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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Signs of the Times: Appeals Court Unanimously Rules Wisconsin School District Must Allow Girl in Boys’ Restroom

Signs of the Times: Appeals Court Unanimously Rules Wisconsin School District Must Allow Girl in Boys’ Restroom
The Latest Madness from the modern world
The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has unanimously ruled that a Wisconsin school district must allow a girl who identifies as a boy to use the boys’ restroom, concluding that the prohibition would likely cause “irreparable harm.” “A transgender student’s presence in the restroom provides no more of a risk to other students’ privacy rights than the presence of an overly curious student of the same biological sex who decides to sneak glances at his or her classmates,” Judge Ann Claire Williams, nominated to the bench by then-President Bill Clinton, wrote on behalf of the three-judge, all-female panel.

“Further, if the school district’s concern is that a child will be in the bathroom with another child who does not look anatomically the same, then it would seem that separate bathrooms also would be appropriate for pre‐pubescent and post‐pubescent children who do not look alike anatomically,” she said. “But the school district has not drawn this line.”  READ MORE

Judges Rule That Parents and School Officials Must Obey ‘Transgender’ Teenager

The federal constitution requires that school officials submit to the demands of a teenage girl who wants to change her sex to become a boy, says a three-judge panel of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit.  The judges say that Kenosha Unified School District violated federal law and the Constitution because the teenager’s “gender identity” as a “transgender boy” is more important than the popular laws, civic customs and scientific consensus which recognize that
girls and boys, men and women, are biologically and socially different even as they are also complementary and legally equal. The court’s ruling in Whitaker v. Kenosha likely will be sent to the U.S. Supreme Court, which will likely decide in 2018 whether the new idea of “gender identity” will replace society’s distinctions between girls and boys, and between men and women. READ MORE

NJ Towns Socked with Big Fines for Refusing Mosques

Federal law enforcement officials are investigating a New Jersey city that prevented a Muslim group from building a mosque.  The U.S. attorney’s office in New Jersey confirmed that it is investigating after Bayonne rejected the mosque’s application. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice has unveiled a $3.25 million settlement between a different New Jersey town and an Islamic group, a deal that requires the town to allow a mosque to be built after a similar zoning dispute.
The Muslims in Bayonne filed a federal lawsuit against the city and its zoning board last week. They argue their two-year effort to convert an abandoned warehouse into a mosque and community center was unfairly voted down by a zoning board and was met by virulent attacks against their religion. READ MORE

Berkeley ponders ordinance banning plastic straws

The next plastic piece of convenience on the chopping block are drinking straws, as the city of Berkeley decides whether to create an ordinance banning the environmentally unfriendly item. Drawn up by three City Council members, the city would seek to ban plastic drinking straws from its restaurants and coffee shops. On Tuesday, the council met to explore the idea of a ban, as KPIX reports.
“We do need to change our habits,” said the council’s Sophie Hahn, one of the three who penned the information report about the possible legislation. “The habits we have are destroying our planet.”  Hahn also suggested that the additional cost associated with alternative biodegradable straws (which cost up to eight times more than the 1-cent plastic straws) be passed onto the consumer. READ MORE

DAYS OF LOT: Nudity Has Become the Normal!

(Reported By Laila Mickelwait)  Paris Jackson poses topless on Instragram. Emily Ratajkowski appears in Sports Illustrated wearing only body paint. The 1980s hit television show Twin Peaks is resurrected—this time with the addition of W-rated scenes. Then there is Playboy—the nudes are back!  What is going on with this public nudity craze? We have come a long way since Janet Jackson’s (Paris’s aunt) infamous Super Bowl halftime show wardrobe malfunction in 2004. When we look at our pop culture today, one thing becomes clear:
Hypersexualized objectifying nudity is everywhere. It has saturated television, movies, gaming, advertising, magazines, news and nearly every aspect of the internet. Has this pornified nudity become normal? A simple scrolling through the Instagram feeds of our favorite TV reality stars makes the point. We easily find a trove of photos that leave absolutely nothing to the imagination. Kim Kardashian makes a habit of posting nudes. She recently disseminated to millions of fans a naked selfie with the caption “liberated.” Really Kim? Are you sure that is liberating? READ MORE