"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Francis’s “Favorite False Movement”. This Says It All.

Francis’s “Favorite False Movement”.  This Says It All.
By:  Eric Gajewski
The ecumenical humanitarian corridor project spearheaded by the Community of Sant'Egidio
 Syrian refugees arrive in Rome on Tuesday, March 27, via an ecumenical humanitarian corridor project spearheaded by the Community of Sant'Egidio. (Credit: Crux/John Allen.)

False ecumenism has been pervasive in the Church for decades now.  This is truly nothing new.  The modernist’s of Vatican II think it is great and Catholics resisting the “new principles” of the Novus Ordo religion see it for the Masonic sham that it is.  Here we have another “blockbuster” article from arch-heretic himself John Allen of Crux who makes it seem like these Agenda 2030 principles are actually Catholic principles.  They are not.  This ecumenical humanitarian corridor project is just one of the "movements" within the emerging One World Religion structure that screams “new tower of babel”.  No longer are men divided by doctrine (they imply) but rather they are “united” by a false peace perpetuated by heretics from all over the globe.  John Allen writes this is "Francis’s favorite movement"!  No kidding.  Of course, it has Novus ordo principles written all over it.  Let us take a look at some of them and further analyze this Novus Ordo “masterpiece”.

Novus Ordo Logic

 Makes sense to the modernist's.  They say heretically Jews dont have to convert to Catholicism

Celebrity status?  Way to sell this false movement (ecumenical corridor project) Mr. Allen (insert sarcasm wherever you like).  He makes mention of how many reporters "have flocked to the scene" just to see this group in the airport!   

Wow!  So, we have ecumenical groupies now as well?   

I thought the movement itself was bad enough but I suppose anyone who takes up Masonic Vatican II “ecumenism” can now be deemed a “rock star” like their idol Nope Francis.   

You would think judging by some of the recent pictures of Francis’s talks in Rome people would wake up to this propaganda that he is some sort of celebrity.  Even liberals crack jokes about Francis these days.  Nevertheless, maybe this is the new angle of Crux.  Ecumenical groupies.

The new ecumenical groupies...??

Sant’Egidio same objectives as Francis.  Well no wonder Francis loves them?  

 If they are Agenda 21, tree hugging, “John Lennon like” Socialists then welcome aboard!   

What are some of the same common objectives of these heretics?  There is conflict resolution, defense of the poor, protection of the environment, opposition to capital punishment, and ecumenical and inter-faith dialogue - most prized by Francis. 

First, conflict resolution.  That sounds great right?  But when your solution is not attempting to convert these poor souls/nations to the Church then what are you truly “resolving”.  The Vatican has been turned into some sort of mediator for world conflict and yet this is not a part of the true Gospel.  Why?  Because the true peace makers are trying to convert individuals’ families, nations and society not propagate the Masonic principle of religious liberty and social democracy all across the lands.  Different faiths different gospels.   

Vatican II "conflict resolution is just as hilarious as the Office episode on Conflict Resolution

Two, defense of the poor.  Sounds great, right?   No, not to these socialists who simply use the poor to aide their agenda of control and manipulation.   

As I recently pointed out on my TCK radio show with esteemed economist Lynette Zang, the Socialist’s use the “poor card” so that they can have the ability to tell nations and peoples how to distribute their wealth and resources.   

Centralized control by the Antichrist and he will dictate.  The Church doesn’t teach Robin Hood economics.   

Billboard for Antichrist Maitreya,  "Sharing"  Sound familiar?

Third, protection of the environment.  Sounds great, right?  Well no environmentalism is leading us into a more controlled and taxed society wherein if you don’t play by their rules the lower you fall on their coming “social credit system” scheme.   

Furthermore, environmentalism is leading us into a return to ancient paganism just like the early church fathers warned of in these endtimes.   

Fourth, opposition to capital punishment.  Sounds great, right?  No not at all the Church traditionally stands behind capital punishment and how it is truly a mercy to keep this doctrine in place (http://archives.sspx.org/against_sound_bites/capital_punishment.htm)

Fifth, ecumenical and inter faith dialogue!  Sounds great, you guessed it, not at all.  These efforts are truly the foundation for the emerging Harlot or One World Religion of “Babylon”.   

Oh! Rome how far have you fallen.   

What is the point of bringing together all religions if the intent is not to convert them?  Our Lord is not in the fruitless dialogue business which is why this new civilization of love will fail.  JPII is rolling over in his grave.  He used that terminology specifically.  He was another cohort in this falling away from the Faith.   

The whole immigration agenda is being funded by the globalists through the Vatican so it is no surprise that Francis supports it.

In the end, this is just more “ammo” to prove how Crux and John Allen aren’t Catholic and have no idea what they are being led into.  Do these people really think society can have true peace without the true Faith?  Do they really think the U.N. and Agenda 21 is the answer?   

Unfortunately, they don’t know what Catholicism really is.   

They may want to start re-reading pre-Vatican II encyclicals and Councils before it is too late.   

They may just wake up one day with the chip in them thinking they are doing the right thing.   

Folks, truth does not reside in the Vatican these days nor reside it reside in the mainstream media nor in the majority of public opinion.