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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, June 12, 2017

FREE EBOOK: The Manual For the Sacred Heart

 The Manual For the Sacred Heart
A Select Volume of Prayer for Daily Use
Compiled and Translated from Approved Sources, 1866

Nine Elevations of the Soul to the Sacred Heart of Jesus...


Heart of Jesus, perfect adorer of God, teach me to adore Thy heavenly Father with thee and by Thee.

Heart of Jesus, inflamed with love for me, inflame me with Thy divine love.

Heart of Jesus, victim alone worthy of God, unite me to Thy divine sacrifice.

Heart of Jesus, overwhelmed with bitterness for the sins of men, break my heart with sorrow for my sins.

Heart of Jesus, infinitely humble, annihilate my pride.

Heart of Jesus, perfect model of meekness, inspire me with that salutary virtue.

Heart of Jesus, infinitely pure and spotless, give me an inviolable purity of body, mind, and heart.

Heart of Jesus, full of zeal for the glory of Thy heavenly Father, animate my heart with an ardent zeal for Thy glory and my own sanctification.

Heart of Jesus, reign for ever in my heart, and grant me grace to reign one day with Thee in heaven.--page 204

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