"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Woman Concealed, Woman Revealed

Woman Concealed, Woman Revealed
By: Eric Gajewski
Since when did being a housewife become “uncool”?  We live in a modern world wherein the women “we look up to” are anything but that yet why do so many cringe at the notion of being a housewife.  Apparently, women no longer want to be concealed behind the four walls of their home and they want to break free.  Now instead of looking to the Blessed Virgin Mary, model of virtue we look to the TV and integrate ourselves into the filth.  Lady Gaga and the women of WWE running round in bra and panties are not your role models my female friends.  As I have argued, once our women get back on track, in terms of being devoted to Mary and turn back to the Catholic Faith (pre Vatican 2) then we can begin to restore a truly Christian society.  From the propaganda of Antipope Francis saying don’t breed like rabbits to the constant commercials shoving birth control pills our ladies are being brainwashed into the “new era”.  

 Aaron Russo - Womens Lib created to tax women and break up families

Global depopulation starts with our women.  How many of you know of women who say I only want one or two kids?  They argue I have or want a career.  As if to say “I am God” I shall decide how many kids to have.  This won’t cut it before Our Lord in the end who will turn away many women at their own Judgement.  Where did we go wrong?  When and why did our women start “eating up” all this propaganda that it is cool to be something else other than a housewife?  The seemingly natural instinct at this point is to become anything but a Mother and yet how will our Christian society survive without the procreation of children?  It has gotten to the point where our women not only do not want kids they almost scoff at the idea.  If our women are not even open to the idea of children why even get married?  This again speaks to self-love.  We, of course, take into consideration women who cannot have children however supposed “traditionalists” are still trying to play God through NFP.


Women oppressed in the Home?  What better vocation than to be a Mother.  Women no longer want to be the educators (generally speaking) they want to “shine” in society.  This is exactly what the devil wants.  Women’s liberation was a movement to get the woman out of the house (to break down the traditional family) and to ultimately tax the other half of the population.  We are being played very badly by the New World Order.  It is true there might be a need for female to do some work to provide supplemental income at times but this is not what we are trying to get at.  The godless liberal and feminists have brainwashed Christians so much to the point that there are actual supposed Christians who identify as such yet it is not possible.  I should know this as I could cite many examples I have been given in my work with prostitutes and escorts.  Only the devil wants society to believe that women are not welcome in the home.  It is Church teaching that the woman is the “heart of the home” and what happens when you remove the heart from the body?

Women seen and heard?  Again, women have bought into the Masonic/Marxist propaganda of “equality” and they are being led out of the home into a vocation that God does not Will.  Imagine if every women on the face of the earth fell for this propaganda.  Not one women in the house nor any children or scarcely few.  Does this at all sound like a society following the Commandment of Life (go forth and multiply).  Our modern women and sadly many supposedly ‘Catholic” women do not want this.  They want to appease their self interest rather than obey God’s command.  Sadly, I have run into women who have stated that there simply are not enough good Christian guys to go around and there is something to it.  No longer do our dames want to stay in the castle but will eventually leave the village altogether.  Thus, let us not give the men a pass in this situation.  The men are just as full of themselves.  My friends, you do not need to be seen nor make for yourself a name in this world.  In fact our Gospel preaches a friend of this world is an ENEMY of God.  Women, do not become an enemy of God by concealing your own self interest “of gain”.

 Marxist Propaganda

Career over children.  As much as some women would love you to believe God will not be remembering all of their worldly conquests to move up the corporate ladder.  However, God will recall to you in the end that you prohibited life in your own home by your own selfish greed to be “seen” or “heard”.  God will show you a home filled with a dozen kids all of whom were being educated in the Catholic Faith.  He will show you how the more children there are the more adorer’s of Him are present.  A good number of women will reject this notion due to their pride.  It is why God must punish the world soon including our women.  He has had about enough.  Thus when the Chastisements start and the economy crumbles where can our women turn to once again?  First, they must return to Mary and thus ultimately the Catholic Faith which shall preserve their heart in the time of tribulation.  We know that after the Storm clears, prophecy indicates, our women, will take the Command of Life seriously again and start having very large families once again.


Gym life over prayer life.  Yes but Eric I cant have children because it will ruin my body.  It will ruin my self esteem!  Really?  Since when did Christ and the Church ever preach self-esteem?  We are taught to be empty so that Christ can fully fill us.  I am not suggesting that women strive for a Jabba the hut “look” but at the same time from Scripture we know exercise profit’s very little.  Again, self-examine yourself and you will see just how selfish you are in suggesting “my body”.  The reality is (if you profess Christ) YOUR body is CHRIST’S.  Why take up the propaganda of a godless secular world and still call yourself a Catholic?  I know some females who spend two hours in the gym daily and self admittingly pray very little and then wonder why they have “so many problems”.  The answer is simple.  You are the problem because you are doing your own will not God’s.  Biceps over virtue?  Quads over children?  Really?  Is his what our women have become?  Why reduce yourself to the world’s standard when we have  divine standard to live up to.  Jesus would rather you have “cottage cheese” thighs with a dozen kids then have killer abs and no children.  Lets get it together already….In the end we stand NO CHANCE of truly becoming a Christian society if our women keep courting this world.  If you want to be “seen or heard” then go off and talk to Jesus and Mary away from the eyes of men and you will begin to see very clearly God’s plan for you.  The world truly gives nothing in the end but if we are truly going to take our Faith seriously I suggest our women continue to turn to Our Lady daily and grow in selfless love.  It starts first with you my ladies and now it is time to execute what has been discussed rather than just hearing it.  Reveal your heart to God and do not “hide behind” the excuses any longer.  Ave Maria!

Fr. Voigt “The Seven Words Of Our Blessed Mother”