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Monday, January 16, 2017

Apostasy in the Catholic Church According to Blessed Anna Emmerick

Apostasy in the Catholic Church According to Blessed Anna Emmerick

The visions of Blessed Anna Catalina Emmerick give a lot of light to understand in depth everything that is happening in the Church today. They are written very dense and extensive so we are going to extract some of the most significant and essential points of all of them. Ignacio Vaz-Romero , perfect connoisseur of the writings of the Blessed, answers some of the questions on the burning issues of the Church today.

Tell us about the validity of the writings and prophecies of Blessed Emmerick.

There is no doubt that the Blessed One was granted the grace to see and intuit invisible realities. Not only did he see the fruits of prayer go up to Heaven, but our Lord let him see how much he would spend in successive centuries on the future of his Church. The idea was not to frighten with such visions but rather to warn a humanity that already then had taken the wrong course, turning its back on God. It is not surprising that the reader, seeing these prophetic visions, is silent when he realizes that everything that is mentioned there is already a present reality. These prophecies had never taken on such current value.

To what extent do they describe what is happening in the Church?

The visions of Emmerick concern the whole world: the becoming of numerous nations, wars, plagues, epidemics. And the future of the Church is no exception. The Blessed One clearly sees that in the last times the final battle between Good and Evil will have as its objective the very Church of Jesus Christ .

The amazing thing is that the work of the enemy of souls will not focus on undermining the Church externally as in previous times with religious persecutions (which too), but that its work will primarily focus on infesting it from the very foundations (ie, the same seminars ) To end up constituting what the Blessed calls a " false church "; The "church of darkness". The work of the destroyers will be so effective that they will do everything in silence, in apparent innocence, "for the good of all," little by little, without the faithful people being able to even conceive the state of affairs so that many Christians Will be deceived and led to error by this new and false church that will be none other than that of the Antichrist. As the Blessed Mother says very well, "her danger lies in her apparent innocence ."

And unfortunately, in reading the description of this false church, we can not fail to perceive in it an endless number of similarities with the present Church that today governs in Rome. The tree is judged by its fruits. And what have been the fruits of the Church of the last 50 years? Can these be the fruits of a "spiritual renewal" or rather the fruits of a full-fledged revolution against the religion revealed by God ? Are we already before that "false church"? It is very possible. To respond with even more conviction, it would be well to remember what the Blessed Woman said about the temporality of the facts; That is, when it was going to happen everything she was seeing. "In the midst of hell was a horrible abyss; Lucifer was precipitated there loaded with chains [...]. His destiny was regulated by a law that God himself had dictated; I saw that fifty or sixty years, if I am not mistaken before the year 2000, Lucifer had to leave for some time of the abyss ". "Fifty or sixty years before the year 2000" ... This period clearly corresponds to the decade of the 60's, precisely the period in which the Second Vatican Council was underway for the ruin of the Church and Faith building.

Specifically, what do your prophecies say about the approach to Protestants in the hierarchy ?

Indeed, a few months ago we have seen how Bergoglio went to Sweden not to convert Protestant heretics - or at least to correct their errors - but rather to praise the "gifts of the Reformation" of the greatest heresiarch who has known the history of The Church, Luther .

As we read in his visions, Protestantism will gain ground and will be the object of a "rehabilitation" by Rome. " I saw everything concerning Protestantism take more and more power, and religion fall into complete decay ." And from the same Rome a false unity will be promoted with heretics ; That is to say, returning to the words of the visionary, a unity " in something different than the Lord ." I believe that in this point there are plenty of comments on the ecumenical course that has taken what we can call "Conciliar Church", fruit of the developments promoted throughout the Second Vatican Council.

It is most likely Bergoglio and his prelates whom Catherine sees in this vision. He also sees all those theologians and bishops who promoted erroneous definitions such as those found in the Gaudium et Spes and the Ut unum sint which, altering the meaning of the words of Our Lord, promotes a form of ecumenism that the Church already had Condemned on numerous occasions as in the Encyclical Mortalium Animos of His Holiness Pope Pius XI. But let us read for ourselves what the Blessed Lady says: " There were in Rome, even among the prelates, many persons of uncritical sentiments who worked for the success of this affair (the fusion of the churches) ." And again he insists: " ... and this plan had, in Rome itself, its promoters among the prelates! (AA.III.179).

What does it say about false ecumenism as an antidote to proselytism?

The Church has always had a way of proceeding with regard to its relations with other religions. Following the biblical command of Our Lord, the great saints have given their lives for the evangelization of all peoples and nations in order to guarantee their salvation . It is the perennial teaching of the Church that anyone who is not baptized and anyone outside the Holy Mother Church can not be saved on the last day. Hence the urgency of converting all peoples .

