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Monday, March 26, 2018

False Trad Lingo: “New Spirit of Cooperation! (with Modernists, cough, cough)

False Trad Lingo: “New Spirit of Cooperation! (with Modernists, cough, cough)
By:  Eric Gajewski
We would have to re-enter this Conciliar Church in order, supposedly, to make it Catholic. That is a complete illusion. It is not the subjects that make the superiors, but the superiors who make the subjects" (Archbishop Lefebvre, Interview, Fideliter, 1989)

I am sure by now most of the traditionalist world is aware of the story of the “traditionalist” couple being married by Novus Ordo priest Fr. Kelly Wilson (with NeoSSPX priest Fr. Vachon alongside).  Wait for it. Wait for it.  You knew after exposing this the “leading false trad website” would come to the aide of the Neo-SSPX and at least try to “put out the fire” as best they could.  Even they couldn’t really figure out what angle to take.  “We will leave it up to you to decide” on the matter they say.  *I should note in the comments section of the article on their website people were supporting the resistance and raising their eyebrows at this story.   

Why would this couple want to get married in the Novus ordo and not the SSPX?  We do not know at least as of yet.   
Nevertheless, this is what I have been saying all along here at TradCatKnight.  And what is that?  

That these false trads just simply don’t get it.  Or maybe they do and it is just more beneficial for them to keep their party line (false trad ecumenism)?   

Anyways, Mr. M who now espouses SalzaHeresy states that there is a “new spirit of cooperation” between the Novus Ordo and the SSPX.  LOL.  I know right.   

That seems great to the false trad world which has long given up on Archbishop Lefebvre’s principles but not to “doctrine first” Catholics.  Archbishop Lefebvre said otherwise on the matter and did not hide from saying “we could not work with nor collaborate with the open destroyers of the Church”.   

The Neo-SSPX leadership proves time and time again they think otherwise. And then point the finger at us and call us demonic, crazy, Zionist nutters or whatever other propaganda they sell their lemming followers.   

Sure, Mr. M. and his father knew Lefebvre and probably had him over for tea and biscuits maybe even a few kids parties with balloons but the reality is these false trads are “Lefebvrian dissenters”.   

It is proven easily and time and time again.  Salza is another culprit.   

Anyways, let me break this down more.

No agreement on doctrine but we can still work together?  Does that sound like Archbishop Lefebvre?  Of course not!  Oh, but wait for the next riveting “underground segment” where Mr. M. will speak eloquently about Lefebvre to keep their poor followers trapped in the false trad web.   

"We cannot follow these people. They're in apostasy… "We cannot work together with these enemies of Our Lord's reign."  Archbishop Lefebvre  

How awesome is that these modernist’s who accept everyone else now embrace “traditionalist’s”.  They are supposed to, duh!  They have to according to the illicit teachings of Vatican II.   

Are we not awake to that reality yet in the false trad circle?   

The fundamental question is this, “have these novus ordo priests (in question) quit on the Council?  Or has the Neo-SSPX quit on Archbishop Lefebvre?  It is largely the latter. 

Does this priest and the others mentioned in Mr. M’s article reject Vatican II?  The New Mass?

If not why are they “working together”?
Have the dynamics changed with this priest or those mentioned elsewhere in his article.  There is no evidence that I am aware of to suggest so.   

Please spare me the argument that would suggest these priests might be “resisting” silently. 

Lefebvre also refuted this argument by telling the faithful that they have a right to know PUBLICLY /explicitly where each priest stands.  

Now, don’t get me wrong I likewise know priests in Novus ordo who silently agree with me yet who publicly are cowards.  I don’t shy away from reminding them this.  

Our Faith MUST be made public.  Faith not professed publicly is no Faith at all in reality.   

We are not yet in the Tribulation with guns pointed at our heads folks.  Yes, these Novus ordo priests will lose retirement funds and a place to sleep but this is the course they must take to please Jesus.   

I would not dare go in any of those priest’s churches to receive Sacraments (under normal/general circumstances) until they publicly joined the fight.  This was Archbishop Lefebvre’s position as well.

 How about, no.  Vatican II was a robber "council" and not a legit "Catholic council"

It is clear from the Novus ordo perspective that one must accept Vatican II and the New Mass in order to be considered “in the Church”.  Now, Lefebvre stated that once Modernist Rome converted than real Catholics could be absorbed back into the buildings which once were in heresy.   

The notion we are going to “work like snakes and infiltrate the Conciliar Church” is absurd and Archbishop Lefebvre said so himself.   

