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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Video: Bishop Fellay Blunders

Video: Bishop Fellay Blunders
Bishop Bernard Fellay recently was interviewed on "Conflict Zone".  The host is some obscene ignoramus.  I do not know what was more painful 1) listening to the ignorance of Tim Sebastian (Interviewer) or 2) listening to Bishop Fellay "tap-dance" around the Faith
Does He not know Jews are enemies of the Church/Christ  (objectively speaking)? Apparently not...

I provide the video with some highlighted commentary at the various time marks...

SSPX: Traditionalism or religious slur? | Conflict Zone 

55 sec:  The JEWS are enemies of the Church objectively speaking (Church teaching), Bishop Fellay tap-dances as usual

Bishop Fellay is a back-peddler from many previous statements such as the one on "Francis being a genuine modernist" (which turned out to be only philosophical modernism, whatever that is)

2 min mark: Bishop Fellay says “never my intention”   its church teaching Jews killed Christ and enemies of the Church!!
2:35: “acceptance back in the Church” Those who do not follow the Vatican II New Religion are in the church. Bishop Fellay misleading again.
2:45: Cowardly again, Jews, anyone who denies Christ are enemies of both Christ and the Church
3:30: "totally disagree with his position?  Bishop Fellay fails again it is CHURCH TEACHING!
Scripture says Jews are enemies of God and mankind 1 Thess 2:14-16
3:45 Bishop Williamson a holocaust denier? Ugh, many of us say it did not happen as the jew run mainstream media said it did.  No one denies in full all events.
4:20: “Not my position on jews” Then you don’t follow Catholic teaching!
6:45: Anti semitism? No, reality!! The ongoing crimes of the Jews against the Church and humanity are well documented. Anti Semitism is a farce.
7:35 Bishop Fellay is a coward for not standing up for Church teaching on the Jews.
9:05 Ignorant Interviewer, “VII is binding on all Catholics!” Bishop Fellay is correct in reaffirming VII is not infallible here.
10:05 Interviewer: “Enormous disrespect to Francis” This ignorant soul obviously doesn’t understand the difference between authority and acts which run contrary to Tradition. 
11:10 Interviewer: “Pius X would permit this insubordination”  Do we follow Christ and Tradition or modernists teaching a new gospel? Bishop Fellay correctly answers…
12:00 Interviewer, “Pick and choose on Tradition” I didn’t know Canon Law was Tradition.  This is the problems with these theological inept souls misrepresenting our religion. Bishop Fellay correctly answers…
12:55 Interviewer, “Humble submission to Pope disappears” YES We are told not to follow Popes not teaching the Faith
13:35 Interviewer, “You and your sect” Is it Tradition? Ask no more!
14:15 “You were excommunicated” Bishop Fellay misleads and agrees. In reality it was illicit and invalid.

"In the spiritual reality of the church, neither Marcel Lefebvre, nor his bishops and priests, nor the people who frequent the SSPX chapels suffered or suffer excommunication. I believe history will record that the intent to impose such an excommunication was invalid and illicit."
-Father Malachi Martin

15:50  “You put dogma ahead of Love” Without Truth there is no real love therefore without proper dogma/doctrine THERE IS NO REAL LOVE. 
18:00 Interviewer, “Why do you rail against those attracted to the same sex?”  REALLY? Does this nitwit ever read the bible and the case against the sodomites?
20:00 General point,  On the topic of homosexual priests. Pope St. Pius V said homosexual priests needed to be put to death.
22:30 Interviewer, On the question of equality, “it is out date to acknowledge inequalities” Interviewer exposes his masonic/Marxist belief structure.
23:30 Interviewer, “Traditionalism needs updating”  Was this guy paid by the Jews or what!  Those who depart from Tradition cease to be Christian the interviewer is not Christian at all. 
24:15 Ignorant Interviewer does not know Vatican II ecumenism does not each conversion
24:25 On the question of recognition of state of Israel Pope St. Pius X said Catholics cannot favor Zionism it runs contrary to Christianity. Yet Bishop Fellay says he is not bothered by that!

Bishop Fellay loves to back his way out of previous statements...

Let me interview with Conflict Zone they would stop filming after 5 minutes.  
This was really hard to watch between these two...
"Watering down" of doctrine and often silence to gain some not needed recognition...how sad...

Resistance: Brand New Watered Down Position of SSPX