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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 5, 2017



Glory to God in the Highest,

The following links are explanations by Padre Pio regarding Holy Mass

Catholic Mass explained by Padre Pio - https://youtu.be/EGGeojt-H2k

Mistakes in Novus Ordo explained by Padre Pio - https://youtu.be/v-RGxn-o5NM

God Bless, Muelisi Y.

"Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, the Jesuit’s Superior General, said in a May 31 interview with the Spanish paper El Mundo that Satan is a “symbolic figure” who doesn’t really exist. 
“We have created symbolic figures, such as the devil, in order to express [the reality of] evil,” said Abascal when asked if he believes evil is a process of human psychology or comes from a higher being.  
“Social conditioning also represents that figure,” he added."

Against  Fr. Arturo Sosa's claim that there is no hell, a  reading of  Vatican I which is "De Fide" -  meaning what every Catholic must  believe - refutes such error.  
Vatican II is pastoral and cannot change anything that has been declared  "De Fide" by Vatican I,To do otherwise is to declare heresy or error. "De Fide" includes the teachings of the "Primacy of the Pope" and many other doctrines that neo-modernist Catholics in positions of power wish to change.  Every true Catholic is bound to the truths of Vatican 1. These are the truths that every Catholic student should be taught in Catholic schools.

                                                                 The Vatican Council
8 Dec. 1869 -- 20 Oct. 1870
Constitutio dogmatica
"Dei Filius"
de fide Catholica
Dogmatic Constition "Dei Filius"
on the Catholic Faith

Dogmatic constitution on the Catholic faith
5. Everybody knows that those heresies, condemned by the fathers of Trent, which rejected the divine magisterium of the Church and allowed religious questions to be a matter for the judgment of each individual, have gradually collapsed into a multiplicity of sects, either at variance or in agreement with one another; and by this means a good many people have had all faith in Christ destroyed.
8. With this impiety spreading in every direction, it has come about, alas, that many even among the children of the Catholic Church have strayed from the path of genuine piety, and as the truth was gradually diluted in them, their Catholic sensibility was weakened. Led away by diverse and strange teachings [4] and confusing nature and grace, human knowledge and divine faith, they are found to distort the genuine sense of the dogmas which Holy mother Church holds and teaches, and to endanger the integrity and genuineness of the faith.
15. Consequently, the situation of those, who by the heavenly gift of faith have embraced the Catholic truth, is by no means the same as that of those who, led by human opinions, follow a false religion; for those who have accepted the faith under the guidance of the Church can never have any just cause for changing this faith or for calling it into question.
4. If anyone says that finite things, both corporal and spiritual, or at any rate, spiritual, emanated from the divine substance; or that the divine essence, by the manifestation and evolution of itself becomes all things or, finally, that God is a universal or indefinite being which by self determination establishes the totality of things distinct in genera, species and individuals: let him be anathema.
3. On faith
3. If anyone says that divine revelation cannot be made credible by external signs, and that therefore men and women ought to be moved to faith only by each one's internal experience or private inspiration: let him be anathema.
4. On faith and reason
3. If anyone says that it is possible that at some time, given the advancement of knowledge, a sense may be assigned to the dogmas propounded by the Church which is different from that which the Church has understood and understands: let him be anathema
First dogmatic constitution on the Church of Christ
6. And since the gates of hell trying, if they can, to overthrow the Church, make their assault with a hatred that increases day by day against its divinely laid foundation, we judge it necessary, with the approbation of the Sacred Council, and for the protection, defense and growth of the Catholic flock, to propound the doctrine concerning the 1. institution, 2. permanence and 3. nature of the sacred and apostolic primacy, upon which the strength and coherence of the whole Church depends.
Chapter 1
On the institution of the apostolic primacy in blessed Peter

4. To this absolutely manifest teaching of the Sacred Scriptures, as it has always been understood by the Catholic Church, are clearly opposed the distorted opinions of those who misrepresent the form of government which Christ the lord established in his Church and deny that Peter, in preference to the rest of the apostles, taken singly or collectively, was endowed by Christ with a true and proper primacy of jurisdiction.
6. Therefore, if anyone says that blessed Peter the apostle was not appointed by Christ the lord as prince of all the apostles and visible head of the whole Church militant; or that it was a primacy of honor only and not one of true and proper jurisdiction that he directly and immediately received from our lord Jesus Christ himself: let him be anathema.
"a formal curse by a pope or a council of the Church, excommunicating a person or denouncing a doctrine."

