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[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Friday, January 20, 2017

Anthony Patch on Beast AI Computer Update, Digital DNA and Black Goo Programmable Matter (Video)

Anthony Patch on Beast AI Computer Update, Digital DNA and Black Goo Programmable Matter (Video)

Anthony Patch delivers another outstanding video lecture of the Future of CERN, the AI Beast System Computer by D-Wave, and what is Digital DNA. A critical lecture to listen to and understand if readers and listeners are interested in reversing the plans of the False Gods.

During the presentation his PowerPoint is interferred with and cannot show his notes or his slides. Once you listen to what he has to say then you will understand why the Satanists do not want this information to get out.
We are approaching or may have already Crossed the Rubicon and unleashed a BEAST System AI Computer that is more powerful that 7 Billion Human Brains combined and at the exponential levels it is growing at will require future “Assimiliation” and “Networking” with other Computer Systems. 
However, once that ”Assimiliation” and “Networking” has been achieved at the Hardware Level then only the Wetware remains. Hence the TransHumanist Agenda to make us like the Borg.
The Wetmare is Humanity and hence Digital DNA and the Black Goo Programmable Matter Interface that Hollywood films like Lucy and Prometheus keep hinting at and referencing for the Sheeple.
In case readers and listeners are confused about the Mandela Affect then please watch this video and then things will begin to make sense in relation to AI Quantum level “pollution” and tell tale signs of the “Beast’s presence” in our version of Time and Space and why his lecture was entitled “Revising Reality.”
“My spherical model of the Universe, is composed of tetrahedrons, in the shape of a 600-cell tetrahedron” – Anthony Patch on the shape and size of the Future D-Wave Computer.