but even Christ said to Marie Julie Jahenny (approved endtimes seer) that those “opportunities” for Sacraments will even be taken away!  God ain’t happy folks.  Startling approved revelation from God’s Heart unto the world.  May God protect and preserve you always, Ave Maria!

It is all fun and games in the Novus Ordo.  Sadly the scratching and attempt to claw one's way into the Ark is about to begin.  As the charismatics say "let the fire fall!"....and they wont be expecting this literal fire from heaven comingFEW will be spared....