However, the Second Vatican Council, once again, lays the foundation for an unprofitable revolution in recognizing that all religions have a part of truth and the Holy Spirit also acts through them, which makes no sense at all. Hence another of the characteristics of the Conciliar Church that we have today is precisely the practice of this false ecumenism that seeks not to convert, but rather to embrace all religions by raising the standard of "universal fraternity among peoples" . This not only contradicts the command that Our Lord has left us but constitutes an absolute lack of charity in not seeking the salvation of souls and a sin of pride and ingratitude towards God, considering that all can be saved by and in their "religion" .

Let us not wonder then, if, when reading the texts of Ana Catalina Emmerick, we see reflected and condemned such purposes. Let us see what he says: " they built a great church, strange and extravagant; Everyone had to enter it to unite and have the same rights there; Evangelicals, Catholics, sects of all kinds: what should be a true communion of the profane where there would be only one shepherd and one flock . In the same way she goes on to explain what the role of the Pope in that new Masonic world religion should be, where everyone has, of course, those who oppose such a project. The figure of the Pope is key in this whole process. And as she will say later, the masons will be able to name a pope at their convenience, something like a grotesque puppet, to set their plans in motion (" They want to impose another (Pope) that leaves everything in the hands of the enemies! ") .

But like any puppet, he must have no authority. Therefore, this false church needs a leader who, in this case, will be a false Pope who no longer fulfills the mission that Christ himself entrusted to St. Peter to keep and transmit intact the deposit of Revelation and Tradition. But how does she see these things? It goes on: " I also saw enlightened worldly and Protestant ecclesiastics in Germany manifesting their desires and forming a plan for the fusion of religious confessions and for the suppression of papal authority " (AA.III.179). That there must also be a Pope but that he had nothing and was hired. Everything was prepared beforehand and many things were already made: but in the place of the altar, there was nothing but desolation and abomination "(AA.III.188). The clarity with which it expresses itself is overwhelming.

What does it say about the new Church and the desecration of the Eucharist ?

As every Catholic knows, Holy Mass is the center of Catholicism and without it the human race perishes by not receiving the enormous graces that are obtained through it. We do not need to remember Luther's blasphemous statement about the Catholic Mass; That is, of the bloodless renewal on the Altar of the Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross. Due to the greatness of this mystery of Faith, the celebration of the Mass demands the utmost solemnity, both at the level of the ritual employed and the attitude of the faithful and the priest.

Here again, the Blessed One sees as it were to come a spiritual crisis so great that would lose the same respect when it comes to celebrating the Holy Mysteries. It is not just the changes in the architecture of the churches and the replacement of the Altars by tables. The Blessed goes further and does not only remain in the plane of the merely architectural or exterior but sees how the priests no longer believe, no longer have Faith and therefore celebrate unworthily the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. In his visions he sees how " the priests let anything be done and said the Mass with much irreverence " and " few (had) still have mercy and sanitize things ."

Not only that, but he comes to describe very graphically what they are really doing about what the altar should be: " I often saw Jesus himself cruelly slain on the altar by the unworthy and criminal celebration of the holy mysteries. I saw before the sacrilegious priests the holy Host resting on an altar like a living Jesus Christ that they cut into pieces with the paten and that they martyred horribly. His Mass, although actually realizing the holy sacrifice, seemed to me like a horrible murder (CC.89).

Undoubtedly, once again, the Blessed One is contemplating the alteration of the Catholic Ritual that gave way to the making of a Mass to Protestant use in which, as we have seen, the Body of Christ is constantly desecrated, from the priest himself For their impiety and ingratitude even for the attendants when receiving the Holy Communion of other laymen, standing and in the hands in clear sign of denial of the Real Presence of Christ in the Holy Host. "That this is not the work of God is shown above all - without taking into account the dogmatic implications - by a very simple fact: it has an ugly ugliness. It is the cult of ambiguity and ambiguity, and it is not uncommon for it to be the cult of indecency " , as Monsignor Domenico Celada, for example, expressed himself in relation to the new Mass.

What does it say about the importance of the sacred language, of the need to use latin ?

Another of the things that stands out in the writings of the Blessed is her insistent effort to manifest the need for the use of Latin in the prayers. She herself states that she can not pray with the prayers given her in German because with them she does not feel any kind of attachment to the divine. Instead, as he says here, when he prays in Latin he feels that union and through his head all kinds of images are passed, which are certainly inspired by the Spirit, especially during the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Likewise, it is obvious that Latin makes all Catholics unite under the same language to pray to the one true God, thus highlighting the unity and universality of the Catholic Church. Also, that the Mass be celebrated in Latin helps this feeling of universality - of catholicity - because wherever we are we will be able to attend the Holy Mass and follow it with the same missal throughout the world. Can we say the same now? Where is the university of this Conciliar Church that we have before our eyes more and more decentralized?

