"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, February 20, 2017

Why It Doesn’t Matter If the SSPX Is “Recognized”

Why It Doesn’t Matter If the SSPX Is “Recognized”
By: Eric Gajewski

There are many debates which still rage on amongst traditionalists in regards to the SSPX being recognized or regularized but does it really matter at this point?  The Society as a whole still stands behind Vatican II in the sense that it can still be “accepted” overall.  They say there are errors and that it needs reclarification yet this is not what Archbishop Lefevbre said.  So to me on this level it doesn’t matter whether they are recognized or not they are still off limits.  If you think that this suggestion that the Council can still be accepted is pleasing to Jesus.....go for it!  Having said that, let us have a look at some more reasons as to why it really doesn’t matter one way or the other.

Francis is not the true Pope.  The Society is wasting their time Francis is an antipope and holds no jurisdiction to make such a formal declaration.  We have established beyond a shadow of a doubt as to why Pope Benedict XVI still is Pope we do not need to rehash this.  The Conciliar Church is all inclusive.  Hey, we have Anglican liturgies now in Rome.  We have “Catholics” and Lutherans saying we are one.  Atheists can even live and be “okay” with God and the Church so long as they obey their conscience.  Vatican II taught that the “Church” was a sign or symbol of the UNITY of the WHOLE HUMAN FAMILY!  Catholic?  Not hardly…this is FreeMasonry at work.  A church more “universal than the Catholic Church which we call NewChurch.  The reality is the Society is already “in” this NewChurch so why worry about it.  I don’t want any recognition from heretics that would not be justice as the pseudo trads claim.

The trend is homes not buildings.  Buildings and seminaries will continue to be built but in the end all for naught.  God in His Wrath has had enough of the heresy and compromise and will be allowing the great persecution to come.  Those of you not preparing your own homes and communities now are being foolish.  Those who think it is too much to drive 45 minutes to Mass will have it even worse in the future (generally speaking).  It is true we do not know where the conversions will come from but generally speaking the Faith will even be harder to find than before.  As we move forward over the next few years this will be evident to all.  Remember you receive graces through the Church and our Blessed Virgin Mary herself so do not fall into despair we truly deserve this spiritual chastisement.  

Some leave some will come in.  if there were some sort of agreement I would argue a good number are simply going to leave as last resort.  They should have left already in my opinion but this will be the last straw for a good number of souls.  Having said that, as those will leave, there will be an influx of “wishy washy” types who will flow into the society chapels.  As if things weren’t getting bad enough in SSPX chapels it will only get worse.  So does it really matter?  For me it truly does not.  Perhaps if some of these priests finally realize that they can no longer tap-dance with Modernist Rome then maybe we will have more opportunities.  Perhaps it is best that they are recognized because undoubtedly you will have some more priests finally leave the Society as well.  I truly cannot believe how obtuse the Society’s leaders are being with such a ravenous wolf (Francis).  They have openly said (the Conciliarists) that their goal is to modernize the Society and they still want to cut deals with these creeps!  Gullible is not the word it is downright idiotic.
In the end, should that day come that Modernist Rome says “SSPX” you are recognized! You are Catholic!  You will still here me say the SSPX is off limits, therefore, it doesn’t matter either way.  Let the persecution begin we deserve it!  If we have a repentant converted Rome finally admit Vatican II was a sham…. then we have a different ballgame.  Sadly, it will not happen like this for Rome is about to be literally destroyed.

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