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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Antichrist Maitreya To Solve the Middle East Problem

Antichrist Maitreya To Solve the Middle East Problem
One of the glaring tell tale signs that indicate Maitreya is the endtime Biblical Antichrist is that it appears he will be the one to facilitate "peace" in the Middle East between Arabs and Jews.  Look for the situation to drastically worsen including a major false flag attack until then.  When they shall say peace and safety then sudden desctruction cometh.

From Maitreyas website we read the following:

Q. You have said that one of Maitreya’s priorities would be to find solutions to the conflict in the Middle East, and that it will not be solved until He has actually come forward. Is that because the different people involved in the Middle East (Muslims, Jews, Christians), will respond to Him as their World Teacher, and will recognize that He has come for all of them, and that their separatism will start to change from that response?

  A. The fundamentalists of all religions will probably be the last people to recognize and respond to Maitreya, but eventually they will.  The Palestinian/Israeli problem which is central to the problems of the Middle East, I believe will only be solved through the action of Maitreya. But even Maitreya cannot impose a solution, He can only advise. But His acceptance by countless millions in the world as a spiritual teacher and guide will make it easier for the most fanatical Israeli Jew or Palestinian Muslim to accept the necessity of living together side by side. This can only take place when justice is given to the Palestinians. When justice is done and seen to be done, fully and completely, then the solution will become acceptable by the Muslims, and, even if grudgingly, by the Israelis. They have eventually to learn to live side by side and they can only do so in a state of justice. Otherwise there would inevitably be perpetual war between the two.  Unless the Middle East problems are solved there will never be peace in the world and we know, if there is no peace, then the future for humanity would be very bleak indeed. Muslims await the Imam Mahdi, and the Jews await the Messiah, and many will be ready to recognize Maitreya as such. This will, I am sure, soften their stance in relation to each other.  But the important thing is that justice must be given to the Palestinians. The West Bank was gifted by the late King Hussein of Jordan as a homeland for the Palestinians and that means the whole of the West Bank, not the fraction which has been offered to the Palestinians so far. It requires the return of the 4.7 million refugees, mainly in Lebanon, to their homeland, and the status of Jerusalem – which is of major importance to the Muslims, the Jews and the Christians – to be changed into an open, central city for all three groups. I believe it will take Maitreya to bring this reconciliation about, but so it will be.

The Antichrist Is Here And Soon To Appear