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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Economic Crisis: Paper Currencies Approaching Their Real Value: Zero (Video)

Economic Crisis: Paper Currencies Approaching Their Real Value: Zero (Video)

After Donald Trump’s surprise presidential victory, and the stock market’s performance since that victory, many Americans are convinced that somehow decades worth of awful monetary policy will somehow be fixed during a Trump presidency. 

It’s not the fault of ordinary Americans that they don’t understand a global collapse of epic proportions is coming. It’s the fault of a corrupt and dishonest mainstream media that the American people rely on, an institution that they should be able to trust, but one that has become ridiculously politicized in recent years. 
As I’ve said in many recent posts, the mainstream media is far too interested in making up “fake news” about Donald Trump, to devote their resources to anything of importance that might actually be happening in reality…
Why is no one in the mainstream talking about what Donald Trump said back in 2014? He made it very clear back then that “Americans should be preparing for ‘Financial Ruin.’” During the time that’s elapsed since Trump made that comment, the underlying economic concerns that prompted it in the first place have only gotten exponentially worse.

Still, the media insists on lying to the public and pushing the false narrative that the economy is improving, or that we are in a recovery of some type. The fact that equity markets are at all-time highs right now is NOT a good sign, but rather it’s indicative of the problem, but by the time people realize what’s happening, it will be like 2008 all over again, only far, far worse. Families that aren’t aren’t already broke, will be utterly wiped out financially. 
As I said in a recent post post titled, You Are Never Going to Believe What Is Sold Out in Americaall the proof you need to realize how misinformed the American public is, can be evidenced by the fact that one of nation’s highest end retailers, Nordstrom’s, sold out nationally this past Christmas on one of their red hot new items: An $85 Pet Rock that comes with matching leather pants.
An $85 Pet Rock. Are you kidding? I can’t help but wonder, how many people who actually paid $85 for a pet rock already have emergency food and supplies for their loves ones for if/when the economy does crash? Thanks to lying politicians, and our corrupt media, based on the fact that the giant retailer sold out of the item nationally, plenty of families have pet rocks with leather pants in the event an emergency strikes! Whew! 
Does that sound like a nation bracing for the massive economic crisis Bill Holter, one of the world’s leading forensic economists, talks about during the interview below? Furthermore, does it sound like Americans have any idea that the current U.S. stock market is one of the most overvalued markets in U.S. history, as the article afterward from Investment Research Dynamics reports? Hardly.
It’s not too late to begin preparing, and after listening to what Bill Holter has to say about he future of the U.S. Dollar, hopefully people will begin taking the threat more seriously.