"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, January 22, 2018

False Trad “Fence-Sitting”: Faced With a Choice In The Not So Distant Future

False Trad “Fence-Sitting”: 
Faced With a Choice In The Not So Distant Future
By:  Eric Gajewski

Over the past several years I have spoken extensively about the dangers of the false trad position.  When you peel back its layers we, indeed, find compromise with the Catholic Faith but in some cases just outright heresy.  Archbishop Lefebvre made it clear that the “conservative” Novus ordo types were far more dangerous to the Faith than those who were just openly modernist (in their actions) because it was concealed behind the “Latin Mass”.  This notion that we can accept the Conciliar Church’s teachings, the new Mass and Vatican II (in general) is just as bad as saying we can accept the world, FreeMasonry, Liberalism and/or Protestantism.  

There are a wide variety of reasons why the majority of self-identifying “traditionalist’s sadly fall into this category but it is my hope to address the following questions in this article because the “false traddies” are going to be faced with a serious dilemma in the not so distant future.  
When the False Prophet shows soon to implement the “Mark of the Beast” will the conservative Novus Ordo’s choose career over Faith? 
Furthermore, will we all be sedevacantist’s for awhile after the true Pope (Benedict XVI) dies? 
Will I be able to readily receive the Sacraments as often as I can now?  

 And lastly how will we be able to “live in the world” while being “forced” into this Beast system? 

These are all serious questions, which, not only, do I raise, but so many of you have over the years.  Let me answer these questions and provide further analysis.

Make no mistake, this article is not a subjective attack against anyone particular person or group but we are in a doctrinal “shootout” which requires me to be charitable in pointing out the errors of those who fall into the false traditionalist category.  Such types hide behind any one of these impotent arguments:  The “New Mass is still okay to go to”, “it was just a bad spirit at Vatican II” (not the doctrines), “we can’t leave the Church and create our own and so on and so forth”.    

Folks, the Vatican II crisis is doctrinal.   

The false trads must wake up and realize that they are literally following the principles of the Novus Ordo religion and not the Catholic Religion.  They do not want to do that which is why God must act.  Furthermore, they must realize where heresy is found a Catholic cannot be found.  Now, this “fence sitting”, as I have put it, maybe, due to being highly confused which is often the case.  Have not some mystics spoken long before Vatican II on this apostasy? Have they not said that even future Doctors of the Church (after the Tribulation) would not get all of the details correct (in this crisis) so how could we expect the everyday laymen too?  It is a valid point so we must be patient and compassionate to a degree.  Unfortunately, the problem runs far deeper than this though.

“Conservative” Novus ordo’s, who are material heretics, will be forced to choose.  What does this mean?  So many of them (too many of them) right now are placing “everything” else before their Faith.  They are putting careers and human respect before the truth.  Many of them will see what I have to say and agree privately but publicly they are as silent as their own shadow is.  Right now, many of them live comfortably in the world being able to straddle the fence between career/ the world and supposed their Faith but in the future God will force them to choose.  Again, what do you mean Eric?  When the False Prophet arrives, and makes ALL men take this “mark”, in order, to formally participate, in society, it will cause the “false traddies” to finally go the Novus ordo way or not. This is because objectively speaking, those following Vatican II are already on the New World Order path whether they want to admit or not.  In order for you to be able to practice religion (their religion) you will have to take “the mark”.  In order for you to get healthcare you will also have to take the mark.  Oh, you wanted a job in this new world?  Guess what, you will have to take the mark!  If you are cowardly now you will stand no chance then.  

 It will be Christ or Antichrist with no in between.   

So, this is God’s fail-safe plan for “rooting out the weeds in His garden”.  It will be “put up or shut up” time. Thus, we should all be praying that are ultimately able to resist this great temptation to be a part “of the world”.  This brings me to my next point.

We live in the world but not of the world.  Living in the world will literally require us to lose our own lives on a much wider scale (even more so than we see now).  Christians will truly be hated and we will be hunted down and it will be similar to the movie “Hunger Games”.  The Church is going underground and it will be dangerous to be a Christian as we begin to see so many illicit laws being enacted (domestically and abroad), which, is only the foundation for the Antichrist’s Rule to come.   

How will we live in the world but not be apart of the world when “everything” will become so “narrow” for the faithful?   

The False trads must open their eyes now to see that ultimately, they will have to come to “an eagles way” or it will be “hell’s highway”.  Vatican II taught man’s new gospel which is being passed off as Christ’s very own.  This new world they seek to create can have no room for us fundamentalist’s and sheds a whole new light on Scripture wherein Christ speaks to His Kingdom not being of this world.  Lucifer (through the Jews and various secret societies) is trying to create this new brave world but God will ultimately crush it.  God’s heroes do not place economics and human respect before their own salvation. 