Betsy Kraus..
Enjoy your ministry. I have been a Religious Brother since 1976 with simple vows. I do not attend the conciliar church; I was a Redemptorist but left (really, pushed out because I was orthodox and, of course, they're down to 635 in US--we had that much in the seminary when I was there).

So my confrere and I started a Religious Order under the auspices of a Roman, Conciliar Bishop in the Philippines from 1989-2003 but we had to accuse him of pederasty, so he returned the favor and accused the founder of same -- since we lost our recognition at that point and then just did private vows with our spiritual director, former Bishop of this diocese, now deceased who knew we were innocent but had to follow Nuncio's commands.  How do I understand my situation of solemn vows? Have I EVER? been in vows since it was in 76 post conciliar? what about now? 40 years last year? means nothing except personally :)
thanks for your work again!
Bro Rick Vice, MBPH
Missionary Brothers of Perpetual Help
Theotokos Hermitage
Ogden, KS
 Eric, ET Disclosure coming?

Sean M.
Hi, Eric.  I tried to watch the above-cited video on your blog and it is so fast-talked and jam-packed with theories (in addition to a lot of good background info.) that I was almost dizzy trying to extract any truth that was being proposed.  
Here is a key concern that I have and I ask your input:  The speaker assumes that Lucia's 2013 "Memoirs" are authentic, as well as the "bishop in white" part of the fake 3rd Secret that was "announced" in 2000 -- and both of these assumptions are concerning.
For example, do we know what Socci (or any other reliable source) has stated regarding the authenticity of Lucia's 2013-released alleged "Memoirs."???  That convent has towed the fraudulent Vatican line for a long time.   As far as I have read, we have nothing dogmatically reliable as really coming from Lucia after 1959 or so -- because the Vatican silenced her after 1960.   And then there is also the compelling and probably true issue of a fake Sr. Lucia who starting appearing at about the time of Paul VI -- which fits in with the silencing (or death) of the real Sr. Lucia after 1960.  So what do we know about these alleged "Memoirs" --- where the "words" of Our Lady  (in the "flaming sword" vision are perplexingly exactly the same as in Lourdes:  "Penance, penance, penance!"  (It is not impossible that She said these again, but it is curious given the Vatican's habit of concocting fraudulent but true-appearing "Fatima" messages.)
Do we know what is the truth concerning these "Memoirs" of Lucia -- and where they fit in or don't fit in with the still-hidden 3rd Secret prophecies.  And do we know anything that Lucia really said after c. 1959????  thanks!
Mary C.
Greetings Mr. Gajewski,

I have been a reader of your weblog for over a year now and I have a great appreciation for much of the work you are doing. I know you are a very busy individual, so I shan't try to take up much of your time.

My name is Wesley Talley and I am a Traditional Catholic and a graphic designer by profession. I am in the process of creating a double-sided Rosary card in A5 paper size in Latin. It's nearly complete except for the Fatima prayer. I've asked around and probed the internet but was unable to find any version in Latin which was satisfactory to me.

Then I came across this article online which was attributed to Br. Alexis Bugnolo.

The version I had been using hitherto was the one used by the SSPX: "Nostris, O Jesu, débitis indúlge; érue nos ab ígnibus inférni. Cœlíque portas univérsis pande, miséris præsértim". However, this has some of the same translation issues which you discussed in the afore-mentioned article.

I studied 2 years of Latin when I was in secondary school but I am quite rusty as I haven't really needed to use my skills much in all that time. I was wondering, since you are in contact with Fr. Paul Kramer, if you'd be able to ask him to help me with a decent and accurate version of the Fatima prayer in Latin for my prayer card.

