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Monday, June 5, 2017

(VIDEO) Caution Francis Speaks: "No Right or Left "Christians"

Caution Francis Speaks: "No Right or Left "Christians"
Once again we find Francis promoting his false diversity and "unity" nonsense which can no way be interpreted as Catholic.  Pope St. Pius X warned these heretics would use the human dignity and freedom card and assuredly enough since Vatican 2 this is what we have been dealing with.  Unity for the Conciliarists includes heretics and schismatics and dialogue is simply paving the way for the formalized One World Religion.  We are in the endgame.

Francis at Pentecost Mass: There are no "right or left" Christians, but only those from Jesus

At Pentecost Mass, Francis recalled that the Church is diversity and unity at the same time.

He warned against the danger of moving from extreme to extreme, saying, those who forget diversity eliminate freedom and those who forget unity destroy dialogue.

"They become followers of a part instead of brothers and sisters in the same Spirit; Christians of the 'right or left' before becoming those from Jesus."

He also stressed that the arrival of the Holy Spirit brought the gift of forgiveness. It is an instrument that renews the heart, filling it with hope.

"This is the beginning of the Church, this is the glue that holds us together, the cement that unites the bricks of the house: forgiveness."

At the end of the ceremony, as on many big occasions Francis entered the popemobile to greet the 60,000 people who participated in the ceremony.

 TCK:  No mention of doctrine being the glue that holds us together!