Will we be sedevacantist’s soon?  It seems that way doesn’t it?  The true Pope Benedict XVI is ripe for his fleeing of Rome and the “fatal government” to be installed in Italy only seems but years away.  How long might we suffer a true period of sedevacante after Benedict XVI flees and is killed?  The question has been answered in Catholic Prophecy with the suggestion of about a 24 month period of true sedevacante.  It will be truly difficult times for so many false trads who have been led to believe anything a supposed Pope or Bishop says must be the “Faith”.  Will they take the “mark of the beast” in false obedience” and call us heretics and schismatics as St. Francis of Assisi suggests?  It is truly frightening and mind blowing to think how such a wide scale deception could be accomplished and perhaps this is why Christ warned us in Scripture in the first place (if it were possible even the elect….).   

Francis is doing the final staging (attacking of the Faith, getting more of the “obvious” modernist’s into key positions, etc), so it seems, before the False Prophet arrives.   

There seems to be a new oath to him coming (God forbid!) and a new ecumenical rite coming this year alone!  Assuredly, we can’t be too far off from the False Prophet’s arrival to “seal the deal”!

No more Sacraments?  Essentially, this is the implication of the Church going underground.  That is not to say that they wont be available at all but I suppose it is just where you are in the world.  However, we still have the Faith in our hearts like the faithful resisting the Arian crisis!  We still have Our Lady and the Rosary!   

With so much soon to happen in the world and too many variables in this endtime equation to compute, I believe it is just safe to leave it at that in general.  

However, Jesus warned Marie Julie that it will get so bad that men would have to speak their sins to Him directly due to the shortage of priests available (because God is punishing us).  Those who think that is ridiculous take a look at Communist China?  Are they not the model nation for the New World Order?  How it is in China is how the New World Order/Brotherhood of Death wants it in America.  That is not even open for debate at this point.  I say all of this because so many false trads argue “well I’m going to the Novus ordo Sacraments no matter what”.  Well, what will they do then?  I think this is God’s response to this false traditionalist compromise currently on the table.  He will be saying okay you want to still compromise on doctrine and commune with those not keeping the Faith perhaps I have to “turn up the heat” in the kitchen a little more.  

We have to take doctrine very seriously and the Tribulation coming is proof of how bad the world gets when we do not.   

Fr. Malachi Martin said of this time period coming that it would test the Faith of the greatest Saint!  Can any of us dare to say we are ready?  The worldwide Communist Great Persecution is coming and high up on their list is the elimination of the clergy.

In the end, when will the majority of self identifying “traditionalist’s realize that the path they are on is not the correct one?  When will they leave the Conciliar Church and trust in Faith for the grace necessary to save their own soul’s and advance in the Way of Selfless Love?  When will they say enough is enough and join the true Resistance?  Make no mistake God will put up the “road block” which will have all men choose “the mark” or not.  False trad or not.  

To continue on publicly in society as we are now WILL NOT BE AN OPTION.  

 Therefore, the road they are on now is perilous to say the least.  We must remember God’s Plan at Fatima.  We must realize that it will not be through any false trad ecumenical movement (which has largely formed due to the ailing economics of the false trad websites) that the Church will be restored because there can be no “unity” in doctrinal disunity.  That time is coming when there will be no more conferences to attend, no more public debates and no more youtube video summaries of this crisis and the matters which we are faced with today.  No, the time is coming when we shall close and cover our windows and dress in sackcloth and ashes and pray that we are spared of the Wrath to come.  Nay, economics will be taken out of the equation and only Faith will survive.  #theeagle

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  1. That's true time is coming that only faith make us survive, and those who have weak faith will accept the mark of the beast to secure themselves which is a wrong security.

  2. Prayers for all faithful Catholics who will resist the mark of the Beast. Blessed Virgin Mary, preserve us so that we may usher in the Reign of your Immaculate Heart.

  3. We will be the church in the wilderness. We will be forced to struggle with very little as the early church did when they fled from the persecutions of the Caesars of old in the circus maximus arena. They lived in caves and were forced to live without the dignity of sanitation and normal living. Pray we remain faithful until death or the return of Jesus Christ our blessed Lord and Savior. Like His word tells us, unless these days are shortened no flesh would be saved. We will soon realize this. We must pray always we are accounted worthy to escape all that is coming upon the face of this earth and stand before our Blessed Lord and savior.

  4. There will ultimately be a choice: Be on God's team or the antichrist's.