It also speaks of the very grave smearing of celibacy of the priests and scalars of the clergy ...

The struggle for the abolition of priestly celibacy is not from now on but already has its first detractors in the (pseudo) Protestant Reformation of the sixteenth century. Like all revolution and rebellion toward God, what some now dare call "gifts of the Reformation" - which are nothing more than the errors that the devil inspired as proud men as Luther or Calvin - spread throughout Europe by planting the germ of The rebellion in many countries.

Thus, in the nineteenth century, during the life of Anna Catherine Emmerick, the "debate" on celibacy was again in vogue among the most influential German theologians and ecclesiastics. In the same way, there are many attempts to abolish the greatness of Catholic celibacy today. Just as it happened with the union of Protestants, incredible as it may sound, this company of destruction also has in Rome many of its main promoters. Likewise, the scandals of the clergy do not cease to be repeated. How is it possible that in a faithful clergy may have come to give so many cases of pederasty? The answer seems simple. It is not the Catholic clergy before whom we are, but before whom has usurped the functions of the clergy. The programmed infiltration in the Church of Communists, Freemasons and Homosexuals is an irrefutable fact. Let us remember again here the warning of Our Lady in La Salette: "the priests of my Son go very badly" ...

To conclude let us cite allusions to gay unions, false mercy and tolerance with sin ...

Although the Blessed does not speak explicitly and directly about the promulgation of such wicked laws as that of homosexual unions, it does focus on the tolerance of sin on the part of the clergy and the extreme laxity it would have in the times to come Morals and customs.

It is not the first time that Our Lady, either directly or through her chosen ones, is blunt with the priests who do not fulfill their duty to guide in safe paths to the flock that has been entrusted to them. The serious warnings revealed in La Salette may sound at this point... It is a fact also that the clergy of our day has abandoned that attitude of correcting and condemning that which is bad enough for the Salus animarum (let us remember the famous and fatal phrase of Roncalli: " In our time, however, the Bride of Christ prefers to use the medicine of mercy rather than severity "). And let us now see what the Blessed herself says on several occasions: " I saw the shortages and decadence of the priesthood, as well as its causes. I saw the punishments that are being prepared "(AA.II.334); " The servants of the Church are so lax! They no longer make use of the strength they possess in the priesthood "(AA.II.245); " I saw the lukewarmness of the local clergy grow, I saw a great darkness"; "There is not more left than a small number of priests who are not seduced ."

It goes without saying that, in our day, the one who is in error is no longer taken from error (let us mention the unions of the same sex and the attitude of Bergoglio in this respect) and the one who says the clear things He says "stiff", "face of vinegar" or do not know how many more barbarities. "Accompaniment" is now preferred, "mercy" and a false fraternity that leads only to the adulteration of Truth. This is very serious, for it is to tolerate sin. There is always a maxim in Catholicism that is "to love the sinner and to abhor sin." But now it seems that it is not like that either, because it consents to all kinds of abominations and we see the "Holy Father" should embrace the most pernicious causes of the world. As we contemplate today, "live and let live" is the new maxim. The same thing is found by the Blessed Woman: " We must live and let live. In our time we must not be apart or be a misanthropist: we must rejoice with those who rejoice (AA.II.488).

The clergy of today not only does not correct those who are on the wrong path undermining all apostolic zeal but also deny that things go wrong. Even when Peter's boat seems to be wrecked, they claim that we have never been in a better time and proudly dare to call it "the spring of the Church." As the Blessed Mother says very well, everything is going well before her eyes. " They can not stand saying," This is wrong . " All is well in their eyes as long as they can glorify themselves with the world! " They do not admit that the situation is dramatic and that present times are apocalyptic at all. "Everything is fine". But the Lord will come as a thief in the night, and will he find Faith on the earth? How many pastors today prefer the comfort that their position gives them to the firm denunciation of the error to the detriment of all prebend? How many pastors are silent and with their silence become complicit in this demolition of the Church? Ana Catalina Emmerick does not hesitate to note " the caresses made to the spirit of the time by the servants of the Church "; Caresses that can only lead the world to a state of general apostasy, because as the Blessed says, " there are almost no more Christians in the old meaning of the word ." " My heavenly husband also showed me in countless pictures the deplorable conduct of Christians and ecclesiastics ." Faith has been lost, or worse, has been adulterated and transformed giving way to another religion. As St. Pius X also says, how many sailors have been shipwrecked because they wanted to reconcile themselves to the world!

TCK:  Vatican II= New Heterodox Church of Rome= heretical/schismatic (materially)
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