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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Undercover Boss: Kingdom of God Edition

Undercover Boss: Kingdom of God Edition
By:  Eric Gajewski

There is a show that perhaps some of you may have seen before in the past.  It is called Undercover Boss.  The premise is the CEO or some other “big-wig” of some major corporation wants to find out what is truly happening on the “front lines” of their company.  Do they people who profess to work for them truly embody the principles they desire in their employees?  What are some of the major concerns and issues of these “lower level” employees?  And so on and so forth.  So, these high-ranking CEO’s go out “disguised” and begin to work some of these more lower level jobs.  Then at the end of the show the “boss” reveals all.  It is truly a shock to nearly all the employees and usually results in some type of firing or some type of reward (no in between).  It got me to thinking it is truly the same with the Kingdom of God.  We can easily apply this show’s premise to Holy Religion.

Jesus Christ, our CEO.  He came down from heaven and decided to join our ranks.  He wanted to show us the Way?  After all aren’t the top of any hierarchy supposed to embody all the principles of that company?  Jesus Christ is our only Way out.  We need to embody the same virtues He possesses by way of grace.  Although, He didn’t come disguised for those whose eyes could see (The Jews and unbelievers didn’t recognize Him), we still on our bad days, fail to realize who we are truly working for.  He doesn’t come with any reward other than Himself but we can say at the end of our “employment” it is either a “firing” or reception of the “eternal pension”.  In this world of self where it seems virtually everyone is “working” for some type of promotion via the self we must stop to meditate “why we truly work…”  Is this not how a good number of prelates and priests will be judged?  Our Lady of LaSallete indicated how Christ was angry at his priests for pursuing promotions and honors within the Church and world.  How will these Conciliarsts hold up in the Presence of our true Boss?  They need refocused on that level outside of the obvious (doctrinally)

Surprise, Jews!  You have pierced the true God in your blindness.  You mistreated Him while He was amongst you.  Fortunately, with the testimony of the two witnesses the cataracts over their inner eyes will clear.  They will see clearly one day.  They will see that He is the reward and that the Antichrist was the true deceiver.  Lo, for the kingdom of God is within!  The shows ends with about a half dozen surprised employees who didn’t realize it was their CEO who they were training.  Could you imagine if this were the case in our lives?  Ah!  But it is my friends.  Christ provides many opportunities daily for you to “show Him” the virtues which come from His Heart.  Do not think that man you passed on the street asking for some food was not Christ because it WAS.  We even see evidence in Scripture of angels being cloaked in the flesh as men.  We are tested every day there is no day off.  The goal of this life is to become Him.  Therefore, if your prayer life is subpar and you are always “speaking” on the surface how will you ever possibly recognize these opportunities? 

Get away from me you worker of iniquity I never knew you.  For those who fail miserably at their job of being a Christian there is an eternal sentence to death.  We have been through orientation via what the Church teaches now we must go out and do works of charity/mercy to put our Faith on display.  We will all miss some opportunities don’t be discouraged.  Let it only mold you into a better Christian.  The mere fact you recognize that you missed an opportunity today means you are advancing within.  From self to the Sacred Heart, that is, from my human nature into the supernatural life of Christ.  This is our goal.  To please Jesus our Boss Who is always watching.  Will He tell you at your Judgement that you professed to work for Him by lips but by heart you only worked for yourself and your own glory?  God have mercy on us all.  For we all have been guilty of this at some point.  When you give to the poor you give to the Boss.  When you clothe the naked you are clothing Christ.  When you give drink to the child who has little means to do so you do so for Christ.  How blind have the “employees” come of His Church!

This life is a trial, this is not heaven.  Somehow since Vatican II and perhaps even before then, the notion that this life can be heaven has come into the Church.  Between the Charismatic movement and the social justice program of Vatican II we are now trying to flee from the Cross and replace it with an earthly paradise.  This is not our Gospel by any stretch.  Can anyone of you truly recall a Saint that didn’t preach the Cross and see how their lives was nothing less than a martyrdom? We are tried and tested by the Boss daily even though (for the sake of this article) we are supposed to be showing the Boss what to do.  What if you have an improper manual to start with such as those following Vatican II?  We can only pray for mercy and God to acquit them on the account of ignorance.  It is true by having the proper intent of doing our work for the Boss alone that we can have a sort of certain heaven within.  Such favours and graces to be obtained along this path for purification to union.  However, even the Saints grumbled within during some of their heaviest Crosses.  It is tough to come into work everyday (on the human level) knowing our labor is the Cross.  However, through God’s grace this can change.  We can wake up and understand that our labor in the Vineyard now will only produce a “pleased Boss” in the end.  Do not get caught sleeping nor become lax in your work for ALL is being recorded by the One you are supposedly “training”.  Forget about yourself and work for God and neighbor, Ave Maria!

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