"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, February 11, 2016

“Traditionalists” Agree?

“Traditionalists” Agree?
By: Eric Gajewski
St. John Bosco (19th century)
“There will be an “Ecumenical Council” in the next century, after which there will be chaos in the Church.” [1862 Prediction]

Over the past few weeks I have noticed that there has been seemingly more honest efforts to try and “unite” all supposed traditionalists.  However, well intent it may be, it is simply “wishful thinking”.  I am now seeing in various forums and in "commenting blogs" an effort to try and “hash” things out amongst all the "varying camps" divided on Vatican II but this is simply delusional (although good in intent).  This is not a defeatist disposition I am taking but rather a realistic outlook. 

The crisis is the Church has divided (from my perspective) individuals into 4 main camps: 1) those thinking there is nothing wrong with Vatican II and New Mass 2) those who are on the fence about Vatican II and New Mass 3) those who reject/resist Vatican II and New Mass without exception and 4) those who do not only not accept Vatican II and New Mass but also state the priests/rites of Vatican II are invalid and so we have had no Pope since the Pius XII.  In my opinion, this is a far worse crisis than the Arian crisis which took nearly all churchmen into heresy (Pope Liberius sided with heretics and nearly 9 of every 10 bishops was a heretic).  We must remember those Arian Bishops were still “in line” with Apostolic Succession (something sedevacantists seem to forget) even as the Novus Ordo priests still are. So we ask the question, “Can all supposed traditionalists come together? Can “traditionalists agree”? 

The answer in short is sadly, no.  For starters, in this crisis, the varying camps, have a different idea of what it is to be a traditionalist altogether.  In the Resistance we believe wholeheartedly that Archbishop Lefebvre was the heaven sent bishop mentioned by Our Lady of Good Success. We believe (more or less) that we he stood for and taught will stand the test of time and be made a reality by “just authority” at the future Great Council.  A Council which, by the way, per the consensus of Catholic prophecy shall strike down the Vatican II Revolution altogether (see below). From our perspective the measure for Catholic Orthodoxy these days are not the conservatives found in the Pseudo-traditionalist camp (Bishop Schneider, Cardinal Burke, Remnant crowd).  This position to us is still compromise and "tap dancing with the truth". Catholics cannot accept Vatican II and thus we agree with the sedevacantists in this respect. 

VII to be struck down:
"Then the sixth period of the Church shall begin with the powerful Monarch and the Holy Pope and it shall last until Antichrist... all nations will become Catholic...no one will be able to pervert the doctrine (V2 and subsequent) because there will be a great Ecumenical Council that will be the greatest in history, the Council will truly define Scripture and it shall be believed by all....Venerable Holzhauser

"All false cults will be abolished (Vatican II was admitted by Paul 6th to be the cult of man); all the abuses of the Revolution (Vatican 2) will be destroyed and the altars of the true God restored. The former practices will be put into force again (pre-Vatican 2) and our religion--at least in some respects will flourish more than ever.
"God has manifested to me the malice of Lucifer and the perverse and diabolical intentions of his henchmen against the Holy Church of Christ. At the command of their master these wicked men have crossed the world like the furies to prepare the way and place for the Antichrist whose reign is approaching. The storm began in France and France shall be the first theatre of its ravages after having been its cradle. The Church in council shall one day strike with anathemas to pull down and to destroy the evil principles of that criminal constitution (Vatican 2).  Sister Jeanne of the Nativity (1700's)

There are far too many issues to be settled upon thus there can be no “unity” in this respect.  Even in the Resistance there are disagreements which as of late seem to be dividing everyone. The devil grins and takes delight!  Well done satan, well done… I think it goes without say that none of the camps “feel or state” they are the Magesterium. The Modernist's following Vatican II think they are whence Vatican II was a clear break with Tradition.  It is not our Faith nor Gospel.  Furthermore, there are numerous interpretations of the same documents we are all reading.  Next, comes the application of these pre-Vatican II texts to this crisis (which further divides). The other camps say we interpret wrong we say they interpret wrong and on top of that we cant go the Vatican because they are modernist and don’t have a proper catholic interpretation (generally and most of time). The enemy on high wants to get rid of Tradition this is clear.  

