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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cardinal Sarah 2017 Synopsis Summarizes Pseudo Traditionalists

Cardinal Sarah 2017 Synopsis Summarizes Pseudo Traditionalists
By:  Eric Gajewski
Sarah: 2017 will be a better year?

Several days ago Cardinal Sarah indicated that he believed 2017 would be a “better year” based upon the notion that it was the 100th year anniversary of Fatima.  Although, while, we should remain in Faith and Hope that the crisis in the Church will get better and peace in the world might take place it is unfortunately prelates like Cardinal Sarah who remain a part of the problem.  Without any public stand against the false ecumenism of the Conciliar Church Cardinal Sarah clings to dialogue as being a part of the solution.  Our Lady stands firmly against the Masonic ecumenism coming from the Conciliarists.  What peace does Sarah want?  A world of coexisting religions or a world filled with nations converted to Catholic truth (which the Conciliar Church doesn’t teach).?  His 2017 synopsis is truly indicative of the pseudo traditionalists who still cling to error and heresy and simply “don’t quite get it”.  Thus, we must remain in prayer and do as Blessed Anna Emmerick said, “I gladly suffer for these blind prelates that they might see clearly…”

God’s Warning Signs.  They surround us daily as to His great displeasure over what has been going on in His Church.  The latest sign was a series of earthquakes relatively close to Rome yet again.  I am afraid that the false traditionalist’s simply wont arrive at the conclusion that Vatican II/New Mass is poison itself and thus the need for God to chastise.  The problem is not Francis and his cohorts it involves these “conservative” Novus ordo types as well.  What will it take for the conservatives to wake up?  That is open for debate but if rely upon the consensus of Catholic prophecy we see a drastic reduction in the number of the Faithful and we see a great “pruning” of the Vineyard in general.  The majority will not make it through this new “red sea” soon to open.  

2017 will be better, really?  I do not think so.  Perhaps on a very rudimentary level we can say due to Francis being so apparently “not Catholic” that more conservative types will wake up but I have my reservations.  Even Our Lady said through various approved mystics that her intercession eventually would not hold back the hand of the Father.  I believe with Cardinal Sarah’s most recent statement a lot of other conservative types are even scratching their heads in disbelief.  Under my new timeline for this endgame I highly doubt Maitreya will arrive at the end of 2017 however this does not mean that events wont get worse.  They will and they will do so drastically.  Could this be the year the Conciliar Church embraces “women deacons” and married priests?  Will there be any stone left untouched by the time the formal schism arises for we must remember the Conciliar Church already is in material schism.  Outside of the obvious attack on marriage and family what else might the enemy start to attack you ask?  The New Age’s ultimate aim is to eradicate the Church’s teaching on original sin so look for this to occur in the not so distant future.  It is a part of the new age ideology that none of us are born into original sin and thus Maitreya and his clan of kooks need to have “agents” who go out ahead of their arrival to ultimately set the stage for this false doctrine.  2017 will be better?  Not hardly…..

Conservatives must wake up!  In order for 2017 to be “fruitful” or “better” from a true resistance standpoint the conservative N.O’s must get their act together Cardinal Sarah and Burke included.  Having said all of this my friends we are staring at the Great Storm approaching, that is, the worst period of human suffering the world will ever know.  For Cardinal Sarah to suggest 2017 only tells me that he does not know the times in which we live but it also tells me that without his repentance of error the false hope of the conservative types will only carry on this year.  Thus, we will be doing the same “song and dance” this year with these types.  Let us once again keep in prayer and put all of our intentions before Our Lady who alone can work miracles for us.  In the end this is Christ’s Church and isn’t it worth fighting for on a daily basis?  So I implore you all to be more proactive this year in your defense of the Faith and by no means ought we think that “anyone” is beyond the reach of God’s mercy and grace.  After the chastisements start certain churchmen will finally get their act together but it remains to be seen if Cardinal Sarah will be one of them.  I mentioned a few days ago we may have to suffer through Francis for another 5+ years as an antipope but what I failed to mention is that after BXVI flees Rome and is killed we will be in a true period of sedevacante for quite possibly a few years.  My friends the crosses will be dealt out in abundance in the days ahead be sure to prepare your hearts now.  

TradCatKnight Exclusive: Back to the Catacombs 

Triumph of the Immaculate Heart?  Was this a reference he was alluding to?  I hope not for this period of peace will not occur until after the reign of Antichrist and thus after the  Tribulation which is still in the very least 5+ years away in my opinion.  I have indicated Maitreya’s star sign seems to be slated for 2022 so it seems likely his arrival is 2023 or shortly therein after.  Now add the 7-year tribulation period to this and we can see that “things” do not get better for quite some time.  Maitreya has TOO MANY direct correlations from what we know about the antichrist and what Scripture and Tradition say for it not to be him.  In fact the world is being staged for his arrival.  Mary will be with us no matter day it is nor what crisis we are going through but to suggest the Triumph will occur in 2017 is not all prudent nor academic.  I hope you all continue to watch my videos as it relates to Catholic Endtime Prophecy on the Youtube channel so that you might gain a further background into all the various interconnecting topics I cover here at TradCatKnight.  Keep your eyes on the skies, Ave Maria!

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