"And I beheld, and heard the voice of one eagle flying through the midst of heaven,
saying with a loud voice: Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth....
[Apocalypse (Revelation) 8:13]

Monday, July 2, 2018

FATIMA WATCH: Crimean leaders say Ukraine escalating risk by "playing toy soldier" war games on border

FATIMA WATCH: Crimean leaders say Ukraine escalating risk by "playing toy soldier" war games on border

Ukraine risks the lives of their own soldiers by playing war games on Crimean border. The Ukrainian Military has been playing war games on the Crimean border, but they'd best be careful not to force Russia to defend herself - that would NOT be a game.

RIA Novosti is reporting that Ukraine has been conducting military drills at the Russian border in Crimea, and Crimean leader Grigory Ioffe, head of Crimea's Public Chamber has said Ukraine is playing with the live's of its military members like they're tin soldiers.

But of course, they're not tin soldiers, they're real people, and Russia is more concerned for the lives of Ukrainian soldiers than the Ukrainian leaders playing war to score political points.

Ukrainian Naval Infantry (Marines) have been conducting exercises with supporting artillery units - the kind which could fire into Russia - in Kherson Oblast, southern Ukraine, the area which connects Crimea to the mainland.


Kherson in red, while Russian Crimea, is the peninsula directly beneath it in the Black Sea
According to RIA Novosti, the Press Service of the Ukrainian military has described the purpose of the drills in provocative and alarming ways, saying that their soldiers and artillery:
Worked out plans for the defeat of targets deep within enemy lines in "temporarily occupied territories".
Despite the Ukrainian military using the term "temporarily occupied territories", Crimean people have conclusively chosen to rejoin Russia in a democratic action demonstrating their right to self-determination. Crimea is now Russian land, not occupied territories. For an in-depth look at the history of Crimea, see my article here.

The sooner the choice of the Crimean people is understood, the safer the situation can become, yet Ukrainian leaders continue to play games with the lives of their servicemen and women.

The words of Crimean leader Grigory Ioffe demonstrate just how much Russia cares about the lives of all peoples, especially her Slavic Sister Ukraine.

Ioffe spoke to the effect, that it's very important for Ukrainian leaders to make a political show out of their military actions. It's important for them to attach these "military actions with politics", Ioffe said, noting that the Ukrainian actions are often clumsy and awkward.

Ioffe said that at times, it seems that "Ukrainian leaders are simply playing toy [tin] soldiers".

His words show how compassionate and caring Russians are for their brothers, even when they face hatred from them. This was demonstrated most clearly, when Ioffe spoke to the heart of the issue, and said:
"We must remember that they [the Ukrainian military] are not toy soldiers, they are living people!"
Ioffe demonstrates how Russia cares far more about the lives of ordinary Ukrainians than their own government does. This is a typical aspect of the Russian soul, it's called Miloserdie, and the West understands neither this, nor Russia. For the meaning of this beautiful Russian word, see here: While Trump closes doors, Putin opens them, Pt 2

The Anti-Russian, Anti-Slavic, and at the core of it, even Anti-Ukrainian so-called leaders, who have taken power in Kiev illegally after the Maidan coup prefer to play games with the lives of their people, knowing full well if they provoke a war with Russia, there is no doubt Russia would win. They still play their toy soldiers, because of course, the leaders themselves have no intention of going to war for Ukraine. For them, this is all a game.
Ioffe warned Kiev that these games could finish badly, and Moscow may be forced to take "other actions, and this would not be a game".

He added that Russia is doing everything she can, to ensure that the current Russian-Ukrainian relations are not raised to point of being "hot", and starting a war. Even though Russia would win this war, Russia DOES NOT, want the War; Russia loves her Slavic Sister.

