"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

POEM: “Where We First Start”

 POEM: “Where We First Start”
By:  Eric Gajewski
“Did I not see thee in the garden with him?" John 18:26
Please enjoy my latest poem from the work, "Fortress of the Soul

Press play and listen as you read along...

In the Garden with pounding burdened heart
Sweaty Blood Unseen from untold anxiety, I remain hidden
Agony Written in Red, a sea of Blood measured from the start
Nowhere to run, for no sin from His heart could hide
Transforming Love, which would weigh down on mans pride
Would Ye stay for the whole hour?
O’ eyes who still claim in this night to see
Slumber Not! For this path ends with screams
Harken to heareth Him speak!
My God! My God! Why hast thou forsaken Me?
For His heart reached down into hell’s lowest cell
Wherest despair met Love’s lips with Words of new beginning
For we must likewise flee through thee Egypt of self-seeking
And pass through this Red Sea of Regeneration
To do all for His Pleasing! O’ ye eagles give God the Glory!
Redemption canst still be had
For this evil generation and godless society
And it is through Our Lady
That we become counted amongst the Ever Living
Yea, Selfless Love wilst strengthen thee!
It alone can endure the stormy night and all your frailty
You, O’ God Whose Living Breath
Still snatches thy furthest souls away from the devil freely
Self-serving man! Thy arms are too short
Now it is time for repentance and to fall into the Arms of our Offering
Now is the time with nerves on edge, fears in abundance and anxiety roaring
To be a young eaglet hatching…
For long is the road of tribulation up ahead
Before you will begin to see your wings flapping
But Faith and Hope will grow…
For God’s Way into His Heart is not ordinary
And Love’s Path still remains narrow
And happy are His eagles who take the skies soaring!
Yea, off of Calvary’s Cliff, suffering!
Be ye encouraged and do not dismay
For what nature alone could not endure, Love hast
For Love’s Hand in an instant changeth the night into day
Gather around, O Mary!  Paradise’s Tree
It is here where His true elect feed
It is here where His chosen have decided to live by Charity
O’ ye lukewarm?  O’ ye doubtful? Do ye still not believe?
The eagles are coming unto a world
Which through the dark night still canst not see
Yea, we must pass from the wilderness
Wandering in our own appointed time of self-forgetfulness
For if we are to arrive at the Promised Land
We must be guided alone by His own Hand
It is here in the Garden we lose all control
We forget our past and let His Holy Hand mold our soul
Where the heaviness of the Cross wast seen
Wherest the yoke of His Heart broke
So that now we could enter with forgiveness’s ease
Pass now through this Abyss of Fire, counting all as but loss
Embrace these unseen mystical fiery darts
For it is in hope we end in heaven
But in faith we must first enter the Garden wherest His Passion start