From the Portuguese (I am a Spanish-speaker, so it's not that difficult for me), I was able to make a rudimentary translation using the etymological roots of the words:
PORT: Ó meu Jesus, perdoai-nos e livrai-nos do fogo do inferno, levai as alminhas todas para o Céu, principalmente aquelas que mais precisarem.
LAT: O mi Jesu, ignósce nobis et líbera nos ab igne Inférni, leva anímulas omnes (a purgatório) ad Cœlum, principáliter illas quæ máxime præcidúntur.

However, I realise that you can't always translate word-for-word exactly, as there are better ways of saying the same thing in other languages.

If you would please be so kind as to forward this email onto Fr. Kramer, I'd be much obliged. Thank you very much in advance for all your help. I look forward to hearing back from you very soon.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
~Wes Talley

P.S. Even if I was to take the SSPX version and alter it slightly, "Nobis, O Jesu, indúlge, et érue nos ab igne inférni, Cœlíque portas univérsis pande, miséris præsértim." would that make it better?
 Hi Eric
Hope you are well, and really enjoy all your postings.  So much knowledge.
Please send me your mailing address again.

Thank you and God Bless

Tony Soord 

Review: The Devil’s Chessboard – Allen Dulles, the CIA, and the Rise of America’s Secret Government

"Before I detail points from this book that impress me deeply, I must point out that the Deep State starts with the Rothschilds and the Vatican, goes down through all the PRIVATE “central” banks that they control, into the two-party tyrannies that they control, and then into the secret intelligence services and complicit other institutions including the media, academia, and corporate chiefs happy to be part of one large crime family that constantly cheats the 99% in favor of the 1%. Everyone other than the Rothschilds and the Vatican is part of the servant class to the 1%, not the “deciders” as some assume."
Susan E.
What is it about secret sects and societies? Who really runs this country? Secret orders and elite traditions seem to be the real American way. These are not benevolent and simply politically connected over achievers. Check out Theta Neu Epsilon, a.k.a. "The Machine" at Alabama University as a typical example of how malevolent and hideous these groups truly are.  There are two colleges in each university, one for the "chosen/ illuminated" and one for proles (proletariats) who think they are important and qualified but are in reality just pawns of the first group. And they rarely ever get recognition and rewarded for their distinctive efforts.

Nick F.

What could you bring to a 3rd Secret documentary based on this audio???

Maybe it could get edited together with this interview (plus other stuff) found here:

As practising "trad" Catholic hidden deeply in the H-Wood system i'm intrigued.

Just wondering was all


P.S. ignore if it’s of no interest
Not sure what is worse self service or youthful happy clappy. Either way destruction is imminent it appears.
Salve Maria
Chris G.

Dear Knight:

For a couple of years, we have prayed the Rosary outside Planned Parenthood every Sunday, and we pray in adoration on Tuesdays against euthanasia, human sacrifice and murder.  Our pamphlets have been approved by Bishop Elizondo and the exorcist priest of the Auxillium Christianorum for spiritual warfare.  Would you help me reach Catholics with the opportunity to join the battle?  You have had good success reaching Catholics, whether they wake up or not, and I would appreciate your feedback.  Please look at our sites and let me know if you have any suggestions:

Thank you much,

The reason for the email is a story coming out of the Philippines. Muslims kidnapped a Catholic Priest and 13 lay Catholics at the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians: https://www.rt.com/news/389525-philippines-hostage-priest-church/ In case you didn't know martial law has been declared in parts of the Philippines. This attack is important in part because Our Lady help of Christians explained here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Help_of_Christians represents a great Catholic victory against the Muslims at the battle of Lepanto. So the fact the Muslims picked the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians the day before the feast day of Our Lady help of Christians is hugely symbolic. The demonic Muslims flew the ISIS flag over the the Cathedral of Our Lady help of Christians before they burned it to the ground. Can you help getting more attention on this story? Catholics need to know about Father Chito Suganob and the 13 Catholics being held. Sadly the so called "Catholic" media has not helped and the American media ran a few stories of no importance. The clergy has been useless as well. I hope I never get kidnapped by Muslims our people won't even know to pray for me! So anything you can do to help getting eyeballs on this would be helpful.