Ioffe concluded by saying that:
Ukraine is doing the opposite, because it wants to provoke this situation. God Forbid if the plans of the insane leadership of Ukraine are implemented.
The big question on the minds of many, is why would Ukrainian leaders actually want to start a war with Russia if they know they would lose. Why do Western "friends of Ukraine" advocate for insane ideas that would be the end of the state of Ukraine, like when they suggested Ukraine bomb Russia's Crimean bridge.

The conventional wisdom is that they are provocateurs, they believe that Ukraine can involve itself in some kind of fantasy small-scale war, and gain back territory, and that the West will support Ukraine. This is, of course, a complete fantasy.

The more logical conclusion is multifold. First of all, it must be understood the Maidan coup movement relies on four concrete internal things:
  1. Neo-Nazi thugs to fight the wars in the streets
  2. Corrupt Ukrainian Oligarchs to finance and lead
  3. Enough brainwashed masses, if not a majority, to scream "Glory to Ukraine" and give silent approval.
  4. The majority of the Ukrainian population remain asleep or otherwise too afraid to act
The last to factors are passive issues, while the former two are the active heart of the Maidan. So we must ask, why do these to groups of people want a war?

The Oligarchs, like Poroshenko, have no intention of fighting for Ukraine, and they PRAY the Nazis never realize they could care less about the Austro-Hungarian project that is Ukrainian statehood. Their only goal is to rob Ukraine blind while everyone is fighting in the streets, and then flee to their private islands and western redoubts.

This is why they support a war, because war (at least the leadup and the end result) is profitable for the capitalist class. Many are likely so drowned in their own money and arrogance, to actually believe their money can save them from the end of the world. If a hot war begins, they believe it won't effect them.

For the Nazis, it is a separate matter. There should be no question as to why the Nazis want war - they're Nazis, it's in the name. They're SUPPOSED to be mentally insane. Hitler believed he could not only defeat the rest of the world, but MIGHTY RUSSIA, you know, that country that Napoleon and the Mongol Horde failed to destroy. He also felt he could fight them both simultaneously.

Nazis are not famed for their grasp on reality.

It always amazes me when people are confused that evil people act illogically. The vast majority of evil people are far more naive than we realize, as Dostoyevsky said. Just because the Nazis want war, we should not assume they have some secret plan to win. Nazis are born losers, the issue is they drag everyone else down around them.

This is why the idea of war is so dangerous, not because evil will win, but because of the unimaginable ruin it could bring.

Let's not forget that before WW1 began, almost no one believed it would truly happen. The Right Believing Czar-Martyr Saint Nicholas, in life Nicholas II of Russia, didn't actually think the Germans would truly go as far as to try and destroy Russia. The Kaiser was his cousin!

All that needed to be done, was to teach the Austro-Hungarians to leave the innocent Serbs alone, whom they were oppressing, as they traditionally did with all Slavs, and to push them from Galicia, modern-day Western Ukraine.

Even when the war began, I don't believe anyone could have predicted the result. Who could have imagined the war would end with the destruction of so many ancient Empires. Who would imagine it would turn Europe into the geopolitical mess of artificial nations it is now, depriving it of anointed Monarchs, and placing instead puppets who rule by the petty whims of men?

If the rulers of those Empires realized after the war, the reign would end, they would have never invaded the Russian Empire.

Still, one terrible event lead to another, and here we are today. No one who fought in WW1 wanted those results, but still, they happened. This is the danger these provocative war games play. I doubt someone will actually be able to "take over the world" in the juvenile fashion of thinking, but I am very worried some fool will have an ego large enough to believe that he can.

What happens when you give Nazi morons political power - you get Post-Maidan Ukraine. The people are miserable and mistreated, awaiting their liberation will will most likely come from Russia, someday, and their leaders are mentally insane.
If you would like to learn more about Crimean history in depth, see my article at The Duran

Comment: The Western orchestrated coup in Ukraine has brought about the near ruin of the country. It's only a matter of time before the corrupt puppets at the top, who don't flee to Western countries whom no doubt will provide a safe haven for their ill gotten gains, will begin to lash out: