"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, July 31, 2017

Antichrist To Appear on USA TV After The Economic Collapse

Antichrist To Appear on USA TV After The Economic Collapse
By:  Eric Gajewski
Virtually every major economist and trends expert is saying the economic collapse is imminent.  Ron Paul recently said it would be within the next three months.  One top stock market expert bet 262 million it would happen by this October.  Does he know something we dont?  We see stocks reaching record highs which only indicates the rug is about to be pulled out from under our feet.  How bad will it be?  Will there be freezes on bank accounts?  Will social security and pensions freeze?  Will healthcare be “incorporated” into the Mark of the Beast?  These are all questions that many of you are asking as you ought.  Through my vast research on the coming Antichrist “Maitreya” it is clear that his time is drawing close.  We have the Jews putting plans into place to rebuild the third temple.  These same faithless jews now say that the Messianic era will start after another celestial sign (two stars colliding) in 2022.  If the reign of the Antichrist does start in 2023 that means he will be out and about beforehand getting everyone used to him and his seductive socialist policies.  It is clear from his writings that He will appear on national TV here in the USA as a start to get the world used to him.

From his website:
Q. Why will Maitreya appear in the United States instead of in other countries?
A. He will appear in other countries. He will appear first in America in such a way that He can speak to millions of people. Then in Japan. Which country do you think has the largest and most influential media network in the world? If He appears on a major network in America He can be heard immediately by millions of people not only in the US but, through the internet, all over the world.
Eventually, after the Day of Declaration when He is known and accepted by humanity, He will make a pilgrimage around the world.

Q. When will the meeting of Maitreya and American television happen?
A. It is impossible to predict exactly. It depends on when the Western (US and European) stock exchanges begin their total crash. This appears to be widely expected now by economists. My information is that it is now imminent.

What is also interesting is that He will be announcing the False Prophet “Master Jesus” onto the scene shortly after his arrival.  He will be the one to “unite humanity” formally and ultimately make sure that men follow Maitreya.  This past week we have seen more American companies adopting the “take the microchip” or leave system.  Folks, it is here.  The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart is not 40-50 years from now.  The economic collapse is close which means the Antichrist’s arrival onto the scene is close.  The Triumph of Mary, Christ and the Church come after. It is indicated that there will only be a three-month gap from Maitreya’s Day of Declaration to the time of formally announcing His Masters onto the world scene.  Yes, the fallen angel in the flesh are amongst us.

Q. After Maitreya officially announces Himself to the world on Declaration Day, how long will it be before He introduces the Master Jesus to the world – a matter of weeks or months or a year or two?
A. About three months.

TradCatKnight Exclusive: The False Prophet  
Ascended Masters "Fallen Angels In The Flesh Amongst Us"  

What will be the result after the economic collapse?
Q. How do you envisage the immediate aftermath of the Stock Market Crash in the West ? 
A.  After the preliminary shock, the nations will meet together to discuss the means of coping with the future in ordered fashion. Those who have stood most emphatically behind the rule of market forces will find themselves outvoted in the dispensation which will pertain, and those advocating co-operation will gain the ascendancy. This will not happen overnight. The process will be gradual, but will not be long delayed. Already there are those in various governments who are awaiting the time to act.

The New World Order under Antichrist Maitreya will be Socialist:
Q. How will a financial breakdown of developed markets result in a more fair distribution of wealth to under- developed countries (2) and when?
A. (1) Maitreya will emerge as soon as the ‘meltdown’ is global and He will advocate the principle of sharing as the only answer to our economic problems. When we see this, we will put into place the plans for redistribution of resources which already exist, waiting to be implemented. This ‘meltdown’ of the markets is indeed now becoming global in extent.  (2) It is impossible to give a precise date but everything points to very soon.

Confirmation He will not call himself Maitreya at his first speaking engagement:
Q. Why when Maitreya comes on major television will He not use His own name?
A. For a number of reasons. One is that many people would not know who Maitreya is. He wishes to be introduced to the world as a man among men, but Who has ideas which, so far, most people have not thought about for the reconstruction of the world. In that way He does not make a division between Christians, Buddhists, Moslems and Hindus. If He was introduced as the Christ, say, then Christians would be divided. Some would say "Halleluja! The Christ is here!" Others would say "He is not the Christ, he is a fake, he is the antichrist." Or, if they liked His ideas, which many fundamental Christians, in my experience do not, even without seeing Him - they are convinced already that He must be antichrist, they do not like the idea of sharing, they do not seem to like justice and peace in the world - they will automatically reject Him.

Time to prepare your soul now for the Tribulation ahead.  There will be a period of calamities one after another before he even first shows up.  If his reign is 2023 you can see just how “south” things are going to go in the world before people would be willing to be that desperate enough to embrace a false Christ…Cling to Christ and disengage from the world now

Antichrist's Arrival Is Close....