Also if you are looking for the true means to win the battle we are in check out the MI:
In Jesus and Mary,
Michael Contaldi      

Eric,  I have been listening to your program when I can. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing. Listening to you has helped bring me back to true traditional Catholicism. I have struggled with a lack of faith and confidence in trying to find it. Listening to you is helping me restore it.

I have so many questions I don't know where to start, but I will ask anyway. I have small children that I have removed from local CCD classes and like you said better to not go to a novus ordo mass than to take part in a heresy. But if I don't have them in the classes, how do I get them their sacraments (first penance, first communion, confirmation)?  How do I find out what church in my area holds true to tradition and not just says they do?  I have found conflicting "traditional" sites offering traditional parish locations. Who is correct?

Finally, how can I find a network of like minded people in my area that I could potentially meet with?  Do you have any suggestions.

Thank you for all you do.

Keith Bray
Dear Eric,  We got a nibble here when I directly sent my  two articles to  Mr. Skojec https://onepeterfive.com/amidst-conflicting-fatima-secrets-a-clear-message-shines/   as Mr. Nobody visited him (also I have 3 questions for you below )
but Mr. Steve Skojec did not site tradcatknight.blogspot.com or my article because in his above article he even called Atila's TIA site "fringe" so perhaps anything that is not "Indult" or Novus Ordo to Steve is "fringe". We should not be surprised at this though nor the fact that Mr. Skojac did not give us any credit and even got his facts wrong because he claimed that this false third Secret originated from fatimamovement.com when if he would have skimmed my two page outline he would have seen that it originated with fatimamovement.wordpress.com  and the-end-of-evil.blogspot.com and /thirdsecret.org:80 which came a few months after the first two while fatimamovement.com was not put up by Darren until early 2011 see here https://web.archive.org/web/20110302030636/http://fatimamovement.com:80/  note how the number 80 figures into this and links many of his sister sites- I have this number on several of his sites. If you want I will send you Mr. Skojec’s letters to me it took me several emails to him before he would even give me the time of day and then you will see his excuse as to why he did not mention my outline or article but took some of my information from it and went off on the “experts” who bought into the hoax and wimped out with his article saying it was a “dubious” text instead of a total fraud! He essentially used some of my work without siting my research like “the illuminati” making an offer to Darren that he couldn’t refuse and praying for the secret then it came to him the next day! Mr. Skojec did not know that until he saw it on my outline and article which I sent him on May 11 and May 16 of 2017.
Question 1) I need to ask you though Eric to please repost the two articles (find the pdf attachments enclosed which are the same but with dates added to them and the title in the header for the larger article). The reason for this is that I do not want people plagiarizing my work and these dates which I added to the enclosed attachments will demonstrate that I came out with exposing this fraud first and that you helped. And your site and a few others were the first to feature it. I will be sending you Mr. Skojac’s email that he sent me. I am glad that he at least is talking about it but disappointed that he is so wishy washy regarding this man’s identity and the fact that he is  using this to get money off through donations and selling religious articles at inflated prices. God bless you and the work of the good Fathers. There are also a few more web sites that picked it up with me not even writing to them .  Question 2) I don’t know if it is possible for you to feature the actual outline scrolled out on your site as it would draw more attention to this hoax as many people don’t like to download articles but would rather view it on the web site itself. Perhaps you could post it on one of your sister sites if you don’t want to do it at tradcat.
Question 3) you may want to rethink putting a link to Darren’s fatimamovement ebooks as they could have spy ware or mal ware on them. He is known to do that and it may be you can get these below books elsewhere:
1.    Cached
Jun 18, 2016 - Kyrie eleison. Plot against the Church FREE PDF... http://www.fatimamovement.com/images/eBooks/PlotAgainstTheChurchPinay.pdf.
1.    Cached
Feb 15, 2015 - ... of Man which will soon be solidified.... Related: http://www.fatimamovement.com/images/eBooks/Aa-1025TheMemoirsOfAnAnti-Apostle.pdf ...
In fact I know they are on other sites

I understand if you don’t want to post my actual outline because I know that it is a controversial topic but everything going in the Church today is like a battle Mr. Nobody aka Darren  wrote to Atila at TIA as early as 2006  under his pseudonym R.D. about the two sister Lucy theories calling for photography and anthropology "experts". .   Later I will send you a second installment on Darren and his youtube sites. Thanks for your help Eric and God bless you and all of your work at tradcatknight.blogspot.com to expose the apostasy.    Sincerely Marie.
Dear Editor,

Christian Order editor Rod Pead in last month's issue published a piece I did on Kasper's Hegelian errors.