I have personally never stated what I offer is infallible however we must remember “one camp will be right” or close to it.  St. Athanisius certainly didn’t have authority over the whole Church and yet his position stood the test of time.  “The Arian heretics calling themselves Catholic have the buildings but St. Athanisius said we have the Faith. Archbishop Lefebvre, in our estimation, is that modern day St. Athanasius who very adamantly was against both the Pseudo Traditionalist and Sedevacantist camps (of course the VII modernists). We believe what he fundamentally taught will stand the test of time like St. Athanasius’ position did during his crisis. Now to add further confusion the NeoSSPX has adopted a hybrid pseudo traditionalist position in attempts to gain recognition by the Modernists and have left what Archbishop Lefebvre truly taught (yet they deceptively say they haven’t). Big difference from saying you accept the Council from saying you reject the Council.

Sedevacantists have to avoid much private revelation on these times because much of what private revelation unveils completely destroys their position.  Many of them have to throw Fatima out the window and even many of them have to tap dance around Blessed Anne Emmerick’s prophecy on New Church where She makes it clear there is a “Pope” who will flee Rome.  She makes a clear distinction between the heterodox New Church and the Apostate Church (formalized One world religion) yet you will see Sedevacantist websites not making that distinction.  A growing number of us feel that Pope is Benedict XVI who will soon flee and be killed. (see here 1,2,3)

I do not believe we should be keeping to ourselves without discussing but in all honesty do people really think there will be major shifts of people fleeing from one camp to the next? Or that a common opinion will occur amongst all the divided camps? Not even I think the majority are dropping Pseudo-traditionalism or sedevacantism to come and join the Resistance.  Thanks again Vatican II!! Is their consistency of opinion anywhere? How can there be when those who are seemingly half awake know they are being pitched some pseudo flavor of Catholicism at their front door and still follow?  If the Pope and prelates go sour the laymen stand no chance.  Sedevacantists will say they cannot go sour doctrinally but this is error (see here 1,2,3,4,5, ).  The idea that Popes, prelates and priests cannot teach error nor heresy is not at all a Catholic idea nor does it stand the test of Church history.Then there is the disagreement between the Resistance and Sedevacantists on the issue of whether the VII Popes were "manifest heretics".

Good intentions do not always bring about a “desired outcome”. There is sadly not going to be an agreement between all of the camps currently existing. The Pseudo traditionalists have been trying but even Archbishop Lefebvre said these efforts were poisonous.  There should be healthy discussion in charity but anyone who has been trying to take active role in these “debates” know they are essentially fruitless from the standpoint of trying to “convert” others to their respective camp.  There are issues which will separate us and others which ought not.  Sadly, on one hand, there are those who still do not realize Vatican II was not infallible (not dogmatic).  Sadly, on the other hand, there are certain ignorant sedevacantists who think they can raise their position to the level of dogma.  Rather than spend hours a day in some of the ongoing fruitless debates I suggest individuals spend this time with the Blessed Virgin Mary. Pray the Rosary, wear the Scapular, make reparations and keep in a state of grace. Pray that we all get home is this not what the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Saints would want?

In the end, there will be no agreement amongst the varying camps but I suggest a rather dire result.  The chastisements coming are going to drastically reduce the majority of churchmen from this world.  Those remaining who will survive will begin to be funneled into a more apparent path to take.  Once the False Prophet and Maitreya show up on the scene, we, of course, believe the majority will drop the whole case for the Vatican II Revolution. Or at least we hope in grace this is the case. Does one NEED to be sedevacantist to save their soul in this crisis? The answer, of course, is no, because it is merely a theological opinion which cannot be raised to the dogmatic or infallible level (in laymen’s terms).  However can one potentially lose their soul for following this New Religion? I would offer yes to that question as a theological opinion.  Thus, I know a lot of people who call themselves “Catholic” who follow the New Religion of Vatican II but objectively speaking are not. Yet I do not know a whole lot of individuals who are actively trying to not be Catholic.  Such are the times of confusion thanks again to Vatican II.  Therefore, we do not need to pretend to be God and subjectively judge one another this is above our pay grade as mere human beings.  Thanks to man growing tepid and lax in his religion we deserve this crisis and in reality the worst is still to come.