This is obviously not what Mr. M, the Neo-SSPX and other false traddies think unfortunately.  By the way, I am also not suggesting to just sit around and do nothing for we must evangelize the Novus Ordo.   

And that is just it we have the truth and they don’t and we don’t work together/commune with them until they each do.   

We must continue to pray for priests and laity in the Novus Ordo but also pray for Bishop Fellay and his leadership because they have abandoned Lefebvre’s principles a long time ago.   

By the way it is a fact that the Neo-SSPX now see Vatican II as a “legitimate Council of the Church”.  If this isn’t compromise I don’t know what is.  The “Council” was another “robber council” and in no way is representative (as a whole) of the Catholic religion (Vatican II understood in light of Tradition).  Perhaps they have adopted this erroneous position from Mr. M himself?

Folks, this isn’t a new spirit of cooperation (the new false trad verbiage to further sell the pseudo trad ecumenical movement) it is just an old tactic by these used car salesmen to persuade the masses that “there is not much to see here” or worse yet that “there is nothing wrong at all”.  

Fact is the “resistance” was right from the start as the liberal Neo-SSPX continues to move in the wrong direction and this recent article is only further proof.   

Remember, Akita warned that compromise would be rampant and this perfectly describes the “circle of the false trads” who push aside principle and doctrine while bowing down to human respect so the Novus Ordites can see how “Catholic” traditionalist’s are.  

I’m not interested and neither was Archbishop Lefebvre.   

Don’t be fooled by these false trads who talk a good game and try to smooth things over with new “false traddie verbiage”.   

Fact is Archbishop Lefebvre would speak against people like Mr. M and the others who think like him and tell you to do so (reject their position) as well.   

The more and more they try to sell “false trad ecumenism” the more and more it makes them look ridiculous in light of what Archbishop Lefebvre said and what he said on the matter was that “false trad ecumenism” was poison.

Great Book exposing the Neo-SSPX, Mr. M and the false trad community:


Select quotes supporting my argument:

Archbishop Lefebvre, “"The official link with modernist Rome is nothing against the preservation of the Faith!"  That is why what can look like a concession is in reality merely a maneuver to separate us from the largest number of faithful possible. This is the perspective in which they seem to be always giving a little more and even going very far. We must absolutely convince our faithful that it is no more than a maneuver, that it is dangerous to put oneself into the hands of Conciliar bishops and Modernist Rome. It is the greatest danger threatening our people. If we have struggled for twenty years to avoid the Conciliar errors, it was not in order, now, to put ourselves in the hands of those professing these errors.

To the Cardinal (Ratzinger at the time) , he said: "Eminence, even if you give us everything – a bishop, some autonomy from the bishops, the 1962 liturgy, allow us to continue our seminaries – we cannot work together because we are going in different directions. You are working to dechristianize society and the Church, and we are working to Christianize them.

“Let us not deceive ourselves by believing that by these little braking actions that are given on the right and on the left, in the excesses of the present situation, that we are seeing a complete return to Tradition. That is not true, that is not true. They remain always liberal minds. It is always the liberals who rule Rome, and they remain liberal. But, as the Cardinal says, they have gone a bit too far; they have to find a little balance. ...With that I think that I have said what I wanted to say to you, and given you a certain line of conduct in the present events, which perhaps are going to go even faster. There will be possibly other manifestations of putting the brakes on by the Vatican; and it is very, very dangerous for us to "rally" ourselves now. No rallying, no rallying to the liberals; no rallying to the ecclesiastics who are governing in the Church now and who are liberals; there is no rallying to these people. From the moment when we rally ourselves, this rallying will be the acceptance of the liberal principles. We cannot do this, even if certain appeasements are given us on the Mass of St. Pius V - certain satisfactions, certain recognitions, certain incardinations, which could even be offered to you eventually. But as long as one is dealing with people who have made this agreement with the Devil, with liberal ideas, we cannot have any confidence. They will string us along little by little; they will try to catch us in their traps, as long as they have not let go of these false ideas.”

The Conciliar Church, having now reached everywhere, is spreading errors contrary to the Catholic Faith and, as a result of these errors, it has corrupted the sources of grace, which are the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and the Sacraments. This false Church is in an ever-deeper state of rupture with the Catholic Church. Resulting from these principles and facts is the absolute need to continue the Catholic episcopacy in order to continue the Catholic Church. (Archbishop Lefebvre)

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