During the Catholic sex abuse scandal, I wrote for NewsMax and have written a book titled "Hidden Axis" available on Amazon.

Please read the post below. I think it is an important research piece on  Francis that you will not find on the Internet or anywhere else.

Please feel free to post or publish.

Thank you for your good work. You are in my prayers.

God bless you,

Fred Martinez

Having just watched "Hostage to the devil" about
Fr. Malichi Martin  (produced in January 2017) on Netflix, or you can find it in vimeo on you tube...his final words in the interview was..."imagine the worst you can, and know it will get much much worse than that." 

If you want a good study on the last book in the Bible, Revelations.  I recommend the book, The Book of Destiny , by Fr. Herman Bernard Kramer.
He bagan his work on this book in the 1920s and was published after 30 years of its study.  I realize the many books on Revelations, by many good qualified Catholics, have been written however, this priest took, verse by verse, and explained the very heart of each line.  Very insightful, eye opening, and if accurate, quiet different from what most people have in mind for the Book of Revelation.  I highly recommend the book,  would make a good book study for a group. 

I hope all are well!  And read Fr. Clovis's article on AL.  This priest is very brave, "As the separation begins to take place, each one of us, like the angels, will have to decide for himself whether he would rather be wrong with Lucifer than right without him,” he added.
Lets pray for him, and all the priest that are the special ones of our Dear Blessed Mother!  Their hands shine before those they serve!

          Rosemary Burkhardt

First, I want to say that I am deeply appreciative of your weekly podcasts. Personally, out of all the interviews, news updates, and more, I have to say that the real value and treasure is within these radio shows. I really look forward to these, and they are very much valued as one of the highlights of my week... Keep it up!

Also, I wanted to mention that I lately have read 'The Jesuits' by Father Malachi Martin. It opened my eyes to understand why "Pope" Francis is the way he is. On a personal note, I cannot deny the seemingly intentional action he takes of removing the sanctity and honor Our Lord deserves at every chance he has. 

I have to admit, I think I can say that I was a bit naive when Francis took over, but as time goes on it just becomes ever more clear that it seems he knows what he is actually doing (destroying the Sacred). It now appears to me this is no mistake. I like to give everyone their fair chance and in my mind I definitely gave Francis his.

Things as they are on Francis' side of the picture, I agree with you that it is only going to get worse. After reading Father Martin's 'The Jesuits,' he is the institution in the papacy of the whole enchilada of liberation theology and its poisonous effect on souls. A prime point in Father Martin's book speaks to the fact that a lot of liberation theology priests at many points didn't even have Mass with a crucifix on the altar or anywhere close; they wanted to look at blank walls-- That is how sacrilegious it became -- just one example. 

The Marxist effects the Jesuits took on, being full supporters, not forgetting to mention becoming guerrilla revolutionaries and holding official government positions of power in Venezuela amongst other revolutionaries, ended up standing for nothing sacred. Father Martin is so clear in his analysis throughout the book. 

Overall, I think Francis is diluting the minds of those he is supposed to guard as a shepherd's job is to guard his sheep, and also protect the orthodoxy of the faith. It is disturbing to say the least. By the way, the monstrance recently in use at Fatima is a sickening thing... It looks like it was made by an alien from space, something intended to look grotesque and disturbing.

Why would Francis even want to send that message and question holy things by making them to look wrong? --his job is to lead people to salvation, not disturb them, but most of us know that.

I have written you before, but I wanted to relay my thoughts to you and let you know that I believe your strongest point is in your weekly radio shows. Keep up the good work, Eric. I appreciate your love for Our Lord, Our Lady, and the truth, and you are remembered constantly in my prayers.