 The modern world abhors real Catholicism...

Pray for unity.  Now I am not suggesting not to continue to pray for unity (in the loose sense implied in this article).  But at this point depending upon your analysis this "unity" becomes subjective.  We know the Catholic Church already is a perfect society which has unity, however, now there are many different “opinions” on the same matter at hand.  What will bring about this true Counter Revolution.  It shall be more clear in the not so distant future as to who(m) is deemed by God Himself to lead and be the leaders.  We all must keep in humility and simplicity until those days become more apparent. Let us turn to the Blessed Virgin Mary once again for it is She our Fortress which brought forth Christ and thus houses the Church. God knows the majority are not the next St. Thomas Aquinas’s but we must be actively educating ourselves in this crisis.  Can mere theological opinion in this crisis be raised to the dogmatic? No, however, reason tells us, as previously mentioned, that one of the camps will be correct once the storm clears (or close to it).  We all must do our best with the ongoing knowledge that we have and continue on in charity. This is a more real answer rather than thinking all “traditionalists” will somehow come together in the end. It is not going to happen.

A great test.  We now see what happens when truth is tampered with and is all but forgotten for now virtually nothing but lies remain.  This great test in these times ought not render a man unto “testiness” with his neighbor even though they may disagree. God knows I have failed and so have you. We ought continue to implore the true mercy of God in these times to make things “more clear” and I suggest with the appearance of the False Prophet (Yeshua Ben Joseph) and New Age false “Christ” Maitreya this will begin to happen. St. Athanasius was right in his time so who will be right in this crisis of our time…the many are now asking.  We can’t turn to Modernist Rome now for the answer because the Great Storm has yet to even arrive.  Modernists do not properly interpret Scripture and Tradition therefore the crisis seems all but hopeless yet that is not trueWho can doubt the Antichrist is close? The formalized one world religion or Apostate Church of Darkness is not yet here. Therefore turn inward and concentrate on those things you can control. 

It is going to be “an agree to disagree” situation.  Therefore save the energy and pray.  Yes, just authority will rule on the matter but it assuredly is not happening before the chastisements. Therefore I do not understand the “witchunts” of certain individuals who think by trolling they can convert the other camps because they think they have all the answers.  There were Saints in Church history who were gifted mystically beyond our comprehension who chose the wrong Pope (during periods of multiple true antipopes) to follow!  Therefore, keep in humility present your case if you feel the need be but spending hours in fruitless debate is just that fruitless.  At TradCatKnight I present our position and those who feel this is “the path to take” or “camp” to settle in during this crisis will potentially stay with this work (but that is not guaranteed).  Let us be frank and not fool ourselves. The majority are not going to be around in the not so distant future so the majority on this side of life are not ever going to know “who was right”.  Make no mistake the argumentation and debates will continue for this is a fight for the Faith but a wise man will turn "right to God" in any crisis rather than always "trying to be right" in front of his or her own peers.  In the end I believe it is prudent to avoid the Novus Ordo (VII) altogether wherever it is taught and also maintain that sedevacantismis impractical, offers no real solutions and can be potentially dangerous to the Faith. God is going to have sadly “eliminate” in so that He can get the right people people He needs in place for this great restoration to come. In summary, spend your time more wisely.  Rather than always trying to appear “right” odds are you will not live to see the day when just authority either agrees with you or not.  #theeagle

Q: In your estimation what is the diabolical disorientation?
A: In this Vatican II crisis we have had Popes, prelates and priests labeling the new direction “Catholic” whence it is an erroneous modernist interpretation of Catholicism.  The Novus Ordo Religion is not the Catholic Religion.  Thence the majority now follow in false obedience thinking themselves to be following something Catholic and yet objectively speaking it is not.  The Council itself was not Catholic nor the Popes teaching from it as a basis for the “New Church”.  There is no such thing as a Novus Ordo Catholic objectively speaking. The response by the Vatican in terms of how they can justify Vatican II and these new doctrines cannot be accepted.  The hermeneutics of continuity is another modernist novelty for the Popes themselves think it is Catholic when clearly from Tradition we can prove otherwise.Vatican II is break from Tradition yet most follow in false obedience.