"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Fr. Voigt, "From a Great Crisis to a Great Calm"

Fr. Voigt, "From a Great Crisis to a Great Calm"

When the apostles went to sleep our Lord went to pray.  But in one case the apostles went to work against a ravaging sea and the Lord went to sleep?  Does the Master of all Creation need to sleep?  I think not.  Instead as  Origin points out our Lord caused the great crisis to present a divine paradigm.  Great crisis yields to a great calm through a significant petition to God.  

Every soul today comes to the Lord through a crisis in their lives.  It could be a death; it could be a loss of fortune; it could be a sickness.  Whatever it is that crisis is opening the soul to a deeper awareness of the humanity and the  divine power of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are members of the ark of God and we sail over a sea that is filled with danger.  The ultimate danger is that we can turn from grace and yield to mortal sin placing us in a state of damnation.
This state cries out for the wood of the Cross, the bark of Peter, in order to receive the Precious Blood of the Lamb of God which heals us through a humble confession of our sinfulness.  

In this ship of the Catholic Church there is the means of salvation in the sleeping person of the Lord.  He sleeps because the  pride of man thinks it can handle all the problems of the world.  With the Novus Ordo ripping off the true sacrifice of Christ we are left with a phony community meal which cannot supply the precious Blood to the troubles in our lives.
We have been robbed of the only power that can aid a soul to cross the sea of the world unscathed.  Instead we are handed over to the Father of Pride who consumes our eternal life and seeks to make our eternity miserable with him.

This is the major crisis of this historical moment.  It is the final battle with the serpent.  It is the time to throw down our pride and sinfulness and rush to the side of Jesus and cry out full heartedly:  "Lord save us for we are perishing."
Our schools are in philosophic quagmires; our churches beget man oriented meals; our people no longer know Thy doctrine. We have found out that we can do nothing without You but with You we can do all things.  Our pride has done us in and now we lay down our lives before your feet and in humility beg you to hear our pitiful plea:  "Save us!"

The answer is in the spiritual sense of the Gospel today.  Jesus is asleep on His Cross represented by the wooden ship.  He will awaken in three days and rise from the sleep of death to conquer the waves of sin and death.  He  will lead His Mystical Ark through the instrumentality of His Apostles, His true priests.  The raging of the Pharisee and the Saducees will be silenced at the Resurrection.  As the great crisis in my life yields to the great calm that  Jesus is in charge and knows better than I what should be done; so in the Church the great crisis will be brought  to a great calm when the will of the divine Trinity is obeyed.  That Will was manifested in the sign of the Sun.
Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and you will experience the great calm of true peace.

Pray the holy rosary more than ever...don't let it be put down for it is the only weapon we need to conquer the  pride of Satan and his minions.  May the union of the two Sacred Hearts bring the Great Calm our hearts desire.

In the hearts of Jesus, Mary and Joseph,

Fr. Richard Voigt

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