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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, July 24, 2017

Job 23:17 Dark Night: “Perishing “or Preparing?

Job 23:17 Dark Night: “Perishing “or Preparing?
By:  Eric Gajewski
Job 23: 17 I have not perished because of the darkness that hangs over me, neither hath the mist covered my face.

The dark night of the soul is never pleasant and why?  I think there are a variety of reasons but underlying it all is our natural tendency to self-will.  We want what we want and we want it typically right now.  In addition, prideful man refuses to acknowledge that God’s Will is to be followed.  You mean God has a right over me he questions?  Thus, prideful man pursues things of no value to God.  It is why so many go to hell.  Job had it all and thought life was great UNTIL God’s Will kicked in.  Everything was then taken away and thus Job had to learn to please God in all things even in the dark or this “mist” which would surround Him.  Coincidentally Padre Pio spoke often of this same mist.  What is this Mist?  It is the Mist of God or the Cloud of God which keeps us moving forward in Faith and Hope.  Thus, we need to recognize that the dark or mist is preparing us and not causing us to literally perish (although it feels like it).  It is God who gives and takes and it is God who sustains.

Does anyone really think that we are to escape this “mist of God” given all that is about to happen in the world?  Do we really think it is going to be very “charismaticy” as we jump for joy watching the world and church fall further apart?  This “mist of God”, so present, to those closest to God, helps us, to prepare for what is to come.  Gods chosen followed this cloud or mist to the new beginning.  Can anyone see where I am going with this?  Soon the world will fall into utter dark and the Church no different.  Our Lady of LaSalette said the Church would be in eclipse this shall happen once the Apostate Church in Rome is setup.  It is in this divine dark where we will draw closer to the Sacred Heart and grow in virtue most especially Faith, Hope and Charity.  It is the eagles wings of Faith and Hope which shall take on the Wind or Mist of God and keep us flying higher.  It is God saying to prideful modern man (churchmen included) “you have been leading yourselves”.  Who could argue with Vatican II, the new man centered religion which is preparing the way for the Antichrist and His Religion of Self.  God forbid we should slow our lives down and follow God though.

Perishing or Preparing.  On one level we are beginning to perish, that is, we must die unto our self.  This is not found in “happy go lucky land” Typically, due to human nature, people, are happy, when everything goes their own way.  But what happens when nothing goes “your way”?  What will happen as the economic system collapses, food shortages begin, civil disorders arise, health goes, etc?  Will you be in happy go lucky land then?  The man united to Gods Will will be but how many are truly united to His Will?  Not very many.  Even those professing they are doing Gods Will truly are not, for, if this was the case why are the majority going to hell?  Why does Jesus say to those who even performed miracles for Him to get out of His sight into everlasting Fire?  The answer Jesus gives is they never did God’s Will.  It is truly a frightening thought.  Nevertheless, the dark or mist of God is preparing you for the “new you” in Christ.  It means a lot of work needs to be done in this transformation from self to Selfless Love.  Do you think about yourself all the time of God?  It means in the dark He wants you to be absorbed by the Light itself.  On another level we are not perishing but rather transforming or transitioning.  It feels like death, anguish and torment all around our being but in reality it is the Fire and Light of God breaking us down enough to allow perfect entrance into our minds, hearts and souls.  Job cried out, Padre Pio cried out as must we all even for DEATH!  Padre Pio cried out to his confessors for years that he was a blind man in the dark surrounded by the same mist of Job!  Yes, this is how it “feels” but before God we are perfectly sustained.  This is where we lose control and give God all control.  Be encouraged you are not rejected by God but moving forward.  Does the man who is walking to the sun literally feel more comfortable or does he feel more pain and suffering until he reaches the point of Oneness with the Son?  You get the point….

Aligning Your Will.  Purify your intentions.  This takes time and repetition.  It doesn’t happen overnight nor even in a few weeks or months.  It is the heart’s movements being carefully watched over every second of the day and asking God if we are pleasing Him.  It is moving forward in this Mist of God in Faith for the faithful move and act upon such.  The world does not.  The prideful man will not listen to God nor anyone else for that matter.  They have become their own “god” without Gods grace.  Modern man is being perfectly setup for the Antichrist who will be the man of lawlessness and preach free love (coming new age religion of self see here).  An “everything goes type of guy” except for those nasty Catholics still clinging to the true Christ and His true doctrine and gospel.  Anyways, remember the sequence: deny thy self, take up thy cross and go follow Him.  You are not going to follow Christ without first practicing self denial.  Those living in the flesh cannot do so; they are prisoners of the self and the devils in reality.  If you wont deny yourself even in the little things how can you embrace a Cross!  The Cross is meant to completely obliterate the self in you.  Once self is crucified then we can more easily follow Christ and obey.  Sounds easy, right?  Then why do the majority go to hell?  Why do the majority of those professing Christ never arrive at union in this life?   Something to reflect upon tonight as the many will go out and pursue self to no end.

Dark night of the world and Church.  Who can argue that we are on the verge of events that we would rather not witness? “… there is good reason to fear lest this great perversity may be as it were a foretaste, and perhaps the beginning of those evils which are reserved for the last days.  Pope St. Pius X   “We believe that the present hour is a dread phase of the events told by Christ. It seems that darkness is about to fall on the world. Humanity is in the grip of a supreme crisis.”  Pope Pius XII  In this dark night of the world and church soon to come we must prepare for the "Mist of God" to lead us.  What God has given to the world and Church He can very easily take away.  Many of you are finding it difficult now to get to appropriate Sacraments and the worst hasn’t even come yet.  Many are finding it difficult to keep up on the bills and we have not seen anything yet.  It is why we must enter this dark or mist so that we might be led rather than self leading.  But do not worry He is planning on giving you more than you ever had!  Both spiritually and even materially.  After the dark night of the Tribulation has passed we move on into the perpetual spring of the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart/social Reign of Christ!  What we say is perishing on the natural level is only preparation on the supernatural level.  How else can Catholicism and the true Christ once again reign if this present self-centered world doesn’t perish?  How can Gods own “triumph” if we were still coexisting (largely)with the evil and enemies of God we see today?  The dark is for His greater glory and for your greater sanctification.  It is like going to the dentist. Must I?  I don’t want to but if I don’t how am I going to get the rottenness of sin out my mouth (soul)?  It pleased God to put Job through the Test should we think we will be spared?  He was rewarded and so shall you.  Faith keeps the soul a flight and hope keeps the heart beating.  Love endures the night.  The battle against self is one in which will determine your eternal outcome...

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