God Bless you, and all the best,

In Jesus and Mary, 

Brent Eastman

Petition to Bishop Fellay on ipetitions
For your information...
Marrianne Y

I remember the post about Saint Januarius blood failing to liquify in Naples and I just read the post about the volcano activity. It's like connecting the dots. Might make for an interesting article. It would be good to remind your readers. How good and mighty is our Lord to forewarn His faithful. Those who have faith should leave. Glory and praise to our Father of Mercy!

As far as many people of Naples are concerned, the blood remaining solid can be a premonition of evil.
The same things happened in 1980, when a earthquake hit South Italy; 1973, when Naples endured an outbreak of cholera; 1939, when World War II began; 1940, when Italy joined the War and 1943, when Italy was occupied by the Nazis.

From your article
An eruption of the Camp Flegrei supervolcano would dwarf the devastation caused by Mount Vesuvius on the otherside of Naples 

God Speed,
Jennifer Cook
Hello Trad Cat Knight,

I messaged you about last year via facebook messenger.

I am a catholic and have found myself in a series of situations that can no longer be ignored concerning the apostate church and freemasonry.

I have take up a cross for stopping masonic infiltration, but very few priests are willing to listen, but the ones that do have some what made ut a point to come back to traditionalism.

I am quite concerned that i have encountered prominent freemasons within the church and have played my cards to where I am not suspected of being known the truth as the public settings were not available to show other believers their true identity. 

I am asking you for skype meeting to discuss me writing an open letter to my diocese since the priesthood here is either part of the kabhalist masonic system, too afraid to stand against them, or completely ignorant of the false doctrine they have been sold and are selling unknowingly.

I realize my request is sudden and out of place, but I do not see you as controlled opposition and someone with the same knowledge of these matters as me.

I am asking you to please hear my story and join forces with you to discuss the next step of action.

If you would like to first email for awhile before feeling comfortable in a skype meeting than I can agree to this.

In my line of work it has been my preference to speak face to face as it is easier to delve into the subject matters.

Thank you,
- Sean Shannon
Hi Eric,
                The astrocytoma monstrous  at Fatima is definitely a new low. It is another one for the Revolution in the Church (1963 – ?) and I am sure it will get its own webpage on Tradition in Action’s ‘The Church Revolution in Pictures’  feature.
They already have the magic acts at what is popularly called the ‘Tennis Racket’ basilica (as above).  But after people become more familiar with the Third Secret TIA has been featuring of late, the basilica looks to me more like the dead ringer for the ‘beaked basilica’.  Make that the ‘beaked basilica with eyes.’
Still, as blasphemy goes, it is hard to beat stickmanjesus with John Paul the II and his Broken Cross kneeling beside. 
Our Lady stated she will yet return a seventh time to Fatima.  When she does, I think it would be a good idea not to be worshiping The Beast and his image  in front of stickmanjesus.
Lynda B.

Dear Eric

Have you read a book called "Fatima, the signs the Secrets" by Marianna Bartold?  She has a blog called "Keeping it catholic"  I can't find it now - but another bit of writing regarding the Secret of La Salette was an eye opener.  I believe she stated that some of the Bishops who refused to believe in the Message died quite miserably.

Have you considered having her on your radio broadcast?

This is something from her book that is very interesting indeed
Caroline A.

I think you've got a great site and I enjoy reading it.  That article on
the Dutch banker and the Illuminati was really eye opening.

I'd like to work out a way where I could get a link from your site. 
There are a few options, I could donate and you could add my link to an
article such as
or I could also write a guest post on survival navigation for preppers
like I did here -




Which you could link from
or another page that you think is relevant.

Let me know your thoughts.

   You are out of your mind! LOL! I have been listening to you daily on YouTube since early February, and am now addicted darn you! Keep up the good work! I unfortunately live in a Vatican II parish in NE Oregon, but am planning to move this year to Post Falls Idaho into the Immaculate Conception Traditional Parish, once the VA coughs up the money they owe me. I will make a donation to you at that time as well. Give me a call sometime, it sounds like we have a similar tale of woe before Our Lord & Our Lady pulled us from the cess pool of sin.  God Bless, and know you are in my daily prayers! 
George M.

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