"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Distraught Dames & Dating Difficulty

Distraught Dames & Dating Difficulty
By:  Eric Gajewski
Just the other day I had yet another Mother contact me in relation to praying for her daughter who was looking for a good man to date.  This has been an all to common prayer request these days.  Like in any time, it can be difficult in finding a good partner to go through life with yet we ought ask …just how more difficult it is in our modern times?  How has the crisis in the Church only added to this equation?  So many women are looking but are they looking to do God’s Will or are they pursuing dating from a “self” perspective?  Furthermore, this article does not just apply to women but since I predominantly work with women this is how we shall proceed.  Yes, the distraught dames are crying out from the top of the Castle.  Some of them resorting to internet dating websites or going on blind dates that have been set up by friends.  Yet I ask the question always “Is it God’s Will?”  Why try to chase down something that God may have already “shot down”.  Why get emotional today over not having “someone” when in fact you have Jesus and Mary and have this very day to serve them?  Why complain when you can live life and allow God to “work in” your husband at some point in your life.  It is true, that the more we search the more opportunity we have to find.  Yet I ask what are you trying to find?  Is it God’s Will and if not why not?

Many say they seek God’s Will.   This can be very confusing to say the least especially those younger.  What is God’s Will for me?  Where is my husband…where can I hunt him down.  In this pursuit, much like an apparent safari hunt we lose focus of God and lose focus for the day.  Rather than get all emotional in this battle of self vs God’s Will wake up each day with the disposition to serve Jesus.  You are more than likely not going to meet your husband today but you may have very well passed over that homeless man who was in need.  You may have very well pushed away some sibling in need who needed your ear.  This is what you are missing that God is trying to show you.  Seek ye first the kingdom AND THEN ALL THESE THINGS SHALL BE ADDED UNTO YOU.  

Compromised morals.  I have known quite a few females from this past year or so who are even willing to compromise their morals in order to secure a man!  Yet this is not even a sure thing.  Guys will say whatever to get in bed with a woman and there is no reassurance that the man will stay.  This is literally how desperate some “Catholic” women are becoming.  Again, this cries out loudly “I want…”.  Folks, we must remember life is truly not about what we want but rather fulfilling God’s Will.   It can be frightening when we read Scripture to see that Jesus will be turning away an awful lot of “Christians” who thought they were walking the walk.  They did not do God’s Will and thus it will cost them their soul.  Remember at Fatima our Lady expressed how a good number of marriages were not ordained by God.  So why rush?  Why worry?  Do you have Jesus today (in a state of grace?) than live!  Do not compromise your moral code and change your hearts direction over the reality that you are single.  I know an awful lot of Catholics who are married who are completely not happy either.  I always point this out to these women who are on the safari hunt for a man.  Sometimes you get what you ask for and then regret it but how can we go wrong when we ask God “what is it today that will please you?”  If we do this daily that crooked smile will begin to become sincere.

Crisis in the Church.  I have been asked (if I were a dating man) would you date someone form the Novus ordo.  I reply that on the surface I would not however I wouldn’t abandon that particular person.  By constantly trying to demonstrate the differences between the Catholic Religion and Novus ordo Religion it is quite possible that thy eventually “see the light”.  Having said that even after years of marriage people can change.  Can they not?  Who knows maybe some abandons the Faith altogether 20 years down the road thus no one really knows for sure.  An awful lot of families are ruptured and/or are fighting consistently in this crisis of the Church.  It is sad without question but what about those trying to date?  We know what the Church teaches on mixed marriages and I would argue it applies here as well (with Novus ordo).  God knows how many of these Novus Ordites truly “want” to be Catholic in their hearts but their doctrines speaks otherwise.

Planet X is coming do not date?  Believe it or not I have been asked this question too.  We must remember my vocation is not your vocation.  Do not apply what God asks of me into your own life.  This is not the time to lock yourself in the closet but rather the complete opposite.  Live life and live it abundantly.  Simply because we know the Tribulation is close doesn’t mean we stop life altogether.  It also doesn’t mean to start an account on Planet X dating.com either.  Do not hide nor rush these are signs of an unsettled heart.  You need not build a bunker over your heart and wait for the next ‘tragedy”.  We are victorious as Christians and if we take that disposition than the devil knows he already has us.  Having said all of this I do offer advice and suggest to those who are apparently spending too much time on their safari hunt for the right man to spend a lot more time in prayer.  Are we ready to meet Jesus our TRUE LOVER right now?  If not why not?  You spend all that time searching for an earthly husband when you neglect the Bridegroom Himself.  Ask yourself today when you get all emotional, “Is Jesus not enough today?”  In the end when in doubt LAUGH don't complain God is in control. Ave Maria!

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