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"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Padre Pio: The School of Silence & Hope

Padre Pio:  The School of Silence & Hope
By:  Eric Gajewski

I typically read about a dozen entries of Padre Pio in His Letters nightly.  In these entries it truly shows what a Victim soul he was.  There was never really a day that went by that he wasn’t attacked by the devils or handed some heavy Cross to alleviate the pain of Jesus.  This article covers his entry on September 18, 1915.  It is essentially a synopsis of all his entries.  It is truly heart wrenching.  He starts by praising Jesus for all things which is what we all should do.  Under the pain he constantly submits to his superiors and God’s Will.  Not only does he ask for direction he also gives direction unto his directors in return.  His main concern is keeping Jesus happy and focusing in on the salvation of souls.  Imagine if Catholics did this today?  Actually have that as priority number one.  He is so under the weight of the Cross he often cries out for death to be with Jesus and suggests he doesn’t know how much longer he can hold out.  This is true Love.  In this entry Padre Pio talks about being schooled in silence and hope under the wings of trial and tribulation and I suggest to you these are the times we find ourselves in.

Cant escape the “nightmare”.  In about his fourth paragraph Padre Pio talks about him being in a nightmare he cannot escape.  Similarly, mankind is about to be thrown into a night mare which will be unescapable on the natural level.  He feels abandoned but in this dark abandonment he is sustained by the Author of the Cross.  We must remember our brethren and their cross.  Some days we will carry heavy crosses and other days we must help be the support of those sustaining it.  Christ’s pain can only be alleviated through Him suffering through us.  We are His Body are we not?  Did you expect a life of perpetual vacations and recreation?  The war and journey within is real.  Having said this, Our Lord said, He would be with us in all things, therefore, even in the “nightmare” we are sustained.  In actuality this is where we are being transformed more into His glorious image.

Death the ardent desire of his heart.  It seems he “dies” a thousand deaths over.  How many souls did Padre Pio help Christ save?  Oh my what a helper of Jesus he was by completely abandoning even his own needs.  To the surprise of many Padre Pio was filled with fears, doubts and anxieties too.  We all must die a mystical death in order for Christ to fully live in us.  Padre Pio knew this was the summit of true happiness.  Not until our hearts rest in Thee, O’ Lord!  He would rather die than to commit one venial sin and yet is this attitude of your every day “Catholic”?  If we do not strive for perfection how in the world can we escape venial sin on an hourly basis?

Bear with your exile because God wills it.  What simple yet profound words from the Saint.  If God has breathed life into your lungs today that means you have purpose.  For the times ahead remember this as the Cross gets heavier.  For your suffering is purpose.  It is transforming you.  It is stripping you of the old man and turning you into a new creature.  Constantly seek out God’s Will the grace will be there to meet you.  Pio called God in this entry a “cruel Master”  for allowing Him to stay in this exile but in the same breath he was resigned to His Will.  Rest and peace occur when two hearts become One.  God is undefeated when it comes to man boxing His Will, therefore, we all must reign.  Everything will collapse and God will allow evil to persist everywhere BUT not in your hearts.  Carry Christ in your own Ark, this Ark of your heart, where Jesus and Mary stay and you transition into the new day.  How else will arrive at the Triumph if God’s wrath does not pour out upon the nations?

Jesus’ School of Silence and Hope.  As an eagle I have been preaching the need of Faith and Hope (two wings) but I also have been talking about silence and solitude.  The great Saint speaks the same.  He was sustained in all his trials and tribulations by Faith and Hope.  It wasn’t in any pill or anything to be found on the natural level.  He said specifically Hope and silence was his strength and yet so many cannot turn off the TV long enough to hear their own voice let alone God’s.  You say “God does not hear me” and this is not true because it is your own voice which is far too loud within.  Silence and Hope are the strength of the soul better to learn that now than later my friends.  Get away from the world and sign up for this course before the Great Storm comes.  Use the “mini-trials” now as a test run and remember you are a Soldier in the Divine army and He is testing to you at YOUR VERY CORE, that is, in your heart and soul, to see what you are truly made of.  Will you concede to the temptation of anxiety and fear or rise above as an eagle in Faith and Hope?  May God have mercy on us all and continue to guide us in our individual journey as He guides the Church through this Final Passover.

Exerpt from an older poem:

“O’ Learn Ye Wise, a Lesson from this Analogy
For it is His Heart’s Story
Which is Our Roadmap unto true Liberty
Through this dirt and upward, unto Him, alone, we hope to meet
And in the days dry heat, this humidity
It is deep we begin to develop in humility
Opposing the Enemy
It is thus every true believer’s belief
That the self must be broken
To achieve Oneness with the Son, in true Unity
Yea, we have only Faith in Thee, Thy Divinity
To complete this process
From growing as a Seed
To being in thy Presence for all Eternity
For, we too, like the Saints, seek
To possess alone Charity, which is Thy Highest Seat
Yea, we would like to forever greet
But who can cast aside the self long enough
Who is brave enough to answer their own question?
“Who should takest control of my heart therefore to lead!”
O’ souls, how lovely, indeed, it is, here on top
Where you can hear the Wind Speak, O’ How sweet!
For, in the end, there are only just a few
Who are even trying to get in His Presence, trying to break free
As Seeds to budding flowers pushing through this dirt
Deep beneath this hardened concrete
Reflection point for the day: 
“Time does not heal….only God does…”

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