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Monday, January 30, 2017

Novus Ordo: First "homosexual marriage" of a "Catholic" priest

Novus Ordo: First "homosexual marriage" of a "Catholic"priest 
Only in the Novus ordo folks...

First "homosexual marriage" of a Catholic priest - "30 years of commitment to 'homosexual rights'"

Bernard Lynch, Catholic priest, "married" his "long term boyfriend"

(Dublin) In Ireland, the first Catholic priest entered a "homosexual marriage". BernĂ¡rd Lynch from the Irish county of Clare is a Catholic priest. Since 1986 he is an avowed homosexual. He also became the first priest to have a "homosexual marriage".

Lynch, 67 years old, "married" his homosexual "life partner" Billy Desmond, with whom the priest has lived in a registered partnership since 2006 - even then a primacy. As reported by the daily Irish Daily Mail on 28 January, 120 guests attended the "wedding ceremony". With prolonged applause, they congratulated the two homosexuals on their "homosexual marriage", when the clerk declared the two men "husband and husband".
In 2015 the Irish had approved the equality of "homosexual marriage" in a national decision. Five months later, the decision was legally implemented.
During the festive celebration of Lynch and Desmond, a text was read to praise the "30-year commitment" of the Catholic priest for the "recognition of the rights of LGBTI persons". "It was a wonderful ceremony," the Irish Sun reported.
Lynch went to the seminary and maintained a long-term sexual relationship with another seminarist. He then left the seminar, married and found a family. Lnych, on the other hand, was ordained a priest in 1971. He belongs to a missionary order, but has been committed to homosexuality since the 80s in the USA. In 2010, he was one of the speakers at a rally against Pope Benedict XVI, when he visited England. He pretends hypocrisy to the Church. Deafness and celibacy were to blame for everything, for he was also responsible for pedophilia. In 2012, he told media that he knew that the Vatican was "going to" against him, as his order clearly stifled both eyes.


 Homosexual Infiltration of the Catholic Church