"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 29, 2017

John F Salza and Robert J Siscoe Obstinately Persist in the Crime of Public Sacrilege

John F Salza and Robert J Siscoe Obstinately Persist in the Crime of Public Sacrilege
by Fr. Paul L. Kramer

Even after I publicly refuted their utterly fraudulent accusations of heresy which they, with sacrilegious malice have maliciously presumed to hurl against me; John Salza and Robert Siscoe persist in their rabid attempts to publicly defame me as a heretic. In their most recent screed against me, these two criminals state: «Kramer is a public heretic because he has publicly left the Church (declaring it to be a false Church)» This statement is a deliberate and sacrilegious lie directed against a Catholic priest, published for the sole purpose to defame the priest. It is a totally false statement — an outright lie.

What I in fact said, is that the Conciliar Church (distinct from the Catholic Church), which is a cancerous organism in the Church, is a false and counterfeit “Church”. Every heresy begins as a cancer within, and eventually visibly separates from the body of the Church. I have already explained this aspect of Ecclesiology (that the Conciliar Church is distinct from the Catholic Church) in my book, The Suicide of Altering the Faith in the Liturgy, which was based on a previous work that had already been handed over to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1996. The Church made no judgment against me. This was told to me directly by an official of that dicastery. The doctrine I expressed on this point, namely that the Conciliar Church is heretical and distinct from the Catholic Church, comes directly from the writings and sermons of Archbishop Lefebvre, and has been theologically elaborated by Bishop Tissier in his article on the same topic. Fr. Gregor Hesse, Doctor of Sacred Theology, had also preached this doctrine on numerous occasions, yet Salza and Siscoe see no problem with them proposing this doctrine, but only denounce it as heresy when I preach it.

Thus, the criminal malice of their sacrilege is patent, especially for them, who went to some length explaining the doctrine in their book that the professing of the matter of heresy does not suffice to declare a person to be a heretic. How much more malicious it is of them to falsify my words and publicly accuse me of professing a heresy that I have never professed! Yet, while I, Mgr. Lefebvre, Mgr. Tissier, and Fr. Hesse have taught that the Conciliar Church is heretical, Salza and Siscoe insist that the heretical and Masonic cancer which is the Conciliar Church, is in fact the Catholic Church! Why does Salza equate the Masonic counterfeit church with the Catholic Church?

I have also explained in an article that the Church membership will be greatly reduced in numbers during the great tribulation foretold in scripture. Many Catholic authors have affirmed this proposition over many centuries, and most recently, Christopher A. Ferrara. The magisterium has never pronounced against it. As I have already pointed out in an earlier reply to Salza & Co., even Cardinal Ratzinger publicly said the same in a radio transmission in Germany. Mgr. Tissier also speaks of the Church being reduced to a “modest number” in his article. Yet these two miscreants, Salza & Siscoe, accuse only me of denying an essential attribute of the Church (which is heresy) for holding this opinion, and then they claim that I lie by saying they accuse me of heresy for saying it! They falsely state that I defend my position «by advancing a quotation fraudulently attributed to St. Athanasius which says the Church will be “reduced to a handful.”» I already explained in my reply to them that the passage in question was hypothetical, like the words of Christ in the Gospel which declare that “even the elect will be deceived if possible”; and therefore it did not say that the Church will be reduced to a handful. Thus, they have knowingly and maliciously falsified the plain meaning of the quotation in order to accuse me of denying an essential attribute of the Church.

They have dug themselves even deeper by stating that the spurious quotation which I first found in an SSPX publication was not merely erroneously attributed to St. Athanasius by the SSPX, but that it was fraudulently attributed to the Holy Doctor. Is it not enough that Salza and Siscoe incompetently declare the theology of Mgr. Lefebvre and Mgr. Tissier to be heretical, but they would also implicate the SSPX in a fraud? With such “friends” as Salza & Siscoe, does the SSPX really need enemies?